Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/17/19

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/17/19


Written By Joseph

Sonny brings Will breakfast in bed. Sonny gets his tablet for some light reading and mentions Jennifer's column on Jack. Sonny guesses if Jack is reading this, his head will explode.

Jack sits in the town square to eat where Jennifer approaches with the newspaper to give him a chance to read what she wrote about him. Jennifer warns that he might want to finish his breakfast first because he might lose his appetite.

Eve enters Ted's hospital room and tells him that she just read his statement about what Stefan DiMera did to them. Eve says they must have been afraid for their lives which Ted confirms. Eve assures that she will do everything in her power to make sure justice is served but before that moves forward, they need to have a talk.

In her hospital room, Kate is on the phone with Austin, assuring that she is fine and questioning his separation with Carrie. Kate tells him that she has a visitor but they will have to talk about it. Kate hangs up as Gabi enters to check on her. Kate tells her that she's fine but Rex wants her to stay to be sure. Gabi questions Kate as to why she is lying about Stefan.

Kristen calls Xander and demands her Nicole mask back. Xander questions her talking to her partner in crime like that. Kristen argues that he knows she can't be seen unless she looks like Nicole so she hasn't been able to leave her room since last night. Xander tells her that he was just having fun with her and informs her that he left her something outside her door. Kristen hangs up and looks outside where Xander left her a box. Kristen takes it inside and opens it, expecting her Nicole mask but instead it's a lucha libre wrestling mask. Kristen calls Xander back. Xander asks if she liked her gift. Kristen warns that he's playing a very dangerous game. Xander responds that she needs to learn that she can't stab him in the back and get away with it. Kristen argues that she had a plan but Xander says he's making the plans now and he's decided to put her in timeout until she learns to behave. Kristen threatens to torture him to death. Xander points out that without Nicole's mask, she can't step outside without risking her freedom so she can't get to him or anyone else. Xander tells her that Brady just walked in. Kristen calls him a son of a bitch as Xander then hangs up. Brady questions who he was talking to.

Jack complains about Jennifer's column about him. Jennifer informs him that JJ got kicked out of his apartment because of the landlord being a big fan of Jack so he didn't want Haley living in his complex. Jack claims that's not his fault but Jennifer argues that Jack encouraged everyone to demonize Haley. Jack argues that Haley broke the law and he's tough on crime but he never encouraged racism. Jennifer points out that he never spoke against it either which is how he won votes so he should be ashamed of himself. Jack responds that Jennifer is the person who is prejudice as she doesn't report but attack. Jack calls her unprofessional and declares that he's revoking her press badge.

Ted thinks back to talking to Kate about keeping their stories straight. Eve asks if there is a problem. Ted says not at all and he believes he told the detective everything he can remember and nothing but the truth. Eve states that she will need his help to put Stefan behind bars. Ted assures she will have his testimony. Eve clarifies that she means needing him as the district attorney.

Kate questions Gabi thinking she's lying about Stefan. Gabi responds that he said he didn't do it and she believes him. Kate questions her taking his word over hers. Gabi points out that Kate doesn't have a good track record with the truth and asks what's going on. Kate thinks Gabi should be thanking her since she hates Stefan and he's going to jail like she wanted. Gabi insists that she does want to ruin him but Kate stops her and asks if she's in love with Stefan.

Will reads Jennifer's article about Jack and notes that she really called him out for what he has become. Sonny is surprised Jack hasn't chosen to use Dr. Rolf's serum yet. Will hopes that he does because this Jack has no morall compass. Sonny mentions hearing that Xander got immunity this morning. Will questions that since he kidnapped Kate. Sonny mentions Ted too which Will doesn't blame him for. Sonny explains that Xander apparently cut a deal to turn over Stefan DiMera as the brains behind the kidnapping. Will calls it unbelievable. Sonny hopes this is all Brady needs to boot Xander from Titan.

Xander claims to Brady that he was just talking to his assistant. Brady then informs Xander that as of this morning, he is fired.

Jennifer argues with Jack while he tells her that she's making a scene. Jack says he won't shut down her paper but he's keeping her and her associates from ever coming to one of his press conferences again. Jennifer says he can't since as a journalist, she has equal right to access information. Jack says she can tell it to the judge. Jennifer argues that he used to be all for freedom of the press and the old Jack would be disgusted. Jack is sick of hearing about the old Jack. Jennifer reminds him that he can take the serum and questions why he won't. Jack admits he's thinking about it but he likes his life and doesn't want to jeopardize it. Jennifer calls it pathetic and sad. Jack argues that he has a beautiful wife and he's mayor of Salem so he asks what's not to love. Jennifer calls him a coward, afraid of who he really is. Jack declares that she helped him decide that there is no way in hell that he wants her in his past, present, or future as she walks away.

