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The General Hospital Past Plots Pages

 General Hospital Past Storylines


Written by Stacey Lopez and edited by Dawn Lasky

Part Two

Wednesday 4/8/98

The show started with Boris and Natasha in bed; Kat made Stefan's day by telling him that Nik was in such a downer mood because he was about to officially break it off with Sarah.

Sarah interrupted Liz from vacuuming and was trying to get her out of the house when Nik called, saying he wanted to see her, not at Ruby's, not at the churchyard ruins, but at the docks. When she left, Lucky charged in through the window and wanted to know why Liz was still not attending classes. She showed him the rape counseling lit she had that gave statistics and was disturbed by the idea that she might know her assaulter.

At the Q's, everyone was irate about the strike and how it was affecting them - their house was being picketed by hotel workers. Ned, fresh back in town from a meeting w/Alexis, was informed that the strike was triggered by Edward's verbal attack on Jason. As they discussed probable procedures, Reginald came in with two grocery bags full of frozen dinners and announced the family was going to have to fend for themselves - the household staff was striking out of solidarity and respect to their factory-working ancestors. The Q's offer, by turns, to double Reggie's salary or fire him, but he was firm. Lila wishes him well, while the others grumble.

Next up, the Q's tried to figure out how to use a coffee maker. AJ led the way, but Lila had Edward take her to the kitchen to find some instant. Ned took off to the hotel.

Exchange of the Day:

Emily: "Wave to Reginald for me."

Ned: "I'll be sure to gesture."

When things quieted down, Alan took a moment to apologize to Emily for his previous temper flare up. When she began to question his mood swings, it set him off again, worse than before, and scaring her. When Monica came back and wanted to know what was going on, he apologized again, and said maybe his wife was right the other day when she said that stress was getting the better of him. Alan's solution: he was getting out of town for a few days to chill out where there were no phones. He said he was going to a nameless retreat to get in touch with his spirituality. After he was gone, Monica told Emily about Alan's plan, but she was still very worried, saying she felt there was something broken inside Alan that can't be fixed. Monica assured her that he was on his way to recovery. Alan was next shown in a cheap hotel room, complete with flashing neon sign through the window. He flushed three bottles of pills down the toilet and laid down.

It was pick-on-Marcus day at the PCPD, and he got majorly ragged on over having to share a cell with Jason. At the ribbing that he and Jason are getting romantic, and speculation on his upcoming chat with Internal Affairs, Taggert was his gloriously cocky self, noting that Al Capone's final bust came from tax evasion. At that point, Dara busted in and pointed out that Elliot Ness never brought his nemesis in for jaywalking every five minutes.


Garcia and Officer Ricky made themselves scarce while Dara further chewed Taggert out for his practices; he tried to blow her off - told her he was majorly p.o.'d that she allowed Jason to go free while he was stuck behind bars, and accused her of doing that to win brownie points with Justus. Taggert's next visit was from Liz and Lucky, hoping for some progress on her case. He informed them that there was none, but if anyone was brought in on an MO match, Liz would have the chance to make an audio identification (they made mention again of Liz smelling "spicy soap" on her rapist) of the guy. Even though they had nothing at present, he encouraged Liz to keep her chin and hopes up and handed her his card. Dara overheard and saw the last part and was impressed at Taggert's sensitivity. Back in her room, Liz and Lucky went for a round of mutual appreciation; she for his support and he for allowing him to crash at her house.

Katybell had a confession to make - she told Stef about her previous confrontation with Luke, and admitted to him that she told Luke about Stefan's past (ha!) flame for Laura. She also reported back to Boris on Luke's paranoia. Stefan did not look happy. He put his clothes on and informed security to A) double up but still B) allow him on Spoon Island. Down in the cellar, Bat whipped the cover off of Lasha's portrait, and loosed his switch blade. After raising it to the painting, he thought better and resheathed it.

At the docks, Nik was broke the news to Sarah that they were breaking up. She asked him if their never having done the nasty played a part in his decision, and he said 'no' and that he was glad they didn't have sex. When Nik tried to explain that there was no real reason, that he simply wasn't attracted to her anymore, she didn't quite buy it, and complained about the fact that when he was muted, she was the one person who he refused to allow to see him as imperfect. She also called him on his relationship with Robin, but he assured her Ms. Scorpio had nothing to do with his decision. Nik was lastly shown alone on the docks, gazing at the water.

UPDATE THURSDAY APRIL 9:  Lucas is with Bobbie at the jetty and says "We've been waiting for a hundred million years." They are waiting for Betty and Georgie and Maxie for a day out.  Lucas doesn't want to go to the zoo because Dad always takes him.  Will Tony come home soon?  Is Daddy a bad man?

