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Kristina Davis
Played by
Kali Rodriguez/Lexi Ainsworth
By Laurie

Kristina Davis was a bright and beautiful child.  She is the daughter of Alexis Davis and Sonny Corinthos.  She was conceived on the one and only night Alexis and Sonny spent together.  She was named after Alexis’ sister, Kristina Cassadine, the half sister of Michael and Morgan Corinthos.  She’s also the cousin of Nikolas Cassadine.  Kristina is the half sister of Sam McCall and Molly Lansing.  She was the stepdaughter of District Attorney, Ric Lansing.  Mike Corbin is Kristina’s paternal grandfather. All of her other grandparents are dead. Her maternal grandfather was notoriously evil Mikkos Cassadine.

Alexis kept Kristina’s true paternity a secret to protect her from Sonny’s violent life when she was a baby. She lied that Ned was the father.  Kristina got leukemia and had to have a bone marrow transplant, so tests were run that showed Ned was not her father. Sam's baby was born dead, so they used her bone marrow to save Kristina.  When the truth came out, Sonny and Kristina got better acquainted.  For a while after that, they had a pretty normal father daughter relationship. 

Kristina had been through a lot as a child..  Since her father is a “mob boss,” guards constantly surrounded her.  Kristina was kidnapped, along with her two brothers.  She also witnessed Sam shoot and kill Diego Alcazar in self-defense.  Kristina was in shock after the incident and stopped speaking for a while. 

When Kristina was shown as a teen, she felt that Sonny had neglected her. Alexis had kept Sonny away from Kristina as much as possible to protect her from his violent lifestyle.  Jason caught her drinking in 2009. She grew close to Michael after he awoke from his coma. Later, she got to know her new big brother, Dante, as well.

She is very close to her little sister, Molly, even though they are both very different. Kristina is outgoing and popular, whereas Molly is more focused on her school work and is a bit of a nerd. Kristina had a boyfriend named Kiefer, but he started abusing her. At one point, she was so upset about their fight that she was driving erratically and ran Claudia off the road. Claudia lost her baby, so Kristina and Michael ran off to Mexico out of guilt. Sam and Jason tracked them down and brought them home. Alexis confessed to the crime to protect her daughter. Even though Sonny's goons warned Keifer to leave Kristina alone, he kept abusing her. Kristina had sex with him but regretted it.

Kristina developed a crush on Luke's son, Ethan, which only made Kiefer more violent. Kristina ended up in the hospital, but she blamed Ethan, not Kiefer. He ended up beating her up again, but Alexis accidentally ran him over on the way to taking Kristina back to the hospital. Kiefer's parents threatened Kristina and her family. Eventually, his father Warren took her hostage at the hospital, but he was killed.

Kristina had therapy, but it didn't help her much at first. She got close to Johnny because she felt bad about Sonny's treatment of Claudia. Kristina acted out by getting Johnny to pretend to date her, just to annoy Sonny.  Sonny planted a bomb in Johnny's car, not knowing that Kristrina would be there, too. The blast made Kristina deaf for a while. Later, she was also paralyzed as a result of the trauma and had to have another operation.

Sonny and Kristina mended their relationship a bit after the bombing.  Kristina was in a bus crash that killed one of her friends, Ali.  Kristina was thrilled when Sonny married Brenda.  When Brenda was kidnapped right afterwards, Ethan helped take care of Kristina and her family, which impressed her. She told him that she plans to marry him one day.

Kristina became hooked on pills for a while when evil Doctor Lisa Niles gave her "herbal supplements" to help her worrying about getting into Yale. Ethan helped her get over her addiction. Kristina started following him around. When he went to the Dominican Republic to get a quick divorce, she followed and helped him with it. Her parents briefly thought they had run off to get married. Everyone, including Ethan, kept telling her that she was too young for him.

After Kristina recovered from her surgery for paralysis, she got into her dream college, Yale. Alexis asked Sonny to make sure that Kristina got in, so he did, and Kristina doesn't know about their involvement. Kristina went off to Yale but returns soon to town

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Page updated 4/29/12

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