Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/20/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/20/18


Written By Joseph

Sonny walks through the town square where Paul calls him over. Paul brings up Gabi's trial tomorrow and asks how Arianna is. Sonny tells him that she's still with Marlena and they are just telling her that Gabi is on a business trip. Sonny prays that they can keep Arianna in the dark until it's over. Paul hopes so. Sonny asks if he and Will had a good time last night.

Lucas is sitting with Will at Doug's Place. Lucas comments on Will not wanting to keep Paul waiting. Lucas is glad they had a chance to meet. Will comments that Lucas looks good and healthy. Lucas talks about being 102 days sober and he's grateful for the support he's been given. Will is proud of him. Lucas talks about the place being nice and cool. Lucas tells Will that he might be seeing him here more in the future because of the owner Chloe. Kate arrives and tells them it's so good to see father and son together. Kate asks if she heard Lucas mention Chloe which he confirms. Lucas brings up their plans for a date before she left town. Lucas says Chloe returns tomorrow so he wanted to leave her a note and not forget the date. Kate questions if he's serious and says he's not keeping the date.

Hope and Shawn are eating together in Hong Kong. Shawn tells her that she's welcome to stay with he and Belle. Shawn is happy she's there but not for the reason. Hope tells him she's relieved to be away from Salem right now since everyone there knows about Rafe and Sami so she needs some time. Hope gets a call from Rafe and says so much for no pressure.

Rafe is in the interrogation room at the police station, hoping that Hope answers the phone.

Lucas tells Kate not to start. Kate brings up that he said he should be sober for at least a year before dating. Lucas argues that he can date who he wants when he wants. Kate reminds him how toxic Chloe can be. Will decides he is leaving so he wishes Lucas luck. Lucas tells him he enjoyed their time together and hopes they can do it again soon. Will tells Kate to go easy on him as he exits. Lucas can't believe Kate is still on him about Chloe. Kate can't believe he's still pursuing Chloe. Lucas tells her that nothing she can do can stop him so he tells her to forget it. Kate asks if he wants to bet.

Shawn suggests Hope at least talk to Rafe as he's probably worried out of his mind. Hope steps away and answers the call. Hope asks Rafe what he wants. Rafe wants her to come home.

Paul is sorry that Sonny walked in on he and Will the other night. Sonny asks if he's sorry or if it was the perfect way to get back at him for breaking up with him. Paul says that's not what this is about. Sonny remarks that it was a real treat to see he and Will half naked together. Sonny asks him if the sex was as good as he remembers. Paul doesn't want to discuss this. Sonny talks about memory loss and brings up how Will seduced Paul and slept with him to get the big scoop of him coming out just to make a name for himself as a writer. Sonny asks if he knows what Will is after now. Paul tells him it's none of his damn business. Sonny agrees since today the divorce is final. Will then walks up.

Lucas questions Kate offering him a job at Countess Wilhelmina as long as he doesn't go on a date with Chloe. Kate argues that he wouldn't have time since she and Chad are trying to run DiMera and it would be a wonderful challenge for him. Lucas tells her that she can take her job and shove it. Kate is worried about him and brings up the last time Chloe broke his heart. Lucas insists it won't happen again and he doesn't want to hear it. Lucas says Chloe helped him get sober. Lucas asks why Kate is acting like this. Lucas had misgivings about Andre but he loved her and wanted her to be happy. Lucas complains that Kate has never approved of any woman he's ever dated. Lucas sees she's not giving up so he tells her to have a wonderful afternoon and he will talk to her later. Kate repeats that she's going to break his heart. Lucas says it won't happen and walks out.

Hope tells Rafe that she needs time. Rafe understands but says they can't fix things if they don't talk. Hope doesn't know how to fix this and isn't sure they can. Rafe brings up Gabi's trial starting tomorrow and it would mean a lot for her to be there. Hope says Gabi understands she can't be there. Hope mentions that Eli has been keeping her updated. Hope tells Rafe that she can't come home now. Rafe asks when she will be home but Hope doesn't know. Hope asks Rafe not to call her again and hangs up.

Sonny informs Will that the final divorce decree came today so he should have his copy today. Sonny asks if this is what Will wanted, to not be married while he's attracted to other men. Sonny remarks that he hopes Will doesn't cheat on Paul like he cheated on him and walks away.

Kate goes to see Rafe in the interrogation room. Kate asks if the lab turned up anything on Andre's phone. Rafe says not yet but he will give her a call if they do. Kate asks if everything is alright. Rafe says he's been better. Rafe adds that it's not just Gabi but Hope left town because of him. Kate suggests she just needs some time away. Rafe doesn't think time is going to do it.

