Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/12/17

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/12/17


Written By Joseph

At the police station, Eli shows Abe the transcript of what they found on Theo's laptop and how he was breaking into the warehouse to investigate a DiMera hacking. Abe knew the DiMeras were behind this. Eli points out there is no proof of that yet since Andre and Kate both deny it. Abe doesn't believe them. Eli says there is more to the story and he will get it. Abe is counting on him to stay on top of all of this. Eli assures they will find out who is responsible.

Kate walks through the town square and leaves flowers for Theo where they had the candlelight vigil. Kate says she's so sorry to Theo's photo. Gabi arrives and hugs her.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad and Abigail sit with Jennifer and Thomas talking about Christmas. Chad takes Thomas to put him in bed upstairs. Jennifer tells Abigail that it gives her great comfort to see her and Chad so happy together. Abigail says they are but she's really worried about JJ. Abigail says JJ isn't answering her calls either. Jennifer informs her that Hope talked to him and he wanted to resign from his job. Abigail doesn't know how to help JJ if they can't talk to him. Jennifer thinks she found the perfect person to help him and prays that she's right.

JJ doubts there is anything Eric could say. Eric says he has nothing to lose then.

Rafe can't believe Sami has the ring stuck. Rafe suggests using soap but they don't have any. Rafe tells Sami to pull harder which she's trying to do. Rafe asks what he's supposed to do since he can't tell Hope why she's wearing her ring. Rafe asks why she didn't just put it in her pocket. Sami argues that she's trying until Hope walks in and asks what's going on. Sami says nothing but Hope says it sounded like an argument. Sami insists it's no big deal. Hope questions what Sami is hiding.

Eric guesses JJ feels guilt, shame, and doubt. Eric relates to JJ questioning everything and knows he hasn't slept. JJ says he shot an innocent man. Eric reminds him that he killed his best friend. JJ asks what if Theo dies. Eric encourages that there is still hope he will come out of the coma. JJ questions how he can live with himself if he doesn't. JJ says the guilt is eating him up. Eric didn't want to talk about his situation either but wishes he had which is why he's here. Eric tells JJ that there is still purpose for him and a meaningful life. JJ argues that's not possible. JJ declares that if Theo dies, his life is over.

Sami tells Hope that she's not hiding anything but Hope argues that it's obvious. Sami claims she just came to say hi which Rafe goes along with. Hope remarks that she knows exactly what is going on here. Hope guesses Sami came to convince Rafe to drop the charges against her. Sami doesn't think it's unreasonable. Hope brings up how Rafe just became commissioner. Sami thinks back to having sex with Rafe. Rafe thanks Hope and calls it a great point. Rafe tells Sami it's out of his hands so Justin can help her get a good deal. Sami says it was worth a shot. Hope asks if there's anything else.

At Doug's Place, Doug asks Julie about closing the club early. Julie explains that she has set up a private dinner for Rafe and Hope. Julie tells Doug about their romance hitting a bump in the road and Hope returning his ring. Julie says every couple has their problems. Doug assures her that they worked through theirs and got it right as they kiss. Julie adds that so will they which is what tonight is all about. Julie says Rafe is determined to get the ring back on Hope's finger and doubts anything could stop him.

Sami tells Hope that she did want to talk about Will. Sami informs her that this morning they had a breakthrough in their relationship. Hope says she is happy for both of them. Sami calls it bittersweet since she was explaining that she had to go back home to her kids. Sami suggests maybe it will be easier for Will without her so close so they will try to build their relationship long distance. Hope gets Sami a tissue while Sami manages to get the ring off with her back turned.

Chad returns to the living room and tells Abigail that Thomas is asleep. Jennifer finishes a call with the paper, informing them that one of her reporters got a tip from a source at the police station that the DiMeras are officially connected to Theo's case. Jennifer asks if Chad would care to comment on that.

Gabi encourages Kate that Theo will pull through.Kate says Theo is in her heart even though most people think she doesn't have one. Kate asks if Gabi gave her offer any more thought to buy her company. Gabi needs more time. Kate needs an answer so she tells her to come to the mansion tomorrow at three. Gabi agrees and walks away.

Abe asks Eli about the investigation into JJ's actions. Eli says he turned it over to IA so it's up to them now. Abe asks for Eli's take on if he thinks JJ acted improperly or not.

