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Monica Quartermaine
Terry C.

Chief Cardiologist at General Hospital Monica Quartermaine was an orphan; the closest thing she had to a mother was Gail Adamson. Gail encouraged Monica to become a doctor. Monica married Alan Quartermaine, joining his dysfunctional family. She's had to deal with adultery, illegitimate children, and hostile- corporate takeovers. She had a mastectomy while battling breast cancer. Her husband died, and still remains the strong Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica has five children, including AJ Quartermaine, her son with Alan. She raised Jason Morgan as her own, even though he was the product of Alanís affair with Susan Moore. They adopted Emily Quartermaine, whose mother died of breast cancer. She gave her daughter with David Langston, Dawn Winthrop, up for adoption, and she and Alan adopted Skye Quartermaine, who was thought to be Alanís daughter from a long-ago affair with Rae. Monica is very devoted to her children and helps them at any cost.

Monica was a champion to many; she got Dr. Pierce Dorman to confess that he was supplying drugs to young people. She helped Alan get over his addiction to painkillers when she could have turned her back on him. However, Monica has been known to do whatís necessary to get what she wants, including blackmailing Leslie to break up her engagement to Rick Webber. She also had affairs with Rick Webber, Philippe, Sean Donnelly, and Pierce Dorman, and with Ned Ashton before finding out he was Alan's nephew. She married Alan twice, and she was married to and divorced Jeff Webber.

As the matriarch of the Quartermaine family, Monica has faced so much in her lifetime with poise, elegance and grace. She is a force to be reckoned with, and for many, she is a woman of a compassion and strength: Dr Monica Quartermaine wife, mother and friend.

Monica really hasn't had much of a storyline in quite a few years. Alan died in 2007, and she grieved for him for a long time. She had more grief when Emily was murdered not too long after. She blamed Jason and wouldn't let him come to her funeral. Monica started drinking, and it interfered with her surgery. She operated on Luke's heart but froze up in the middle of it and another doctor had to step in. Tracy sued Monica, so Monica kicked Tracy and Luke out of the mansion. Tracy blackmailed Monica after finding out that she hit Sam with her car. Jason found out and Monica pleaded guilty, with Diane helping her. She was sentenced to rehab and community service.

Jason had to visit Monica in rehab to tell her that Michael, her grandson, had been shot in the head and was in a coma. Later, Monica overcame her addiction and returned to her position at GH. She was operating on a man named Earl Bragg when a capsule was released in his body that contained a bio-toxin. Many people died from it, but Monica was treated at Mercy Hospital and recovered.

Emily's unknown twin, Rebecca, applied for a job at the hospital. She and Monica grew very close, especially when she had a breast cancer scare. Although Rebecca was eventually revealed to be a liar (she knew about Emily and had come to town to con her family out of her money), Monica stood by her and even financed her future when she wanted to leave town.

Monica hoped to spend more time with Michael when he was an intern at ELQ. She got into a fight with Tracy, who accidentally let it slip that little Jake was really Monica's grandson (he had been killed in a car accident). This brought more pain to Monica.

Monica cared for Jason and lent sympathy to Sam when Jason had a brain operation in 2012.

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Page updated 4/28/12

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