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2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Wanda
Skye Chandler

Skye Chandler Quatermaine, never-made-it-to-Alcazar (or whatever she is being called these days), has lost her Lorenzo ever-loving mind! This is serious. This woman, a character that I have grown to somewhat like since she became all maternal, is not recognizable to me right now. Let me be honest, it seems that Sky has lost whatever pinch of sense she had. She has to be exhibiting some crazy postpartum depression behavior or the writers of General Hospital are setting her up to be the next mob bossette. Are we seeing the workings of the next Faith Roscoe?

There was only one Faith and she cannot be topped; however, Sky seems to be working her way towards that demented fever that Faith did so well. During and after the hostage crisis at the Metro Court, Skye did everything in her power from lying to the authorities to pretending she has knowledge of Lo’s business dealing to even alienating family members in order to protect Lorenzo and his interest. In the end, she somehow struck a bargain with the devil’s spawn, Ric Lansing, to destroy the contents of the coveted brief case.

In the aftermath thought, she seemed as if she was coming back to her senses. When everyone in the family gained up on her and accused her of being the reason that Alan died and everyone was caught in the hostage situation, Skye seemed genuinely sorry even though she maintained that Lorenzo had no way of knowing that Craig was going to double cross him and try to steel the “shipment.”

Interestingly though after Tuesday, March 14, 2007, it is highly doubtful that Skye Chandler Quatermaine will ever be the same woman again. Today she actually made excuses for Lorenzo’s going after Sonny with a gun. She talked as if it were okay that he tried to kill Sonny because Sonny was interfering with the government shipment. It was all so nonchalant like she was just walking to get the mail. Then she walked into Sonny’s office and threatened him! She straight up told Sonny to back off or else she is going to finish what Lorenzo started. Now, hasn’t this woman gone bizerk?

Looking at her now, I would have to surmise that her downfall started when Jax, coldheartedly, left her for Brenda and she had that romp with Alcazar number one. Then she went on to mess with Luke that seemed like a total disaster. Now that she has ensconced herself in Alcazar number two’s world, I have to wonder what her next move is going to be and whether or not she is gong to settle into the mobster wife role or flay uncontrollably like she is now.

Wanda Toby

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Page updated 5/28/12

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