Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/18


Written By Joseph

Sonny joins Adrienne in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where she notes he is in a good mood. Sonny informs her that he and Leo are going to start dating because he quit and is no longer his assistant. Adrienne thought he really wanted the job. Sonny says it turns out, he wants him more.

Leo meets with Kate outside and tells her that her idea worked as he told Sonny he was quitting and he turned into a totally different guy. Leo confirms he got Sonny in bed right there in the executive suite and got it on video. Kate decides they will let the lawyers take it from here.

Jennifer and Abigail sit together at the Brady Pub but Abigail doesn't want to eat. Jennifer encourages that the arraignment will be over soon and she will take her right home. Abigail reveals to Jennifer that she has decided to plead guilty which shocks Jennifer. Abigail says she's not going to argue about it as she's already made up her mind so there is a very good chance she will be going to prison.

At the police station, Chad calls Justin to tell him that he wasn't able to change Abigail's mind about pleading guilty. Chad tells Justin to do his job as her lawyer. Chad adds that he's about to talk to Melinda Trask now. Chad worries about Abigail going to prison and Stefan getting off as he hangs up.

Stefan enters the living room at the DiMera Mansion. He takes Chad and Abigail's wedding photo off a table and tosses it to the ground, smashing the glass frame. He then picks it back up. and sets it aside. The doorbell rings and it's Rafe. Stefan questions what he's doing here. Rafe notes that he doesn't look so good and asks if he's going on a trip. Stefan informs him that the packed bags belong to Chad and Abigail. Rafe questions them moving out. Rafe says that he got everything he came for then, the company, the family fortune, and the mansion all to himself. Stefan responds that he lost everything that meant anything to him. Rafe says the silver lining is that it will sting a little less when he loses his freedom too.

Jennifer argues that Abigail doesn't belong in prison and just needs treatment. Abigail remarks that she doesn't want to be locked up away from her family but feels maybe everyone would be better off after everything she has put them through. Abigail assures she is not going to run away this time as she's been through it before so she can do it again. Abigail asks how she's supposed to heal if she doesn't take responsibility for what she did. Abigail tells her that Chad understands why she has to do this. Jennifer questions where Chad is now and why he's not with her. Abigail tells her that he said he had something to take care of.

Chad meets Melinda in the interrogation room. Chad mentions he and Abigail staying at Jennifer's right now. Melinda brings up Abigail not having a fixed address which makes her a flight risk so she requests Abigail get denied bail and that she gets sent to Statesville starting today.

Sonny tells Adrienne that Leo knew he had to make a decision to keep his job or date him and he's making a big sacrifice. Sonny says that Leo is the first really good thing to happen to him since Will asked for a divorce. Sonny feels he can actually start moving on with his life now. Adrienne points out that it hasn't been that long since Will ended things and if he hadn't come back, Sonny and Paul would be married now. Adrienne feels it's a little too soon for Sonny to be involved in a relationship. Sonny talks about how hard it is for him to see Will and Paul together. Adrienne thinks he deserves to be happy but maybe not with Leo. Sonny doesn't want to be alone and if he had it his way, he'd still be with Will. Sonny believes that if Will could remember what they had, he'd want to be with him too. Will then walks into the room.

Leo assures Kate that Sonny was not suspicious and now he wants the money. Kate informs him that there will be a slight delay now since she's no longer at DiMera so there are cash flow issues. Leo complains that she didn't mention that when she blackmailed him to set Sonny up. Kate argues that once she's at Titan, there will be no issues. Leo says that could take forever and he quit his job. Kate says it won't be long but Leo says unless shooting Vivian comes back to bite her. Kate tells him that was an accident despite what Stefan might say. Leo complains about Stefan being after her now. Kate decides to go clean out her desk before Stefan gets to it.

