Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/16/19

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/16/19


Written By Joseph

Eve arrives at the police station where Lani and Eli have Xander in handcuffs. Eve asks if they have questioned him. Eli informs her that he's demanding immunity for testifying against his boss. Eve decides she will interrogate him in her office. Lani asks if they can sit in on the interrogation but Eve says she will take it from here and keep them posted. Eve takes Xander to her office while Lani calls that suspicious. Lani asks Eli if they should go question Stefan. Eli decides they'll just let him think they are questioning Xander for now. Lani feels Stefan won't give anything away while Eli thinks he knows someone who might, so they exit the station together.

In the interrogation room, Stefan asks Gabi if she thinks "Nicole" is the one behind all of this. Gabi repeats that she went downstairs for champagne but came up with nothing. Gabi questions how she couldn't see Kate and Ted unless she already knew they were there and was lying about it.

Hope remains with Ted in his hospital room and tells him how glad she is that he's okay. Ted tells her how grateful he is to be alive. Ted says he and Kate would be dead if Hope hadn't followed Xander. Hope remembers to ask Ted about the voicemail he left, saying he had good news about Nicole so she asks what it is.

In her hospital room, Kate reads the news on Rex's phone and complains about Brady running Titan into the ground so Rex takes his phone back. Rex mentions Brady being concerned about Kate while she was missing. Kate argues that she should fire Brady. Rex encourages Kate that she's finally safe now that Xander and Stefan have been arrested. Rex tells her to rest while he goes to check on her lab results. Kate thinks back to Kristen ordering her and Ted to tell the police that it was Stefan. Kate declares that she will never be safe as long as Kristen DiMera is out there somewhere.

Brady refuses to do to Eric what he did to him. "Nicole" argues that it's different because they aren't together. Brady doesn't see any reason they can't work together if they keep it professional. "Nicole" responds that she can't promise him that and kisses him.

Ted tells Hope that he almost forgot about the message but it turns out there was no news about Nicole. Ted claims that Xander called him, saying Holly was alive and he was going to take him to her. Ted says Xander told him to meet him at the docks and tell no one but he couldn't resist calling her first. Hope says it's good that he did or else she wouldn't have known he was in trouble. Ted claims that's when he kidnapped him as Xander knocked him out from behind and he woke up in that room. Hope guesses Xander lied about Holly being alive whlie Ted flashes back to the original plan with Xander keeping Holly alive.

At the apartment, Sarah looks at her wedding photo with Rex and Eric. Eric then walks in upset so Sarah asks what's wrong. Eric tells her that Nicole is gone.

Brady stops kissing "Nicole" and says they can't do this. She asks why not, knowing he felt the connection. She argues that they used to be so close and those feelings are still there. Brady repeats that he won't do this to Eric. She points out that Eric did it to him and didn't care about breaking his heart. Brady refuses to go there then gets a text and says he has to leave. Brady says he came to help her as he doesn't want her to hurt but this is a mistake. Brady then hurries out of the room. "Nicole" complains that it's always Eric getting in the way. She argues that Brady felt something whether he knew it was her or not but none of that matters if Xander rats her out to the cops.

Xander tells Eve that he knew he could count on her to fix this. Eve questions him breaking the law and says he had a chance to be part of the Kiriakis Family but then he throws in with the DiMeras. Xander argues that it's not what she thinks. Eve thinks his incompetence has got him into a mess of epic proportions. Xander warns that she will get him out of it if she knows what's good for her.

Brady visits Kate in the hospital and says he came as soon as Rex texted him. Brady tells her that he came for the details of how Xander kidnapped her so he can fire him. Kate questions him hiring Xander in the first place. Brady reminds her that he had leverage but now that he's tried to kill a Titan employee on behalf of Stefan DiMera, he can fire his ass. Kate asks about the leverage. Brady says he'll have to find a way around it but he thinks they need to eradicate Xander from their lives once and for all. Kate suggests they do the same with Stefan DiMera.

Stefan questions why "Nicole" would kidnap Ted and Kate then try to frame him when he gaev her a job. Gabi guesses she's trying to punish someone who hurt her kid. Stefan points out that she claimed not to blame him for what happened to Holly. Stefan says he let his guard down and let her into his home. Gabi notes that gave her access to the tunnels and adds that Xander couldn't do this alone. Stefan admits it was a little surprising how easily "Nicole" let him off the hook for Holly's death. Gabi agrees that she lashed out at everyone but him. Stefan mentions that she lashed out at Eric, Chloe, and Maggie but not him. Gabi guesses "Nicole" planned on nailing him the whole time. Stefan remarks that the whole time the threat was right under his nose and he didn't suspect a thing..