Hope sits back with Shawn and tells him that every time she hears Rafe's voice, it takes her right back to that moment in front of everyone when Claire told the truth. Shawn argues that Claire should have never done that. Hope doesn't blame Claire for trying to stop her from making a huge mistake but didn't realize she had already made it. Shawn is sorry she has to go through all of this and for what Claire did. Shawn hopes that she and Rafe work things out. Hope says she doesn't know as she can't shake the image out of her head of he and Sami and she can't sleep. Shawn brings up that when this happened, Hope and Rafe had broke off the engagement. Shawn points out that technically they weren't even together. Hope argues that it was for one night and she was agonizing over their relationship while he was with Sami. Hope adds that the next day she went to talk to Sami to see if she knew where Rafe was because she was worried after he wasn't returning her calls but he was there hiding in the other room. Hope feels all this time she was such a fool as she thought she had found the perfect man. Shawn hates to see her hurt like this. Shawn insists their love is still there despite the hurt. Shawn questions if she's willing to throw all that away right now.

Lucas makes a phone call to see about the ice skating rink he had set up to take Chloe out to tomorrow. He is informed that they will be closed. Lucas tells him that this is a very important date for him so if there's anything they can do he would appreciate it, as Chloe then arrives behind him. Lucas thanks them anyway and hangs up. Chloe asks Lucas who the lucky girl is. Lucas is surprised she is already back. Chloe tells him she took an earlier flight as she felt she had been gone long enough. Lucas asks if she had business to get back to. Chloe says among other things. She sits with Lucas as he wants to hear everything and how Vienna was. Chloe says it was pretty amazing and her parents saw opening night with Parker. Lucas asks how she felt about it. Chloe thinks it went well. Lucas tells her that he read the reviews online and they loved her. Lucas calls her talented and off the charts. Chloe asks about his date and if it's with someone special. Lucas informs her that it's her.

Hope notes that Shawn sounds like he thinks she should forgive Rafe. Shawn says he's been there and tried to end his relationship twice. Shawn talks about getting a second chance to make things right. Shawn doesn't want to see Hope walk away from something that has made her the happiest he's seen her in a long time. Hope admits she never thought she'd find it again after Bo. Shawn tells her that he supports whatever decision she decides to make.

Kate asks Rafe if Sami strikes again. Rafe takes full blame since he could have walked away. Kate points out that Hope had called off the engagement before he got with Sami which made him free. Rafe argues that he should've waited a night before hopping into bed with someone else. Rafe adds that Hope won't even talk to him. Kate encourages him to give her time. Rafe is afraid the longer he waits, the worse it will be. Kate disagrees as lots of people forgive even if sometimes they don't deserve it.

Will and Paul sit together in the town square. Will apologizes for what Sonny said about hurting him the way he did. Paul feels it's not Will's fault. Will says it is since he cheated whether he remembers it or not. Will doesn't think he's that guy anymore otherwise he wouldn't have asked for a divorce. Will says Sonny thinks he's doing it to hurt him but he's just trying to be honest. Paul thinks Sonny would have been less annoyed if he hadn't just gotten the divorce papers. Will admits seeing the envelope kind of hit him a little too even if the divorce was his idea. Paul holds his hand.

Sonny sits at the Pub looking over the divorce documents when the bartender approaches and asks about him being back again. He asks about his papers. Sonny admits they are divorce papers from his husband. The bartender says he's sorry. He reminds Sonny about when he offered to buy him another drink. Sonny says he's just been going through hell. He suggests the paper means hell is almost over and another time to buy him a drink is now. The bartender relates his last breakup. Sonny asks how long it took him to get over it. He says he just finally realized that whether he was ready or not, he had to get back out there. Sonny agrees and asks if he wants to go out sometime on a date. The bartender informs Sonny that he's flattered but he can't. Sonny asks if he misread the vibe the other night. He says no but things have changed since then. Sonny asks if he got back with his ex. He says no but he met someone on a dating app which he tells Sonny about. Sonny reveals he already has the app downloaded but he hasn't been using it because he's not that brave. He encourages him to start.

Paul knows this must feel scary for Will. Will calls it more weird than scary as he's divorced but doesn't remember a single thing about his marriage. Will says it still feels like it happened to somebody else. Paul encourages that's not his fault. Will tells him to tell Sonny that since he gets so angry that he doesn't remember their time together. Paul clarifies that Sonny isn't angry but hurt because he loved him so much. Paul adds that he knows better than anybody how much.