Stefan asks Rafe if he's here to arrest him. Rafe says not yet since Abigail hasn't pressed charges. Stefan responds that she won't. Rafe asks if he's pressuring her. Stefan remarks that he doesn't have to because part of her still loves him. Rafe brings up everything he and Vivian did to her. Stefan argues that everything he did was to protect her. Rafe accuses him of brainwashing Abigail to setting up Gabi for murder. Rafe asks if it was all worth it to sleep with his brother's wife. Stefan questions what he's doing here if he has nothing on him. Rafe calls him a heartless SOB. Stefan wishes he didn't have a heart so it wouldn't hurt so much.

Jennifer feels Abigail already paid a terrible price. Jennifer encourages that Abigail didn't mean to hurt Andre and she had no idea he would get violent. Abigail brings up testifying that Gabi killed Andre. Jennifer argues that wasn't her while Abigail says her alters are part of her so that means she thought it was okay to blame Gabi for what she did. Abigail adds that Gabi got beat up in prison because of it. Abigail says if she doesn't plead guilty then this whole thing will drag out and Gabi will sit there which she won't do to her. Jennifer feels there has to be some other way. Abigail brings up Justin's suggestion of pleading insanity but she feels that would be lying since she knew what she was doing. Abigail believes it would be best for her to take responsibility for what she did. Jennifer begs her not to. Abigail swears she can't just go back to her life and she has to atone for what she did if possible.

Chad asks if Melinda is familiar with his wife's situation. Chad says Abigail needs help, not prison. Melinda mocks him as rich people thinking they get special rules. She says if she does what Chad wants, Abigail will spend a few weeks in some four star facility and pronounced cured. Chad knows she was made a fool of for sending an innocent woman to prison but now he feels she's taking it out on Abigail. Melinda questions letting Abigail walk away after she beat Andre to death and sent her best friend to prison. Melinda mocks Abigail blaming her other personality which Chad assures is the truth that Marlena can testify. Melinda can't wait to cross examine Marlena because she will have to testify that Abigail tried to kill her too. Melinda tells Chad that he has to face reality that Abigail is never going to get well. Melinda advises Chad to grab his son and get as far away as possible because the woman he loved is gone and never coming back.

Sonny asks Will how long he's been standing there. Will says Henderson just let him in and the office told him that Adrienne was working from home and he really wants to update her on the story he's writing. Sonny says he has a lot of work to do so he will let them talk. Adrienne tells Sonny that she can give him some names for another assistant. Will questions it not working out with Leo. Sonny reveals that he resigned so they could keep seeing each other. Will tells him that he's happy for him. Sonny brings up knowing that Will didn't like Leo that much. Will says that's just because Paul told him that Leo and Vivian were up to something but that can't be the case anymore. Sonny feels Will still seems suspicious of him. Will apologizes for overreacting. Sonny suggests Will and Paul go on a double date with them sometime. Sonny says he and Will share Arianna so they should put the past behind them and be friends. Will informs him that Paul is out of the country on a case but when he gets back, he will tell him that Sonny brought it up and they will give it a try. Sonny assures that Leo is a good person and that he will see that when he gets to know him.

Jennifer warns Abigail that if she pleads guilty, Stefan gets off the hook when he should pay for what he's done. Abigail tells her that if she presses charges against Stefan then he will press charges against Chad. Jennifer argues that Stefan will have to answer for what he did to her. Abigail adds that she has things to answer for too.

Chad asks what Melinda suggests he say to Abigail. She tells him that sometimes hard choices must be made. Chad argues that she has no case. Melinda brings up the signed confession. Chad points out that she just said Abigail would never be mentally stable. Chad says Abigail hit Andre in fear for her life so it was self defense. Chad points out the jury will already know Melinda sent the wrong person to prison once. Melinda blames Abigail lying on the stand for that. Chad argues that she only cares about making people suffer. Melinda argues that she didn't kill or frame anyone like Abigail did. Melinda then mocks her alters again. Chad tells her she won't get a conviction.

Rafe informs Stefan that he came because he had problems with the statement he gave when Vivian died. Rafe calls it vague. Stefan says that's because he didn't see anything, he just heard the gun shot then came in and saw Kate standing over Vivian's body. Rafe asks if he didn't hear anything from upstairs. Stefan questions why he's asking him this and if he has reason to believe Kate is lying. Rafe says it doesn't matter since Stefan was the only one here when Vivian died. Stefan questions if Kate is getting away with killing his mother.

