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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Thomas "TJ" Ashford Jr.

Played by Krys Meyer

Not too much is known yet about teenager TJ. His marine father, Tommy, was accidentally killed by his friend Shawn in Iraq. TJ came to town because his mother had given him the choice of either going to military school or living with Shawn. Shawn took him in and is trying to teach him right and wrong and make up for the past. TJ has a lot of anger at Shawn, at least at first.

So far, Shawn has been a little bit of a trouble maker. First he stole Alexis' car. Then, he posed as a bellboy at Metro Court in order to get tips. Later, he wanted to help his friend, Molly, be more popular in school. One night, when Molly's family was out at a party, he texted the popular kids in school that there was a party at her house. A lot of kids showed up at the party, and Molly didn't know how to get them to leave. They gave her some spiked punch, so she got very sick and passed out. Shawn got rid of everyone, but the place was a disaster. Molly called Michael before she passed out, so he arrived and took care of her. Michael was very angry at TJ for his part in what happened.

TJ then had to face the wrath of both Alexis and Shawn. Molly tried to say that it was her fault, but TJ admitted that he had thrown the party. Molly likes helping TJ in his schoolwork and having him as a friend. TJ has trouble reading, so she tutors him.

Shawn runs Kelly's Diner, so he makes TJ work in it with him after school. TJ often tries to talk back to Shawn, but Shawn won't let him get away with too much.

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Page updated 5/2/12

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