Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/16/19

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/16/19


Written By Joseph

Gabi is in the chapel at the hospital, crying about how she prayed for God to save Stefan but now the one person who loved her has been taken away so she questions why God hates her so much.

Jordan walks through the town square with David in his stroller. Rafe approaches and greets her. Jordan thought he was with Gabi at the hospital. Rafe says she wanted to be alone. Jordan tells him to let her know if there's anything she can do because she wants to be as supportive to him and his family as he has been to hers. Rafe thanks her. Jordan invites Rafe to join her and David on their walk which he agrees to. Ben interrupts and says if Jordan wants to talk, they can talk about what she did to Ciara.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor tells Ciara that her work on a deal is very impressive but considering what's going on with Julie, it could've waited as there was no need for her to bring it over after business hours. Ciara says she wanted to but Victor asks why she's really here.

Nicole questions what Xander is doing here and why any of this concerns him. Xander asks if she read what was in the envelope. Nicole confirms that she knows that Sarah is pregnant and she can only assume that Eric is the father.

Eric questions Sarah quitting her job and moving to a random city when she has a great job and her family here. Eric asks if she's leaving because of him. Sarah thinks back to finding out she's pregnant. Eric asks her why she is leaving Salem. Sarah responds that it's what is best for her. Sarah says everyone that she loves is here which includes Eric and she can't fight what she feels. Eric didn't want to hurt her. Sarah says she doesn't blame him and she's so glad he and Nicole found each other but every time she sees him with her, she gets hurt all over again so she thinks it's best for her to just leave.

Nicole questions Xander knowing about the pregnancy. Xander admits that Sarah confided in him but that doesn't necessarily mean that Eric is the father. Nicole mentions that Dr. Rolf said it was for Eric's eyes only and that he would be happy to hear the news. She asks why else Dr. Rolf would want Eric to know that his ex is pregnant and why else would Xander run over in a panic. Xander then admits that Sarah is pregnant with Eric's child but says she can't tell him anything about it.

Victor tells Ciara that she could've e-mailed him the file. Ciara says she just wanted her feedback. Victor insists on knowing why she's really here. Ciara admits it's not just about the file but with everything going on with Julie, it made her want to see him.

Jordan tells Ben that she doesn't want him anywhere near her son. Ben says he would never hurt his nephew and he's not looking to hurt anyone which is more than he can say for her. Rafe asks if this is about what happened to Ciara in the parking lot. Jordan calls it more lies and that Ben just wants her put back in the hospital. Jordan argues that no one is taking her away from her son. Ben tells Rafe that he has to see that she needs help. Rafe argues that there is no proof that Jordan was driving the car. Ben is confident the investigation will prove it but says that's not what he's talking about. Ben tells Jordan that Ciara told him that she stalked her, followed her to the hospital, and cornered her in an elevator. Ben asks if she will deny that too.

Gabi talks about going to church every Sunday when she was a little girl. She cries that she has so much but she has lost love, Stefan, and God. Sonny and Will enter the chapel, saying they've been looking all over for her. Gabi asks if they came to tell her that Stefan is gone. Sonny says they are really sorry. Gabi asks if his heart is beating in Julie's chest. Will notes that she's still in surgery and it will be days before they know if Julie's body will accept or reject Stefan's heart.

Victor promises Ciara that he's not going anywhere anytime soon and he bets Julie isn't either. Victor mentions hearing about Ciara's incident in the parking lot. Ciara admits it was pretty scary. Victor adds that Ben thinks Jordan is responsible. Ciara says it all happened so fast and then she had a scary run in with Jordan in the elevator.

Ben questions Jordan not telling Rafe about accosting Ciara in the elevator because it wuld let everyone know she's still a danger. Rafe asks if it's true. Jordan says she and Ciara were stuck in the elevator together but it was no big deal and they went their separate ways. Ben asks why Ciara was so shaken up then. Ben has no doubt Jordan tried to run her down. Ben tells Rafe that if he cares about Ciara, he needs to do something before Jordan has another chance to hurt her.

Eric hates that he's making Sarah feel this way. Sarah insists it's not his fault when he's been nothing but honest with her. Eric tells her that he truly cherished their time together as she got him through some of the worst moments of his life and he will always be grateful to her for that. Sarah tells him not to let what she's going through be for nothing then. Sarah admits she's hurt and will be for a long time but she would hate if that spoiled the happiness he's found with Nicole.

