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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

Learn about your favorite General Hospital characters!

Johnny Zacchara
Played by Brandon Barash

By Laurie

Johnny is the only son of mob boss, Anthony Zacchara.  At first, Johnny seemed like a loose cannon.  As we get to know him better, however, itís obvious that Johnny is very misunderstood.  Though he is a bit dark and brooding, Johnny seems like a sweet kid at heart.  He appears to be a lonely, angry, and sensitive young man.  Johnny definitely has a short fuse and could use some help keeping his temper under control.  Johnny is also resistant to authority.  People keep saying that Johnny is unstable, but he may just be saner than we realize.  In a way, Johnny Zacchara is reminiscent of a young Sonny Corinthos.

Johnny lives in a secluded mansion with his father, Anthony. Anthony used to keep Johnny a virtual prisoner, but that changed over time. Itís clear that Johnny has some emotional baggage.  When he was a young boy, he witnessed his father shoot his mother.  The incident seems to have permanently scarred him.

Growing up with a psycho father, it's no wonder Johnny is a little off. He didn't want to get involved with Anthony's business, but he keeps returning to it. He doesn't crave power like Sonny, but he keeps getting dragged back into the mob.

Johnny Zacchara is a very complex character.  He definitely has the potential to become an audience favorite.  All Johnny needs is a little love and understanding Ö and a whole lot of therapy.

Johnny was very close to his sister, Claudia. Claudia was way more messed-up then he is, and he tried to protect her and keep her from really going off the rails. However, eventually, he was not able to, and she was killed. He blames Sonny for her death, even though Michael is the one who killed her. Anthony made Sonny marry Claudia in order to join their mob businesses. Sonny treated Claudia kind of badly, but eventually, he started to fall for her. Then he found out that she had been the one who shot Michael and put him in a coma, so he tried to have her killed. Claudia, humiliated by Sonny, kidnapped a pregnant Carly. Michael killed Claudia to protect Carly and his new baby sister.

Johnny was involved with several women on the show since he appeared. At first, he and Lulu were like star-crossed lovers. They even went on the run at one point, just like Luke and Laura. Johnny tends to be self-destructive, though, and usually ends up sabotaging most of his romantic relationships. He used Maxie to break up with Lulu. He later was involved with an older woman, Olivia. They had a fling for a while.

Johnny became a little obsessed with making Sonny pay for Claudia's death, so eventually Olivia broke up with him over that. He helped Sonny's daughter Kristina pretend to be his girlfriend in order to make Sonny mad. Sonny planted a bomb in his car that almost killed them both.  Later, when they got into a fight, Sonny shot Johnny when Johnny pulled a gun on him.  Cop Ronnie made it look like Sonny shot an un-armed man.

Johnny has always acted like an older brother to Michael because he understands what it feels like to be a mobster's son.  Sonny has never liked their friendship.

Johnny became involved with crazy Dr. Lisa Niles. She reminded him a little of Claudia, so he tried to help her, but she got more and more unstable. She was too obsessed with Patrick to appreciate Johnny.

Carly started flirting with Johnny in order keep him away from Michael (she was afraid that Michael would go to work for the Zaccharras), but their flirtation became a real relationship.  No one else is happy about that.

Johnny is clearly a mobster and involved in all sorts of illegal things, but his primary focus always seems to be causing trouble for Sonny.  Yet, he is often distracted by having to deal with his crazy father.

Johnny seemed to mellow for a while.  However, in 2012, Johnny found out that Anthony is really his grandfather and that Claudia was really his mother. It really made him angry all over again.

Johnny slept with Kate/Connie, which made both Sonny and Carly very upset.

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Page updated 5/1/12

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