Kate goes to the DiMera Offices to pack up her desk and decides to enter Andre's office where she has a flashback to their last argument and imagines Andre appearing at his desk. Andre says he's just a figment of her guilty conscience. Kate brings up Andre scheming with Vivian and pretending to fall in love with her. Andre states that power is all that matters. Kate argues that she would never have betrayed him after falling in love with him. Andre brings up what she did to Vivian.

Jennifer questions what Abigail means by she has things to answer for. Abigail knows she thinks she can do no wrong but she sent Gabi to prison and almost killed Marlena, Vivian, and Kate then she slept with Stefan. Jennifer argues that Stefan took advantage of her illness and raped her. Abigail tells her that she remembers it. Jennifer insists it wasn't her and just a fragment of her. Jennifer brings up her experience with Lawrence Alamain and how she blamed herself just like Abigail is doing now. Jennifer says she realized she was a victim and it changed her life. Jennifer refuses to let Abigail feel this guilt over behavior she couldn't control. Jennifer argues that Abigail wasn't in her right mind. Abigail asks if she will ever get better and how Chad can love her the same way after she slept with his brother.

Chad questions if Melinda is just going to let Gabi sit in prison while she tries to take a mentally ill woman into court to prove she commited murder. Chad warns that if Melinda blows it, she'll never be elected again. Chad suggests Abigail plead guilty to a lesser charge in self defense so Melinda can recommend she gets treatment. She points out that's just Chad getting everything he wants.

Will explains to Adrienne how he accidentally spilled water on Dr. Rolf's diary revealing formulas and notes on every other page. Will shows Adrienne what he has so far and says he wil get her the rest when he gets to them. Will hopes it's something that can help him remember his old life. Adrienne says that would be wonderful if he could remember loving the people who loved him. Will points out that he is with Paul now and they are very happy together. Adrienne says that's great but she remembers the life he had with Sonny and if he could remember that, she knows he would feel very differently.

Sonny walks through the town square and comes across Leo. Leo asks why he's not at work. Sonny says he decided to go in a little late today and kisses him. Sonny says he misses him at the office but he likes this way better. Sonny asks if Leo is having second thoughts. Leo says not at all. Sonny promises to help him find another job because it's the right thing to do. Sonny adds that he will need an official letter of resignation. Leo agrees to get it to him today. Sonny suggests he come by the house and drop it off later tonight then stay for dinner and maybe stay the night. Leo asks if he's sure. Sonny says he'll see him at 7 and kisses him then walks away.

Kate argues with her imagination of Andre that she didn't kill Vivian as she pulled a gun on her. Andre points out that Kate told the police it was an accident when they struggled over the gun. Kate says that's what happens as Vivian tried to kill her. Andre asks if Kate wanted to kill her too.

Stefan tells Rafe that he told him what he heard and saw, the sound of a gunshot and the sight of Kate standing over Vivian with the gun. Stefan adds that Vivian was bleeding to death while Kate was just staring at her and didn't try to help. Rafe says that Kate was in shock and afraid to move. Stefan questions when Kate has ever been fragile. Stefan remarks on Kate being an ex lover of Rafe's. Rafe says it's ironic to hear Stefan talk about justice when he framed his sister and put her in jail. Rafe warns that was Stefan's first mistake and his second was crossing him. Rafe then walks out of the mansion.

