Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/20/19

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/20/19


Written By Joseph

At the police station, Marlena questions Diana having something to tell her about Leo that doesn't involve Will and Sonny. Diana adds that it is important but Leo arrives and questions what's going on here.

At the Horton house, Julie tells Jennifer how glad she is that Charlotte is home where she belongs. Jennifer shares with her that Chad and Abigail are back together which thrills Julie, who says she had been praying for that. Julie says now she wants the same for Jennifer.

Jack goes to JJ's apartment and asks about him wanting to talk, mentioning that he heard Charlotte was found. JJ tells him that he wanted to talk to him about his friend Haley.

Haley goes to Kate's hospital room and encourages her to eat but she says she's not hungry. Haley wants her to keep up her strength after what she's been through. Kate questions how she would know what she's been through. Haley says she read her chart and she's not judging her as she's been there herself, but she promises it gets better. Kate tells her that she didn't try to kill herself as a deranged woman injected her with a sedative to make it look that way. Haley comments that was not in the charts.

Chad declares he's not leaving Salem without making Abigail his wife so he asks Abigail to be his wife again. Chad doesn't want to pressure her and knows it's a lot to ask but he asks if she will marry him. Abigail says yes and kisses him. Chad knows it's all moving fast but they have to move to Paris. Abigail says she wants it more than anything and admits it's really fast. Chad calls it a new beginning for them and the kids. Abigail notes that it sounds amazing but they have to leave tonight to get to Paris tomorrow for Mr. Shin. Chad says they'll keep it simple and have the wedding at home which Abigail agrees to. Abigail says they have so much planning to do and not much time as they kiss on the bed.

Jennifer appreciates Julie's support and encouragement. Julie knows she comes on strong at times but points out that Chad and Abigail ended up back together. Jennifer says she couldn't be happier for them but she doesn't think a reunion is in the cards for her and Jack. Jennifer admits she still loves Jack but their love is rooted in their history that he doesn't remember. Julie continues to encourage her. Jennifer adds that she's also fighting Eve, who is doing everything she can to turn Jack against her. Jennifer feels it will be too late if Dr. Rolf's serum ever becomes available so it doesn't matter. Julie urges her not to stop fighting, comparing it to how Abigail didn't and now she's back with the man she loves. Julie is betting on Jack and Jennifer happening sooner than she imagines.

Jack asks JJ what's going on with Haley. JJ brings up her being undocumented. Jack asks if someone found out. JJ says no but right before he told him, she had ran out freaked out. JJ mentions being upset before Jack showed up that night. Jack calls himself a failure as a father, bringing up what happened with Abigail when Charlotte was missing and feeling like he made everything worse. JJ assures that it wasn't his fault since Abigail wasn't in a good place. Jack states that he doesn't know how to help his children. JJ argues that isn't true since he saw right away that he needed to open up about Haley and it made him feel better. Jack is glad he could help with that at least. JJ admits it might not be like it used to be but he's grateful to have his dad to talk to again. JJ adds that Haley is worried sick about her secret coming out so no one can know. JJ asks Jack to promise him not to say anything to anyone. Jack apologizes and says he's not sure he can do that..

Leo asks what Diana and Marlena were talking about. Diana accuses him of being paranoid and says he must be fired up about something. Leo declares that he's finally bringing two criminals to justice. Eli then arrives with Sonny and Will.

Kate tells Haley that not everything about a patient is on their chart. Kate asks if she was serious before about overdosing which she confirms. Haley states that she's okay now. Kate remarks that she might want a different nurse handling her medication. Haley tells her that she's due to be released today. Kate thanks her. Haley exits as Chad arrives. Chad says he heard what Jordan did and asks if she's okay. Kate says other than everyone thinking she tried to kill herself, she's fine. Chad asks how she found out what Jordan was up to. Kate explains how she ran into her in the town square and she was acting nervous then she dropped her bag and out dropped a tube of diaper rash ointment. Kate says she tried to call the police when Jordan jammed a syringe in her neck and dragged her to her room to stage it like an overdose. Kate acknowledges that if Rafe hadn't found her, she probably would've died but she's great now. Kate asks about Charlotte. Chad says she's good and promised to get her back in Abigail's arms which he did. Kate knew he never stopped loving Abigail. Chad informs her that Abigail actually forgave him which Kate calls wonderful. Chad decides it's time he forgives Kate too.

Julie hugs Abigail and says she is overjoyed that she is back with Chad and that she never gave up. Julie says now they can start working on Jennifer but Jennifer wants to concentrate on celebrating Abigail and Chad. Abigail asks if they want the good news or the bad news first so they decide on the bad.