Bobbie goes to see Tony after his bail request is denied (he's a "flight risk").  Tony doesn't see the justice of him being in jail while Jason is free to be with his son.  Bobbie tells Tony to stay away from Lucas.

Tony thinks he will be getting out.  "I'm a responsible citizen ... a ton of character witnesses."  Bobbie tells him to name one.  Alan?  Tony gets a puzzled look.

After a talk with Luke, described below, Bobbie meets up with Lucas again.  He wants to know about the kidnapping and declares he's afraid of Tony, then changes his mind in two seconds.  Bobbie, having forgotten her sort-of fling with Alan when she missed Lucas's first sixth birthday party, or was that his only seventh birthday party before he had his sixth birthday again and again the last couple of years, but I digress, Bobbie says "I'll be with you as much as you need me."


In Florida, Jason and Carly talk about Virginia.  Carly comments, originally: "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."  Carly talks about her father leaving, and about how much her mother loved her and how awful Carly was to her.  "I killed my mother."  Jason says it's not true, it's like thinking she was responsible for Michael being sick.

Carly worries that she'll fight with Michael.  Jason has the answer: "Don't."

She will lose patience, she says, but Michael will look up to Jason. Jason gets a peculiar look on his face and verbalizes the fear of all parents: he doesn't want to tell Michael what to do, but he doesn't want Michael to be hurt, either.

----a short, non-parenting interlude with Mac and Felicia in Nawlins.  Unless you wonder why Felicia is, Yet Again, leaving her girls with Betty.---

They meet a member of the assassin's guild.  Felicia flirts with him, Mac is jealous, the guy tells them that the assassin was hired with gold bullion.  Mac knows that means Jerry.

Jax goes to the door, and SURPRISE! It's his parents.  Ashley materializes at the stairs, and pretends she owns the place and the man, but V asked last week why Jax hadn't called Ashley, so A. seems to have been out of town.  Pity she couldn't stay gone, at least till "this dreadful strike" was over.  Of course, compared to the vapid proprietariness, even Brenda looks like a good deal.  Jane doesn't like that Ashley left Jerry in Palau.  They actually came because their son got shot at and dear

Brenda was hurt.  Just then Brenda comes in.  They fuss over her with Ashley struggling to get the spotlight back.  John and Lady Jane make a fuss over Brenda till she displays the tiny tiny bandage.  Ashley leaves, getting

Jax to escort her.  Jane carries on about Ashley.  Brenda apologizes about leaving Jax, but J&J are having none of it.  Brenda is perfect for him, etc., etc.  Jax bursts in with a "proposal" --- that John and Lady Jane stay over.  They had already reserved their suite.

John and Jane leave to get a present for Brenda and Jax tells Brenda she can cash in on the wish.  She wants to know why he dumped her on the bed and left, and he tells her she's not going to win. 

John and Jane come back with slippers for Brenda.  Brenda and Jane go off to the kitchen and talk about Jax, and John tells Jax off.


Luke and Lucky - Luke comes into the police station looking for Taggart.

Garcia gives him a seat.  Taggart asks about Jason.  He asks why Luke gets garbage removed from his club.  Luke answers: "Because I'm nice to people?"

After Bobbie talks to Tony, Luke walks her out.  They talk about Lucas. Bobbie wants to protect him, but she can't.  Luke tells her he'll know more about how he's doing with Lucky later (after he tunes into the bugs on Helena's yacht.)

Alan didn't check into a clinic, as Your Fearless Updater was hoping, but into a seedy hotel in Port Charles.  Maybe he'll be nicer about AJ's reluctance to go away in future?  He has the cold sweats.  He's thrown out all the pills.  he dreams about Emily, popping into the room just in time with a fine array of pharmaceuticals.  "This way, we'll always have something in common."  She suggests he do uppers and she do downers so together they'll be one normal person.  Alan wakes up, shivering.

4/10/98 Stefan, in the wine cellar.  He removes the quilt that covers Lasha's portrait and gazes at his Lasha with an

inscrutable expression on his face.  We cut from this shot of Stefan thinking of Laura to Luke, sitting on the bench in the park, the spot associated with both Laura's and Liz's rapes.   Lucky and Liz appear, talking about

Liz's rape.  When they come upon Luke, Lucky pretends not to see him, telling Lizzie "There's nothing here to show it happened.  I checked, remember?"  He looks at Dad in a challenging way, almost daring Luke to speak to him, and Luke looks, as he often does these days, sadly resigned.



