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2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Commentary by Wanda
Who Is The Text Message Killer?

Leticia, Michael and Morganís nanny, was the first Port Charles woman to get strangled. Emily fell to the same fate not too long afterwards. Everyone in Port Charles believes it is because of Anthony Zacchara. After all, during the ball, he was running loose killing people at the change of the wind. All of it was brought back to the feet of Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan because it is all mob related (violence in Port Charles is always Sonny and Jasonís fault).

Detective Harper seems to be the only one investigating the case with some objectivity. He actually leaves the door open for other possible suspects. At this point, it seems anyone who did not have an alibi or a clear accounting of his or her whereabouts is on his radar. I can appreciate thorough detective work.

Lucky Spencer seems like he really wants it to be Anthony just so he can have something else to blame on Jason and yet another reason to keep him away from Elizabeth and Jake. Everyone else wants to blame it on someone and move on. Unfortunately, the real killer will not make it that easy.

He is still out there, texting and strangling innocent women Ö okay, Maxie (his latest victim) is not so innocent, but he did sneak up on her from behind and attempt to strangle the life out of her. The killer would have most likely been successful if Georgie had not walked in on him. Maxie was able to escape with her life barely intact.

This definitely puts a wrinkle in plans to blame the murders on Anthony because he is locked up in a mental facility for the criminally insane. Now, there is a serial killer in Port Charles. Who could it be?

Logan Hayes has a sketchy past. No one knows what the big mystery is about that happened down in Iraq. He is not the kindest guy to women, and he has a track record of manhandling them. He was not always present during the ball.

Cooper Barrett seems like the nice guy, but letís not forget that he was Three, working with a psychopath during the Metro Court hostage crisis.

Craig/Jerry Jax is no prom king. However, he could not have been the one that choked Carly because he was incapacitated, unless he was faking it.

Trevor Lansing is a slime ball lawyer that cares about his own interest but is he a sick women killer? His personality does not really support it.

So far, his victims far have been:

Leticia (dead)

Emily (dead)

Carly (strangled but among the living)

Maxie Jones (strangled but among the living)

Whoís next?

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Page updated 5/28/12

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