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The Days of Our Lives Winners & Losers Pages

Our Picks for DOOL Best & Worst of 2019!

by Michele & Cheryl

Week Of 3/7/21


Jack told Gwen that he would be there for her even though he was on to her. He showed that he could be a father to Gwen despite what she has done to his family. He is in a no-win situation and tried to make the best of it by trying to be there for Gwen.

Bonnie had the Salem brain this week. When Abby and Gabi were taking Gwen's body through town. Bonnie figured out they were hiding a body when they told her they weren't. No matter how many times they lied to her, she didn't believe them. 


Kristen kept giving herself away while she was pretending to be Susan. If she wanted people to believe she was Susan, she shouldn't have been lashing out at Chloe the way she did. She should have been acting more like Susan. We know the people in Salem don't know that they switched places, but it wouldn't take much for someone to figure out what was going on.  

Abby was upset that Jack wanted to work things out with Gwen. Abby must have forgotten that Gwen was his daughter. She tried to convince him that Gwen did terrible things. Abby also did terrible things to people. One of the things she did was try to ruin Jack's marriage. Abby was looking for forgiveness too so she should understand what Jack is going through. Another reason why she belongs here is because of her plan to kidnap Gwen. Abby may want to make Gwen pay, but committing a crime to get a confession out of her doesn't make her any better than Gwen. 

Page updated 3/7/21

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