Peggo's 3 Best Thursday 6/2/05


Today's GH Best Lines Thursday 5/26/05

By Peggo

"You weren't half bad yourself, Baby."

1. "How much is it gonna cost me to get you on my side of the table?"
"Not money, Babe."

2. "It will be peaceful enough when you're dead."

3. "It would probably be a little weird if I was at your wedding."

Fashion Spot....
"Do my eyes deceive me, or is Ric Lansing not wearing a business suit?"

"oo. Awkward moment."

Food Spot....
"Did we work up a big healthy appetite?"

Honorable Mention:
"Don't play a player, Cowboy."
"Nobody cares what you think, Hop-along."

Drink Spot...
"You shouldn't be getting drunk before your wedding."

Floral Spot....
"They came last so they wouldn't wilt."


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