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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Max Giambetti
Played by Derk Cheetwood

By Laurie

Max is Sonnyís driver and bodyguard.  He has been a faithful employee of Sonnyís for years.  Max would do anything for Sonny.  Heís gone above and beyond the call of duty to tend to Sonnyís business.  Max has also been there for Sonnyís battles with his mental illness.  He has always kept Sonnyís family safe.  Max is the ideal employee.  He is loyal, honest, sincere, sweet, and funny.

Itís unfortunate that Max doesnít have a woman in his life.  Heís handsome and well mannered.  Max has always had a bit of a crush on Carly.  Out of respect for Sonny, Max has never acted on his feelings.  He did, however, leave Sonny to go work for Carly at the Metro Court before he came back to work for Sonny again.

We donít really know much about Maxís past.  We do know that Max is the older brother of Milo Giambetti.  Together, Max and Milo are hilarious.  It probably doesnít hurt that actors Derk and Drew Cheetwood are brothers in real life as well.  We got to see a little insight into his family when his mobster father came to town to visit. He had lied that he was the boss and that Jason and Sonny worked for him.  Jason and Sonny played along, reluctantly, but it was very humorous. His father revealed that he knew Max was lying, but he kept up the charade.

There was some great chemistry between Max and Diane MillerMax and Diane dated for a long while, but things fell apart between them when Diane went on a tour to promote her book.

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Page updated 4/28/12

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