Eric tells Sarah that "Nicole" wouldn't even open the door until Brady arrived. Eric feels she can't stand the sight of him and he feels like a broken record. Eric keeps saying it's over between them and he wants to get on with his life but it's hard to see her suffering when there is nothing he can do about it. Eric adds that this Nicole is not the same woman he fell in love with.

"Nicole" calls Xander, leaving a message questioning where he is and to call her then decides she will just find him. She hangs up and goes to leave when Eli and Lani show up at her door to ask her a few questions about her relationship with Xander Cook. Eli informs her that Kate and Ted say Xander was working with Stefan DiMera when he kidnapped them. "Nicole" says it makes sense to her. Eli asks what she knows about what Xander has been up to recently. She claims he never mentioned kidnapping anyone. Lani informs her that Kate reported that she was outside this room when she heard Xander say he killed Ted so they are assuming he was talking to her which she questions. Eli asks if she's saying that conversation never took place. "Nicole" doesn't deny it so Eli questions if she is then admitting that Xander confessed to murdering someone and she didn't report it to the police. "Nicole" says she guesses so so Eli asks why the hell not.

Xander warns Eve that if she wants him to keep his mouth shut, she'll get him out of this. Eve tells him they had an agreement and were even after the last time. Xander feels this is still apart of the last time unless she wants Jack to find out that Eve withheld Dr. Rolf's diary from him. Eve is tired of the blackmail so Xander tells her to help him. Eve informs him that Jack already has the diary. Xander guesses he knows how valuable it is then and asks how he will react to knowing he could've had it sooner. Eve suggests Jack will decide he loves her so much that it doesn't matter but Xander doesn't believe it. Eve insists that her marriage is strong. Xander asks if she's prepared to risk it and lose all of it just because she's too proud to help him. Eve asks how she let herself get involved with the likes of him. Xander asks if she will spin the wheel of misfortune or make a solid investment in her future. Xander tells her to drop the investigation and cut him loose now.

Kate tells Brady that Stefan deserves to take the fall for this kidnapping because she won't be safe until he's put away. Brady asks if she's worried that he will come after her again. Kate remarks that the DiMeras always find a way to claw their way back in. Brady comments on knowing Kristen is gone for good. Kate points out that Kristen has risen from the ashes before. Rex returns to the room and tells Kate that he's going to get going. Kate questions him leaving her here. Rex says she needs to rest while he needs to get home to his new bride.

Eric looks at the wedding photo of he, Sarah, and Rex. Sarah explains that it's a wedding gift from Kayla. Sarah encourages him about getting over Nicole. Eric hopes to speed things up by getting a fresh start somewhere else. Sarah questions if he means leaving Salem. Eric feels as long as he's here and "Nicole" is here, there will be a constant pull and a consistent reminder of what he has lost. Sarah questions him just moving away. Eric says it's for the best but Sarah argues that he can't go because so many people will miss him like his family, his friends, and her. Eric responds that he will miss her but she's a newlywed and has Rex so she doesn't need him. Sarah argues that Rex is her husband but Eric is her best friend. Eric repeats that it's for the best. Sarah knows they haven't known each other that long but she's never had anyone in her world like him. Sarah says she needs him in her life and doesn't know what she would do without him. Sarah asks if he knows how important he is to her. They almost kiss when Rex comes home.

Hope tells Ted that she was thinking his good news was about Holly. Ted says he's sorry as he thought he would be the one to bring her back home. Ted just wanted to prove himself to her. Hope points out that she never asked him to. Ted says she makes him want to be a better man in every way so he wanted the chance to prove that there is nothing he wouldn't do for her.

"Nicole" questions them saying Ted is alive. Eli points out that she wouldn't know that since Xander confessed to killing him. "Nicole" guesses she didn't think he was serious. Lani points out that people don't usually joke about that. "Nicole" claims that Xander showed up, ranting and raving about their divorce, then blurted out that he would kill her like he did Ted. Eli questions Xander threatening to kill her. She guesses that's what Kate must have heard and asks what she was doing by her door in the first place. She questions Kate not bothering to knock on the door to help. Lani asks what she did after Xander threatened her. "Nicole" says she told him to leave because she was afraid. Eli questions why she didn't just report it to the police. She claims she was just scared of what Xander would do if she turned him in. Lani says they are just trying to understand why Xander kidnapped Ted and Kate. Eli adds that they are lucky they didn't die down there.

