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2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Wanda
What I Hate About GH

Don't let the title fool you. General Hospital is my favorite soap opera of all time. I have watched the show since I was a kid before I even started going to kindergarten (a little young, I know).

The thing is that sometimes storylines gross me out or tick me off. Lately that has happened more often than not. Recently Jasper Jax went off the "rescue" his brother, Jerry (James Craig) Jax. He was actually sent on a wild goose chase by Jerry and in the process got captured by Jerry's psycho ex-girlfriend, Irina. She wanted to torture Jerry by eventually killing the only person he has ever really loved right in front of him, Jax.

While waiting for Jerry to come and rescue his brother, she decided to force Jax into having sex with her. This is in essence rape. The man was captured, tortured, brutally beaten and forced to have sex. Yes, he was forced. She threatened to kill Carly and the boys. There was no doubt that she would have actually done it.

Jax was eventually rescued and confessed to Carly that he was forced to have sex. So what does she do? She accuses him of cheating. Frankly, I do not care about how selfish Carly is. I do not care that she felt abandoned. The writers were totally ignoring the "male rape" element of what happened to Jax. I actually cringed when I heard Carly accusing him of cheating.

That storyline apparently rubbed a lot of people the wrong way because as soon as General Hospital was able to get away from it, they buried it as if it never happened. Good riddance, I say.

On another note, I am so ecstatic that Robin is back. I love her relationship with Patrick Drake when they are not being petty. I know there has to be a reward coming at the end of this drama they are going through. Robin is always screeching about one thing or another, and Patrick is flirting more and more with the little student nurse twit (her name not worth mentioning). This is when they are actually on screen which has been pretty rare of late.

The other thing that I absolutely do not like is the introduction of Ric's dad. He is a dirty old man and disgusts me on all levels. The positive aspect of this is that he is supposed to be despised. It works with the storyline. I just don't know if I want to see another full blown mob war. I actually enjoyed the small reprieve from mob drama. The whole secret government covert operations and hostage crisis was intriguing and something different.

Now we are going back to mob territory blah blah. I am sure that upcoming sweeps will be adrenalin pumping and exciting. It would just be nice if other storylines were explored.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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