Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/13/17

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/13/17


Written By Joseph

Hope and Rafe wake up in bed together. Hope is looking at her ring and smiling. Rafe comments that she looks happy. Hope brings up how perfect last night's proposal was. Rafe wishes they could have avoided the fight and break up. Hope declares that now everything is out in the open and they are being completely honest with each other. Hope believes they are stronger for it and nothing will ever come between them again. Rafe then thinks back to having sex with Sami. Rafe says he hopes not. Hope feels like he sounds worried. Hope asks if there is something he's not telling her.

Eve finds Gabi in the town square. Gabi comments on hearing she became the widow of Deimos. Eve knows she's not a big fan of Deimos but does not want to dwell on him. Eve asks about Eduardo. Gabi informs her that he is still paying for his crimes. Eve comments that they both know what it feels like to be left by Eduardo. Gabi can't imagine how she could recover. Eve admits the pain from losing a child is always there. Eve feels lucky to still have her nephew and good friends. Eve adds that Deimos left her pretty well off. Eve wants to make Gabi an offer that she hopes she can't refuse.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady finishes a phone call wanting any skeletons out of Eve's closet. Brady heads into the living room where Sonny is leaving Will a message that they really need to talk. Brady comments that it sounds like someone is avoiding him. Sonny says Will just has a lot to deal with right now. Brady suggests maybe he's just not that in to him.

Paul is sitting at the Brady Pub staring at a photo of he and Sonny on his laptop. John arrives and hopes that picture means they worked things out. Paul responds that he and Sonny are over for good.

Sami goes to Marlena's with a bag of Christmas gifts. Marlena accepts it and says she will put it under the tree then shuts the door on her.

Kate visits Lucas in the hospital. Lucas asks her to go. Kate knows he's going through hell but assures that he's doing the right thing.

Hope asks Rafe why he looks so serious. Rafe says he just thought he lost her forever when they broke up. Hope points out that he didn't and kisses him. Rafe hopes she knows how much he loves her. Rafe wants to share his life with her. Hope says she feels the same. Hope reminds him that she wants to set a wedding date and she wants to marry him as they kiss.

Sami knocks on Marlena's door so she opens it again. Sami tells her that she would really like to talk to Will. Marlena says they talked about this and she can't force a reconciliation. Sami informs Marlena that Will talked to her yesterday and she thought they had a new understanding and they were in a good place. Will comes out and says they are. Will states that he and his mom came to an understanding so Marlena then allows Sami to come in.

Paul tells John that Sonny ended their relationship because he wants to be with Will. John tells him he's sorry. Paul feels bad for Sonny too because he doesn't think Will is interested in being with him. Paul adds that Will came onto him. John tells him he doesn't have to get into it if he doesn't want to but Paul says it's okay. Paul reveals to John that Will kissed him. Paul says it came out of nowhere and was impulsive. Paul thinks Will is just trying to find himself and work things out. Paul decides he just needs to get on with his own life and working will help him focus. Paul tells John that Eve is trying to challenge Brady for control of Basic Black so they need to find something that Brady can use as leverage against her.

Eve informs Gabi that she is now the majority shareholder and owner of Basic Black so she wants to take it to a whole new level. Eve says she has been watching Gabi's career and she likes what she sees. Eve offers to buy out Gabi Chic and fold it into Basic Black to offer Gabi a more prominent position. Gabi calls it a very interesting offer but reveals she already has a similar one to join Countess Wilhelmina from Kate.

Marlena asks about Will and Sami making peace and calls that wonderful news. Sami adds that she also spoke to Justin and he's worked out her legal issues so she is free to go home back to her other kids. Sami asks Will if it would be okay to give him his gift today since she won't be here on Christmas. Will agrees so Marlena takes the rest of the gifts to the other room. Sami explains to Will that his gift is something that was his in the first place. Will opens it and it's his old journal. Will says he needed one since he left his old one in Memphis. Sami recalls when Will first wanted to be a writer. Will is sorry if she hoped he would remember. Sami says it was worth a shot but she thought he would like to read his old entries and there is plenty of space for him to write down the story of his life now.

Sonny warns Brady about making comments about someone's relationship after how many women weren't in to him. Brady tells Sonny to go ahead if he wants to make a fool of himself for someone who doesn't even remember him. Brady says it gets him closer to that office. Sonny informs Brady that fixing his past mistakes with Will is only going to give him more confidence and will empower him to take Titan to new heights. Brady points out that Will might not be as ready to commit as he is. Sonny remarks that getting people to commit is Brady's problem not his. Brady then questions if Will is so into Sonny, then why is he seducing Paul?

