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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Anthony Zacchara
Played by Bruce Weitz
Written by Laurie


Anthony Zacchara is a “Mob Kingpin”.  He is said to be shrewd and ruthless.  He has a habit of dealing with his enemies by killing their families.

Anthony Zacchara has a grandson, Johnny, but for most of his life, Anthony lied that Johnny was his son.  Anthony’s first wife is dead.  We learned that Anthony shot and killed his wife, Maria.  Anthony tried to shoot Johnny, but Maria got in the way.  Anthony is usually obsessed with Johnny.  It’s not clear if Anthony loves Johnny or if he hates him (or a little of both).

Anthony's only off-spring is Claudia, and we know now that she is Johnny's mother and not his sister. Anthony treated Claudia really badly for many years, and it's not really clear why. They were both a little crazy and dangerous.

Anthony Zacchara didn’t make any business decisions when he was first seen on the show.  He was basically a puppet for Trevor Lansing, who had been hiding Anthony’s inability to make decisions for years. Anthony Zacchara was described as a dangerous criminal.  Then we learned that he was mentally ill.  He was completely insane and had no grip on reality.  He has violent and homicidal tendencies.  He can definitely be described as a loose cannon.  He killed a lot of people over the years, and he even tried to kill Lulu, who was dating Johnny.

After a shoot-out with Jason and falling off the hospital roof, Anthony was paralyzed and put into Shadybrook mental facility. He was released after a while. He recovered from his paralysis, but no one knew it at first. He plotted to kill Sonny and shot at him when he was marrying Kate, but he shot her instead. He also tried to kill Johnny, Claudia, Jason, and others. Later, he tried to leave town after it had been discovered that he could walk and many of his crimes were unveiled. He was caught and put into Pentonville prison for his crimes. He still pulled strings to try to make Sonny and Jason suffer, particularly after Claudia's death.

Anthony somehow left prison in 2011 and moved in with Johnny. They have a very strange and complex relationship. Anthony keeps plotting on his own as well as interfering in Johnny's life and organization.

Anthony blackmailed Tracy Quartermaine into marrying him so that he could use ELQ to launder money. She hates him, but he enjoys teasing her. He ran a prescription drug ring for a while and killed Lucky's girlfriend, Siobhan, when she found out about it.

Johnny learned in 2012 that Anthony is really his grandfather, not his father, and that Claudia was his mother.  His father was Gino Soleito, Tracy's ex-husband.  Anthony ( or someone) shot at Dante, almost killing him, so Sonny suspected Anthony. Anthony tried to leave town but a deranged Kate (as Connie) shot out his tires, causing a terrible accident that killed two innocent people.  Anthony tried to claim that Sonny shot out his tires, but Sonny was acquitted.

It's not clear just how sane Anthony is, but he is very clearly evil and selfish. He is the town's resident crazy bad guy.  However, his dialogue is often very funny, even when he's being menacing. He gets to make a lot of sick jokes on the show that keep the audience laughing. The point of his character is to show that, as bad as Sonny and Jason might be, there are far worse gangsters out in the world that will stop at nothing.

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Page updated 5/1/12

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