Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/12/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/12/18


Written By Joseph

Sarah goes to Brady's room at the Salem Inn and tells him that she needs his help with Eric.

Eric is at Doug's Place where Chloe comes over and hugs him, asking how he's doing. Eric says it's one day at a time. Chloe asks about Holly. Eric notes that she keeps asking about Nicole. Chloe relates to when Parker would ask about Daniel. Chloe apologizes for bringing that up. Eric knows Daniel died because of him and he thinks about him every day. Eric thanks Chloe for offering to help with Holly because if he does become her legal guardian, he'll take all the advice he can get. Eric notes that it's not final yet as he needs Maggie to agree and she has some reservations.

Maggie sits in the town square with a stuffed animal unicorn for Holly and thinks back to finding Eric and Brady brawling in the Pub.

Abe enters his office and orders Sheila to make a call. He then looks around the office and sees papers scattered everywhere which he questions.

Sonny is at the Kiriakis Mansion when he gets a text from Will, asking him not to marry Leo.

Will is at the hospital when he gets Sonny's response that he has no choice. Will responds that he doesn't have to like it. Sonny adds that it's only for now until they find a way to deal with Leo. Will texts Sonny that he loves him and Sonny says the same.

Adrienne walks into the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and questions Sonny being dressed up. Sonny informs her that he's going to a wedding. Adrienne asks who is getting married. Sonny responds that it's him.

Abe questions Sheila about the mess. Sheila says this is the system that Abe had before she cleaned up. Abe apologizes for going off on her the other day as he was having a bad time and he took it out on her when she was trying to help. Abe asks her to get this all cleaned up now. Sheila responds that the job is very important to her and she wants to be the best assistant she can be so she needs to understand his process. Sheila suggests he clean it up and she will watch and learn. Leo walks in and hopes he's not interrupting. Abe asks what he can do for him, noting that he seems familiar to him. Leo doesn't think they have met but he hoped he could marry he and his fiancee today.

Adrienne hugs Sonny, getting excited thinking that Sonny is marrying Will today. Sonny tries to explain as Adrienne keeps talking about it. He stops her and informs her that he and Will are not getting married.

Marlena approaches Will at the hospital. Will says he came to see her. Marlena says she was just heading out but she always has time for him, especially when he looks like his world has caved in. She sits with him and asks what's going on. Will informs her that he thinks he's lost Sonny and he doesn't know what to do.

Brady tells Sarah that he tried to help Eric and she saw the fight so he's done with it. Sarah understands he's angry but if he really wants to help Eric heal then there is something he could do that could change everything. Brady calls that a hell of a pitch. Sarah brings up Brady being in the fire and hearing Nicole ask Eric to raise Holly. Sarah argues that raising Holly is what Eric needs to focus on the future. Brady doesn't know why she needs his help. Sarah explains that Maggie has final say in who gets custody of Holly and she had reservations because of Eric's history but she was open to it and now after their fight, she's afraid Eric has serious anger issues. Brady asks what she wants him to do. Sarah brings up that Brady and Maggie are close so she hoped maybe he could tell Maggie that he started the fight.

Chloe guesses Maggie's reservations are because of Eric's fight with Brady which he confirms. Eric guesses Brady came to tell Chloe about what a victim he was. Chloe says Brady just wanted to reach out but Eric argues that Brady was planning a memorial service for Nicole so he's lucky he walked away. Eric complains that Brady had plenty of time to tell him that he was the reason Nicole walked out of his life. Eric says he could've saved her but now the only link he has to her is Holly and he could lose her too.

Abe tells Leo that it's not possible for him to perform a ceremony today as there is lots of paperwork. Leo mentions leaving several messages. Abe says he didn't get them and questions Sheila about it. Sheila comments that if Abe was more organized, they would've gotten the messages. Abe suggests taking care of his paper work today and then he can do the ceremony in a week or so. Leo says they really had their heart set on today so he hoped some of the paper work was optional. Leo brings up Abe recently marrying John and Marlena. Abe explains that there were other circumstances and they are long time family friends. Leo points out that so is his groom. Leo hoped to surprise him as Abe's presence would mean a lot. Abe questions who he is marrying so Leo reveals it's Sonny.

Adrienne questions Sonny marrying Leo. Adrienne calls that impossible that he would marry Leo and guesses Leo has something on him. Sonny admits it's big and Leo is blackmailing him.

Brady questions Sarah wanting him to lie to Maggie and calls that interesting. Brady says what if he does and then Eric starts drinking again. Sarah calls that unfair. Brady feels maybe Maggie's right that Eric's emotional issues are too much for him to raise Holly right now. Sarah argues that he can't believe that. Sarah asks why it can't just be about Holly who already loves Eric like her dad instead of about them. Sarah hopes Brady will at least think about it as she exits the room.

