Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/16/19

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/16/19


Written By Joseph

Chloe has a dream about Stefan telling her that El Fideo's men were caught and they can be together now. Chloe wakes up to Stefan in her room, telling her that he has news.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Victor questions how she got in. Kate brings him a detailed financial analysis of Titan and says that he's wasting money everywhere so if he hires her, she will have the company back on track by the end of the year. Brady walks in and questions what's going on here. Victor informs him that Kate wants a job at Titan. Brady declares that he's the CEO and he's not interested. Kate tells him that he should be.

Will and Sonny have breakfast at Gabi's. Will can't eat as he's worried about the biopsy but Gabi encourages him. Arianna walks in and asks about seeing Jordan's baby. Gabi explains to Will and Sonny that Rafe is taking care of the baby. Gabi tells her that she can't see the baby right now because Will has a doctors appointment so Arianna asks if he's sick.

At his apartment, Eric calls Jennifer and leaves a message, telling her that he's sorry their plan to stop Jack and Eve's wedding didn't work. Eric tells her not to worry because they know they aren't in love and the marriage isn't going to work as Rex comes out and overhears him, thinking that he's talking about he and Sarah. Eric hangs up and tries to explain but Rex questions why the hell he would say something like that. Sarah comes in and asks what's going on. Rex tells her that Eric apparently thinks their marriage is doomed. Rex says he caught Eric on the phone, saying their marriage is never going to last. Eric explains that he was leaving a message for Jennifer about Jack and Eve's wedding, not his. Rex apologizes and says he's still paranoid after everything that happened. Rex points out that even Maggie doesn't want him to marry Sarah but he knows she will come around when she sees how happy he makes her daughter. Rex adds that they have set a date for the wedding so Eric will be getting an invitation soon. Rex states that everything is back on track as he kisses Sarah and Eric congratulates them.

Chloe asks Stefan if he caught El Fideo's men. Stefan says almost as Ben and his men are closing on them. Stefan promises this nightmare is almost over so they can enjoy taking Holly to the park today. Stefan is looking forward to teaching Holly how to fly a kite. Stefan adds that they can take Parker over the weekend. Stefan hopes by the time they get back, Ben will have good news. Chloe thanks him for everything and gets up to get dressed.

Kate tells Brady not to worry as she's not after his job. Brady questions what she is showing Victor. Kate explains that it's a financial analysis of Titan so he should look at it too. Brady says he has it covered but Kate disagrees, arguing that his expenses are out of control so she suggested some cuts to help with his bottom line. Brady says he is straightening that out since Sonny was sued thanks to her. Victor calls that old news. Brady doesn't buy her analysis. Kate brings up that she and Victor have been doing this since Brady was in diapers. Brady declares that he's all grown up now and he's taking Titan to the future. Brady adds that he will come back when Victor comes to his senses and throws Kate out. After Brady exits, Kate asks Victor if he will let his grandson run the company into the ground or will he be the smart businessman he's always been and rehire her. Kate knows he wants to support Brady and for him to do well but he needs help. Victor admits that Kate is rarely wrong when it comes to business so he will take a closer look at this. Maggie walks in and asks if she's interrupting.

Eric points out that the wedding date is soon. Rex explains that he and Sarah were talking about getting married when he first came back before he royally screwed that up but she forgave him so they aren't going to wait. Rex mentions having to get to work. Eric asks him to keep him in the loop on Will's biopsy. Rex agrees to put a rush on the results as he goes to get dressed. Sarah assures Eric that Rex is an excellent surgeon so there is no one better to take care of Will.

Will tells Arianna that he's just going for a checkup so it's no big deal but she questions why Gabi and Sonny look so worried. Gabi says she just overreacts to things and suggests Arianna just give Sonny a hug to make him feel better so she does.

Stefan brings out a basket for he and Chloe to take Holly on a picnic. Chloe asks if he has to go to work. Stefan informs her that he is taking the whole morning off and their bodyguards will be watching them the entire time. Chloe says it sounds amazing but asks if this is his sneaky way of trying to take her on a date. Stefan insists that if he was making a move, she would know it.

Gabi suggests Arianna stay with her. Sonny points out that she has to work. Gabi offers to call out but Will says it will be fine and they have play dates set up while the babysitter will be there if anything comes up. Gabi says she loves them as Will and Sonny exit with Arianna.

Kate tells Maggie that they were just discussing business so she doesn't think it would interest her. Victor warns Kate that insulting his wife will not get him to hire her. Maggie questions Kate being here twice this week and if she's begging Victor for work. Kate tries to blow her off but Maggie can't believe that Kate is here looking for a job when Will is about to go into surgery. Kate was unaware and is shocked, asking what is going on with her grandson. Maggie guesses Will is going to fill everyone in after the procedure. Kate demands to know what's going on so Maggie informs her that Will is having a biopsy today because he has a brain tumor.

