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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

Afrikkaís GH musings

I donít know if this is the calm before the storm.  I have to admit that I have been very impressed with the last two weeks of GH.  I donít have much faith in Jill Farren Phelpsís (JFP) skills as executive producer.  I think she contributed to the ruin that OLTL now finds itself in. In fact, OLTL, a show with a really, really good cast, was voted ďMost Disappointing Show,Ē in the 12/26 issue of SOD.  I used to love OLTL, it was second only to GH.  Now I consider it to be barely worth watching and I think some of the blame lies with JFP.  Maybe Angela Shapiro should have checked with SOD before hiring JFP as GHís executive producer.  I am reserving judgment and waiting with baited breath and crossed-fingers, hoping GH wonít become a casualty of war, barely recognizable to longtime fans.   

I have heard the rumors about Hannah being axed.  I canít say that Iím sorry to see her go.  Though Iím sure LV is a wonderful person, she isnít the greatest actress.  Almost two years later, she is barely passable. My only disappointment is that I have been forced to endure this character for two years, and I am finally starting to like her with bad-boy AJ, but sadly, there is to be no payoff.  There are also rumors about an explosion at a Deception party. If Hannah has to go, I hope it is in the explosion. That would be what I call high drama.  According to the rumor, 3 or 4 of Port Chuckís denizens will feel the force of the big bang. Who could these poor souls possibly be?  Could rumors of Billy Warlockís departure be true? (Big mistake, JFP)  If I could pick those who had to die, I would pick Hannah, Bobbie, Felicia, and NuLuke.  Only in NuLukeís place, oldLuke would return to his beautiful wife and daughter, and wonder what NuLuke ever saw in Flea.

 I know itís only January and Sarah Brownís contract doesnít expire until March, but I am terrified that she wonít re-sign.  I also remember that last time SBís contract was up, negotiations went right down to the last minute.  Sarah is one of the most phenomenal actresses in daytime.   She is such an asset to GH, that if JFP is smart, she will give the woman whatever she wants to keep her on the canvas.  I will not accept a recast!  If SB canít continue being Carly, then I want her to be killed.  At least then, MB could have the manic storyline that heís been wanting.  That would be Emmy material, Iím sure.  JFP has a reputation for cleaning house when she comes to town to make room for her FOJís. (Friends of Jill)  Hopefully, this will not impact Sarahís contract talks.  If the rumors are true, I just want to say that Gina Tognoni, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY CANNOT PLAY CARLY!!!!  Give me a break, sheís a second or third- rate actress at best, and is not an SB caliber actress.  She would look horrible inept, as did Lisa V, in scenes with MBís Sonny. 

I love GH. I started watching in 1980, when I was five.  In 1990, something terrible happened. I think Gloria Monty became head writer. I canít remember for sure because I block most of it out.  It was a painful time in my young life. All my favorite characters were killed or otherwise gone from the canvas and I was watching a show I didnít recognize or like.  After 10 years of watching, the changes were more than I could bear, and I defected.  I went for 5 years without the show I had grown up with.  Then in 1995, as a college junior, GH and I found our way back to each other.  It was like coming home. Sure I didnít recognize some of the characters, but I soon fell back into the groove, and have enjoyed every moment of the guilty pleasure that is GH.  I am praying that the integrity of the show and its characters will remain in tact under the new regime.  I truly love GH and want to see it succeed, I hope the show will not be sacrificed to boost individual egos.  Hereís to a new year of great writing, great clothes, new sets and great characters that we love to hate and hate to love. 

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Page updated 8/15/12

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