JJ questions why Jack can't keep Haley's status a secret. Jack explains that he's been concerned about JJ ever since he told him and asks how he knows that Haley isn't just using him to get a green card. JJ calls that ridiculous since that would mean getting married when he barely knows her. Jack questions them already living together then. JJ points out that she had nowhere else to go. Jack argues that JJ is harboring an undocumented immigrant so if someone finds out, he goes to jail. JJ asks if he's saying he's going to turn her in. Jack feels obligated to protect him. JJ has no idea where this is coming from. Haley then comes in and questions what she just walked in on.

Marlena asks what's going on as Eli explains that Leo turned over evidence that indicates Will and Sonny were involved in a serious crime so he had to bring them in for questioning. Marlena asks what he's accusing them of but Eli says he can't say. Will tells her they will figure it out. Eli then takes Will and Sonny into the interrogation room. Marlena warns Leo that he will not get away from this. Leo responds that Will and Sonny are the ones who got away with something and now they are going to pay.

JJ tells Haley that Jack just came by to check on him. Jack questions them living together. Haley says he's just letting her crash for awhile as they are just friends. Haley then thinks back to when they kissed. Jack states that he just wants to make sure his son doesn't get hurt. Haley asks why JJ would get hurt.

Kate asks Chad if he's serious. Chad is tired of dwelling in the past and he just wants to look forward so if Abigail can forgive him then he can surely forgive Kate. Kate tells him how happy that makes her. Kate mentions still having influence on the DiMera Board so she will talk to Mr. Shin and they will bring down Stefan once and for all. Chad informs her that he's letting all that go. Kate argues that he can't let Stefan win. Chad states that he won since he got his family back after almost losing them so he can't take that risk again. Kate notes that he seems relieved. Kate tells Chad to go enjoy himself. Chad informs her that they have some news.

Jennifer and Julie question Abigail moving to Paris. Abigail explains that Chad is taking over the DiMera office there. Jennifer questions them moving to another country after just reconciling. Abigail knows it seems impulsive but assures it's what they want. Jennifer says they worked so hard to get to this point and questions how she could leave now with her father back. Abigail calls it a chance for a fresh start. Julie gives her full support then which Jennifer questions. Julie points out that not long ago, Jennifer and Jack needed a fresh start and moved to London so she thinks Abigail and Chad deserve the same fresh start. Abigail then reveals they have to go tonight which shocks Jennifer. Jennifer says Chad can go before them. Abigail says he offered that but if they are going to have a fresh start, she wants it to be together as a family. Jennifer cries as she hugs her but agrees that Julie is right that she has to do what's best for her and her family. Jennifer then asks for the good news.

Eli asks Sonny and Will what happened after Leo hit his head. Sonny explains that he was bleeding on the floor and not moving so they thought he was dead but he wasn't. Eli questions not calling the cops. Will explains that they panicked as the guy suing Sonny dies in Sonny's house the night before the lawsuit is going to start so they knew no one would believe it was an accident. Eli asks if they have any evidence proving it was an accident because Leo has the photos. Sonny talks about Leo blackmailing him with the photos for months. Eli says they will deal with that later but right now he's asking what they have that proves this wasn't an attempted murder. Will admits all they have is their word. Eli responds that he's sorry but that's not enough.

Jennifer tells Abigail that a wedding in Paris is so romantic. Julie suggests waiting until Chad needs a break in the summer so they can come back and get married at home. Julie is excited to start planning it but Abigail tells them they don't have to wait because they are going to have the wedding today. Abigail adds that they hoped to do an intimate family wedding at the house. Jennifer calls that perfect and asks what they can do. Abigail wants her to talk to JJ since she won't have time and he needs to hear it in person. Julie decides she'll get the house ready. Abigail asks Jennifer to invite Jack which she agrees to do. Jennifer says she'll be right back and exits.

Chad informs Kate that there will be a wedding as he and Abigail are getting married before they leave tonight at the Horton house with just family. Chad notes that he doesn't have a lot of family, just Kate, so he would really like for her to be there. Kate informs him that they are releasing her soon and thanks him for inviting her and forgiving her. Kate admits her life has been dark lately so his wedding will be the first light she's seen in a long time and she's honored to be there as they hug.

JJ tells Jack that they don't need to get into why he's worried about him but Jennifer arrives and interrupts them. Jennifer says she didn't expect to see Jack but she's glad he's there since she has news for both of them. Haley decides to give them privacy and heads to the back. JJ asks what's going on. Jennifer announces that Abigail and Chad are getting remarried. JJ didn't even know they are back together. Jennifer adds that the wedding is happening today so she wants both of them to be there. JJ says of course but Jack feels he shouldn't be there. Jennifer informs him that Abigail specifically asked her to invite him and they both want him to be there.