        Carly and Jason are at a Florida cemetery, before a headstone that reads simply "Virginia Benson."  Jason asks if he should have added something more, like a date or a prayer.  Carly has a hilariously sad comeback, saying her momma said ladies never tell their age, hence no

dates please, and that she didn't recall her having a favorite prayer, "Unless you count 'My God, Caroline, what have you done?'"  Carly decides she'd like to add something about Virginia being her mom and Michael's grandma, and Jason says "so let it be written, so let it be done."  [well, words to that effect]  Carly is touched by the way he always does that-- takes care of everything for her, damn the cost or inconvenience.

        She's glad her mom is near the ocean.  "Did I ever tell you my mom used to say that a day at the beach took all her troubles away?"

"That's why I chose it," Jason answers simply.  This pleases Carly.  He offers to take a walk with Michael so she can have time alone with her momma, and they talk about death and the possibility of an afterlife.

Jason feels that "the part of you that loves, the soul, I guess," never ends, She suggests he tell Michael that some day, and he says, "That's why I take him to church."



        The Jacks family and Brenda are in Jax's apartment, making dinner plans.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack continue their revisionist history, gushing over Brenda and tisk-tisking about Jerry as the hopeless black sheep. The foursome leave for dinner, thus missing the call from Mac that comes in on the answering machine, in which Mac warns Jax that Mitchell had a partner and Jax is still in danger.

        Luke asks Lucky how things are going.  The conversation is awkward. Luke tells Lucky Laura has been calling, Lucky guesses correctly that she doesn't know he's left home.  Luke expresses concern about Lucky's ties to Helena, and points out correctly that if Lucky really were

finished with the family, as he claims, he wouldn't go out of his way to ally himself with his dad's enemy that way.  A nerve having been struck, Lucky taunts Luke about telling Laura what's going on with the Spencer men.  He suggests that Luke tell Laura that Lucky is through with his dad:

"Tell the truth for the first time in family history."  [of course lucky doesn't see the irony of this remark, although Luke surely does.  It would not be the truth, and Luke and Laura have dealt with hard truths in their many years together, but Lucky isn't' ready to see that].  Lucky continues to misunderstand the Luke/Laura bond, accusing his father of hiding from his mom and his mom of avoiding the truth about his dad.  Luke refuses to attempt to correct Lucky's ideas.  Instead, he sighs deeply and tells the cowboy to take care of himself, before leaving.        After Luke is gone, Lucky apologizes to Liz, who is concerned about him.  He admits it's hard to see his dad, as he's reminded that "I saw him wrong all those years."  Liz thinks they should postpone their attempt to retrace her footsteps until after dark.



        Carly talks to Virginia's headstone, making the updater weep.  She apologizes for not thanking her momma for all that Virginia did.  She apologizes for thinking that Bobbie could love her better than Virginia did. "Why couldn't I see that the mother I always dreamed of was the

mother I already had?"  She tells her mother that she loves her, and should have said so more often.  She claims to have grown up, and promises not to chase fantasies any more.  Her life is good now, not picture-perfect, but a life that works for her and for Michael; she's learned to hang on to the good stuff and to be grateful for it.  She tells her mother she is finally happy and hopes her mom is happy for her, too. Jason returns at this point, and tells her it's time to go.  "You're a good father, Jason.  When I found out that I was adopted, all I could think about was the fact that I had this real mother out there somewhere.

But Virginia Benson WAS my real mother, just like you're Michael's real father.  Biology doesn't make a family; love does.  Remember that, okay?"

He tells her they can stay in Florida for the night, if she wants to come back the next morning.  She says no, and he puts his arm around her as she looks sadly back at her mother's grave and they walk away.


ALAN'S ON DRUGS Alan, shaking and pacing the grungy hotel room, is still trying to quit drugs cold turkey. Alan licks the powder out of an empty pill bottle and crawls to the phone to call the front desk.


LIZZIE GOT RAPED: It's evening now, and Liz and Lucky are back in the park, revisiting the night of her rape.  She's telling him what she saw, what she felt, hoping they will uncover some new details she didn't remember earlier.  She sits on the bench, as before, and remembers thinking how

peaceful and quiet that spot was, just before she was grabbed.  Her description is interspersed with brief flashbacks to the rape episode. She gets increasingly agitated as she gets closer to the actual rape in

her description, and Lucky tries to keep her calm so that she can continue to recall details.  He stops her when she gets to the part about being thrown to the ground, and his eyes are filled with tears.  "We're not doing this right," he says as he hugs her; they cling to one another.


SOMEONE SHOT AT JAX: Jax et al. are back from dinner, and Mac and Felicia show up.

