Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/17/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/17/18


Written By Joseph

Rafe decides to start setting up appointments with anyone who had reason to want Ben behind bars. Hope is starting to feel it's someone not on the list. Hope then declares she knows who it was. Hope states that it was Ben who planted the evidence.

Claire tells Ben that if they play this smart and work together to break up Tripp and Ciara, they could end up getting exactly what they want. Claire tells Ben that he has nothing to lose which he's not sure of as he's been working really hard on being a decent person making amends for the past while this is not right. Claire insists that Tripp and Ciara are not good together and won't be happy as a couple so they'd be stopping them from getting hurt when they break up. Claire asks Ben if he's in. Ben knows he may regret this but decides he's in so they shake hands as Tripp and Ciara approach. Ciara questions why they are shaking hands and what's going on here. Claire asks why people can't shake hands. Ciara says not when it is Claire and Ben.

Jennifer answers the door at home to see Stefan, who she tells is not wanted here. Stefan responds that Abigail isn't returning his calls. Jennifer tries to shut the door but Stefan says his contact at the hospital told him she wasn't able to meet with Marlena. Jennifer questions if he's spying on her. Stefan says he's just concerned. Jennifer tells him that Abigail doesn't want his concern so he should stop causing trouble for she and Chad.

JJ suggests maybe they are wrong as he knows it looks like "Gabby" is behind the text to Stefan and hiding the wig but there might be another explanation. Chad asks what it is. JJ thinks it's possible that "Gabby" isn't back at all.

Gabi makes tea at the Kiriakis Mansion and pours sleeping meds into one of the cups for Abigail. Gabi then looks around the room and hides the wig under a chair cushion when Abigail suddenly arrives. Gabi is startled since Abigail said it would be 30 minutes. Abigail says it sounded important so she hurried. Gabi questions how long she's been standing there. Abigail responds that she just walked in and questions why Gabi seems jumpy.

Stefan swears he's not trying to cause trouble as he's just worried about Abigail's state of mind. Stefan asks if Abigail is here but Jennifer says she's not. Stefan asks if he can come in and ask her a few questions then. Jennifer agrees to answer every one of his questions if he stops badgering Abigail. Stefan didn't think he was doing that but agrees so Jennifer allows him in and tells him to make it fast. Stefan asks if she knows why Abigail didn't go to see Marlena. Jennifer informs him that Marlena wasn't feeling up to it yet. Stefan questions her not seeing someone else. Jennifer explains that Abigail feels Marlena knows her situation best so she's willing to wait. Stefan thinks it would be best to be diagnosed right away if she is suffering from D.I.D. Jennifer responds that it's Abigail's decision, not his. Stefan says that's unless his "Gabby" is the one in control.

JJ tells Chad that what made Abigail split before was not being able to face that she killed Andre but she's faced that now. Chad thinks carrying Stefan's baby is enough to do it. JJ points out that if "Gabby" was out, why she didn't go straight to Stefan. Chad suggests she could be better at keeping it under control but they need to get her help. JJ says there may be another explanation and asks what if Abigail isn't sick at all and she's being set up.

Gabi tells Abigail that she just wants this to go well. Abigail asks why it was so important for her to come over. Gabi sits and pours their tea, saying she wanted to apologize for the other day. Gabi mentions Chad telling her about finding the wig and she feels it's all her fault. Gabi encourages her to drink her tea before it gets cold. Abigail stops and tells her if she thinks she's falling for this, she's wrong.

Hope tells Rafe that she believes Ben was trying to frame her by planting the evidence to end the entire investigation. Hope argues that Ben knew she would eventually find evidence to bury him. Rafe believes her and feels he played right into Ben's hands. Hope kisses him and says she's glad he did because he double checked the print and stopped her from playing into Ben's hands where going to trial would've blown up in their face. Hope hugs Rafe and calls it a second chance to put Ben away.

Claire claims she and Ben were shaking hands because Ben said he needed a job and she agreed to put a good word in for him at the cafe. Tripp questions Ben wanting to work there. Ben says he'll take whatever he can get. Ciara questions Claire wanting to help Ben all of a sudden. Claire says she felt bad for him as he couldn't afford breakfast and he's innocent from the false evidence like Ciara always said. Claire remarks that Ciara still kicked Ben out of their apartment but she knows Ciara had no choice. Ciara asks what that means. Claire thinks back to talking to Ben about Ciara not wanting Tripp to notice she has a thing for him. Tripp questions why she had to kick Ben out.

Chad asks JJ what makes him think that Abigail is being set up. JJ tells him that Abigail insists it doesn't feel like lost time and she doesn't remember getting sleepy so someone can be taking advantage of it. JJ adds that the wig could have been planted and someone else could've sent the text message to Stefan. Chad says he and Abigail are the only ones that know her cell phone code. Chad questions who would want Abigail to think she's splitting again. JJ points out that Stefan definitely benefits but admits that Abigail thinks that it's Gabi.

