Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/18/17

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/18/17


Written By Joseph

Steve and Kayla are at the Pub, joking about being in bed together when the maids came in to clean. Steve says they've got nothing to hide and kisses her.

Andre joins Chad in the living room at the DiMera Mansion and asks where Abigail is. Chad says she's feeding Thomas which gives him time to figure out what the hell Andre was thinking when he ruined Hattie's life.

Hattie is typing a letter on the computer in prison until Adrienne comes over and unplugs the computer, demanding that Hattie is going to help her get her life back from Bonnie.

Bonnie visits Mickey's grave and tosses the note and flowers that Maggie had left then puts her own flowers, saying her and Mickey's love will never die. Bonnie says she never got over Maggie taking him from her and now she's going to give her a taste of her own medicine.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Justin calls Marlena saying he needs to talk to her about something "Adrienne" has done that's completely out of character and he's worried about her. Sonny walks in and asks what Adrienne did.

Sami surprises Marlena in her office where they share an emotional hug.

Andre asks Chad what he's talking about. Chad brings up an article on Andre setting up Hattie. Chad blames Andre for Hattie coming back and taking over Marlena's life. Andre argues it's not his fault and that Hattie belongs in prison. Chad responds that she's not the only one who deserves to be punishes as he has a reckoning coming for him. Chad informs Andre that the board wants him to resign effective immediately.

Marlena tells Sami happy birthday and they joke about getting older. Marlena mentions making a special birthday breakfast but she didn't come home. Sami mentions staying at the Salem Inn last night and that Sonny brought Arianna to visit in the morning. Marlena tells her they have room for her but Sami says no way in hell after what John and Paul did at the cemetery last night. Sami hopes Marlena won't defend John trying to dig up her son's grave so she tells her not to make excuses for him. Marlena understands how painful it is for her but assures they will get through this together. Sami cries that despite everything, it's really great to be home as she hugs Marlena.

Kayla talks to Steve about their visits with Joey. Steve knows it's hard not to think about but thinks they are doing the right thing in keeping him informed on what happened with Ben so he doesn't feel cut off from life. Steve gets a call from his mom, who tells him that the woman inhabiting Adrienne's body is not her daughter.

Bonnie sits at Mickey's grave, complaining about Maggie taking away the only man she ever loved. Bonnie talks about her revenge plan. She recalls Anjelica's notebook saying Maggie was once in a wheelchair. Bonnie imagines torturing Maggie in a wheelchair but then says she's not spiteful like that so she won't break her hip, just her heart.

Sonny questions Justin saying Adrienne was acting out of character. Justin thinks back to the announcement with Victor. Sonny acknowledges how worried he sounded. Justin claims he was talking about a client and discuss the case. Sonny asks if Adrienne is alright since she has been acting weird lately. Justin assures she's just worried about him. Justin asks Sonny to catch him up on Kate seeing Clyde. Sonny informs him that Clyde said he found out Will was alive from an inmate in prison, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Sonny points out that Will wouldn't be the first person he's brought back from the dead.

Steve agrees with his mom that Adrienne has been off lately but he's sure there's a good explanation. Steve promises to be in touch as soon as he knows anything and hangs up. Steve tells Kayla that Adrienne has been skipping her daily calls with mom, hasn't posted anything in weeks and blew her off about Lucas. Kayla wonders what's going on. Steve acknowledges they've all seen it over the last few weeks. Kayla mentions Adrienne not even responding to her invite to Abigail's bachelorette party. Steve adds that he's left messages. Kayla asks when this started. Steve brings up when she dumped Lucas for Justin. Kayla suggests talking to Justin. Steve agrees that he must have seen it too and exits the Pub.

Justin tells Sonny he hasn't thought about Rolf in years. Sonny asks what he knows about him. Justin knows he dedicated his life to carrying out Stefano's plans but he can't be trusted. Sonny brings up Rolf bringing John back to life so what if he did the same thing to Will. Sonny wants to find Rolf to find out the truth. Justin knows it won't be that easy. Sonny thinks he's figured out a way to track him down.

Andre questions the board wanting him to resign. Chad tells him that his bad publicity has made it impossible for DiMera to do business. Chad goes over what he did to Hattie. Chad tells Andre that it will be on him to convince the board he needs another chance and to counteract all this bad publicity. Andre asks what if he asks Jennifer to accompany him to prison where he can apologize to Hattie and then Jennifer can print it in the Spectator. Andre insists he is committed to making the family a success. Andre says it will only work with Chad's support so he asks if he will back him.

Hattie complains about Adrienne unplugging the computer. Adrienne tells her that she needs to get her out of here. Hattie says she can't help. Adrienne wants her to use her phone call. Hattie responds that she promised Bonnie that she wouldn't rat her out and she is her friend. Adrienne brings up that Hope is her friend too so she asks how she will feel if she finds out what she did to her.

Sami tells Marlena that she wants answers too but doesn't think they should find them by digging up Will's grave. Marlena acknowledges that Lucas feels the same way. Sami tells her about seeing Lucas drunk at the cemetery and it was horrible to see him like that. Marlena hopes Sami can be the one person that can make a difference for Lucas. Sami says she tried talking to him about Allie. Marlena notes they have a lot of love and a lot of history. Sami refuses to give up on him. Marlena says it's just so tragic to see Lucas suffer so much and then Ben opens all those wounds. Sami blames Adrienne dumping him for starting it. Marlena doesn't think that's fair but Sami argues that she broke Lucas's heart and never looked back. Sami decides she's going to track down that heartless bitch. Marlena questions Sami confronting Adrienne about Lucas. Sami states that she's going to kill her.

