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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Felicia Cummings Jones Scorpio

Played by Kristina Wager

Felicia was briefly portrayed by Sandra Ferguson in 2005, but it was not a successful recast and did not last very long. Kristina is the one most known for the role. She started on the show in 1984, then known as Kristina Malandro. Later, she married her co-star Jack Wagner. They were married for many years until they divorced, after having kids.  In both the show, and in real life, Jack Wagner was a rock star, in the 80's.

When I first started watching the show in 1984, one of the first stories I saw was Frisco meeting Felicia. Frisco had been a rock star who sometimes got involved in adventures, but it was nothing until he met her. She appeared on night from under his bed, dressed as a boy! He caught her and was shocked to learn that she was a girl. It was really great "meet-cute" of the type you rarely see on soaps any more. I already loved Frisco, but after that I loved the duo of Frisco and Felicia. She was an Aztec Princess after her family's long-lost treasure, and Frisco helped her track it down. Frisco had bought this ring, and it was party of her treasure, so she was trying to steal it back.

Felicia was the perfect heroine. She had a lot of strength and spunk. She was beautiful and feminine but also determined and head-strong. She could hold her own with the guys, but she did often get herself in trouble and had to be rescued. In later years, she became kind of whiny and then they made her get involved with Luke, which was a big mess and completely out of character. The new writers ruined her, and she left the show.

Felicia was engaged to Peter Harrell when she first came on the show, but he turned out to be a creep later on, only after the treasure. Although Felicia and Frisco fell in love, they couldn't act on it for a long time time, due to this engagement.

Felicia and Frisco traveled to Mexico with Holly and Robert to search for her treasure. Sean Donely, a rich older man, hit on her, but after she turned him down, he became like a father figure to her. Felicia had been raised by her grandmother, Mariah, so she had never really had a dad. Sean called her "Princess", but he was also after the treasure. Still, they remained close friends for a long time. Later, Frisco and Felicia were involved in the Asian Quarter story with Robert, Anna, their daughter Robin, and young Asian girl Jade and her family.

Frisco and Felicia started to date eventually and they moved into a small studio apartment in Bobbie's brownstone. Frisco joined the police academy, and it took Felicia awhile to adjust to the idea of his being a cop. They married in 1986. Frisco was presumed dead in 1988 while undercover for the WSB (the secret spy organization that Robert, Sean, and Anna had all worked for, the World Security Bureau). Felicia married Colton, but then Frisco turned up alive in 1989. Felicia had amnesia for a while, but then she reunited with Frisco. They married again in 1990. They went on tour in Europe after that. Felicia thought they were touring for his rock band, but he was secretly on a mission for the WSB. Felicia was kidnapped by bad guy Cesar faison, but Frisco and Sean rescued her. Back at home, Felicia heard that Frisco might join the WSB again. She was pregnant and upset, so she ran back to her grandmother's hacienda in Texas. She returns after Frisco is hurt, and their daughter Maxis was born in 1991. They all moved back to Texas after that, but then Felicia couldn't take the constant worrying about Frisco and the danger he always faced. They were divorced, and Felicia returned to Port Charles with her daughter.

Felicia became involved with Dr. Ryan Chamberlain, but he turned out to be a crazy murder. Felicia got amnesia again when she saw him murder his wife, Gloria. Mac and Sean tried to protect Felicia from Ryan. Ryan had her committed to an asylum, but Mac helped her escape. Mac and Felicia went on the run and fell in love. They were to be married in 1994, but Ryan crashed it with a bomb. They tried again to get married, but Maxie got sick with Kawasaki Syndrome. Mac tracked down Felicia to get him to help Maxie. She received a new heart from her cousin B.J., who had been in a bus accident and was brain dead. Maxie recovered. Frisco and Felicia slept together, and she became pregnant with Georgia. Mac is upset but still supports Felicia, particularly after Frisco leaves again. Felicia has her baby on the floor of Luke's club.

Felicia got involved with Tom in 1995. She is stalked by Kevin (Ryan's brother), but she suspects Tom. After a strained relationship, Tom left town, and Felicia went back to Mac. They finally get married in 1988.

Felicia was hired by Ned to write Lila's memoirs in 1999. In the midst of her research, she went on adventures with Luke, which put a strain on her marriage. Felicia was again kidnapped by Cesar Faison, who was thought to be dead. Felicia and Mac still have a strained marriage, thanks to Luke. Felicia decided later that she was in love with Luke, but Luke was still in love with Laura. Felicia and Mac divorced in 2001. She also became involved with Luke's old friend Roy for a while.

Felicia left town in 2003 to take of her sick grandmother, but she later returned in 2004 when Mac was hurt in a fire. She wanted to rebuild her family. After Lila died, Felicia was found to be her executor and could choose the most worthy Quartermaine. Felicia chose Justus, angering the others.

Eventually she left town again. She returned in 2007 when Georgia was murdered. She told Georgie that she had reunited with her father, Frisco, and had gone on some missions with him. Felicia had a lot of guilt because of leaving town and because Georgia wrote her letters, trying to keep in touch. Maxie lashed out at Felicia for this, too. Felicia stayed in town for a while to help Mac catch the killer. She then leaves, having reconciled with Frisco off-screen. She returned again in 2012 to help Maxie, who was on trial for murder, even though everyone knew she was innocent and just acting out because of Robin's death.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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