They want to tie up a few loose ends, so the Jacks take

Brenda down to their suite for another present so Jax can talk to the investigators alone. Jax is peeved at them for pursuing things further, but Mac wants Jax to know that Jerry is the one behind the attempted hit.





        Jax demands to know how Mac came to that  conclusion.  Mac lays out the evidence-- the hitman was paid in gold bullion, Jerry's trademark. Jax tells them that if they are right, although he doesn't think they are

(or so he says), it must stay between the three of them.  They mustn't tell Brenda, V (Yeah, he mentioned V), or his parents.  They tell him to watch his back, and then leave.



        Lucky says they should have a trained professional helping Liz relive the experience, someone who will know what to ask without hurting her so much.  She says she wants to work through it with hi, instead, and that he was there when she spoke to the police, so he'll notice if she

adds details.  He points out that she is, like the part about seeing the sky, and about the man taking her coat off her.  They agree to keep trying.  She remembers the rapist whispering something, with his face close to hers, and his heavy breathing.  She doesn't remember anything after that, beyond "that's when he hurt me."  She's blocked everything

until he was gone, and she can't remember his words.

        She's busy berating herself for not screaming when he took his hand from her mouth. Lucky says she mustn't do that.  He goes on the say the man is responsible, and that when he's caught, he'll make all kinds of excuses.  Then he reels off a list of "excuses" that were drawn from

Luke's comments about the Disco Rape (without labelling them as such, so Liz is unaware of where his head has gone)--- "He'll say he was drunk, or it was because of what you were wearing, or 'cause you didn't leave, or

because he thought he was gonna die."  (Of course, Luke didn't label them as excuses, or try to excuse his own behavior, but Lucky isn't getting that part.)  "If you buy into that, he's gonna make you responsible.  And you're not."

        Liz begins to believe that herself, it seems.  "You're right," she tells Lucky, "This isn't my fault."


        Alan tries to pull himself together, goes to the trouble of putting on a tie-- a wonderful touch on someone's part to emphasize how pathetic he is at the moment.  He opens the door to the hotel manager, and

asks for help, says he's relying on the manager's discretion and will pay for it.  Another pathetic gesture-- he pulls some bills from his pocket with shaky fingers.  He claims he's lost his medication and needs to have it replaced.  he's sure the manager knows someone who can do that.


        That super-fast jet has scooted Carly and Jason back from Florida already, and they are in the penthouse with Michael.  Talking about how well the strike is going, Carly concludes, "Then I did the right thing."

[calling the giving the strike order in his name].  He says that isn't true, that she just got lucky.  He apologizes for being so rough on her about it initially, and says he's sorry he yelled.  But he tells her that in his business, things can't happen by accident, and that she and

Michael are safe because they stay out of his business.  They get ready to put Michael to bed, and he says it's his night to have the baby monitor, reminding us that they sleep apart.


        Jax is playing pinball in the penthouse, and Brenda comes in carrying a huge potted orchid.  They reminisce about the first time they met, when she returned a ring to him from Lois.  Lady Jane has given Brenda the orchid, a sure sign of favor, according to Jax.  Brenda is sure

that Robin can take care of it for her. Jax admits he's enjoying Brenda's games, but says it isn't leading anywhere, and he doesn't want to hurt her by pretending otherwise.  She assures him she can wait forever, and that

she is having fun, too.  Jax says he'll walk her to her car.  She assures him, "You're falling, you know."  "Not on your life," he counters.


        Luke is snooping around at Wyndemere, wearing black gloves and shining a flashlight in the wine cellar.  He sees the covered painting, rips off the quilt, and studies the picture.  I should point out that we can see Luke's face, but not the portrait, at this angle.

        Luke is still looking at the painting, and Stefan appears behind him.  "Interesting likeness, don't you think?"  Luke turns to face him, but we have to wait until Monday for their exchange.

        Liz thanks Lucky for being there to find her in the park. "That's when I knew I wasn't going to die."  Mr. Murty is walking by, exchanges a few words with them, and mentions that he lives nearby and often cuts through the park on his way home. 

        A drug dealer shows up in Alan's room.

        Carly in a black gown and robe slips purposely down the stairs and into Jason's room.  Once she sees a sleeping Jason, she hesitates, then slips off her gown and slides into bed beside him. Kisses his chest, then begins to kiss him on the lips.  He groggily responds a bit, but the scene

ends before we can see what develops.

        Jax reenters his apartment.  There's a man playing pinball. "Hello, Jerry," says Jax.  The dark-haired, decent-enough-looking guy turns with a smirk to face his brother. 

        And with that succession of cliff-hangers, the episode ends.

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