Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/15/19

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/15/19


Written By Joseph

From her hospital room, Kate remains on the phone with Mr. Shin, telling him that he will regret his decision because she will be out soon. He then puts her on hold which upsets her. Kate throws her phone in frustration as Victor enters the room with flowers and comments on her feeling better. Victor mentions hearing Vivian tried to put her in an early grave. Kate responds that at least she looked her in the eyes when she pulled the trigger unlike Tony DiMera, who stabbed her in the back.

Tony tells Anna that he wasn't seeking the CEO position but he couldn't say no since Mr. Shin said they needed a DiMera to take over and he was the natural choice. Anna asks what about their life and the plans they made since she just booked their trip to Europe. Tony says he's sorry but they have to put that on hold for awhile. Anna doesn't want to since they already lost so much time together. Tony says they are here now and doesn't think it matters is where they are. Anna is getting tired of waiting for the life they dreamed of.

John and Marlena eat together in the town square. John says it's too bad Hope couldn't join them and asks if she seemed odd to her. Marlena agrees, especially after her run in with Dr. Rolf. Marlena guesses they are all just concerned over Julie. John asks about Eric's birthday. Marlena says she didn't stay long since Eric and Nicole were planning a celebration of their own but they seemed very happy. Marlena mentions that Eric did have some concerns when they thought Sarah might be pregnant but it was a misunderstanding. Marlena states that Eric would never turn his back on Sarah if she were carrying his child. John brings up Brady doing the same with Kristen unfortunately. Brady approaches and says that Kristen is carrying his baby so he would think they would want him to take care of her for the sake of his child.

Xander worries that he screwed up and he needs to call Dr. Rolf to stop him but realizes he doesn't have his number. Kristen walks in asking about dinner. Xander demands Dr. Rolf's number. Kristen asks why he has to get in touch with him so badly. Xander responds that he asked him to do something for him and he's afraid it's going to blow up in his face.

Dr. Rolf shows up at Eric's apartment where Nicole answers the door and asks what he wants. Rolf responds that he needs to speak with Eric because he has some very information that he's going to want to hear.

John understands Brady wants to do the right thing for his kid. Marlena adds that they just don't want to see Kristen take advantage of him. Brady knows how she operates and assures it's just for the pregnancy then they will work out a custody agreement and she will move out. Marlena and John are shocked to learn that Kristen has moved into the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady explains that it's a high risk pregnancy so she needs all the support she can get and she was going to move Dr. Rolf in with her. Brady says he doesn't want Dr. Rolf near his kid so he's doing this to protect his child. Marlena thinks that's exactly what Kristen was planning on.

Kristen asks what Xander asked Dr. Rolf to do for him. Xander says he doesn't have time to explain and asks for the number. Kristen asks why she should help him after he stole her mask and almost got her busted. Xander tells her that he has to stop Dr. Rolf from telling Eric that Sarah is having his baby. Kristen questions why Dr. Rolf would bother telling Eric. Xander admits he asked him to.

Nicole questions what Dr. Rolf's business is with Eric. Rolf says it's not business but personal and that Eric will be very glad for his visit. Dr. Rolf insists on needing to speak with Eric immediately. Nicole tells him that he's out of luck because Eric's not here.

Eric arrives at the hospital and runs into Sarah. Eric mentions seeing a patient from the Horton Center. Sarah says she'll leave him to it but Eric says he has time and asks if she's okay. Sarah says she is and asks why he asked. Eric feels she looks a little pale. Sarah claims she's fine but Eric notes that she's shaking. Sarah tries to walk away but Eric says he's worried about her which she questions. Sarah tells him that if she seems different to him, there's a reason.

Tony tells Anna that he didn't really know his brother Stefan and sadly he never will, but a DiMera needs to take his place. Anna asks about Kate. Tony says he will step aside when Kate is well enough to resume her duties then they will travel to Europe to make up for lost years. Anna questions him settling all this with Mr. Shin without even talking to her about it.

Victor asks who the target is of Kate's fury. Kate informs him that Mr. Shin called her to inform her that he appointed Tony DiMera as temporary CEO. Victor thought Tony wasn't interested in running the family business. Kate says Tony's never been interested in the business. Victor asks why he took it then. Kate explains that Tony has nothing and doesn't want to look weak sponging off Anna. Victor admits he'd rather deal with a reluctant Tony than match wits with Kate. Kate assures that she'll be out of here and back at the helm in no time. Victor says his timing couldn't be better as he has a proposition for her.

Sarah tells Eric that she looks like Hell because that's how she feels. Eric asks what's going on. Sarah tells him that she was there when they brought Stefan in and was part of the team that removed his heart. Sarah says they were in surgery for hours while now Kayla and her team are in the process of transplanting the heart in to Julie. Eric notes that she's exhausted and offers to take her home but Sarah wants to stick around for a bit as she has something to talk to Kayla about. Eric asks if it can wait until tomorrow. Sarah is afraid that it can't. Sarah then passes out and faints in to Eric's arms.