Gabi goes through her phone and sees that Stefan cancelled all of his meetings for today, wondering what that is all about. Brady shows up and asks if she's given any thought to their idea of her seducing Stefan. Gabi admits she tested the waters and feels he's interested. Brady asks if this means she's in. Gabi doesn't know as she has a lot going on with Arianna, Will, and work so she doesn't have time to be playing games. Brady argues that this is not just any game. Brady says they want revenge on Stefan and she can take him for everything he's worth. Gabi admits she wants that and the idea of Stefan begging sounds appealing but she is repulsed by him and doesn't want to think about being in bed with him. Brady encourages her to think about Stefan having nothing and Gabi having everything. Brady says Stefan deserves to be alone and miserable while this would secure a future for Arianna. Gabi tells him not to bring her daughter up. Brady insists that she would be set for life if she does this one thing. Gabi gives in and agrees to do it. Gabi makes a call and finds out that Stefan cancelled his morning schedule to go have a picnic with Chloe and teach Holly how to fly a kite. Brady declares that won't be happening. Gabi asks if he's going to stop him. Brady responds that he won't but Gabi will by becoming up with a urgent business reason that will require Stefan's attention all day. Brady adds that he will then run into Chloe and Holly so they will both get exactly what they want.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Arianna hugs Will for good luck. Sonny then takes Arianna upstairs to her babysitter. Will walks into the living room where Kate questions him not telling her about the tumor. Will didn't want to worry her. Maggie apologizes for assuming that Kate knew. Kate complains about Will not letting her know and asks how he's feeling and if he needs anything. Will wants everyone to just relax as he doesn't want anyone to worry. Kate wants to go with him to the hospital but Will says it's just a routine biopsy so he'd prefer to not have people hovering. Sonny comes in to ask if Will is ready. Maggie is going with them because she's volunteering at the hospital. Kate wants a reason to go too. Will promises that he's in excellent hands as Rex is doing the procedure. Kate remarks that Rex was also keeping secrets from her then. Will promises to keep her updated and to have Rex call her as soon as they are done. Kate hugs Will and says she loves him so much. Will then exits with Sonny and Maggie.

Rex tells Sarah and Eric that he will let them know how it goes with Will. Rex kisses Sarah as Eric looks away. Rex comments on Eric's look and apologizes for flipping out on him about his phone call and jumping to conclusions. Rex adds that he should realize that Eric support he and Sarah getting married. Rex then exits for work. Eric asks Sarah if she's working today. Sarah says she asked for a late shift as she has a million things to do for the wedding. Eric points out that she's running out of time. Sarah talks about needing a venue, a florist, and a DJ so Eric offers to help her out.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan for assuming he was making moves on her when he wasn't. Stefan assures that today is all about Holly as he has grown fond of her. Chloe acknowledges Stefan calming her down and saving her day with the picnic. Chloe starts to leave to get Holly but Gabi runs in, panicking to Stefan that the morning deal is falling apart and this is the most important negotiation that Gabi Chic has ever been involved in so they need to find a way to save it immediately. Stefan tells her that he's not available today. Gabi says they need to make this deal happen as failing is not an option. Gabi adds that her future is on the line and that the business on this deal is about to switch over to Titan while Stefan is the only person that can stop it. Gabi brings up that Mr. Shin said Stefan is the only one who can speak for DiMera. Gabi tells him that she will need him to block out the entire morning for this. Stefan apologizes to Chloe as he hates to disappoint Holly. Chloe says it's okay as if they can have the bodyguards, she'll take Holly to the park alone. Stefan and Chloe head upstairs to tell Holly. Gabi texts Brady that it's done and for him to get to the park. Stefan returns and sits with Gabi, going over papers. Gabi comments that they cannot rush this and asks him about stock options. Gabi encourages him to focus because if he messes up, they are done, so she asks him to look over the numbers again. Gabi keeps arguing about the numbers and making Stefan explain things. Stefan complains that she doesn't even understand the contract. Gabi brings up Will being at the hospital today with a brain tumor. Stefan admits he had no idea and apologizes. Gabi talks about just getting him back so she has no idea what to do if they lose him again while Sonny waited so long to be with him. Gabi thought everything was getting better but now Will might die. Gabi cries that she can't even think about that and hugs Stefan. Stefan tells her everything is going to be alright.

Sonny sits with Will in the hospital. Will wonders what is taking so long. Sonny encourages that he'll be in and out in no time. Will worries about upsetting Arianna but Sonny thinks he handled it perfectly and encourages him to stop doubting himself. They talk about being lucky with Arianna. Will gets a headache but says it's not that bad and he's fine. Will tells Sonny to just hold his hand until they wheel him out. Sonny agrees to not let go.

