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2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


The excuse Emily gave Jason as to why she was there was pathetic; it was so weak it isnít even funny. I am glad that Carly told Nikolas to get out of her home; Nikolas has some nerve to say anything. I felt bad for Patrick when Robin was accusing him of trying to sleep with her for money, he may do a lot of things but that is not one of them. When Jason was talking to Emily about her trip, you could see him putting the pieces together and figuring out that Emily and Sonny went away together. I loved the look on Alexisís face when Nikolas said that Jax was about to sleep with Carly and the look on Jaxís face was great and I loved how he told Alexis that it isnít any of her business. Jason looked so hurt after both Sonny and Emily lied to his face and I canít believe they did it. I couldnít help but laugh when Emily was trying to stand up to Carly, if they ever went at it, Emily wouldnít stand a chance. Although I love Carly and Jax together, I loved when Alexis said that little prayer for Jax. Sonny and Emily have put Jason in a tough position because Sonny is his friend and business partner and Emily is his sister. Although Sam doesnít think that Jason would do something to hurt Sonny, I think if push comes to shove that Jason will do anything to protect Emily. Although right now I donít want anything more to happen between Patrick and Carly (because I want a Carly and Jax pairing), I did like seeing them playing pool together and dancing and think that they can rely on one another either as friends or something more.


I loved seeing Patrick make Robin reveal what happened right in front of Carly because Robin pretends to be so moral, like she never makes any mistakes. I am glad though that Carly put on the breaks because it is obvious that she cares for Jax and that Patrick cares about Robin. I love how Lulu paid that guy to call Skye to get her down to the haunted star because although I think Lorenzo and Skye are good together, I canít help but love Luke and Skye as a couple and still think that the paternity of her child will come into question. I really hope that Noah is okay, I love the character, the actor and the interaction between Noah and Patrick. Carly and Jax made my day today, they are so great together and I loved how she said he was a bad influence on her. I wish Sam would stop telling Jason to leave Sonny and Emily alone because she doesnít know what could happen to Emily and I seriously doubt that Emily will be any different than the other women that Sonny has been with in the past.


I loved that today was an Emily and Sonny free day, too bad that they were still mentioned but I guess I will take what I can get. I canít believe that Sonny forgot to sign the permission slip and I think this is a perfect example as to why she should be able to be reached because what if something happens to his children, he has no way of knowing. I know that Jason is mad that both Emily and Sonny are not telling him the truth but he shouldnít take it out on Carly because she doesnít like this anymore than he does. I thought it was sweet seeing Jax and Carly with John, they look so great together and I am glad that the writers decided to put them together as a pairing. It was funny when Jax suggested that Patrick try calling Emily and then Patrick looked at him like ďI canít believe you just said that to meĒ.


The writerís sure want to keep the hints coming that Alexis is Samís mother and it was very obvious today when they had Kristina ask Sam if she would be her sister in the tea party that they were going to have. I loved hearing Sam say to Jason that she actually agreed with what Carly had to say and that is something that you do not often hear coming from her. Although I know that Carly over-reacted when Jax bought her the dress, the similarities were obvious and I am glad that she went with him but that she didnít wear the dress he bought her. I canít believe that Sonny got upset that Jason handled some of the money transactions, it is not like Sonny has really been interested in it lately and Jason is right that if Sonny isnít careful something will happen that he isnít prepared for. I always love seeing Luke and Sonny together and so it was great that Luke came to give an invitation personally to Sonny. I had forgotten that Ted King the actor who plays Lorenzo was going to be away for a bit because of surgery and so I was wondering who the guy was and then realized that he would be filling in while Ted was gone. I really wish that Lulu would stay out of Georgieís business; she sure likes to stir up trouble. I loved how everyone looked at Sonny and sort of backed away when Sonny entered the Haunted Star.


I found most of todayís episode pretty interesting and I only felt the need to fast-forward twice and both times it had to do with Sonny and Emily, no surprise there. I loved seeing Noah today and although I am glad that he wasnít drinking, I wish that he would accept help because I love his character and would love to see him stay on the show. It was great to see Lucky and Elizabeth trying to have a good time since they donít usually get to and I am glad that they did win something. For two people who are trying to show everyone that they are not together, Sonny and Emily sure spent a lot of time together at the Haunted Star. I loved seeing Carly and Jax today, their scenes were my favorite of the episode and I loved the way that Jason looked at them when they went to go sit down to play the private poker game. I didnít like the fact that Sonny told Jason that he informed the accountant that if he made any decision without Sonnyís confirmation that he wouldnít make it back to Florida. Sonny should trust Jason to make those decisions when Sonny canít be reached. Monday should be interesting since Jason saw Emily and Sonny together.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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