Gabi questions Abigail, claiming she doesn't know what she means. Abigail argues that Gabi knows exactly what she was doing when she told Chad about her text message to Stefan. Gabi claims she was just concerned and then later realized she was doing what Stefan wanted. Abigail thinks Gabi is too smart to be played by Stefan. Abigail believes Gabi is in on the game and doesn't buy that she is on her side. Abigail asks Gabi if she can swear she's not doing anything to get between she and Chad. Gabi claims she's been honest with her. Gabi admits it took her awhile to get over what she did but she let go of her resentment and she wants to help her. Gabi asks Abigail to please believe her.

Hope tells Rafe that she should've known something was off. Rafe suggests going to get Ben now and confronting him to try and get a confession out of him but Hope says not yet.

Ciara tells Tripp that she did it for them. Claire argues that it was for Hope. Tripp asks Claire how Hope would feel about her getting Ben a job. Claire says she just said she would put a good word in. Ben says he just wants to make a fresh start. Ciara hopes he can and that he takes the job if he can get it. Tripp suggests taking Ciara to lunch somewhere else which Claire questions so Tripp says they'll just take their food here to go. Claire goes with Tripp to get their food packed leaving Ciara with Ben.

Stefan asks Jennifer if she thinks Abigail's alters have come back since she's been through it before. Jennifer calls it a really painful subject that is none of his business. Stefan knows Abigail has lost periods of time and brings up the text message she doesn't remember sending. Stefan asks if there has been any more incidents. Jennifer refuses to talk about it with him. Stefan argues that Abigail is carrying his child. Jennifer feels he's rooting for Abigail to relapse since he wants "Gabby" back. Stefan argues that they made a deal that he wouldn't confront Abigail if she answered his questions. Jennifer then admits there was another incident so Stefan demands she tell him. Jennifer then informs him that Chad found a black wig in Abigail's room which Stefan calls a "Gabby" wig.

JJ tells Chad that he doesn't want to think it's Gabi but Abigail brought up some stuff that he couldn't argue with like Gabi admitting she was way more pissed off at Abigail than she said. Chad says it makes sense than Abigail sent her to prison. JJ adds that Gabi probably can't have kids anymore and they finally had it out. JJ tells Chad that they said they were sorry and made peace but Abigail thinks Gabi didn't mean a word of it to get Abigail to trust her. Chad says that would be ridiculously cruel. JJ brings up when Chad was going to marry Melanie Jonas and Gabi hired Andrew to kidnap Melanie. JJ says that was pretty cruel but Gabi did it.

Abigail tells Gabi that she wants to believe her but she's known her for a long time and can tell when she's not being straight with her as she drinks her tea. Gabi blames Stefan for trying to make Abigail not trust anyone but him. Gabi says Abigail can't push her away since she is her best friend and would never hurt her. Abigail tells Gabi that she doesn't believe her. Abigail then passes out from the drugged tea so Gabi gets up and grabs the wig, declaring it's time for "Gabby" to have a field trip.

Hope says to Rafe that jumping in head first without thinking is what got her in trouble in the first place so they need solid evidence and to go about this case carefully. Hope adds that everyone knows she has a vested interest because of Ciara. Rafe asks what the plan is. Hope wants to keep it between them which Rafe agrees with. Hope says they will let Ben think he has the upper hand until he thinks he's gotten away with it and then they will put him away forever.

Ciara apologizes to Ben for asking him to move out as she just thought it was for the best. Ben gets that it was supposed to be temporary. Ciara asks where he's been sleeping. Ben says he went back to the homeless shelter and it hasn't been bad. Ciara offers more money but Ben tells her she's helped him more than enough. Ben says he'll get a job and find a better place to live. Ben jokes that he doesn't wait as long to shower in the shelter as he did living with her and Claire. Ben jokes with Ciara about it taking an hour to dry her hair. Ben calls her beautiful then apologizes but Ciara says they are cool and thanks him. Tripp and Claire come back so Tripp asks Ciara if she's ready and they walk away.

Stefan asks Jennifer about Abigail having the "Gabby" wig. Jennifer warns him not to say a word to Abigail about it. Stefan asks if she knows about it. Jennifer says that Chad showed her the wig and she has no idea how it got into her room. Stefan concludes that proves that "Gabby" is back. Stefan pulls out her phone and says he's the only one that "Gabby" trusts. Jennifer takes his phone and says she won't let him pressure her. Stefan claims he wouldn't do that. Jennifer goes over Stefan never telling Abigail's family about her illness because he wanted to keep "Gabby" all to himself. Stefan claims he was trying to protect her but Jennifer brings up that he had sex with her. Jennifer argues that Stefan is thrilled that Abigail might be sick again and says he disgusts her.

Gabi brings Abigail to the DiMera Mansion and puts her on the couch in the living room with the black wig on and then pulls out clothes to put on her.

