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The Days of Our Lives Winners & Losers Pages

Our Picks for DOOL Best & Worst of 2019!

by Michele & Cheryl

Week Of 6/12/20


Ciara was willing to believe that Claire could change. We figured Ciara would have had the same attitude as Ben about Claire getting out of Bayview. Ciara said she was willing to give Claire the benefit of the doubt because she gave Ben a chance. Weíre pretty sure Ciara wouldnít have given Claire that benefit if Ben werenít in the picture, but thatís a separate issue. We will focus on how Ciara was willing to give Claire a chance despite having suspicions that she might not have changed.

Hope was there to comfort Rafe when he lost custody of David. It was nice seeing her be there for him. It was usually the other way around and he would be the one comforting her. Rafe didnít have anyone in his family to be there for him so it was nice to see Hope step in and be there for him.

Rafeís performance made us want to cry when he lost David. We felt so sorry for him when he was telling David goodbye. Galen Gerring did an excellent job with the material. Weíre not used to seeing Rafe in a vulnerable position like losing his son so it was a nice change.


Ben had the nerve to be concerned about Claire getting out of Bayview because he thought she might have a setback. He felt that Claire might be pretending to get out of Bayview the same way Jordan pretended to get out. He of all people should have been willing to give her the benefit of the doubt since it wasnít that long ago when people were ready to write him off as the necktie killer who would never change. He may think heís right to be concerned about Claire, but Claire didnít kill anyone. Ben was the one who killed people and if heís capable of change, so is Claire. Even if Benís concerns have merit, he isnít in a position to say anything about it when he knows what itís like to be locked up in Bayview.

Justin acted as if he didnít care that Rafe lost David. Justin made it seem as if Rafe didnít have a choice but to accept defeat. Justin is a terrible lawyer and we donít see why people always go to him for help. He never wins any cases as far as we remember. We know heís the townís only lawyer, but if we were the people of Salem, we would take our chances representing ourselves before using him as our attorney.

Page updated 6/12/20


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