Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/25/17

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/25/17


Written By Joseph

Joey goes to the hospital to see Kayla. Kayla asks him about his date with Alyssa as she heard she talked to Jade which surprises Joey. Joey blows it off as Alyssa not being his type anyways. Joey promises to deal with Jade and let her know they are through.

Tripp and Jade walk through the town square. Tripp talks about it being cool to hang out with Steve and that he's not such a bad guy. Jade points out that they don't know all the details of his mother's murder but thinks it makes sense that Kayla would make Steve take the blame. Jade calls Kayla a control freak who bosses them around. Tripp says he will try to figure out a way to frame Kayla for something illegal when he shadows her at the hospital. Jade is happy that Kayla will have her career ruined and her life because she screwed her over with Joey. Tripp says it will all happen soon while Jade declares Kayla will be out of their lives forever.

JJ and Lani come back to Chad, Gabi, and Sonny to inform them that they had no luck finding Eric and Nicole. Gabi says it must have been hell to be held by Xander. JJ and Lani talk about Hope escorting Deimos back to Salem. Sonny goes over how the case hinges on Guy giving up evidence. JJ is afraid it's not enough and wants to look for more evidence. JJ, Lani, Sonny, Gabi, and Chad begin to search the house.

Marlena joins Victor in the chapel so Victor asks if Brady is gone. Marlena informs him that Brady is still alive and that John is with him now. Marlena says she didn't expect to find him here. Victor brings up the conversation they had earlier about God forgiving them so he was wondering about his sins and if Brady was being punished for his. Victor says he's done vindictive things but Marlena doesn't think God is like that. Marlena points out that they are here together concerned for Brady.

JJ and Lani find Xander's bag and goes through it but there's no link to Deimos. Gabi and Chad go through the cabinets while Eli comes back and says there is no sign of Eric and Nicole but Interpol is on it so where ever they are, they will find them.

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital and tells her that Brady is hanging on and John is still in with him. Steve figures Kayla must be exhausted from working so much and offers to take her out. Kayla says she just needs to get an update on some patients and check in with Valerie. Kayla notes that Valerie has been doing everything she can to keep Brady alive until they find a donor heart. Steve says they have to pray that happens as Kayla worries they are running out of time.

Joey confronts Jade in the town square and asks what is wrong with her as he heard what she said to Alyssa. Jade says the truth is that Joey knocked her up and kicked her to the curb. Jade asks how he defended himself. Joey says he didn't get a chance since now Alyssa wants nothing to do with him thanks to her. Joey brings up everything Kayla did for her. Jade says that she ripped it away from her. Joey talks about Kayla warning him about Jade from the start and he didn't want to believe she was a total nightmare. Tripp tells Joey not to talk to her like that. Joey asks to talk to Jade alone so Tripp walks away. Joey tells Jade that she needs to let him go. Jade argues that she can't just shut her feelings off since she still loves him. Jade claims she knows Alyssa wasn't right for him. Joey tells her it's none of her business. Jade feels she's only looking out for him and that it hurts when he treats her like an enemy. Jade then walks away.

JJ finds vintage bottles of champagne. Gabi thinks they should open them to celebrate. Sonny agrees since Deimos is on his way to jail so he's in position to run the Kiriakis empire. Sonny suggests they party Greek style to celebrate his heritage. They turn some music on while getting plates and glasses. Sonny explains to them the Greek ritual of smashing plates which Lani says sounds like fun. Sonny declares today they all have a new beginning and toasts to life without Deimos. They all take a drink and smash a dish on the floor.

Victor talks to Marlena about when Brady was born. Marlena recalls Brady playing soccer when he was young. Victor feels he never gave her enough credit for helping raise Brady. Marlena calls it an honor. Victor praises her making him in to what he is today and says he will forever be grateful for that.

Eli decides he will head back to make sure Guy's expedition is in place before they head back to Salem. Sonny steps out to call to check in with Brady. Chad says he needs to get going and asks Gabi if she still needs a ride. JJ questions Gabi riding with Chad. Gabi explains that Chad offered while she was an uninvited guest on Sonny's jet. Chad points out that he wouldn't mind the company since Hope already left so they accept that. Chad and Gabi exit together.