Tripp and Ciara go back home to eat. Ciara asks why he thought she might be sick of the food at the cafe. Tripp admits he just wanted to get away from Ben and now he might end up working with him. Ciara points out that he needs the money. Tripp argues that there are plenty of other jobs and towns. Ciara asks Tripp to try to give Ben a chance. Tripp asks who in the town is going to be thrilled to have Ben take their order and remarks that they have to wear neckties on this job. Ciara assures that Ben is not that person anymore and Marlena agrees. Tripp feels there is a difference between him being okay now and wanting to hang out with him. Ciara brings up that Ben's dad used to beat him and his sister when they were kids and he has a good heart since he fixed her motorcycle. Tripp thinks he felt guilty for trying to burn her alive. Ciara insists he didn't do that and asks Tripp not to judge him based on who he was since he's a totally different person now and even Claire has come around to seeing he's not so bad.

Ben fills out a resume. Claire comments on not knowing he worked at a restaurant before. Ben tells her about working at Doug's Place back when it was Club TBD. Ben asks if she's really going to help him get a job here since he knows it was an excuse. Claire feels it can work in the favor and give them a cover for hanging out while they work out how to break up Tripp and Ciara. Ben responds that he thought more about it and decided he's not going to be any part of that as he didn't like the way Claire lied to Ciara and having to back her up since it's the first time he ever lied to Ciara since they met. Claire brings up that he's done a lot worse than lie to people. Ben says he wasn't in his right mind back then while Ciara was the first person he connected with when he had his head on straight so Ciara will always be special to him. Ben says they've been honest from the start and what they have is pure. Claire remarks that Tripp is the one Ciara is having sex with and it's going to stay that way unless they do something about it. Ben questions her wanting to do something dishonest. Claire thought he understood her that Tripp and Ciara are wrong for each other and they can help them figure it out. Claire declares that she belongs with Tripp while Ben belongs with Ciara and asks if he's with her or not.

Stefan tells Jennifer that he's not a monster and he's always thought of "Gabby" as the true essence of Abigail so he would never pressure her because it's bad for her and the baby. Stefan says he is the child's father and he will be there for Abigail if she needs him. Jennifer tells him he won't need to be because she, JJ, and Chad will be there to take care of all of Abigail's needs. Jennifer adds that if Stefan cares about her and the baby then he will leave her alone. Stefan repeats that he will be there for his child. Jennifer says she will be there for hers too. Jennifer warns that Stefan has hurt her enough so if he does anything to jeopardize her mental health, she promises he will regret it. Stefan doesn't know how to convince her that he will never harm her. Jennifer tells him to get out of her house and out of her daughter's life so he exits.

Chad tells JJ that he'll never forget what Gabi did to Melanie and he thought she was over all of that. JJ thinks they owe it to Abigail to keep their minds open that she might be right. Chad argues that they wouldn't be speculating if Abigail will go see a doctor but she won't so he feels they have to force her since he has Thomas to worry about too. JJ says he and Jennifer want her to see a doctor too. JJ assures that they will get to the bottom of this.

Gabi declares let the games begin as she leaves the DiMera Mansion with Abigail passed out on the couch in the black wig and "Gabby" outfit.

Tripp tells Ciara that at least Ben doesn't live here anymore. Tripp jokes about Ciara snoring and they end up playing around throwing food at each other.

Claire tells Ben that the plan won't work if he keeps going back and forth. Rafe and Hope approach. Claire asks what they are doing here. Hope asks for a moment alone with Ben and claims she'd like to apologize to him.

JJ goes to see Jennifer, who tells him that Stefan was just there asking all these questions about Abigail. Jennifer tells him that she made a deal with him that he would leave Abigail alone if she answered his questions. JJ points out that Stefan lies for a living. Jennifer informs JJ that she told Stefan about the wig so now he believes "Gabby" is back. JJ is sorry she had to deal with that. Jennifer mentions Abigail not being home. JJ asks where she went. Jennifer says she tried calling but it went straight to voicemail. JJ notes that he spoke to her and she didn't mention any plans to go out. Jennifer hopes she's alright.

Abigail wakes up on the couch of the DiMera Mansion and asks if Gabi is there.

Gabi returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and heads into the living room where upon seeing on one is home, she flips a chair over, lays down a lamp, then takes the tea tray and slams it into her head in order to make it look real.

Tripp and Ciara end their food fight and kiss onto the bed.

Claire takes Ben's resume to turn in to allow him to talk to Hope and Rafe. Ben assumes Hope wanting to apologize was to get Claire to leave but Hope insists she meant it. Hope apologizes for arresting Ben on the evidence that was obviously planted as he said and she's sorry for treating him unfairly. Ben responds that he just wants to put the whole thing behind him. Hope shakes his hand and thanks him for being so gracious. Rafe decides they have to get going and walks off with Hope. Rafe tells Hope it was cool how calm she stayed when it couldn't have been easy. Hope tells Rafe that next time, Ben won't see her coming.

JJ tells Jennifer not to worry as he suggested Abigail see another doctor and she agreed to think about it so maybe that's where she is now, getting the help she needs.

Abigail wonders what she's doing at the DiMera Mansion. Stefan walks in and asks if it's "Gabby"

Gabi lays on the floor and pretends to be knocked out as Chad walks in and rushes over to check on her, asking what happened. Gabi claims that Abigail attacked her.

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