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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Delores Padilla

Played by Rebeka Montoya

Delores first appeared in September, 2011. She is a police detective at the PCPD. She graduated at the top of her class at the academy.

Delores works quite a lot with Dante and Ronnie. She and Dante didn't get along very well at first but then became partners. Delores has moved around a lot as a cop, which she said at first was because she is a woman, so she's always trying to prove herself. She was involved in the Lisa Niles murder investigation.
Dante figured out that the real reason she had moved around so much is that she had been searching for her sister's killer. She even feeds Johnny information in order to get his help.

Delores has also been working on the assault case against strippers. Dante and Lulu started to suspect that Delores' husband Eddie is the one assaulting strippers, but when they arrest Eddie, Lulu starts to suspect Ronnie, Dante's friend and mentor. Ronnie takes Lulu hostage.

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Page updated 5/4/12

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