Maggie arrives at the hospital and runs into Rex, who guesses she came to see Will. Maggie says she came to volunteer but she's glad that Rex is the one doing Will's biopsy. Rex is glad that she has confidence in his work, considering she doubts everything else about him. Maggie just wants her daughter to be happy. Rex assures that making Sarah happy is his mission in life. Rex adds that they have set a wedding date and Sarah can tell her the details but they are excited about it so he hopes Maggie can be too. Maggie says they will see. Maggie comments that Rex has proven himself as a doctor but as a son in law, the jury is still out.

Sarah asks if Eric would really do that for her and Rex. Eric offers to take pictures as a wedding gift since he was a professional photographer. Sarah admits that slipped her mind and calls it a generous offer. Eric says it's one thing that she can cross off her list. Eric remarks that it will be easy, especially taking pictures of her since she's beautiful. Eric adds that he's just speaking as a photographer. Sarah jokes about being a model if she wasn't a doctor. Sarah calls Eric's offer amazing but decides she should probably run it by Rex.

Kate calls Rex, so he guesses Will told her about the surgery. Kate explains that Maggie told her by mistake because she didn't realize that her family didn't tell her something so important. Kate says she won't get into it when he has to operate so she warns him not to screw up. Rex jokes about having a few beers before the surgery. Kate tells him that's not funny and warns that if anything happens to Will, she will never forgive him. Rex mocks her giving him confidence. Kate tells him to just do his job and hangs up. Victor asks if she's okay. Kate questions if he cares when he never liked Will or thought he was good enough for Sonny.

Chloe and Holly sit outside for their picnic, struggling to put together their kite. Chloe doesn't know if she can put it together so they may have to do it another time. Brady comes by on a run and questions what she's doing out here all by herself. Chloe explains that they are trying to put the kite together but it's not going well. Brady responds that he's happy to help.

Rex joins Sonny and Will in the hospital room. Sonny mentions Will's headache. Rex says that's normal and he'll be out soon. Sonny asks Rex to walk them through the procedure one more time. Rex explains that he won't move the entire tumor with it's location. Rex says he might not need future surgery if the tumor is benign but they are taking it one stepa t a time. Sonny asks about the recovery process. Rex says if Will feels good, he sees no reason not to resume normal activity in days. Sonny points out that Will only had a few headaches and the one time passing out. Rex notes that it's good he hasn't experienced new symptoms but they won't have a definitive answer until the results of the biopsy come back. Rex goes to check with the operating room.

Gabi apologizes to Stefan for getting so much emotional about losing Will and says she's fine now. Gabi comments on it being a long time since someone hugged her like that and brings up their kiss which she calls disgusting. Gabi mentions knowing he's into Chloe anyways. Stefan responds that there's nothing really romantic going on there so Gabi questions if he lost his touch. Stefan explains that Chloe doesn't want to be involved with anyone until El Fideo's men are caught. Gabi guesses it must frustrate him as a man. Stefan says he's fine. Gabi talks about not being with anyone since Eli which sounds pathetic. Stefan adds that the last person he was with was Abigail's alter who most people didn't think was real. Gabi laughs at the situation, calling them two dynamic, driven, attractive people that are all alone. Gabi suggests maybe they could use some hot, no strings sex since they have no chance of getting any.

Brady admits putting together the kite is difficult. Chloe explains that Stefan was supposed to do it but had to cancel for work then luckily Brady was here to save the day. Brady gets the kite put together so Chloe invites him to join them for the picnic. Brady responds that there is nothing else he'd rather do and thanks her.

Gabi points out Stefan being speechless for once. Stefan wonders why she said that and questions her suggesting something. Gabi says it's completely out of the question because they hate each other while Stefan points out that they work together.

Eric shows Sarah his photographs from Africa. Sarah comes across a photo of Nicole that she praises. Eric talks about Nicole always dreaming of being a model and having natural talent. Eric admits he misses her as Sarah holds his hand to comfort him.

Kate tells Victor that he can admit to never liking Will. Victor admits he was not one of his favorite people but he knows how important he was to Kate and the extremes she would go to for him. Kate agrees that she would do anything for Will so she's not going to sit here as she wants to go to the hospital. Victor reminds her that she promised Will she wouldn't so she needs to let him keep her posted. Kate feels it's too early to go back to her place and drink. Victor says it's never too late and gives her papers back to her. Kate guesses this is a no that he won't be hiring her back to Titan. Victor admits she brought very impressive work so maybe there is still a place for her at Titan. Victor informs Kate that they will work out the details after they are sure that Will is going to be alright.

Will agrees with Sonny that they are really lucky but worries that one day their luck will run out. Sonny encourages that Rex is the best. Rex comes back into the room and then Will suddenly starts having a seizure.

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