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The Days of Our Lives Winners & Losers Pages

Our Picks for DOOL Best & Worst of 2019!

by Michele & Cheryl

Week Of 6/19/20


Claire reminded Ciara that she forgave Ben when she knew he was the necktie killer. Claire told her that she gave Ben another chance. Ciara needed to be reminded that she forgave Ben yet she was hesitant to forgive Claire.

Claire also reminded Ben that he was in Bayview once upon a time. Ben needed to be reminded that he was in there too because he acts as if he wasnít in there. Just because he has Salemís approval doesnít mean he wasnít a killer.

Sonny was hesitant about Will being Benís best man. Sonny let Will know what Ben put them through when they thought Will was dead. Someone needed to remember that Ben wasnít a saint.


The writers made Will forgive Ben and had Will say what Ben did was in the past. Are you kidding us? Maybe itís just us, but we would have a hard time forgiving the person who killed us. We know the writers expect the audience to forget what Ben did, but that was too much. If forgiving Ben wasnít enough, Will even agreed to be Benís best man. Why couldnít Ben ask Jake to be his best man?

Sarah was obsessed with getting revenge on Xander. We know he lied to her about her baby being dead and tried to help Kristen take her baby, but she has really become obsessed with making him pay for what he did. Brady isnít as obsessed with getting revenge on him and he lost his daughter for a year because of what Xander did. Sarah needs to take a chill pill because she isnít innocent by any means. 

Page updated 6/19/20


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