Dr. Rolf asks Nicole when Eric will be back. Nicole says it's hard to say as he had to check on one of his patients. Dr. Rolf decides he will stay until he returns then and walks in to the apartment. Nicole questions if it can't wait until another time but Rolf is certain that Eric will want to hear what he has to say to him sooner rather than later. Nicole responds that Eric is not here but she is so he can just tell her what this is all about because she and Eric don't have any secrets. Dr. Rolf decides that Nicole is going to find out eventually so he informs her that he just came from the Kiriakis Mansion where he learned some very intriguing news..

Brady understands John and Marlena think Kristen manipulated him in to asking her to move in. Marlena points out that Kristen knows how much leverage she has with the child so she will use it to get closer to him. Brady assures they aren't sharing a room or anything. John asks if he thinks Kristen will be satisfied with a platonic relationship. Brady says it doesn't matter because he's setting boundaries and assures that he will resist her. John thinks they all know just how far Kristen will go to take advantage of a situation. Marlena asks how Victor feels about Kristen moving in. Brady informs them that Victor threatened to fire him as CEO of Titan over it.

Kristen questions Xander sending Dr. Rolf to tell Eric that Sarah is pregnant. Xander informs her that Sarah is threatening to leave town and he didn't want her to so he figured if Eric found out that Sarah was having his baby, he would make her stay. Kristen points out that Sarah would be upset with Xander for sharing her secret then realizes that's why he sent Dr. Rolf to do the dirty work. Xander admits they made a deal as he offered him lab space at Titan in return. Kristen asks why he's freaking out now. Xander responds that it's a terrible idea and now he might lose Sarah for good.

Eric sits Sarah down and gets her some water. Sarah says she's fine and apologizes for fainting. Eric understands she's been working for hours trying to save Julie's life and asks when she last ate. Sarah admits she doesn't remember. Eric decides he will go get her something to eat and tells her to stay there until he gets back as he then exits.

Nicole questions Dr. Rolf going to see Brady. Rolf clarifies that he went to see Kristen and confirms she is pregnant. Rolf adds that Brady is so enthusiastic about the birth that he moved Kristen in to oversee her care. Nicole asks if he's out of his mind. Dr. Rolf says it's a high risk pregnancy and mentions offering his services but he was declined. Nicole thinks that's the news and says she will tell Eric about Brady's situation then she will tell Brady later what a terrible mistake he's making. Nicole tells Dr. Rolf to leave but Rolf reveals that's not the news he came to share with Eric as there is more. Dr. Rolf informs her that while he was at the Kiriakis Mansion, he stumbled across some information pertaining specifically to Eric as he then pulls out the envelope to show her.

Tony tells Anna that he was reluctant to accept the CEO position as he wanted to focus all his energy on her. Anna asks what changed. Tony tells her that he went to see Kate at the hospital and she felt insulted that he was offered the job. Tony feels it's part of his legacy too and he's run the company before so it's in his blood. Anna questions him taking the job to prove a point to Kate. Tony says it's partly that but partly because he wants to be his own man that Anna can be proud to marry.

Victor remarks that Mr. Shin is a bigger fool than he thought if he thinks he can replace Kate with Tony. Victor feels it could be a big opportunity for her. Victor talks about how he has always admired her business acumen. Victor suggests she forget about DiMera and come back to Titan. Kate appreciates that but reminds him that she would never work under Brady. Victor responds that she wouldn't have to if he fires Brady.

John asks Brady if Victor is making him choose between his career and his child. Brady asks what kind of person he would be if he didn't choose his kid. John tells him they are proud of him and they will be there if the situation goes bad. Brady thanks him and says his only concern is that the baby comes in to the world healthy. John adds that they are here to help in any way. Marlena offers to help with alternatives but Brady says he has to get pre natal vitamins and things to help Kristen settle in. Brady says he will talk to them later and walks away. John guesses Marlena thinks this isn't going to go so well which she confirms.

Xander explains that he thought when Eric found out Sarah is pregnant, he would stop her from leaving town but then he started imagining all the things that might happen next. Xander wonders if Eric finds out Sarah is having his baby and leaves Nicole to go back for Sarah. Kristen remarks that it would be the end of any shot Xander has with Sarah. Xander calls that even worse than her leaving town. Kristen comments that he's not good at thinking ahead. Xander worries that Dr. Rolf could go rogue and Sarah finds out that he's the reason Eric knows about the baby then she would hate him forever. Kristen says oh well as Xander grabs her and demands Dr. Rolf's number.

Nicole asks about the envelope Dr. Rolf has. Rolf says it's for Eric's eyes only. Nicole asks for a hint. Rolf says he will be grateful when he learns what is inside. Nicole asks if it's good news then. Rolf believes Eric will consider it good. Nicole asks him to just leave the envelope with her and she'll make sure Eric gets it when he gets home. Dr. Rolf says Eric must get it. Nicole gives him her word. Rolf adds that she is not to open the envelope as it's for Eric's eyes only. Dr. Rolf then hands the envelope to Nicole and exits.