Nicole questions Xander wanting her to keep Sarah's pregnancy from Eric. Xander clarifies that it's not about him but that Sarah doesn't want Eric to know and she's decided to leave town anyways which Nicole questions. Xander explains that Sarah wants to get away from Eric and Nicole but he didn't want it to happen which is why he sent Dr. Rolf over with the test results because he thought if Eric found out, he'd make Sarah stay. Nicole asks why he's here now then. Xander decided it was a mistake and if Sarah finds out that her pregnancy leaked, she'd never speak to him again. Nicole feels that she would be doing her a favor then. Xander comments on how Nicole has a nice setup with Eric here while Sarah is the one person who could take it all away from her. Nicole insists that she and Eric are solid. Xander says they both know that Eric wouldn't let a pregnant Sarah wander out of his life. Nicole decides she's done talking about this with him. Xander says he can tell she's been considering it because she knows if Eric finds out, he and Sarah will be bonded forever then the question is where that leaves Nicole.

Eric calls Sarah amazing for still putting everyone else's happiness before her own. Sarah tells him that she cares about him and he's always been kind and honest. Sarah states that Eric deserves the happy ending he was promised. Eric feels that doesn't mean she has to leave. Sarah thinks it's what's best for all of them. Eric asks if she will be okay. Sarah promises "where ever we end up, we'll be fine." Eric questions what she means by we.

Sonny gives Gabi a folder of Stefan's personal things. Gabi cries that it's what's left of the man she loved and says she doesn't want it.

Jordan doesn't want to listen to Ben's paranoid delusions anymore. Rafe questions if she was following Ciara. Jordan says she only went to the hospital to apply for her old job. Jordan asks Rafe to tell Ben that he believes her and they'll go. Ben asks if Rafe believes Jordan over Ciara. Rafe gets a call from the police station and reveals they just got a positive ID on the driver who almost ran down Ciara.

Victor asks Ciara if Jordan hurt her. Ciara says not this time but admits she was afraid of what she might do. Ciara hugs Victor and decides she will call Hope for an update on Julie's surgery. Victor sends his best as Ciara exits the room. Victor then pulls out his phone, makes a call, and declares that he wants Jordan Ridgeway dead tonight. Ciara returns so Victor asks if there's any news on Julie. Ciara informs him that the doctors successfully removed Stefan's heart and the transplant procedure has started but it will be a couple hours before they know anything. Victor tells her it will be alright. Ciara says she loves him. Victor says he loves her too and there isn't anything he wouldn't do to keep her happy and safe. Ciara thanks him and says goodnight as she exits the mansion.

Ben tells Jordan that he knew she was guilty and now they have the proof but Rafe reveals that they tracked the tire treads in the parking lot to a car impounded at a sobriety checkpoint as the driver was well over the legal limit. Ben questions it being a drunk driver. Rafe adds that he admitted to everything and that he remembered almost hitting a young woman. Jordan declares there's the proof that she didn't do it. Ben argues that there must be some kind of mistake. Jordan says she's been trying to tell Rafe that she's not the threat to Ciara. Rafe tells Ben that she didn't do it but Ben says he doesn't know that for sure. Rafe knows Ben is upset about not being able to see David but he thinks it's best for Ben to keep his distance. Jordan agrees as she and Rafe walk away.

Sarah tells Eric that she just meant all of them as in Eric, Nicole, Holly, and her will all be okay. Eric asks her to promise to stay in touch. Sarah jokes that they will be facebook friends but Eric thinks their relationship went much deeper than that.

Nicole tells Xander that Eric chose her and that won't change. Xander remarks that people change their minds and hearts all the time. Nicole argues that they waited a lifetime to be together. Xander suggests they waited too long and points out that she wasn't here when Eric and Sarah got together. Nicole doesn't want to hear it but Xander talks about how first Sarah and Eric had to work through Sarah being married to Eric's brother then Eric letting go of the ghost of Nicole so somehow their love found a way. Nicole says that's only because Eric thought she was dead. Xander points out that it happened again when Eric thought she was alive when Kristen was posing as her. Xander says he doesn't mean to be cruel but Sarah can give Eric the family she never could so if he finds out, it's only a matter of time before he goes back to Sarah and their child. Nicole tells Xander to never darken her doorstep again. Xander says he's trying to help her out. Nicole argues that she doesn't need his help because she and Eric are happy and nothing will change that. Xander asks why she opened the envelope if she's so confident about that. Nicole says because she didn't know what was in it. Xander thinks she must have at least suspected it was about Sarah. Xander states that Nicole knows Sarah is a threat to her happiness. Nicole says she made it clear that she was not a threat. Xander adds that it's also about her baby and warns her that she has even more to lose than he does if she tells Eric. Nicole responds that she has nothing to lose. Xander says all she has to do is forget she saw the envelope since Sarah is already leaving town and went to the hospital to quit her job so soon she'll be out of their lives. Xander adds that Nicole finally has everything she ever wanted so he questions taking the chance of blowing all that. Nicole says goodbye to Xander. Xander tells her not to be stupid and to keep her mouth shut and let Sarah go because it's what's best for all of them as he then exits.