Ted questions Eve wanting him to be the D.A. again. Eve points out that she already offered him the job but he never got back to her. Eve says the job is still open but Ted turns her down. Eve brings up the power, perks, and opportunity to prosecute Stefan DiMera. Ted calls it a conflict of interest to prosecute a crime when he was the victim. Eve suggests giving himself a waiver but Ted says that's not how it works. Eve encourages him to think outside the box. Ted calls it the rule of law. Eve insists that the offer still stands. Ted asks if it would be up to her husband to appoint the new D.A. Eve says she is sure Jack would agree that Ted is the best man for the job. Ted brings up that she offered him the job before to prosecute Ben Weston but he's been cleared so he questions why she still wants him to be the D.A.

Kate tells Gabi that she warned her that bringing sex into the mix was playing with fire. Gabi insists that she's not in love with Stefan and she wants him to suffer but she wants to be the one to make him suffer. Kate asks what difference it makes. Gabi argues that the plan is for her to take his name, fortune, and company but she can't do that if he's in prison so Kate has ruined everything. Gabi states that she just wants what is hers. Kate questions her not loving Stefan and asks if it's lust. Gabi admits the sex isn't terrible. Kate argues that is how it starts. Gabi claims her only feelings for Stefan are lust, disgust, and hate. Gabi declares now it's time for the truth from Kate because there is no way Stefan kidnapped her. Kate brings up killing his mother and how he wants his revenge. Gabi feels he would've done that months ago. Kate suggests he's playing the long game just like Gabi and they both know that hiring Xander to kidnap her is definitely something Stefan would do. Gabi asks if he did though. Kate thinks back to Kristen's orders to her and Ted. Kate then tells Gabi that Stefan is definitely guilty of kidnapping her and Ted which is the truth. Gabi then asks how Nicole Walker fits into all of this.

Kristen complains that she needs to get her mask back but wonders how. She then looks down at her pair of sunglasses and imagines sneaking into the Kiriakis Mansion but getting caught by Brady so she decides she won't be doing that.

Xander argues that Brady can't fire him because they had a deal that he give him Nicole's confession and he gave him a job with an ironclad contract. Brady brings up that Xander was charged with kidnapping two people including a Titan employee and he has a clause in his contract that says a felony is grounds for termination. Xander reveals he has his contract in his briefcase and tells Brady to read the fine print where it says he must be convicted of the felony and he got immunity this morning so he can't get rid of them that easily. Brady responds that maybe he can. Brady tells him that felony isn't the only grounds for dismissal as he techinically worked for the competition by carrying out Stefan DiMera's orders which violates his contract. Xander points out that it's technically true but his lawyer would argue that he did it to benefit Titan. Xander explains that Stefan contacted him because he used to be a mercenary and he was going to turn him down but he realized he could use this opportunity to take Stefan down and destroy their family's biggest competition for good which is what he did. Xander claims that he kept Ted and Kate alive and left a trail for Hope to find them. Xander declares that he faciliated their rescue and now he's the district attorney's star witness against Stefan DiMera which means he's toast so instead of firing him, the whole Kiriakis clan should be throwing him a parade.

Will asks Sonny if he thinks Brady will offer him a job if he fires Xander. Sonny says Brady knows he doesn't want to work at Titan and that he wants to run his own business but he doesn't know what that will be. Will suggests they brainstorm and brings up a bar but Sonny says he's already done that. They joke about each other's fashion. Will is not complaining about Sonny not having a job because they get to spend more time together as he then kisses him.

Eve tells Ted that Ben may be innocent of torching those cabins but he's a psychopath so he will break the law again because that's what he does and that's when they will bury him which is why she needs a tough prosecutor like Ted to nail him to the wall. Ted asks what if Ben changed. Eve questions him being a fan of Ben. Ted clarifies that he's not and brings up how Stefan tried to kidnap him long before and sent Ben to do his dirty work but he doesn't have any evidence of that. Eve feels he should have a vested interest in bringing Ben down. Ted reminds her that he quit because she fired Hope and hijacked her career while nothing has changed so his answer is no. Eve admires his loyalty so she will give him some time to think about it as she thinks they could work out a mutually beneficial agreement. Eve then exits the room.

Kate tells Gabi that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Gabi responds that she knows for a fact that "Nicole" was in the tunnels while Kate and Ted were locked in the secret room. Kate says she's mistaken but Gabi tells her about "Nicole" going to get champagne and not letting her go down there. Kate claims she and Ted never saw "Nicole". Gabi accuses Kate of lying but she doesn't know why. Kate declares that all that matters is that Stefan is going to prison. Gabi remarks that it wouldn't be the first time Kate lied to her and she doesn't need her. Gabi declares that she will find a way to prove Stefan didn't do this as she then walks out of the room.

