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Leo Julian
Played by Dominic Rains


This is the description from "General Hospital: Night Shift: "Cute cardiologist who wants to be a rock star. A cardiologist who'd rather strum a guitar than partake in surgery. Leo could have been a rock star, but he became a doctor. And instead of adoring fans he got ailing patients, instead of staying up till dawn and partying, he's staying up till dawn and nurturing. He faces losing a young heart transplant patient and questions what's more important - music or medicine?"

He was a very good doctor with an upbeat attitude. We learned that he is the younger brother of Kyle Julian. Leo was adopted by his parents, who didn't think they could have children. Then later, his mother Patricia gave birth to Kyle. Leo is Iranian but his parents are not.

Like most of the men in the hospital, he had a fling with Dr. Kelly Lee, who was a sex addict. He was interested in Dr. Saira Batra but ruined that relationship by sleeping with the intern Claire Simpson. Claire was engaged to Kyle, so that hurt his relationship with his brother as well (even though Kyle is gay).

Leo was attracted to Elizabeth and considered asking her out.  He was last seen on GH in 2008, examining Kate after surgery (she took a bullet in the heart by Anthony).

Leo was played by Dominic Rains in the first seasons of GHNS and then by his brother, Ethan, in the second season and then on GH. Dominic's real name is Amin Nazemzadeh.

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Page updated 4/29/12

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