Eric tells Chloe that he's sorry. She gets that he's angry and grieving but she's here for whatever he needs. Eric responds that he needs Nicole but he's never going to see her again as he then exits Doug's Place. Justin walks in and says Chloe was just the woman he was looking for as he hands her a letter he received from an attorney in Nashville, TN. Chloe realizes it's from Nicole.

Marlena bring up all Will has been through with Paul and questions Sonny now choosing Leo. Marlena feels there is something to the story that Will isn't telling her. Will asks if he can tell her something under doctor-patient confidentiality which she agrees to. Will reveals to Marlena that if Sonny doesn't marry Leo then Leo has the power to send he and Sonny to prison. Marlena suggests he start at the very beginning.

Abe didn't know Sonny was dating anyone. Leo explains that he was his assistant at Titan. Sheila calls an office romance a no-no. Abe realizes Leo is the man who sued Sonny for sexual harassment and nearly destroyed his life. Leo calls that a misunderstanding. Sheila remarks about busting your ass for a man who shows zero appreciation and says she feels his pain. Abe questions Leo now getting married and asks what made Sonny change his mind. Leo claims he realized he was overreacting and there was no need for a lawsuit. Abe points out that Sonny lost his job because of him. Leo says now that neither of them are at Titan, they can spend the rest of their lives together. Abe questions Sonny forgiving Leo after all the pain he caused him. Leo asks if Abe will marry them but Abe refuses to now or any other day. Abe then exits his office. Leo calls him a jerk. Sheila then reveals to Leo that she can marry them as she was ordained online and she was supposed to Sonny's mean uncle to Bonnie Lockhart. Sheila says she can make it happen as long as he's paid in cash upfront and asks if they have a deal.

Eric goes to the Brady Pub and tells Sarah that he got her text so he asks what's up. Sarah asks if he's ready for round two of trying to convince Maggie that he should raise Holly. Eric comments on round one not going well. Eric is sorry that Maggie and Sarah had to see he and Brady fighting. Sarah suggests he apologize to Maggie again when she gets here. Sarah says she knows Eric is kind, patient, and nurturing. Eric doesn't know if that's enough to convince Maggie that he could be a good dad. Sarah hopes he will thank her for something else as she thought he might need some backup so she asks Brady to talk to Maggie on his behalf. Eric gets upset and says he doesn't want or need Brady anywhere near this. Eric blames Brady for Nicole being dead. Eric declares that if he never sees Brady again, it will be too soon. Maggie then arrives and asks if she's early.

Chloe asks Justin what's going on. Justin says all the attorney said was that he was instructed to deliver this letter to Chloe via his firm on the occasion of Nicole's death. Chloe thanks him and says it's just kind of hard. Justin offers to stay but Chloe says she will be okay so he exits. Chloe then opens the letter and begins to read it.

Adrienne questions how Leo could be blackmailing Sonny and argues that he has nothing. Sonny informs her that he has a lot so he and Will could go to prison. Justin walks in and says he needs to fill them both in, questioning why he is in a suit. Sonny suggests he sit down for this. Sonny opens the safe and shows them an envelope.

Leo shakes hands with Sheila and says he will see her soon as he exits. Abe comes back in and asks Sheila about cleaning up the office. Sheila says she's a woman of her word but she will see him tomorrow. Abe argues that she can't leave but Sheila says she leaves at 4 PM. Abe complains that his office is a mess. Sheila points out that he has nothing scheduled for the rest of the day so he can organize it the way he likes it and they can review it tomorrow. Sheila then adds that she has a gig in the one that Abe turned down as she exits.

Eric tells Maggie that he's not proud of how he behaved with Brady or how he feels about him but this is about Holly and what Nicole wanted. Maggie knows he loves Holly and that he wants to honor his promise to Nicole but questions if he's really thought this through. Maggie argues that parenting is not a part time job but a lifetime commitment. Maggie says she still starts and ends each day thinking about her children. Sarah asks Maggie to just listen to what Eric has to say so she agrees to.

Chloe finishes reading the letter as Brady enters Doug's Place and asks Chloe if he can talk to her because he needed to share that Sarah just tried to guilt him into helping Eric get custody of Holly by lying to Maggie that he started the fight. Sarah questions why she would want him to lie to her mother. Brady says Maggie has some reservations about Eric being fit to raise Holly. Chloe asks what he's going to do. Brady doesn't know since as furious as he is with Eric, he knows he's a good man and maybe this could be how he makes amends since it's what Nicole wanted. Chloe then reveals it is not as she shows Brady the letter she received.