Steve and Kayla go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin says Adrienne isn't around if they came to see her. Steve says they came to talk to him about Adrienne. Kayla brings up that she hasn't been acting like herself. Justin thinks she's completely lost her mind. Justin reveals to them that "Adrienne" just announced she and Victor are in love and planning to get married.

Bonnie remains at Mickey's grave, saying she doesn't want to harm Maggie but wants her to feel the same pain she felt. Bonnie says when she marries Victor, Maggie will be out of her life for good. Bonnie then jokes she could find a spot for her on the house staff as she imagines Maggie as the maid. Bonnie says she will just take comfort in taking Maggie's money and her man like she took Mickey from her all those years ago.

Marlena tells Sami to put her phone away. Sami doesn't want Adrienne to walk all over people and get away with it. Marlena doesn't think that's the whole story. Sami brings up Adrienne leaving Lucas for Justin again. Sami thought she was a decent person but she was wrong. Marlena argues that she is decent but Sami calls her a lying, selfish witch. Marlena brings up Adrienne battling cancer. Sami doesn't think that's an excuse to be ruthless and cruel. Marlena admits she's been acting a little different lately and making surprising choices. Sami brings up kicking Lucas to the curb. Marlena suggests she focus on helping Lucas instead of picking a fight with Adrienne. Sami agrees but warns that Adrienne will get a piece of her mind if she runs in to her. Marlena is sorry that it's all been so complicated as she sees everything with Will has hurt her. Sami states that she can't get her hopes up that he might be alive, only to have them smashed like they were with EJ. Marlena hugs her as she cries that it's too much and she can't do it again.

Steve questions Justin saying that Adrienne is going to marry Victor. Justin hoped they might know why and if it could be caused by the chemo or the drugs. Kayla notes that everyone handles chemo differently but Adrienne finished hers months ago. Steve brings up that Adrienne never even liked Victor. Justin argues that it doesn't make sense. Kayla asks what Victor says. Justin guesses he's lost his mind right alongside her and asks how he could do this to Maggie. Steve insists this isn't like her. Kayla asks what the explanation is. Steve says it's like she's forgotten who she is. Justin suggests maybe the reason she's acting differently is Hattie Adams.

Hattie warns Adrienne not to bring Hope into this. Adrienne calls Hope one of her best friends. Adrienne talks about Hope always talking about Hattie saving her life and helping get her sentence overturned. Adrienne tells her that Hope would be grateful to know she helped her get out. Adrienne begs Hattie to help.

Chad tells Andre that this is between he and the board so he's not getting in the middle. Andre argues that he seduced Hattie for DiMera to get the Orwell which would've been a great success in their history. Andre suggests doing a selfless good deed in public. Andre brings up saving Marlena and Kayla from Orpheus in the siege so he suggests someone out there must be in need. Sonny walks in and says if he's serious about helping someone, he can help him.

Sami cries to Marlena about going to Paris, Madrid, and Morocco in hopes that EJ was still alive. Sami says she had to tell the kids they were just on an adventure. Sami cries that she let her kids down. Marlena disagrees but Sami says she dragged them all over the world for nothing but heartbreak. Marlena says this is why she can't let herself believe that Will is still alive. Sami wishes for one more day with Will. Sami argues that time doesn't heal all wounds as she misses Will now more than ever. Sami cries that she couldn't stand to lose her son a second time

Justin tells Steve and Kayla how Hattie pretended to be Marlena in a therapy session with "Adrienne". Kayla questions one session changing things that much. Justin suggests she could have hypnotized her or brainwashed her. Justin recalls "Adrienne" being desperate to talk to Hattie at the station and how it didn't make sense. Steve questions the theory being that Hattie is controlling Adrienne even from prison. Justin hoped Steve could help. Steve will do anything he can.

Chad tells Andre that this will show the board he's serious and willing to clean up DiMera by helping track down one of Stefano's most trusted generals. Andre doesn't know where Dr. Rolf is. Sonny thinks he knows how to look and asks him to help since he needs to know if Will is alive and Rolf may be the only person with an answer. Andre agrees to see what he can do.

Hattie argues that she's not a bad person. Adrienne tells her that helping her get out will prove that. Hattie tells her that Bonnie aligned herself with Sheila, who was aligned with Coco. Hattie says she would have to get some backup because if Coco thinks she's a rat then it's all over for both of them. Adrienne argues there has to be something they can do but Hattie apologizes and says she's on her own as she rushes out of the room.

Marlena tells Sami to just take care of her children and help Lucas the best way she can. Marlena tells her to leave it to Sonny and Paul to find Dr. Rolf which Sami questions. Sami argues that finding the truth is what is best for her family so she has to find Dr. Rolf. Marlena reminds her that believing Will is alive may be more than she can handle. Sami argues that she can't sit around and do nothing. Sami declares that Will is her son so if anyone is going to find out the truth, it's going to be her. Sami mentions Sonny wanting to use Andre to draw out Dr. Rolf so she has to get over there. Sami refuses to sit around and do nothing. Marlena agrees that she wouldn't be Sami Brady if she did. Sami hugs her.

Steve and Kayla walk through the town square, worrying about Adrienne. Steve wonders what could make her act like this and says they have to find answers. Steve decides he's driving to the prison to talk to Hattie.

Adrienne prays for a way out of prison and for someone she loves to figure this out.

Bonnie returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Justin asks for an explanation. Justin says she needs to tell him what's going on with her and what happened to his Adrienne.

Sami enters the DiMera Mansion but no one is in the living room. She looks around the room full of memories and picks up a chess piece. Chad then walks in, surprised to see Sami. Sami says this is a surprise as she walks up to Chad and kisses him.

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