Kate tells Rafe that he made one mistake or two if he counts their time together. Rafe doesn't consider their time together a mistake. Kate jokes that they are still frenemies. Rafe is grateful for that. Kate is glad they can talk so she advises him to not be so hard on himself because it's not all his fault. Rafe appreciates that but notes that Hope feels he betrayed her. Kate argues that Hope is not completely innocent as she has made mistakes in her life too like shooting Stefano when he was innocent of killing Bo.

Hope admits to Shawn that part of her wants to forgive Rafe as they had been through so much together. Shawn brings up that Bo asked Rafe to look out for Hope because he knew he was a good guy. Shawn knows Rafe didn't want to tell her because he was afraid of losing her forever. Hope talks about the night she brought Rafe to the Horton cabin and planned their wedding. Hope says she was so excited to surprise him and it felt right but the whole time, he was holding onto this secret. Shawn knows this is hard for her and wishes he had some perfect advice. Hope tells him that just being there helps. Hope is sorry he had to listen to all of this. Shawn tells her not to worry about it. Hope says he's her son so she will always worry. Hope decides she has to make decisions about her future with Rafe.

The bartender helps Sonny put his information in on the dating app and explains how to use it. He encourages Sonny to get to work. Sonny finishes his drink and decides he's as ready as he'll ever be.

Will and Paul eat a piece of chocolate cake together and joke about it. Will decides he will pay for it. Paul points out that he invited him. Will then realizes he is low on cash so Paul tells him it's no problem. Will talks about Sami lending him money while he didn't have a job and he didn't feel right about it. Paul says it's right for him to pay since he invited him and initiated the date. Will asks if this was officially a date then. Paul calls it their first.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room with Andre's phone. He tells Kate that the lab examined and copied everything on it but there was nothing relevant to the murder. Kate notes that Stefan had more than enough time to erase any evidence so she has no doubt he tampered with it. Rafe tells her they are done with it so it's hers now. Kate calls it sweet that Andre had their photo as his background. Rafe admits he never saw the real connection there. Kate says that nobody did then it became something real which surprised them. Kate says despite all of that, Andre betrayed Gabi behind her back which made her very unhappy. Kate states that Andre told her he loved her and then betrayed her. Rafe feels he's in no position to judge. Kate says it's different because Rafe made one mistake. Rafe calls it one that he may pay for, for the rest of his life. Kate encourages that he still has a chance to fix things while she told Andre to rehire Gabi or things were over between them and then he was killed so now she will never know whether he would've chosen her over his ambition.

Chloe finishes a call with her mom. Lucas wanted to spoil her at the ice rink for their date. Lucas tells her that it turns out they are closed tomorrow. Lucas jokes about asking her out on a date when now she's a huge star. Chloe downplays it. Lucas says they made this date a long time ago so he understands if she changed her mind and just wants to hang out as friends. Chloe asks about the ice rink closing tonight and suggests if they leave now they could make it so they exit together for the ice rink.

Will thanks Paul for dinner and apologizes if he was being a downer. Paul knows things are kind of weird with them and Sonny having this strange triangle. Paul gets what Will is going through. Will thanks him for letting him talk about it. Paul says anytime. Will says he was going to invite him back to his place for some beers but now that he knows the divorce papers will be waiting outside his door. Paul agrees that now is not a good time. Will says it's out of respect for his marriage even though he doesn't remember. Paul says they will do it another time. Will thanks him for understanding and kisses him.

Sonny goes through the dating app with the bartender until he comes across a guy that interests him. He says now they just have to see if he swipes right and they can set up a date. Sonny gets an alert that he got a match.

Shawn tells Hope not to put too much pressure on herself to make a decision. Hope is still furious that Rafe had Ciara lie for him. Shawn points out that Ciara said he never asked her to. Hope acknowledges that she told her the same thing. Shawn asks if she thinks Ciara is covering for Rafe. Hope doesn't know what to think anymore. Shawn points out that Ciara has no reason to lie to him and only didn't want to tell Hope so she didn't have to lose what she and Rafe had. Shawn feels Ciara is still fighting for them to be together and so is he. Shawn invites Hope to join him when he goes to meet Belle but Hope decides she will take a walk in the garden. Shawn asks Hope to take care of herself as they hug. Hope says she can start by making a decision. Hope asks Shawn to have Belle draw up divorce papers.

Kate knows Hope doesn't like her any more than she likes her but she would tell Hope that sometimes you only have one chance. Kate says it's too late for her and Andre but not for Rafe and Hope. Kate wishes Rafe luck and exits.

Lucas and Chloe exit Doug's Place. Lucas reminds her that he told her if she didn't want to go ice skating, they could always do bungee jumping. Chloe thinks they should stick with ice skating as Lucas jokes about bungee being safer. Lucas and Chloe walk away as a man walks up and makes a phone call, saying that Chloe is back in town and he will keep an eye on her.

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