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Heather Grant Webber

Played by Robin Mattson

Heather has always been crazy, but sometimes she can pass for "normal" for brief periods of time. She acts strange, even when she's not certifiable. She's committed many crimes.

Heather has a son, Steve, whom she refers to as Stephen Lars. Her cousin was Susan Moore, Jason's mother. She was briefly married to Edward Quartermaine.

Heather, first appeared in town in 1976 as a nanny for Peter and Diana. She chased after Jeff Webber, who was married to Monica. She had his baby, Stephen Lars, even though he wanted her to have an abortion. She did everything she could think of to get Jeff to choose her over Monica, but he wouldn't. She sold Stephen on the black market and almost married Jeff twice but finally got him to marry her for a while. Peter and Diana had adopted her baby, but she wanted him back. She put LSD in Diana's drink, but she accidentally drank it herself and went crazy. She was put away. Heather managed to escape, steal a gun, and try to kill Diana, but she was already dead. She wrote the name and in her blood and murder on Anne, Jeff's girlfriend. Jeff was almost jailed for the murder. He left town with the baby. Heather's mother, Alice, had murdered Diana, so Heather just got six months' probation. She fell for Scott, and teamed up with Jimmy Lee Holt, to get Jason's inheritance. She left town and didn't return until 2004.

She convinced Leslie to let her help with Leslie Lu. Really, she wanted her hands on the Quartermaine money. She preyed on recently widowed Edward, despite his family's objections and suspicions. She pretended to be possessed by the spirit of Lila, then she spiked Edward's drink so that he would have a heart attack. She rescued him and look like a heroine. Heather moved a, toast, Laura into the attic and would have conversations with her about Luke. Edward and Heather ended up moving out, and he gave up all of his money. Tracy and Heather got Edward committed. She also tried to keep Luke and Skye apart and frame Skye for murder. Luke pretended to conspire with Heather to kill Edward. All of Heather's crimes were found out, so she took Skye hostage. Luke married Heather in order to find out where she had hit Laura and a drugged Skye. Luke had her arrested, and they took her to Ferncliff Home for the Criminally Insane.

Steve grew up with his father, Jeff, and has not had much time with Heather. He resented her for selling him as a baby and for being crazy and dangerous. In 2012, the Ferncliff doctors declared Heather mentally fit and let her leave, as long as Steve gave her a place to stay and vouched for her. He did so, reluctantly, and filled with guilt over their relationship. His girlfriend, Olivia (as well as Luke and others) is not too happy to see her. Heather is still fixated on Steve and on Luke.

Heather was upset when Steve was arrested for a murder of a patient that died while he was a doctor in Memphis. She poisoned his ex-girlfriend Maggie and left a fake suicide note to make it look like she confessed to the murder. They let Steve out of jail. Maggie survived.

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Page updated 5/12/12

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