Kate tells Lucas that she loves him so much and that they will get him to the best rehab facility as soon as he finishes the detox. Maggie enters and tells Kate that's a very generous offer but it's about Lucas's will to get better and his commitment to sobriety. Maggie asks Lucas how he is. Lucas says he's been better. Maggie encourages that he will get through it like he did before. Maggie talks about so many people needing him and loving him. Lucas says not anymore as he let everybody down. Maggie repeats that he will get better and make amends. Lucas asks what if he doesn't deserve to be forgiven this time.

Eve tells Gabi that Kate was never one to pass up a good thing. Eve is sorry she didn't beat her to it. Gabi points out that Kate offered but she hasn't accepted as she needed time to think about what's best for her. Gabi mentions that she is supposed to give Kate an answer later today. Eve takes that to mean she still has time to convince her against DiMera. Eve brings up that it would be awkward for Gabi to see Chad every day but Gabi disagrees because they wouldn't be working near each other and they would be fine if their paths crossed. Gabi thinks she would have a bigger issue with having to work for the wife of the man who kidnapped her and tried to kill her twice. Eve argues that Deimos is gone so this is about them working together in a partnership with no baggage.

Sonny comments that Brady must really be desperate to rattle him to sink that low. Brady asks why it's so hard to believe that Will has been coming on to Paul since they were a hot item back in the day. Sonny points out that Will doesn't remember Paul. Brady notes that it didn't prevent the kiss from happening. Sonny questions there being a kiss and who told him that. Brady informs him that Paul confided in him. Sonny questions him breaking Paul's confidence just to mess with him or maybe he thought he would send him running back to Paul. Brady states that as far as he's concerned, Paul dodged a bullet when Sonny left him at the altar. Brady wishes Paul saw it that way. Sonny doesn't believe what Brady is telling him. Brady remarks that Sonny wants to believe he and Will are married but he thinks Will is a single guy free to be with who he wants to be with which might not be him. Brady tells him to look out with the history between Will and Paul.

Sami encourages Will and hopes he will stay in touch so she can be a part of his story. Will agrees to keep her posted and thanks her. Will apologizes for not getting her anything. Sami says just getting to talk to him is the best gift she could ever have on Christmas. Sami shows Will where she wrote down her contact information. Will sees Sami's hand and notices that she is not wearing the same ring that he found in her room yesterday.

Rafe and Hope finish having sex. They wish they could stay here all day. Rafe says he will on their honeymoon but now they have to face reality. Rafe thinks internal affairs are supposed to release information on JJ today. Hope can't believe JJ was willing to resign. Rafe hopes he gets cleared so he can get both of them back on the force. Hope talks about someone getting in trouble every time they turn around. Hope asks Rafe if he's heard if Justin got Sami's charges dropped. Rafe asks how he would know. Hope tells him that he's the commissioner and kisses him.

Sami claims to Will that EJ gave her a lot of jewelry so she switches them out. Marlena comes back in. Sami remembers she has a bunch of Will's old stuff out of storage so she will go get it but Will offers to get it himself. Will exits to get the things while Marlena tells Sami how happy it makes her that they have reconnected. Marlena calls it a Christmas miracle. Sami tells Marlena that it never could have happened without her.

Sonny tells Brady that he won't let his petty greed and jealousy undermine his faith in Will. Brady says only Will is undermining his faith in Will. Paul walks in so Brady asks if that's right. Brady brings up the bombshell he dropped yesterday. Paul points out that he told him that in confidence. Sonny asks Paul if it's true. Paul says he came to talk to his brother. Sonny asks Paul if he kissed Will. Paul responds no, Will kissed him.

Eve asks Gabi if they can forget about Kate for a minute. Eve argues that they are family since Paige was Gabi's half sister. Eve says the three of them would have set the fashion world on fire. Eve promises to treat Gabi like her own daughter if she accepts her offer.

Sonny doesn't believe Paul. Paul tells him it's true and that Sonny almost walked in on it. Sonny blames Paul for inviting Will. Paul points out that Will was looking for answers on his relationship with him. Paul insists that Will kept flirting. Sonny argues that Paul misread the situation. Sonny brings up Paul keeping things from him. Paul says Sonny made his choice and he hasn't done anything to stand in his way. Sonny says he couldn't if he tried. Sonny declares that he's going to be with Will and neither of them have anything to say about it. Sonny then storms out of the mansion. Paul thanks Brady for throwing him under the bus.