Eric returns to Sarah. Sarah doesn't think she fainted over not eating but over the emotional toll of the surgeries. Sarah talks about walking into the operating room knowing she was ending Stefan's life. Eric admires her humanity and compassion. Sarah thanks him. Eric says he never would've got through Nicole's "death" or taking care of Holly without her support. Eric adds that he's very grateful to her. Sarah says she is to him as well and she's so glad they have Nicole back. Eric repeats that he wouldn't have gotten through it without her and he will never forget how much they meant to each other as nobody can take that away. Eric is sorry it couldn't turn out differently in the end. Sarah says if only.

Nicole puts the envelope down and tries to ignore it but keeps looking back at it.

Kate thought Victor was happy with Brady as CEO. Victor explains that he was until he moved Kristen into the house because she is carrying his spawn. Kate asks how Brady got into this mess. Victor calls it poor judgment and says he warned Brady there would be consequences but he wouldn't listen so it seems he's choosing Kristen over his career. Kate argues that he's choosing his child but Victor says it's the same difference to him so he feels Brady can't be trusted anymore. Kate asks if he's really sure since he's been back and forth on Brady for years. Victor states that it's become clear that Brady is useless now that Kristen has got her claws in to him.

Kristen warns Xander to get his hands off her and threatens to hurt him. Xander asks if she will help him or not. Kristen decides that she will but he will owe her one which Xander agrees to. Kristen calls Dr. Rolf from her phone so that he will pick up. Xander asks Dr. Rolf if he gave Eric the envelope. Rolf responds that he did not which relieves Xander. Xander asks him to bring it back to him but Rolf informs him that he cannot do that which Xander questions. Rolf tells him that Eric was not at home so he left the envelope with Nicole. Xander hangs up and rushes out of the mansion.

Anna tells Tony that she's already proud of him. Tony tells her to think of how he would feel with no job or money to get her a proper engagement ring. Anna sees nothing wrong with her taking care of him but Tony wants to be able to take care of her so he asks if she will let him.

Kate admits Victor's offer is tempting but her place is at DiMera. Victor reminds her they put Tony in her position. Kate calls it temporary until she's back on her feet. Victor asks if she thinks Tony will hand the company back to her after he gets a taste of power. Kate argues that he will have no choice. Kate knows that Tony is Stefano's son and that Kristen will make a play too. Victor reminds her about Gabi too since she was CEO briefly and won't let it go. Kate says they can all come because she survived a bullet to the gut and she's not afraid to fight. Victor questions her risking her life in an endless battle when it would be so much easier to take Brady's position at Titan.

Brady comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Kristen notes that he was gone a long time. Brady mentions that he ran in to John and Marlena in the town square. Kristen guesses it was an interesting conversation. Brady tells her that he told them they would do what they have to for the baby. Brady gives her pre natal vitamins to take and calming lotion that the pharmacist recommended to keep her stress free. Kristen thanks him and tries to kiss him but he backs away.

Nicole goes back to the envelope and picks it up.

Sarah tells Eric that he got her to ate so he doesn't have to babysit her. Sarah tells him that he should be spending his birthday with Nicole. Eric is surprised she remembered it's his birthday after everything she had been through. Sarah mentions that she was planning his birthday for months before and she even had got them tickets to Hamilton in Chicago because he wanted to see it but she sold them last week. Eric suggests she buy herself something nice. Eric says it's nice they can be friends after everything which Sarah agrees with. Eric knows things will be awkward for awhile but he hopes one day things will feel normal between them. Sarah doesn't think he will have to worry about that anymore because she's leaving Salem.

Anna argues that Tony doesn't owe his brother or family anything. Tony says that when Kate gets her health back, she will resume her job. Anna talks about watching him get drawn into his family drama before. Tony promises everything will be different this time with her by his side because she's everything to him and everything he does is for her as they hug.

Victor sees that Kate is conflicted and calls it the chance of a lifetime to be CEO of Titan, no questions asked and no drama while at DiMera, she'd be in the middle of a power struggle. Kate feels she has to do what's best for her future. Victor is sure she would come to the conclusion that his offer is better. Kate appreciates his offer but decides she will need a few days to think about it. Victor thinks there will be a void at the top of Titan very soon so he will have to act quickly. Victor gives Kate 24 hours before he offers the position to someone else.

John and Marlena talk about not liking how Victor operates but anything is better than having Kristen move in. John says it's dangerous having her around. Marlena knows Brady will do what's right for the child but she's afraid of whatever plans Kristen might have.

Brady got Kristen a robe to keep her comfortable and puts it on her. Brady tells her that he will see her at dinner as he has to go make some calls since he's likely out of a job as CEO at Titan. Kristen tells him that she's sorry about that. Brady says they will figure it out and he exits the room.

Eric questions Sarah leaving Salem. Sarah says she is exploring her options. Eric asks about not having a job and where she's going to go. Sarah suggests LA. Eric questions her quitting her job and moving to a random city when she has a great job and her family here. Eric asks if she's leaving because of him.

Xander goes to Eric's apartment, knocking on the door until Nicole answers. Xander says that Dr. Rolf told him he was here so he needs the envelope he gave her. Nicole pulls it out of her pocket and reveals it's too late because she already opened it.

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