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The Days of Our Lives Winners & Losers Pages

Our Picks for DOOL Best & Worst of 2017!

by Michele & Cheryl

Week Of 5-1-17


Roman put Marlena in her place for thinking Jennifer wasnít good enough for Eric. Roman also told her that Jennifer deserved a second chance the same way Eric did. Who would have thought that Roman would be the voice of reason for Marlena?


Brady called himself being a hero and got shot. He tried to take on Xander while he had a gun in his hand. Why would Brady take the risk of doing that when Xander could have shot Holly? Brady wanted to prove how big and bad he was only to fall on his face.

The Chad/Abby/Dario/Gabi square was annoying as usual. We are sick of the writers making it seem like Chad and Gabi have true love. We are also sick of the writers forcing Dario and Abby together as if they could have true love. If they were going to break up Chad and Abby, why did they bother trying to get the audience to root for them in the first place?

Eli was willing to be second best for Gabi. He should move on with his life instead of being a rebound for Chad. Gabi is only leading Eli on so he is wasting his time with her.

The Chad/Kate story was boring. The last thing we needed was another story similar to the Orville story. We didnít miss that story now we have to go through it again. The writers must think all of us want to see stories related to business.

Marlena told Roman that she didnít want Eric with Jennifer. Marlena didnít want Eric with Jennifer. Marlena didnít want Eric to be with an addict. Marlena must have forgotten that she practically begged Jennifer to talk Eric into coming back to Salem. Now Jennifer isnít good enough for Eric.

Page updated 5/5/17

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