Melinda tells Chad that Abigail is the reason Gabi is in prison. Chad questions her being fine with letting Stefan go for raping his wife. Melinda points out that Abigail refused to press charges against Stefan to keep him from pressing charges against Chad for putting him in the hospital. Chad says he would gladly take her place. Melinda responds that she can't put Chad away since he is all Thomas has. Chad argues that he has an amazing mother. Melinda remarks that she flew off to Hong Kong and forgot all about him. Chad warns that if Melinda botches this again and Abigail walks then her career is over. Chad repeats that Abigail will plead guilty to a lesser charge, Gabi will go home to her daughter, and Melinda will become a hero. Melinda agrees to let Abigail cop a plea. Chad tells her she's doing the right thing. She warns that he better hope his wife doesn't turn on him someday. Chad says that she won't. Melinda then remarks that Chad fought damn hard for a woman who slept with his brother behind his back as she then exits the room.

Jennifer tells Abigail about her grandma Laura's mental history compared to now. Abigail talks about "Gabby" still being inside of her somewhere. Jennifer says that only happened because she couldn't face what happened with Andre but she's dealing with it now. Abigail asks how she comes back from everything she did. Jennifer tells her to forgive herself. Jennifer encourages her love for Chad and Thomas. Jennifer begs her not to throw her life away for something that wasn't her fault.

Chad exits the interrogation room and asks if Melinda if they are good then. She tells him it's not a done deal as she still has to sell the plea agreement to the judge. Chad says that shouldn't be a problem. Melinda asks if Abigail appreciates everything he's doing and if she knows he's here. She warns that he can't protect her if she doesn't want to be protected. Stefan arrives. Chad questions what he's doing here then says nevermind and walks out of the station. Stefan informs Melinda that Rafe came to his house claiming he had a problem with his statement but he was just making sure he couldn't cause trouble for Kate. Stefan questions if Melinda will let Kate get away with murdering his mother.

Andre tells Kate that she will feel better if she tells him what really happened with Vivian. Kate then gets startled by her phone ringing and her imagination of Andre disappears. Kate answers the call from Rafe. Rafe tells her that the DA probably isn't going to bring charges against her. Kate asks what probably means. Rafe says she has bigger fish to fry and there isn't enough evidence to challenge her statement so he's 99% sure it will be ruled an accident. Kate is relieved and thanks him as they hang up.

Vivian is somewhere in a dark room in a hospital bed. She suddenly wakes up and wonders where she is.

Leo sits alone in the town square when Will approaches him. Leo asks what he wants. Will says he just wanted to apologize for the way he behaved earlier and he hopes they can get past that. Leo asks why. Will tells him that he talked to Sonny and he wanted them all to go on a double date sometime so he thought they should be on speaking terms. Leo has no idea what he's talking about. Will guesses Sonny didn't run it by him yet. Will brings up Sonny telling him that he left Titan so they are going to be together so he wishes them the best. Leo says he doesn't care what Sonny told him, it's true that he's not working at Titan but it's not so he and Sonny can be together. Will doesn't understand. Leo brings up Will being a reporter and offers him an exclusive on the story of the year.

Sonny returns home to get some papers he needed. He asks Adrienne if Will is still there but he's not. Adrienne mentions signing for a register letter for him. Sonny guesses it's Leo's letter of resignation so he opens it but discovers it's from a lawyer as Leo is suing him for sexual harassment.

Chad joins Abigail and Jennifer at the Brady Pub and asks if they are ready to go to court. Abigail notes that Chad seems rattled and asks if he's okay. Chad says it's just a big day but everything will be fine as he kisses her.

Melinda tells Stefan that she doesn't have enough to go after Kate. She apologizes but says if anything changes, he'll be the first to know. She mentions being on her way to court to arraign his lover and invites him to come. Stefan chooses to skip that which she says is probably a good idea. She suggests he focus his energy on where it could do him some good as she exits the station. Stefan looks over at Vivian's file and says he's sorry as he hopes Vivian didn't die thinking he loved some phantom woman more than her as she didn't deserve this. Stefan promises she will not die in vain.

Kate sits at Andre's desk and declares she does not have a guilty conscience. She flashes back to what really happened as she and Vivian struggled over the gun but Kate got it away from her. Vivian taunted that Kate wouldn't pull the trigger because she was weak and that's why Vivian always wins so Kate then shot her.

Vivian remains in the hospital bed when the door opens and she exclaims "Oh my God, you!"

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