Will questions Eli that telling him what actually happened means nothing. Eli says it means something to him but to others, it might look like a coverup. Sonny assures it's the truth. Eli tells them to sit tight as he talks to Hope to see what she wants to do. Eli then exits the room. Sonny regrets bringing Will into this mess but Will says it's Leo's fault, not his. Sonny talks about having Gabi tie Leo up so they could spend the night together and that's probably what pushed him over the edge so they shouldn't have antagonized him. Will responds that he doesn't regret it. Sonny brings up prison. Will says he got to be with him so no matter what happens next, it was worth it.

Marlena questions what evidence Leo has against Sonny and Will. Leo tells her that's none of her business as he handed everything over to the police so they are handling it now and that's all he has to say. Marlena warns that he doesn't have the upper hand because the truth always comes out.

Chad goes to the police station to see Will and Sonny in the interrogation room. They ask how he knew they were there. Chad explains that he went to the Kiriakis Mansion and Henderson told him so he questions what's going on. Will tells him that Leo happened. Chad asks what he did now. Sonny informs him that Leo told the police that they tried to kill him. Chad calls that an accident. Will says it's unfortunately their word against his evidence. Sonny adds that he has photos of them rolling up his body and putting it in the trunk. Chad asks how he can help. They assure that they have it from here. Chad is happy they have each other. Sonny asks why he needed to track them down. Chad announces they are not the only ones getting back together as he and Abigail are getting married today.

Julie tells Abigail that she picked out three dresses from her closet for her to choose from and she called a caterer and a florist. Abigail says it's amazing. Julie decides Abigail can come down the stairs instead of having an aisle. Julie then stops to ask who will perform the ceremony. Abigail hoped it would be Julie.

Jennifer encourages Jack that he has to be there for his daughter's wedding. JJ agrees that they all want him there. Jack points out that they were in the middle of an important conversation. JJ says they can discuss that later and tells him to go with Jennifer while he gets ready. JJ tells Jennifer to tell Abigail he's happy for her and will see her soon. Jennifer and Jack exit together. Haley comes out to ask if everything is okay. JJ informs her that his sister is getting married like now so he has to get ready. Haley stops him and questions what Jack meant about not wanting him to get hurt. JJ asks if they can talk about it later but Haley insists. JJ starts to tell Haley what he told Jack so she questions if he told him that she's undocumented.

Marlena warns Leo that he will regret hurting the people she loves. Leo walks out of the station. Diana goes to follow him but Marlena stops her and says she's not going anywhere.

Haley demands an answer from JJ. JJ claims he just told Jack about their kiss. Haley questions that being why he's so concerned. JJ explains that Jack knows he's been hurt by women before. Haley understands he's just trying to be a good dad. JJ adds that he promised Jack has nothing to worry about. JJ heads to the back to get ready.

Julie tells Abigail that she's speechless. Abigail talks about how Julie never got to perform the ceremony for Rafe and Hope so she thought she could do theirs. Abigail credits Julie for her and Chad's reunion happening so there is no one she'd rather have marry them than her so Julie accepts and they hug.

Chad says he can't just sail off into the sunset knowing Will and Sonny are in trouble so he wants to help. Will tells him that if he wants to help, just make Abigail happy. Sonny encourages him about second chances. Will assures they will be fine and get through this since Leo's a liar and they'll get him out of their lives for good. Chad offers to get them a lawyer. Sonny says he will call Justin and reminds Chad that he has to go to start his amazing future with the person he loves like they plan to do. Chad feels it's not going to be a wedding without them. Will says they'll be there in spirit. Chad talks about not believing it when Will first came back. They talk about being thankful and the fun times they had. Chad hugs Sonny and says he's been by his side through it all, picked him up when he was down, and forgave him when he shouldn't have. Chad tells them that he loves them and to take care of each other. Chad hugs them goodbye.

Marlena brings up Diana insisting on talking to her and now trying to rush out. Diana says her child is upset so she can't think of anything else. Marlena asks what she wanted to discuss about Leo and offers to help. Diana states that the only thing that will help her now is finding her son as she walks out of the station. Marlena wonders what is going on with them.

Jennifer returns home with Jack where Julie excitedly greets them. Julie tells Jack how happy she is to see him. Jack mentions not remembering her so she introduces herself. Jennifer compliments her setting up the house for the wedding. Julie remarks that nothing be grander than two people who belong together being reunited. Jennifer mentions JJ being on his way and she's amazed she set this up in a couple hours. Julie is happy to bring people together for a celebration. Julie encourages Jack to remember what happens here today so he can feel what it's like to be part of this incredible family.

Eli returns to the interrogation room and tells Will and Sonny that he's sorry. Will questions if Hope believes Leo over them. Eli explains that they both think they are telling the truth but Leo made an official complaint with evidence backing it up so he has no choice but to book them for attempted murder.

JJ, Chad, and Kate arrive at the Horton House while Jennifer holds Charlotte. Abigail comes down the stairs to join them in the living room for the wedding.

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