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Tracy Quartermaine (Tracy Angelica Quartermaine Zacchara)

Played by Jane Elliot

The very rich Quartermaine family came to Port Charles in 1978. Tracy has often left town and returned, over the years since then. She lived in New York City in 1996-1997 (In the show "The City"), where she was married to mobster Gino Soleito. She is the daughter of Edward and Lila Quartermaine. Her brother was Dr. Alan Quartermaine. Both Lila and Alan are deceased. Tracy has a son, Ned, who was groomed to take over the family business, ELQ, but eventually he realized that he was more interesting in the music business and started his own company.

Tracy has often behaved spoiled and bitchy. She always wanted to please her father and take over the business from him, but he did not show her much affection or treat her the way she wanted to be treated because she was not a guy. Edward and Tracy are a lot alike, in many ways. They are both grumpy and entitled, trying to use their wealth and power to get what they want. Edward, as well as everyone else, doesn't seem to appreciate those characteristics in a woman.

Tracy married Lord "Larry" Ashton when she was young but then divorced him and put her son in boarding school. She was later married to Paul, and they had a son named Dillon. She and Dillon traveled Europe for a while before they returned to Port Charles. Dillon has joined Ned in the music business.

Tracy was also married to a man named Mitch, but they had no children. Tracy often likes to cause trouble for people. She exposed Monica's affair with Rick Webber and tried to prove that her son, A.J., was not a Quartermaine, so that her own son would be the only Quartermaine heir. When her father faked a heart attacked, Tracy did not get help, failing his test. He cut her out of his will, and she left town in 1981. She did not return until 1989. Tracy instantly became embroiled in all the family drama and affairs.

Tracy tried to keep hold of handsome Paul, and they had a child, but he was more interested in Jenny. Tracy ran over Jenny with her car by accident and then fled the scene. Jenny blackmailed Tracy into leaving Paul alone, so Tracy and Dillon fled to Europe. They then spent some time in New York as mentioned above.

Tracy and Dillon returned to Port Charles in 2003, with Tracy expecting everyone to treat Dillon like the only real Quartermaine heir. When Skye was discovered to be Alan's daughter, Tracy let her know that Edward sold her on the black market when she was a baby. Tracy blackmailed Skye, but it backfired on her and she had to leave the mansion. She left town but came back the next year when Dillon was arrested. Dillon was not happy about how his mother acted and what kind of person she was.

Tracy was devastated when her mother died in 2004; she gave a really nice eulogy, which was uncharacteristically kind of her. In 2005, Georgie, Luke, and Dillon conspired against Tracy by tricking her into going to Las Vegas. Thinking that her son and Georgie had gotten married, Luke got her drunk and married her in order to get her money. Later, their relationship became more romantic and sexual, like a real marriage.

Luke was still hung up on Laura, who was in a coma, so it took a while. Tracy softened quite a bit in many ways while she was married to Luke, even though they often bickered and she still seemed prickly. Tracy helped out Lulu when she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion. When Alan died, Tracy changed his will so that she would get all of his money. She was haunted by him because of her guilt, but once she was acting more like a real stepmother to Lulu, he disappeared. Tracy was committed to Shadybrook mental institution for a while because of talking to Alan, but Edward had to get her out so that she could help the family business.

Luke and Tracy were often involved in their children's or family's lives and getting into trouble because of them. In 2007, during a ball at Wyndemere, Tracy fell down stairs. Luke helped nurse her back to health. In 2008, Luke had heart problems, so Monica operated on him. Tracy thought it was a bad idea, and she later sued Monica, who had been drinking and froze in the middle of the operation. Luke and Tracy went on a long vacation for a while, too. Later, Tracy dumped Luke when he wouldn't admit to having a drinking problem after he ran over toddler Jake.

In 2011, after Luke and Tracy divorced, she was blackmailed by mobster Anthony Zacchara to marry him. She had inadvertently laundered mob money in ELQ after she was involved with Gino Soleito. Luke didn't help her get out of the marriage, but he seems lately to be interested in helping her get rid of Anthony. Tracy is desperate to get rid of him now and is already talking about killing him.

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Page updated 5/2/12

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