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Molly Davis Lansing

Played by Haley Alexis Pullos

Molly was born during a huge train crash in 2005. She was named after a survivor of the Titanic, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". Her mother is attorney Alexis Davis, and her father is Alexis' ex-husband, Ric Lansing. She has two half-sisters, Sam and Kristina, who are older. Kristina's father is Sonny. Ric and Sonny are brothers, so Kristina is also her cousin. Ric and Alexis has joint custody of Molly, but he moved to Los Angeles in 2009.

Molly's other cousins are Sonny's sons: Michael, Morgan, and Dante. She is very close to all of them, but she spent the most time with Morgan until he was sent away to boarding school.

Molly was in the terrible bus crash of early 2011, along with Kristina, Michael and others. She was not injured but developed PTSD afterwards. She made friends with ex-vet Shaun, who is also suffering from that.

Molly is a bit of a nerd because she is very smart and loves to learn. She loves school and works hard at her studies, and she tutors her friend TJ, who has trouble reading.  She doesn't have a lot of friends in school. She loves romance and is often babbling on about some classic romance in literature. She is often trying to fix up her friends and relatives romantically, especially Alexis and Sam.

Althought she's romantic, Molly can also be very practical and keep her head cool in a serious situation. She proved this when she went to Nikolas to get him to help Alexis when she was being sentenced for the hit-and-run (she had confessed to save Kristina, the real driver), or when she assisted Michael in getting help after the bus crash.

Molly loves to the internet to research things, especially medical problems. She thought she might be bi-polar like her uncle Sonny until she found out she had PTSD.  When Kristina was in the hospital after being paralyzed, Molly figured out that her condition could have been caused by an earlier explosion. Molly taught Sam sign language when she had temporarily lost her hearing.

Molly's friend TJ tried to get her more friends at school by creating an online person for her, Desdemona. He invited a lot of people over to her house one night when Alexis was out to a party. The teens trashed the house and gave liquor to an unsuspecting Molly, who called Michael before passing out.  Michael got Molly to wake up after he arrived. Everyone was upset, especially Alexis, and TJ's guardian, Shawn.  At first Molly tried to take the blame, but TJ stepped up and admitted that he was behind the whole thing.

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Page updated 5/2/12

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