Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/15/19

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/15/19


Written By Joseph

At the Brady Pub, Marlena calls Chloe and tells her that she's going to e-mail her guest list for the party. Chloe asks if she'd want to change the date so Marlena asks if there is a problem but Chloe says there is none. Marlena says that's good because she wants everything to be perfect. Chloe tells Marlena that she has to go and hangs up as John enters Doug's Place and hands her his guest list for the surprise party. Marlena e-mails Chloe her guest list and comments that John will be so surprised. Marlena is then surprised to see Roman come downstairs with Anna. Roman sits Anna at a table and says he will get her food and coffee. Marlena guesses that Anna saw Tony. Roman tells her that he let Anna stay the night and she was up all night crying about Tony.

Tony walks through the town square and stops to think back to kissing Anna until Kate interrupts to ask if he's talked to "Nicole".

Brady lays in bed with "Nicole" and thinks back to telling Chloe about "Nicole" having scar tissue at the same area that Kristen had her tattoo. "Nicole's" phone goes off so Brady reaches to get it while she wakes up and asks who it is.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander calls "Nicole" and leaves a message, warning her not to ignore him because people are starting to ask about Ted Laurent's murder. Xander says she better call him back unless she wants him to send them straight to her for the answers.

Ciara wakes up in the gatehouse and asks why Ben is up so early. Ben reminds her that he has a mystery to solve. Ciara goes over the story. Ben assures that he will find out who killed Ted then he will do whatever it takes to clear Stefan's name. Ben then kisses Ciara.

Chloe tells John that it looks like he worked very hard on the guest list. John says it will be an anniversary Marlena will never forget. Hope arrives and asks if she's interrupting. John says they are done here so they step aside. Hope asks John about his message that he had a lead. John tells her they got two sets of prints off the $100 that was dropped in the park. John confirms one was Ted's while Hope asks about the other.

Anna cries to Marlena about finally being ready to let Tony go only to find Tony alive and well, married to Nicole Walker. Anna states that the love of her life is married to a woman he couldn't even stand. Marlena assures her that the marriage is in name only. Anna asks what if "Nicole" doesn't feel the same.

Brady tells "Nicole" that apparently Xander wants to talk to her and questions why he is calling her. Brady thought he got the message to leave her alone. She doesn't want to talk about Xander since she has a big day ahead and needs to stay focused for her meeting with Mr. Shin. "Nicole" says she will convince Mr. Shin that he made a big mistake choosing Gabi over her as CEO. Brady tells her that if anyone can convince him, it's her. "Nicole" mentions e-mailing Mr. Shin that Gabi's vendetta against Stefan was her only motivation for the job which puts her interest at conflict since Gabi could destroy DiMera to hurt Stefan which means she gets to run the company. Brady says he will let her ready. She tells him there's one more thing she needs to do and kisses him.

Ben and Ciara talk about "Nicole" being the prime suspect. Ben can see why Stefan thinks she's mixed up in all this. Ciara brings up "Nicole" being in the DiMera Tunnels and never saying a word. Ben declares he will find out what she's hiding by breaking into her room. Ciara warns that he can't do that.

Marlena assures Anna that "Nicole's" feelings for Tony are strictly platonic and he only married her to help her take over DiMera. Anna points out that she failed so there is no point to the marriage and they should get divorced. Marlena is sure they will but Anna informs her that Tony agreed to stand by her side until she takes over. Marlena admits that could take awhile. Anna says she gave him a piece of her mind about that. Marlena asks if Tony explained why he's willing to stay in the marriage. Anna says he never gave a real explanation other than feeling responsible after saving her life. Anna then tells Marlena that she could fix it by talking to "Nicole" since everybody listens to her and she could convince her to release her hold on Tony. Marlena informs that she did talk to "Nicole" and it didn't go well. Marlena then suggests she could talk to Tony because she'd do anything to make this situation better.

Kate reminds Tony that she's living under threat of death since Kristen put Ted in the morgue. Kate feels she and "Nicole" are both pawns in Kristen's twisted game but they can team up. Tony responds that he doesn't think it's wise to stir things up. Kate asks if he's serious since Kristen threatened to kill her. Tony warns her that digging will only make Kristen more of a threat. Tony suggests she stop asking questions. Kate doesn't want to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Tony says that's all he has to offer and walks away. Kate questions when he started playing it so safe. Kate decides if Tony won't talk to "Nicole", she will.

Brady tells "Nicole" that he's sorry that Marlena got to her but he believes she's just trying to help. She's sure Marlena's heart is in the right place. She says losing a child will change a person but she's getting stronger and she knows what she wants so she has no problem doing what she needs to do to get it. Brady wishes her luck as he thinks Mr. Shin will have a hell of a time saying no to her. "Nicole" points out that Brady said no to her several times. Brady responds that he will never make that mistake again ever as they kiss. They then exit the room together.

