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Michael Corinthos III

Michael was born in 1997 to his mother, Carly. His father is the late A.J. Quartermaine. For a while, Carly lied that Jason was his father. Sonny and Jason pretty much raised him as his father and uncle. Edward is his great-grandfather, and Lila was his great-grandmother. Alan and Monica are his grandparents. He was raised as a Corinthos, though, not a Quartermaine. Sonny treats him like he's his own son in every way.

Michael has a younger half-brother, Morgan. Sonny is Morgan's father. He has a baby sister, Josslyn (Jax is her father).  He found out that Dante was his long-lost brother (Olivia is his mother and Sonny is his father).  Luke is his great-uncle and Bobbie is his grandmother on the other side. Michael also has a sister, Kristina (Alexis is her mother). Jax was his step-father.

Carly had post-partum depression when she gave birth, so she left town, leaving Michael with Jason. Carly had also claimed Tony was his father, so Tony went a little crazy and kidnapped him briefly when he was a baby.

The Quartermaines and Corinthos family spent years fighting over Michael and who would raise him. Usually, Sonny and Carly won out. Although they always tried to protect their children from mob violence, Michael was frequently caught in the middle. He idolized Sonny and wanted to be like him and Jason.

In 2008, after his baby-sitter and his aunt Emily were killed by a serial killer, Michael bought a gun from some older kids. Sonny lectured him about never using a gun, so Michael threw the gun away. However, it went off and a stray bullet hit Sonny's girlfriend, Kate, landing her in the hospital. 

Later that year, Michael was shot by accident when Claudia hired a hitman to take out Sonny. Michael was in a coma for a year after that.  Michael was very disturbed for a while after he woke up and had trouble re-adjusting to regular life. Although Michael was 12 when he bought the gun, he was 17 when he awakened from his coma. Michael got into a lot of fights as he tried to deal with things.

Later, Michael rescued Carly and his newborn sister, Josslyn, when they were threatened by Claudia. He wnet to prison eventually. He was put into prison, so Jason gets himself sentenced after a while so that he can look after Michael. However, Michael is then raped by another prisoner. Jason and Michael get out of prison, but it took a long while for Michael to get over what happened to him.

Abby started dating a stripper named Abby in 2010, and she helped him get over a lot of his problems. They fell in love. Eventually, she was killed by Anthony. Michael is still mourning her death.

Michael's family did not want him involved in organized crime, but Michael kept wanting to prove himself in that way. He briefly worked at ELQ for his grandfather Edward, but that didn't last all that long. Michael also tried to go to work for Sonny's rival, Johnny, but Johnny didn't think it was a good idea. Being the son of a mob boss himself, he knows how hard it is to get out once you're in.  Eventually, Michael figured out that everyone was right and that he should stay out of the mob life.

Michael is going to college and has helped newcomer Starr get over her grief at losing her boyfriend and daughter in a terrible car accident. Michael helped rescue Starr but was unable to rescue the others, so he helped her out of guilt but also empathy.  They were good friends, despite the fact that Starr blamed Sonny for the accident. However, when Starr tried to shoot Sonny, Michael talked her out of it and then turned her in for attempted murder.

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Page updated 5/11/12

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