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Cody Paul (Graham Shiels)


He was an Iraq war veteran on "General Hospital: Night Shift" looking to numb his painful memories.  In the first episode, Cody lit a cigarette near an ambulance that had a gas leak, causing an explosion and fire. He then was disoriented, thinking he was back in Iraq.  He went to the ER and asked for drugs.  The doctors quickly figured out that he was not quite sane, so they called Lainey in to talk to him.  She spoke with him, and he asked her for drugs and asked if she could cure "two tours in Iraq".  When Lainey was called away, Cody stole some drugs and left the hospital. Later, she helped him deal with his problems.

He showed up on GH and it was revealed that he was an old buddy of Cooper's. He also had a vendetta against Logan.  He went to jail for a while for killing Lainey's dad, who was suffering from Alzheimer's (she had asked him to do it), but he was eventually acquitted, thanks to Diane, and let out. He went to work for a while for Jason in 2008 as a bodyguard for Bernie. As far as we can tell, he was last seen in a shoot-out in November of 2008.

Aside from his mental problems due to the war, Cody seemed to be a stand-up guy, who was good with a gun or physically, similar to the more recent character of Shawn but without as much depth or character development.

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Page updated 5/1/12

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