Sonny calls Victor to ask how Brady is doing. Victor says he's not well. Sonny informs Victor that he can tell Brady that Deimos and Xander are in custody and that they have proof that Deimos was behind Nicole's kidnapping in the first place. Victor knew his personal agenda would come before the good of the family and now he can go back to prison where he belongs. Sonny declares that now Titan needs a new leader and it has to be him. Victor agrees to back his bid to become CEO of Titan. Sonny tells him that he won't regret it as he hangs up.

Tripp returns to Joey and asks how it went. Joey thinks Jade finally got it but admits he was pretty harsh on her. Tripp comments on all the Johnson men having short fuses. Tripp isn't sure why Jade makes him so crazy since the more he gets to know her, he gets why she is so messed up. Joey realizes how lucky he is and what Tripp has been through. Tripp acknowledges it's easier for him to connect with people who had it rough like Jade. Joey says he has to take responsibility for the way he hurt her and live with the consequences of his past. Tripp agrees that they all do.

Steve asks Kayla about Tripp shadowing her at the hospital. Kayla thinks it will be great to mentor him and great that he has an interest in medicine. Kayla never would have guessed they would be this optimistic about Tripp. Kayla comments on seeing so much of Steve in Tripp. Kayla tells him that she loves him. Steve wants to go now as he has a surprise waiting for her.

Sonny joins Paul in the cafe with food to end their journey together in Greece. Sonny tells him that he's really sorry for not being with him in the hospital. Paul understands he had more important things to do like bring down Deimos and Xander. Sonny is sorry that Eric and Nicole got away with Holly but admits it was so satisfying to see Deimos and Xander taken away in handcuffs. Sonny adds that he talked to Victor, who agreed to support his bid to be the CEO of Titan. Paul says that's great. Sonny has never felt so confident in his life and declares that he will put Titan on the map like no one before him ever could. Sonny proclaims that it's time for everyone to see what true leadership is. Paul is happy that Deimos won't be able to hurt any more of their friends but he doesn't know how he feels about Sonny's lust for power. Sonny calls it ambition and his drive to succeed and prove himself to everyone. Sonny asks why Paul has to make it sound so sinister. Paul explains that he's not entirely comfortable seeing how much he wants it.

JJ asks Lani if she's ready to go as she packs her bag but notes that she doesn't look too happy. Lani says she is okay but couldn't help but notice how unhappy JJ was when Gabi announced she was going back to Salem with Chad. JJ tells her that she knows the reason for that since just a few months ago, Abigail was ready to live with Chad happily ever after. Lani encourages him to let that go. JJ says he will always worry since Abigail could want Chad back in the next few months. Lani tells him it's not up to him but Abigail and Chad. JJ assures him that he's not jealous over Chad and Gabi possibly getting back together so she shouldn't be jealous either. JJ tells Lani that he loves being with her and asks if she knows that. Lani says sometimes. JJ wants her to know that all the time as he thinks they are really good together. JJ knows he doesn't have a great track record but he will do whatever it takes to treat her right. JJ doesn't want to take it all too seriously and just enjoy what they have. Lani agrees as JJ hugs her.

Chad and Gabi pack in the hotel room. Gabi questions Chad holding on to the amulet. Chad points out that it's what he came for so he's not just going to dump it. Gabi asks about the curse. Chad calls it a good luck charm since they took down Deimos and got to spend some time together which Gabi admits was fun. Chad jokes about getting held at knife point. Gabi thinks being away from Salem was good but now they go back to their regular lives. Chad says first they get to enjoy a nice long flight. Gabi comments on it just being the two of them as good friends.

Joey tells Tripp that Jade doesn't think he gives her enough credit for caring about him. Tripp understands it's not his fault if he doesn't feel the same as her. Tripp mentions that all he could see is how crazy Jade is about him. Joey thinks it's too crazy and calls her needy and desperate, feeling she basically stalks him. Tripp asks about Kayla hating her too. Joey says they don't hate Jade but think she has a lot of problems. Tripp suggests not being so mean to her before if he knows she has problems. Joey agrees that he was pretty hard on her. Tripp thinks Joey owes her an apology.

Jade sits outside the town square and imagines Tripp convincing Joey to be with her after Kayla is in jail. Joey and Tripp then approach her. Tripp tells her that Joey has something to say.