Sonny insists he doesn't want to marry Leo but points out what he has on him and Will so he has no choice. Justin questions Sonny giving up. Sonny says he's doing it to buy time until he figures out how to neutralize Leo. Adrienne argues that Leo is nothing but a miserable creep and snake. Leo walks in and questions her talking about her future son in law like that. Adrienne says he should be ashamed of himself. Leo claims to be a man in love. Adrienne clarifies that they will never call Leo their son and he will never be accepted into this family. Justin warns him to give this up now. Leo remarks that he won't sign any pre nup. Justin tells Adrienne that she will only make things worse. Adrienne asks if the day can get any worse as Sheila then arrives.

Will tells Marlena about what happened so she points out that it was an accident as Sonny didn't mean to hurt Leo and was just coming to his defense. Will notes that's not how Leo spins it and there is pictures of them rolling Leo up in the rug the night before the trial so they are screwed. Marlena states they are victims of a professional con man but there has to be a way out. Will responds that they have no time as they are getting married today.

Adrienne tells Sheila to get out of her house but Sheila says she's here on official business as Leo reveals she's there to marry them. Sonny questions their former housekeeper performing their wedding. Leo explains that Abe declined so Sheila is the next best thing. Leo suggests they get the party started since they are all here.

Marlena suggests Will go to the police and tell them what happened. Will says it's their word against Leo's while he has those pictures. Marlena points out they have Justin and there's a slight chance the police will believe them. Will doesn't want to take a slight chance as Arianna doesn't need both her dads in prison after what happened with Gabi. Will says they are doing it Leo's way for now. Will adds that the worst part about it is that Leo and Sonny are saying their vows in the Kiriakis Mansion where Marlena married he and Sonny. Marlena assures that Sonny loves him and that hasn't changed. Marlena believes in the strength of their relationship. Will decides maybe he should go over there and say to hell with Leo's threats, face him down and break the whole thing up.

Chloe explains that Nicole wrote the letter after she was forced to marry Xander because she was afraid he was going to kill her. Brady reads Nicole's words saying every time she looks at Holly, she thinks of Chloe and the sacrifice she made to bring her into this world for her and Daniel. Nicole wrote that Daniel lived on in Holly and says she's leaving out the details but that Brady destroyed any chance of happiness with Eric so she had to let go of all hope they might be together again. Nicole wrote that she worked to not long after someone who couldn't be in her life so she asked Chloe a huge favor because she was bonded with Holly in a very special way and because Chloe gave birth to her, if anything should happen to Nicole it's her wish that Holly be raised by Chloe alongside her half-brother Parker. Brady asks what she thinks about this. Chloe responds that they need to talk to Maggie.

Eric knows Maggie has her doubts and he knows raising a child is a lifelong responsibility. Eric assures he's made his mistakes and learned from them. Eric mentions Nicole's last wish being for him to raise her and Daniel's child, so he wants to honor that request to both of them to be the best father figure he can for Holly.

Leo gets dressed for the wedding. He tells Sheila that he thought he lost all chance with the man of his dreams as Sheila plays the music. Outside the room, Adrienne can't believe they are going through with this. Sonny assures it's temporary. Justin says they love him as they head into the living room. Leo offers his hand to Justin which he turns down and leans to Adrienne for a kiss but she instead slaps him.

Eric excitedly hugs Sarah and thanks her. Sarah tells him it was all him. Eric says Sarah is the reason Maggie was here. Sarah believes Maggie would've made the right choice as she did. Eric proclaims he's going to be a dad and he has so much to do. Sarah encourages that he has so many people who love him and Holly so they will be there to help. Eric feels Maggie would've never agreed without Sarah's support as he hugs her.

Maggie goes to Doug's Place and says she got the message so she asks what's so important. Brady tells her they need to talk to her about Holly. Maggie informs them that she just met with Eric and agreed to let him be Holly's guardian. Chloe states that before she makes her final decision, she needs to see the letter.

Marlena goes to Abe's office and invites him to dinner with her and John. Abe asks if they are feeling sorry for their old friend but Marlena says they just want to spread holiday cheer. Abe says he would love to but he has to organize his office. Marlena asks about Sheila. Abe informs her that she apparently got a gig marrying Leo to Sonny. Marlena laughs at that, feeling Sheila will be back sooner than he expected if Will has anything to say about it.

Leo tells Adrienne that she shouldn't have slapped him and remarks that it would be a shame if they ruined everything because Arianna would miss her dads so much. Sheila then begins the ceremony and has Leo and Sonny hold hands. Leo says he can't wait for their lifetime together and he wrote his own vows. Sheila asks if anyone knows of any reason they may not be joined together. Justin stops Adrienne from getting up. Sheila goes to continue when they hear the front door slam..

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