Marlena asks Sami how she's responsible for what happened. Sami credits Marlena for helping her realize that Will needed time and space. Marlena wishes she was staying for Christmas but knows she has to get back to the kids. Marlena says she misses them. Sami mentions talking to Lucas and she thinks she got through to him to be there for Will and to get sober. Marlena is impressed she got through to him. Sami knows it's a tough road and Lucas will have to work to stay sober. Sami is lucky to have Marlena to keep an eye on Will for her. Marlena assures she will always be there for her and her children. Sami tells her she loves her for a lot of reasons like always being there for her. Sami cries that she will miss her as they hug. Will comes back in along with John as they bring boxes inside. John questions Sami not sticking around for Christmas. Sami tells him she has to get back to the kids but knows he will hold down the fort. Sami thanks John for what he did for her in Memphis. John hugs her as she cries and tells her he's always been on her side. Sami decides this is it. Will thought he would be happy to see her go but now he's not so much. Sami thanks him. Sami tells Will no matter what or when, he's always in her heart and she's really excited to see how his story unfolds. Sami calls him an incredibly special person with the future is looking really bright. Sami says goodbye. Will stops her to hug her. Sami cries as John and Marlena smile watching. Will says goodbye to his mom as she thanks him and exits.

Rafe suggests to Hope that they not ruin this perfect morning by talking about anything other than them as they continue kissing. Hope brings up Ciara since she desperately needs his input. Rafe asks what she's done now. Hope says nothing yet but she hasn't checked her phone and Ciara isn't returning her calls or texts. Hope is surprised Ciara hasn't gotten her motorcycle license or lobbied to get Bo's motorcycle back. Rafe figures Hope taking the keys got the message across. Hope misses how close they used to be and now feels like everything she does makes Ciara angry and distant. Rafe assures she will have her back soon. They get out of bed to go take a shower together.

Brady apologizes for breaking Paul's confidence. Paul knows he wanted to stick it to Sonny. Brady thinks on some level Paul would want Sonny to know. Paul says he didn't come to talk about Will or Sonny. Paul informs him he has the information he requested. Brady notes that was fast. Paul thinks he will find the information very useful in dealing with Eve.

Eve appreciates Gabi's loyalty but doesn't think that can be said about DiMera Enterprises. Eve brings up police suspecting that Theo was working for DiMera when he was shot. Eve asks if Gabi wants to be associated with a company that is routinely breaking the law. Eve tells Gabi to think about her offer and she will be in touch to see what her decision is. Eve then walks away.

Sami goes to the hospital to see Lucas and encourages that he's going to be okay. Lucas says he will be thanks to her.

Kate joins Gabi in the town square. Gabi asks how Lucas is doing. Kate says it's rough but he's determined to stick it out. Gabi says she and Arianna will light a candle for him when they do so for Theo. Kate thanks her. Gabi hates what happened to Theo and is trying to understand what he was doing on the docks. Kate is sure the police will find out what happened. Kate brings up that they were going to meet later at the house but she could give her answer now. Gabi informs Kate that she needs more time because Eve just made an offer to buy Gabi Chic as well.

Brady reads the information Paul gave him and comments that Eve has been a very bad girl. Eve then walks in and comments on the smile on Brady's face. Eve guesses he's looking at the Basic Black earnings. Brady tells her he's happy to share this with her and adds that she will want to sit down for this.

Rafe and Hope walk out of the town square where they come across Bo's motorcycle. Rafe questions what it's doing here. Hope mentions that she took the keys away from Ciara. Rafe guesses Ciara took them back.

Sami gets Lucas back in his hospital bed and asks if she can do anything for him. Lucas says the first 48 hours are the worst but it should get easier after that. Sami hates leaving him like this. Lucas understands it's Christmas so she has to be there for the kids. Lucas asks if she got the tablet he ordered for Allie. Sami says she will love it as it's the best gift. Sami encourages that Allie loves and misses him. Lucas says being a dad for Will and Allie is his most important job and promises not to forget it. Lucas adds that he has to get through this for them. Sami informs Lucas that Will came to see her on his own and agreed to try to have a relationship with her. Lucas is glad to hear. Sami says they talked and things are good but it's not an out for Lucas as Will still needs him. Lucas tells her that he won't let her down.

Will looks through the boxes that Sami brought from storage. He comes across his separation agreement as Sonny then shows up at the door and says they need to talk about them. Sonny declares he wants his husband back.

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