Sonny tells Paul that he's never been more passionate about anything in his life so he can't show a hint of weakness to his family. Paul asks what his gameplan is. Sonny says he first must fire everyone that Deimos hired to show strength. Paul asks about the employees that are doing fine. Sonny says everyone is expendable. Paul brings up a woman that does e-mail security and how she has a family. Sonny says he will give her a great referral but it will be easy to replace her as he can't have anyone with ties to Deimos in his company. Sonny argues that Deimos would have poisoned all of them against him. Paul calls it so unlike him to fire decent people who may have no loyalty to Deimos. Sonny calls it leadership and says it's time his family sees what that is.

Sonny and Paul join JJ, Lani, and Eli on the jet. Sonny tells them that they should be clear to take off in about twenty minutes. Gabi shows up which surprises them. JJ asks what she's doing there. Gabi hoped there was still some room with them. JJ says there is plenty of room but asks about Chad. Gabi says it just felt a little uncomfortable with them being alone so Gabi joins the flight which leaves JJ with a smile.

Steve brings Kayla to his hotel room where he has candles lit and a bottle of champagne. Kayla calls it beautiful. Steve tells her that she can order whatever she wants but she will first have a hot bath. Kayla says he thought of everything. Steve tells her she's worth it as they kiss. Kayla takes him to the bath.

Marlena returns to Victor in the chapel and tells him that Valerie is with Brady now so he can see him after his examination. Victor hopes the news about Deimos and Xander being captured will give him a boost. Marlena is surprised as Victor explains that Sonny called and they have proof that Deimos and Xander conspired to kidnap Nicole and Holly. Marlena hopes they are alright and asks about Eric. Victor says Eric apparently fled with Nicole and Holly but Sonny didn't go in to detail as the authorities are still looking for them so he didn't ask questions. Marlena knows Victor still holds Eric responsible for Daniel's death and she would never tell him how to feel but she reminds him that Eric and Brady are half brothers and Brady trusted Eric to find the woman he loves so maybe he can put his anger aside long enough to behave like Brady would want him to.

Sonny declares they are cleared for takeoff as Chad then shows up on the plane. JJ asks what's going on and if something happened with Deimos. Chad says his plane had a malfunction so he asks for a ride. Sonny welcomes him on board. Chad sits with Gabi and asks if she's okay with this. Gabi tells him that she didn't think it was a good idea for them to be alone. Chad says it doesn't matter since his plane is grounded. Gabi questions him having mechanical errors again and now bringing the amulet on their plane. Sonny tells everyone to prepare for takeoff.

Jade tells Joey that she's listening. Joey apologizes for coming down so hard on her and says Kayla was just being hard on him. Jade accepts his apology and forgives him for everything. Joey then walks away. Jade asks what Tripp said to him. Tripp says it doesn't matter since Joey apologized. Jade doesn't care since it's not like he proposed. Tripp tells her to give it time as he's getting there. Tripp adds that Kayla won't be setting him up on any more dates and if his plan works, she won't be around much longer.

Steve and Kayla lay in bed together in their robes after the bath. Kayla texts Tripp to let him know how excited she is to mentor him and then puts her phone away. Kayla kisses Steve and apologizes for not making much time for them lately. Steve understands they have both been busy at work. They agree to never take each other for granted as they kiss.

Gabi looks through a magazine as Chad makes jokes. Chad tells her that he's only on the plane to get home to Thomas but he can sit somewhere else if she wants. Paul tells everyone that Sonny doesn't want to alarm them but wants them to know they are losing fuel. Paul says they are looking for an emergency landing as everyone begins to worry.

Steve tells Kayla that he never thought their family stuff would level out for them but now Stephanie is doing well, Joey is growing up, and Tripp is starting to come around. Steve feels the best is yet to come which Kayla agrees with as they kiss.

Tripp tells Jade that he got Kayla's text so he will be shadowing her at the hospital. Tripp declares that destroying Kayla for killing his mom will be a lot easier than he ever thought.

Victor tells Marlena that it's terribly unfair to try and guilt him in to how Brady would want him to act. Victor talks about all the losses he has suffered and asks how can face possibly losing his grandson. Marlena thinks God gives them what they need. Marlena holds Victor's hand and says a prayer for peace and understanding. Marlena declares that if Brady's place is with God then they will keep him alive in their hearts forever. Marlena prays for the strength to go on and to bless everyone who loves Brady.

JJ tries to encourage everyone about Sonny and the plane while Eli prepares for the emergency landing. Gabi asks Chad if he still doesn't think the amulet is cursed. Sonny says they found a place to land and calls for everyone to get prepared.

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