Sarah admits it does go much deeper than that and will be a part of her for the rest of her life. Eric hugs her and thanks her for everything. Sarah says goodbye to Eric. Eric says goodbye and walks away.

Will and Sonny bring Gabi home to her room. They leave the folder in case Gabi changes her mind and offer to stay since Arianna is with the babysitter. Gabi says she'd rather be alone. Sonny tells her to take care and that they love her. Gabi hugs them and says she loves them as they then exit the room. Gabi lays on the bed crying.

Victor gets a call from Ben, who informs him that the police are saying it wasn't Jordan who tried to run over Ciara as they caught a drunk driver who confessed to nearly hitting a woman. Victor notes that Jordan is still a threat but Ben admits he isn't sure. Victor questions him suddenly not being sure. Ben says he would do anything to keep Ciara safe but Rafe believes Jordan so maybe he was being paranoid and she deserves a second chance to prove herself. Ben knows he told Victor to get rid of Jordan but he asks him to call it off and not do whatever he was going to do. Ben hangs up as Ciara comes home and asks who he was talking to.

Rafe and Jordan go home with David. Rafe says he will transfer David to his crib before he wakes up. Jordan hopes Rafe knows that she didn't do anything since she knows he had his doubts but she would never hurt Ciara ever again. Rafe assures that he knows and apologizes for doubting her. Jordan says his trust means a lot to her and she understands his doubts. Jordan decides to get started on dinner while he takes David to go to sleep. There's a knock at the door so Jordan opens it to see a man with a pizza. Jordan says she didn't order a pizza. The man then gets a text from Victor to cancel tonight's delivery. He says it was his mistake but tells her to keep the pizza anyways and walks away.

Ben tells Ciara that he was just about to call her and he's glad she's back. Ciara says she was over at Victor's, showing him some work she did. Ben bets he was impressed which Ciara confirms. Ciara asks if he had something to tell her. Ben informs her that he just found out from Rafe that it wasn't Jordan who tried to run her over as a drunk driver confessed. Ben admits he's starting to feel a little bad for accusing her. Ciara says it makes perfect sense that he would accuse her. Ciara asks who he was on the phone with just now. Ben claims it was George from the security staff and they have a lot of anger at the police department after Stefan's shooting so he was making sure they didn't do anything they'd regret. Ciara comments that they were loyal to Stefan and no one was as loyal as Ben. Ciara notes that Stefan didn't have many friends but he was lucky that Ben was one of them. Ben says Stefan didn't deserve to go out like this. Ciara mentions calling Hope at the hospital and she confirmed they took Stefan's heart. Ciara hugs Ben as he realizes Stefan is really gone.

Gabi thinks back to her last time with Stefan and breaks down crying.

Xander returns to the Kiriakis Mansion, telling himself that it's all going to work out as long as little missy doesn't run her mouth. Sarah walks in and asks who he's talking about.

Nicole puts the pregnancy test results back in the envelope and puts it in a drawer as Eric comes home. Eric says he missed her and kisses her then asks what's wrong. Nicole responds that there is something she needs to tell him.

Victor gets a text that the delivery was canceled. Victor says for now.

Rafe and Jordan eat pizza together. Rafe notes that it's not every day that they get a free pizza. Jordan jokes that she must have scared him in to giving it to her and tells Rafe what happened. Rafe calls it his kind of delivery. Jordan guesses it's her lucky day.

Ciara lays with Ben and tells him she's so sorry about Stefan. Ciara tells him to let her know if there's anything she can do. Ben says she's already doing it like always. Ben calls her his whole world so he wants to make her happy and keep her safe as they kiss. Ben notes that she looks worried. Ciara says she was just thinking about Julie since tomorrow they will know whether or not she was saved by Stefan's heart.

Gabi removes the necklace that Stefan gave her and asks why Stefan gave her his heart if he wasn't going to be around to love her with it. Gabi opens the folder of Stefan's personal belongings including his wedding ring. Gabi then lays in bed crying.

Xander claims to Sarah that he was just talking about legal at Titan and a merger he's been setting up. Xander asks how Kayla reacted to the news of her quitting. Sarah tells him that she got pulled in to surgery so she didn't get a chance to talk to her but she's still planning on leaving town. Xander asks if she's sure. Sarah says there is nothing left for her here. Sarah adds that she's exhausted so she's going to bed and exits. Xander remarks to himself that at least she won't leave town hating him, assuming Nicole is smart enough to stay silent.

Nicole tells Eric that it's been a rough couple of days. Eric tells her that he ran in to Sarah at the hospital and she said she's moving away so they said their goodbyes. Nicole knows that couldn't have been easy and that he will miss her. Eric says Sarah said it's what's best for her so they need to do what's best too and finally close that chapter in his life to move on. Eric asks what Nicole needed to tell him but Nicole decides against it and just suggests they go to bed so they head to the bedroom together.

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