Eve tells Xander that she doesn't think she will be able to help him with this. She says it's one thing to bury a 911 call but this is completely different since two people accused him of kidnapping them and leaving them to die. Eve complains that her detectives are watching her every move. Xander suggests she fire them both. Eve says she would then be facing accusations of obstruction of justice. Xander questions the point of being police commissioner if she can't make the law work for her. Xander threatens to use his one phone call to call Jack. Eve decides she will call the DA's office to see if she can get him a bail hearing. Xander complains that means he might still go to prison. Eve says it beats being locked up right away so Xander agrees for her to make the call and adds that when he gets his immunity, he will roll over on his boss. Eve argues that he should be locked up. Eve says she and Jack ran a campaign about law & order while she's putting Xander back on the streets. Eve adds that at least they'll put Stefan DiMera behind bars. Xander says sure or whoever put him up to this. Eve asks what that is supposed to mean. Xander responds that it's between him and the DA's office.

Stefan argues that "Nicole" won't get away with this and neither will Kate and Ted because they know he had nothing to do with their kidnapping. Gabi points out that Nicole and Kate don't get along. Stefan suggests maybe "Nicole" has something over her but he can't do anything from this room. Gabi tells him that she can help. Gabi declares that she will get to the bottom of this and get him out of here.

Rex asks if everything is okay. Sarah says it's not because Eric had another brutal run in with "Nicole". Rex tells him he's sorry because he knows how much that hurts. Eric says it's okay as he's dealing with it and it's over between them so it's time for him to move on. Eric adds that they have enough stuff to deal with. Rex then informs him that they found Kate and she's okay after being held prisoner with Ted Laurent in the DiMera tunnels. Rex mentions that Hope saved them. Eric remarks that Kate must have really loved that.

Ted knows Hope has been hurt by men she thought she could trust and she could not pursue a relationship with him until she could trust him for real. Hope responds that it's not just that but a lot of things. Ted brings up Rafe. Hope admits that letting go is hard. Ted asks if Rafe is seeing someone else. Hope confirms that he's moved on. Ted holds her hand and suggests it's time she do the same. Hope decides maybe it is.

"Nicole" says she knows what it's like to be kidnapped by Xander but she doesn't know what else to say. Eli tells her they have more questions about Xander's motivations. Eli brings up how he kidnapped her on behalf of Deimos Kiriakis. "Nicole" points out they said he was working for Stefan DiMera now and asks where Stefan is now. Eli informs her that he's in custody. "Nicole" asks if Xander admitted to working for Stefan. Lani explains that he's demanding immunity first. Eli adds that Xander promised that once he gets immunity, he'll tell them everything they want to know about his boss. "Nicole" remarks that she hopes Stefan and Xander go away for a long time. Eli decides that's it and thanks her for her time. She tells them to have a goodnight as Eli and Lani exit the room. She declares that she won't let Xander sell her out and has to figure out what he's planning to do. She then gets an alert on her phone that Xander was granted bail from kidnapping Ted and Kate. "Nicole" goes to rush out of her room when Xander appears at the door and asks if she's going somewhere.

Hope and Ted are about to kiss when Kate walks in and says she hopes she's not interrupting. Ted tells her they were in the middle of something. Kate says she noticed but she wanted to check on her fellow captive and it seems like he's fine. Ted asks if this can wait until later. Hope decides it's fine as she needs to make some phone calls anyways. Ted tries to stop her but Hope says it's fine and she'll see him later. Kate thanks Hope for rescuing them since if she hadn't stayed on the case, they might not be here now. Hope is glad they are okay and exits the room. Kate tells Ted that she still doesn't see what he sees in Hope. Ted tells her that barging in is not helpful. Kate says she really came to remind him that Kristen DiMera is still out there. Ted assures that he's very aware. Kate reminds him that they need to keep their stories straight or else they will be wishing they died in that basement.

Stefan questions how Gabi is going to get him out when they haven't even set bail yet. Gabi feels Kate is the weak spot and she knows she doesn't like working with Nicole so if anyone can get the truth out of her, it's her since they have history. Gabi tells him that she has to go get Arianna but she will talk to Kate first thing in the morning. Gabi asks if he needs anything. Stefan then kisses her and says that's to thank her.