Eric tells JJ that isolating himself is the worst thing he could do. JJ feels he doesn't deserve any love. Eric insists that Theo knows he's a good man. JJ just needs Theo to live and forgive him. Eric tells him to forgive himself. JJ worries about Theo dying. Eric brings up that Nicole forgave him for killing Daniel which allowed him to kill himself. JJ doesn't think Abe will ever forgive him for this.

Abe knows Eli can't comment professionally but he would like to know his opinion about JJ's actions off the record. Abe asks if JJ was in the right or was he wrong? Eli believes there is a possibility that JJ could have approached the situation differently. Abe says that means Theo wouldn't be in a coma. Eli admits he thinks it could have been avoided as Gabi shows up at the station.

Chad questions if Jennifer is ambushing him. Jennifer says her reporters will run with this so she's giving Chad a chance to comment first. Abigail thinks it would be helpful to get ahead of this. Jennifer wants an official statement. Abigail says Chad has no comment other than to say that they are doing everything they can for Theo's recovery and they support the police's investigation. Jennifer questions that being it and wants more substance. Chad asks if she wants to make the DiMeras out to be villains. Jennifer argues that Theo did not break in to the building on his own so someone put him up to it. Chad responds that the DiMeras didn't put a bullet in Theo, her son did.

Sami talks about it meaning a lot to her that Will is willing to build a relationship with her while she hides the ring. Sami says she will be leaving as soon as Justin works things out for her. Sami hugs Hope while handing the ring back to Rafe. Sami tells them they are great together and then exits the office. Hope feels that was weird as she got the feeling Sami was hiding something.

Abigail turns to Chad and questions how he could say that. Chad apologizes for being out of line. Jennifer says she should be apologizing for being so emotionally involved in this case. Jennifer insists that her reporters are going to dig deep and they will find if there is a link to the DiMeras. Abigail agrees they just want the truth. Jennifer asks for any kind of help. Chad says off the record that if he found out any DiMera employee had anything to do with Theo being shot, he will personally take care of them himself.

Sami joins Kate in the town square at the shrine for Theo. Kate questions Sami getting a madman to strangle her son. Sami insists she had it under control and was willing to do anything to help Will remember. Sami adds that Will forgave her so she wants to move on. Sami thought Kate would be thanking her for saving her son Lucas.

Rafe and Hope go to Doug's Place for dinner at the club. Hope continues to question if Sami was lying until Rafe gets her to stop. Rafe tells her that he had Doug and Julie set all of this up. Rafe apologizes for the things he said. Hope apologizes as well. Hope says as harsh as those words were, it reminds them that honesty is most important and will make them stronger. Hope toasts to trust while Rafe apologizes for hurting her. Rafe tells Hope that he loves her more than anything in the world. Rafe then gets down on one knee which Hope questions since she already proposed. Rafe tells her the ring brings him to his knees so he wanted to ask her if they can make it official as he proposes to her. Hope tells him that he makes her feel loved and so safe as she accepts his proposal. Rafe puts the ring on her finger and they kiss. They say I love you to each other. Rafe adds there is no time limit on this. Hope wants to pick a date as soon as possible since she can't wait for him to be her husband. Rafe says he loves her and they continue kissing.

Gabi hopes she's not interrupting as she tells Abe that she and Arianna have been praying for Theo. Abe thanks her and thanks Eli for being honest as he walks away. Gabi questions how Eli could do that. Gabi feels Eli told Abe that it was JJ's fault that Theo was shot. Eli feels he had to offer Abe something. Eli says he would never do anything to hurt JJ. Gabi argues that he just did since Abe hates JJ and will now use that against JJ any way he can.

Eric asks JJ if he's tried talking to Abe. JJ says it didn't do any good and he threw him out of Theo's room. Eric admits it could take years for Abe to forgive while JJ worries he might never. Eric wants JJ to focus on himself because he can get through this if he gives himself a chance. JJ declares they are done here. Eric offers JJ the bible but he turns it down. Eric says he found comfort in the bible while he was in prison after killing Daniel so maybe he will too. Eric leaves the bible and then exits the room.

