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The Days of Our Lives Winners & Losers Pages

Our Picks for DOOL Best & Worst of 2017!

by Michele & Cheryl

Week Of 1/11/19


Abby tried to convince Ciara that Ben wasn't worth her time. If anybody would know about the kind of man he is it's her. It's too bad Hope didn't go to Abby in the first place if she wanted Ciara to stop seeing Ben.

Ciara reminded Abby that she did horrible things when she was sick. Abby seems to forget that she's no different from Ben. The only thing that sets her apart from him is she's a Horton and Ben isn't.

Rafe and Hope's story was focused on this week. We like them as a couple and want to see them front and center for a change. We may not like how she's focused on Ben, but t least they're being shown.

Stefan had to open Rafe's eyes about Hope caring more about getting Ben out of Ciara's life than she does about the things Stefan did. You know it's bad if a monster like Stefan can see that Hope is obsessed with Ben.


Chad was willing to take the job at DiMera. He was willing to sell out and talk to Kate again all to get his job back. What happened to him not wanting anything to do with her anymore? Guess that went out the window once he got his job back.

Hope was obsessed with getting Ben out of Ciara's life that she was willing to help Stefan get out of prison. She forgot about everything he's done to her family and friends. Her only concern was making sure that he is out of Ciara's life.

Page updated 1/13/19

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