Brady storms into Eve's office and asks if she cares about doing her job with the least bit of integrity. Eve assumes this is about Xander. Brady questions Xander being released. Eve claims Xander posted bail. Brady asks if he's still facing charges. Eve says it's pending further investgation. Brady asks if he will go to trial. Eve says they'll see which Brady questions. Eve informs him that Xander is trying to make a deal, full immunity for testifying against Stefan or whoever he was working with.

"Nicole" questions what the hell Xander is doing and says the cops were here. Xander assures that he waited for them to leave. She asks if he pointed the finger at her. Xander informs her that he didn't tell the cops that she was his accomplice but he should have. She questions what he did say. Xander tells her that they told him that they just arrested Stefan after Kate and Ted implicated him so he didn't say anything different. Xander adds that so far Ted and Kate are sticking to their story. "Nicole" says he can thank her for that. Xander argues that she covered her own ass and left him hanging. She feels he left him no choice since Hope was already onto him and if he hadn't charged out, he would've heard that she had a plan. She says her plan was for him to demand immunity and roll over on Stefan but it turns out they think alike. Xander questions believing her. She claims they've been such great partners up until now. Xander declares that he won't forget how she's treated him and he's not her monkey anymore. She wants to talk about this so he grabs her by the throat. She tells him to let her go but Xander says he's sorry as he can't do that and it's time to say goodbye to "Nicole".

Sarah can't believe Xander would do that to Kate when she thought he was turning over a new leaf but she's just glad Kate is okay. Rex hugs her and thanks her. Eric decides he will go to his room to give them some privacy but Sarah stops him and says they didn't finish their conversation. Sarah then informs Rex that Eric wants to leave town which shocks him.

Eve asks Brady if they are done or if he wants to attack her some more. Brady doesn't like the idea of Xander going free. Brady blames him for what "Nicole" is going through. Brady says she's in a very bad place right now. Eve knows losing a child is tough. Brady mentions Eric reaching out to her but she won't give him the time of day. Eve suggests Brady could be the one to give her that support since she's always cared about him. Brady reveals that "Nicole" actually wants to get back together but he's not about to do that to Eric because of how that ruined their relationship before. Eve questions it being just about Eric or if he would be open to pursuing a relationship with Nicole if Eric wasn't in the picture.

Rex questions Eric leaving Salem and argues that he's not leaving this room until he agrees to stay. Sarah declares it's not negotiable that he's staying even if they have to lock him in the apartment. Eric agrees to stay for now. Sarah states that there is no way they would let him leave.

Gabi tells Stefan that he doesn't have to thank her but Stefan feels he does because she never questioned his innocence. Gabi knows he would've never sent "Nicole" down there if he was really guilty. Stefan tells her that it means a lot and not since his mother's murder has there been anyone in his life to stand up for him. Stefan thanks her. Gabi assures they will beat this. Stefan reminds her about how they talked about taking their relationship to the next level. Gabi says they can talk about it later but Stefan feels like they already have and he feels lucky to have her in his life. Gabi turns away and goes to leave. Stefan stops her to ask if she's okay. Gabi says she is and she'll see him soon as she exits, leaving Stefan confused.

Eli and Lani go to the hospital. Eli tells Hope that they are here to take statements from Kate and Ted. Hope says that's good because they have quite a story to tell.

Kate asks Ted what he told Hope. Ted responds that he told her what he was supposed to tell her, that Xander and Stefan kidnapped them just like Kristen wanted. Kate adds that they aren't going to play along with this forever because if they want to be safe, they have to get rid of Kristen and Xander for good.

Xander rips Kristen's Nicole mask off of her and holds it from her. Kristen demands it back. Xander doesn't appreciate being made to twist in the wind so now he's going to do it to her. Xander says without the mask, she loses her ability to move free around Salem and she'd be a prisoner in this room. Kristen argues and struggles with him. Xander remarks that she'll never win Brady back with her real face. Kristen argues that she's finally starting to make progress on that. Xander suggests next time she show her partner in crime more respect. Kristen suggests they can talk about this and offers to make it worth his while if he gives her back the mask. Xander turns her down and walks out the door with the Nicole mask. Kristen complains that he won't get away with this.

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