Jennifer returns to Jack with an archive from the Spectator for him to read. Jack claims he doesn't have time but Jennifer won't let him finish his breakfast until he reads it. Jack gives in then Jennifer orders him to read it out loud. Jack then reads it, about the principals of journalism that he had written years ago.

Brady tells Xander that even if what he's saying is true, he still violated his contract by working for the competition. Xander tells Brady that he can fire him but Stefan's trial will be very public and he'll come out looking like a hero while Brady will have to explain to Victor and the board why he fired the man who brought down Stefan DiMera. Xander warns that if he plays this wrong, he could be the one on the outside looking in. Brady says that's if he's telling the truth and he likes his odds. Xander tells Brady that he can ask Kate. Brady decides Xander will keep his job but warns he'll be keeping a close eye on him as he exits the room.

Kate enters Ted's hospital room and tells him about Gabi coming to see her and not believing that Stefan kidnapped them. Kate says she stuck to their story but the problem is that Gabi suspects "Nicole" is involved because she put it together that "Nicole" saw them and never said anything. Kate assumes Kristen is blackmailing Nicole and that Nicole is just as much of a victim as they are. Kate states that she doesn't like Nicole but if they team up with her, they can take down Kristen together.

Kristen complains that Brady is so mad at her that he will never fall back in love on the spot so being Nicole is her only chance. Kristen states that once he falls for "Nicole", she can reveal her true self and he will realize that she is the one that he fell in love with. Kristen shouts that she needs her damn mask back. Gabi then shows up knocking at the door, saying she needs to talk to her about Stefan and she's not leaving until she opens the door.

Jack tells Jennifer that they were both self righteous blowhards. Jennifer says at least he believed in something. Jack wants to eat his breakfast in peace. Jennifer says she's fighting so hard to get the old Jack back because the world was a better place with Jack Deveraux in it. Jennifer talks about passionate he was to fight the good fight. Jennifer adds that maybe the old Jack didn't have the power and influence but he had kids who admired him and a wife who loved him so there is no way he'd ever trade that for this. Jennifer then gets up and walks away.

Xander finishes a call as Sonny and Will walk in. Sonny questions Brady not firing him yet. Xander responds that he tried and failed so he's in this for the long haul. Sonny argues that it's inevitable that he screws up again. Xander questions him being grouchy after just marrying the love of his life. Xander reminds them that he handed over Dr. Rolf's diary. Will admits that he would be dead without that. Sonny apologizes since he did come through for them even though he could've come through earlier. Will adds that they are very grateful. Xander jokes about them giving him a gift. Xander points out that they do owe him now so the day may come when he needs to cash in.

Ted feels teaming up with "Nicole" is a terrible idea since she could tell Kristen and they'd both be dead. Kate feels she can't do nothing. Ted says that Kristen needs them to put Stefan behind bars so he doesn't want to change anything since they both can't stand Stefan. Kate asks what use they are after that since they know too much. Kate worries that Kristen will still kill them. Ted insists that he won't let anyone hurt her or her children. Kate argues that he can't promise that when they are dealing with DiMeras so they have to be proactive to survive. Kate tells Ted to get dressed because they are going to "Nicole's" to make her help them.

Gabi continues knocking on "Nicole's" door. Kristen answers the door wearing the wrestling mask that Xander left for her and tells Gabi to go away then shuts the door, leaving Gabi confused. Kristen threatens to call the police if she doesn't leave. Gabi calls her a freak and shouts that this is not over as she then walks away. Kristen looks in the mirror and says she can pull off a lot of things but not this. Kristen removes her mask, saying it won't get her into the Kiriakis Mansion so she wonders what to do. Kristen then gets an idea and pulls her suitcase out from under the bed. Kristen declares that it's definitely tricky but it just might work..

Jennifer sits outside and tosses the archive she showed Jack into the trash.

Jack joins Eve in her office. Eve complains about Jennifer's article and asks what's going on with Jack. Jack admits he's been thinking about the serum and the risks so he's finally made his decision. Eve says it sounds like he's not going to take it but Jack reveals that he wants to remember his past.

Gabi walks past the Pub and runs into Brady. Brady mentions hearing about Stefan's arrest and he knows that puts a wrench in her plans but at least he's in prison. Gabi says they'll see about that which Brady questions. Gabi explains that something very strange is going on and "Nicole" is in the middle of it.

Will questions them owing Xander when he kidnapped his grandmother. Xander points out that he kept Kate alive despite Stefan's orders. Will and Sonny decide they will go visit Kate and exit. Xander goes back and puts his contract back into his briefcase where he also has Kristen's Nicole mask.

Kate and Ted go to "Nicole's" room. They knock on the door, saying they want to talk to her.

Sonny tells Will that he's going to grab his wallet and then they can go but there's a knock at the door. Kristen is dressed as Susan Banks so Will answers the door surprised to see "Susan".

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