Kate thinks the best thing Sami could do for Lucas is to stay away from him. Sami reveals that she got Lucas into rehab which shocks Kate. Sami says Maggie is doing that as they speak and Lucas is checking himself in right now. Kate can't believe Sami got him into rehab. Sami informs Kate that Lucas rolled his car last night but he's okay. Sami explains that she refused to bail him out until he sobered up. Sami says she told Lucas that she still sees the real him and that he needed to find him because Will needs him since she's leaving town. Kate questions Sami leaving already. Sami says it's Christmas so she has to get back to the kids. Sami says she told Lucas to pull it together for Will because they will need each other. Kate asks if she thinks he will really do it. Sami encourages her to see the look in his eye as she thinks he really means it. Kate hugs Sami and thanks her as she cries.

Doug and Julie join Rafe and Hope at their table. Julie says it's good to see the ring back where it belongs. Julie then excitedly asks when the wedding will be. Hope assures it will be very soon. Julie wants details. Doug asks Rafe to help him pick the perfect bottle of champagne so they go to the bar. Julie comments that Hope is radiant. Hope admits she is so happy and doesn't think she's ever been this happy or sure about sharing her life with anyone since Bo. Doug and Rafe decide on a bottle of champagne. Doug brings up when Rafe first asked him for Hope's hand in marriage. Doug sees the joy he brings to her. Doug talks about Hope losing Bo then being deceived by Aiden. Doug sees that Rafe can be the perfect man and husband she needs. Doug then warns Rafe that he will answer to him if he ever hurts Hope. Rafe understands and gives his word that he will do nothing but love, respect, and protect Hope as they shake hands.

Kate thanks Sami for getting Lucas into rehab. Sami assures that Lucas chose this and knows how important it is to stay sober for himself and the kids. Abe walks by so they go to greet him. Sami asks if there is any change in Theo's condition but Abe says no. Kate tells him that she's so sorry to hear that which Abe questions. Abe states that somebody put Theo in danger which has DiMera stink all over it. Kate insists they would never do that. Abe knows that she and Andre denied their involvement to the police which Kate calls the truth. Abe questions if she's lying. Abe warns Kate about if he finds out they were responsible. Sami argues that Kate loves Theo and would never put him in danger.

Eli takes Gabi in to the interrogation room at the station. Eli apologizes for upsetting her. Gabi says she was coming to apologize because maybe she overreacted the other day but now she's not so sure. Eli feels he's allowed to have a different opinion than her. Gabi says not if hurts someone else. Eli thinks she means not if it hurts her ex. Gabi calls JJ her friend. Eli brings up that Chad was her friend and she turned out to have a lot of unresolved feelings for him. Eli asks Gabi if he needs to worry that she still has feelings for JJ. Gabi questions how he could ask her that. Gabi says JJ is her friend and he's going through hell so she asks what kind of friend she would be if she just walked away. Eli apologizes for saying anything. Eli just doesn't want to lose her. Gabi doesn't want that either. Eli asks if they are okay then. Eli can't promise to keep his opinions to himself as that's not who he is but he can promise that their relationship is a priority for him and he wants to make it work. Gabi jokes that she's not so good at keeping her opinions to herself either then they kiss.

JJ opens the bible that Eric left and questions this being his answer. JJ sits down to begin reading. JJ reads the passage about serious injury leading to life for life and an eye for an eye.

Eric joins Jennifer outside the town square. She asks if he saw JJ. Eric confirms that he did. Jennifer asks how it went. Eric responds that he doesn't have great news. Eric explains that he tried to connect with him but he was so busy beating himself up that he wasn't ready. Eric says that JJ needs to start by forgiving himself and he knows how long that can take. Jennifer feels there must be some way to reach him. Eric believes the only way to relieve JJ's guilt is for Theo to wake up. Jennifer worries if he doesn't. Eric declares that the only thing that will save JJ is Abe's forgiveness.

Abe argues that Kate is a DiMera and they don't care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. Abe warns that Kate will pay if the DiMeras are behind this. Sami tells Abe not to blame Kate and to go find Andre instead. Abe then walks away. Kate tells Sami that Andre is not lying. Sami tells her that she doesn't have to protect him to her. Sami jokes that they will catch Andre and throw him in prison for the rest of his life.

Rafe tells Hope this is the perfect end to a perfect day as he's here with the woman of his dreams and they are getting married. Hope asks about his talk with Doug. Rafe says he was just warning him not to hurt her. They kiss as Hope says that Rafe would never hurt her because it's just not who he is. Doug and Julie come back with champagne. Doug toasts to a long and loving marriage for Hope and Rafe.

Sami walks through the town square and puts her own ring back on, commenting that it was a close one.

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