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Helena Cassadine

Played by Elizabeth Taylor and Constance Towers

Helena first appeared on the show, played by Elizabeth taylor, in 1981. She reappeared later in 1996, played by Constance Towers, who has played her ever since.

Helena is pure evil. She enjoys revenge and murder. She is also very rich and powerful, and she seems to have 9 lives, despite being very old now. She also has hinted at having a voracious sexual appetite, particularly with younger men. She and Luke have flirted as much as they have plotted against each other.

Helena is usually motivated by two things: Revenge, and money. She has plotted for years to get the family fortune away from Nikolas, to no avail.

Helena, angry that her husband and his brother were killed by Luke, Laura, and Robert, appeared at Luke and Laura's wedding to curse them. Helena's husband, Mikkos, had a plot to freeze the world, using a weather machine, but Luke and the others foiled the plot.

Helena kidnapped Laura in 1982, devastating Luke. Laura returned in 1983 and reported that she had been forced to marry Stavros, Helena's son, and was told that Luke was dead. Stavros is killed as Luke and Laura reunited. Laura gots pregnant with Lucky in 1984, and they left town. Laura's mother Lesley was presumed dead after a car wreck later that same year.

The Spencers return to town in 1993, and they have a daughter called Lulu. She is diagnosed with aplastic anemia in 1996, but she is saved with bone marrow by a mysterious young donor. Laura reveals that the donor is Nikolas Cassadine, the son she had with Stavros. She had to leave him behind and keep him a secret, so they would release her and promise not to kill Luke. This severely hurts the Spencers' marriage. Luke visits Helena, who is bedridden, and threatens to kill her one she gets well.

Nikolas and his uncle Stefan move to town, along with Stefan's cousin Alexis. Laura had been romantically involved with Stefan while she was on the island. They find out that Lesley was kidnapped by Helena and still kept alive, having faked her death. Stefan frees Lesley for Laura.

Helena appears in 1997 to try to control Nikolas and his fortune. She hates Stefan because she thinks he is weak. Alexis discovered that she is Mikkos' daughter by another woman, so Helena terrorizes her. Alexis witnessed Helena slitting her mother's throat when she was a little girl. Luke and Alexis plot to kill Helena, but Katherine, Stefan's fiancee, dies instead. Later, Helena reveals that Katherine is alive. Helena convinces Katherine to pay her back by seducing Nikolas. Luke discovers that Nikolas is really Stefan's son, so Helena would inherit the fortune instead. Stefan poisons Helena, so she goes mute and paralyzed, and Katherine dies for real. Although Laura is put on trial for what happened to Helena, they figure out that Helena had an antidoe, which allowed her to get out of bed, kill Katherine, and frame Laura. They also find out that Helena had faked the DNA results - Nikolas really is Stavros' son and heir, not Stefan's.

Helena kidnapped Lucky in 1999, faking his death in a fire and then brainwashing him to serve her. Helena manages to revive Stavros, who has been in cryonic suspension in a secret room below the hospital since his "death" in 1983. Lucky is able to break Helena's conditioning and stop himself from hurting the ones he loves. Luke kills Stavros again in 2001 by pushing him into a bottomless pit.

Helena plotted to get her own nanny, Colleen, in Nikolas' home in 2006 so that the could get countrol of Spencer, Nikolas' son (and the family fortune). However, Colleen fell for Nikolas and turned on Helena. Nikolas loved Emily, so Colleen went nuts and took Helena captive, then Spencer. Nikolas and Emily tried to track her down, but Helena found her first and took Spencer away. She was just about to baptize him in Russia before Nikolas and Emily caught her. Helena threatened to kill the baby, and then Emily, but they all escaped harm, and Helena went on the run yet again.

Helena tries to get Emily's lookalike, Rebecca, to help her out with her plotting in 2009, but it doesn't work. Helena is seen to be sick and bed-ridden later that year. Luke visited and thought she was faking at first. She told him that another Cassadine was plotting revenge on the Spencers and Cassadines: Valentin. Luke had Helena treated at General HOspital, but then Nikolas got them to send her back to Greece after her medical treatment so she couldn't stir up any more trouble.

Helena showed up again later and interfered when Elizabeth went into a sanitarium. She switched paternity/ DNA tests to make her baby appear to be Nikolas' instead of Lucky's. Helena also kidnapped Tracy and Luke, but they were rescued by Nikolas and Lucky. Nikolas banished Helan from Wyndemere and warned her away from Elizabeth and their baby. Aiden was kidnapped, but Helena did not do it (Franco), even though everyone suspected her.

When they all found out that Nikolas was not really Aiden's father, he left town, with Helena watching. Helena also taunted Lucky that Aiden was really a Cassadine.

Helena plans a scheme in 2011 when she she sets up her daughter Irina to pretend to be "Cassandra", a woman in white that lurks in Wyndemere. She has amnesia, and she and Ethan fall in love. Cassandra has long been treated badly by Helena and was forced to go along with her plot. Helena's goal was to break Ethan's heart. She has her men beat up Luke and then bring him in. She wamts Irina to shoot Ethan, but Irina won't do it, so Helena shoots her instead. She intends to kill Ethan and make Luke watch, but Holly arrives to stop her. She lies that Ethan is really Robert's son, not Luke's. Helena doesn't believe it at first but then she is convinced and leaves them alone. Later, Luke tells Robert that Ethan is his son, to keep him from committing suicide after his daughter Robin is killed. He tells Robert that Ethan is running from Helena so that Robert will go rescue him. Luke then convinces Ethan to go along with it and go "on the run" to lead Robert on a wild goose chase and give him something to do.

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