Ben tells Ciara that he will slip in and out but Ciara feels it's a huge deal since Ben has a record and could be in big trouble if he gets caught. Ben assures he won't get caught but Ciara insists he can't do this. Ben brings up that Stefan was the only person who gave him a break and had his back so he has his. Ciara points out that will be hard to do if he's in a jail cell. Ben says he'll be right back and promises to be careful as he kisses her. Ben then exits.

Xander talks on the phone, saying Titan can deliver what DiMera can't since Gabi is in over her head and when Stefan goes to prison for life, that will be the company's death sentence. Xander hangs up as John and Hope show up at the door, asking if they can come in. Xander says it's not a great time. John says it's been awhile. Xander asks if he missed him. John remarks that he thinks about him every day. Xander tells them to make it quick. Hope says they just want to ask him some questions about Ted Laurent. Xander says that Ted told him he was trying to a better man for Hope but now he will never have the chance. Hope asks if they had that talk when Xander held he and Kate prisoner in the DiMera Tunnels. Xander reminds her that he brought food and water to keep them alive. Xander adds that he's cooperating with the police and will testify against Stefan for ordering him to commit the crime. John brings up Xander getting himself full immunity. Xander insists that he's fully remorseful. Hope warns him that his immunity goes away if his testimony against Stefan proves false. Xander reminds them that his story is 100% backed up by Ted and Kate's statements to the police. Hope says Stefan may have been charged with Ted's murder but the police have another suspect now. John informs Xander that they have evidence, placing Xander at Ted's apartment which makes him the last person to see him alive.

Brady goes to Doug's Place where Chloe notes that he looks happy, guessing he had another night with "Nicole" and asks if it's serious. Brady says it is what it is. Chloe asks if something's wrong. Brady says nothing is wrong but he thinks they might have a chance to make it right this time. Brady acknowledges that there are people who don't think they should rekindle this relationship at all. Brady tells her about how Marlena was at "Nicole's" room and they got into it. Chloe blames herself for that since she sent Marlena over there.

"Nicole" listens to Xander's voicemail while walking past the Brady Pub. She says to herself that she'll give Xander an answer and calls him back. She leaves a message, saying he knows she knows nothing about Ted's death but he already admitted to kidnapping him so it's only a matter of time before the police figure out that Stefan paid him to shoot Ted in the chest. "Nicole" then texts Mr. Shin that she is on her way. Anna then comes out of the Pub and accuses "Nicole" of stealing her husband.

Tony sits alone in the town square until Marlena arrives and they hug.

Ben goes to "Nicole's" room at the Salem Inn and sneaks in, only to be surprised to find Ciara is already inside. Ben questions what she's doing here. Ciara explains that she convinced the maid that she was Nicole's assistant and had to be let in to get some important documents. Ben tells her that she needs to leave right now. Ciara says Ben has Stefan's back while she has his. Ben tells her to go home and let him do his job. Ciara argues that if they get caught, they can say it was all her idea and that he came to stop her so she can take all the heat. Ben doesn't want her to be part of this but Ciara says she already is. Ciara asks if he wants to argue until "Nicole" comes back or see if she's hiding something so they begin searching the room together.

Brady questions why Chloe wanted Marlena to talk to "Nicole". Chloe talks about "Nicole" acting out of character lately, pushing away Eric and marrying Tony out of nowhere. Chloe says she doesn't want her or Brady to get hurt. Brady assures they won't as he just wants to give this relationship thing a shot and he wants to try with "Nicole". Chloe questions why he's been thinking about Kristen DiMera then.

Ciara and Ben continue searching "Nicole's" room until they hear a sound and the door begins to open.

Xander questions what evidence they could possibly have. John informs him that they found $100 in Ted's apartment with two sets of fingerprints on it, Ted's and Xander's. Xander doesn't see the big deal, claiming they had a friendly wager on the European championship. Hope informs him that they also found the necklace that Ted had given him. Xander argues that the necklace has been gifted and regifted so many times from Hope to Ted to Xander to Sarah to Rex to Chloe and back to Ted again. John reveals that Ted had the necklace polished and the only prints the cops pulled off of it were Xander's.

Marlena tells Tony that it's so good to see him alive and well. Marlena asks about he and "Nicole". Tony calls it a business arrangement. Marlena says she thought that as she assumed he was having "Nicole" take over as CEO at DiMera but that failed so now he's free to be with the woman he really loves and Anna is desperate to be with him. Tony responds that there are several factors as he feels responsible to protect and defend the family legacy while he saved "Nicole's" life so he feels protective towards her as well. Marlena asks why they are talking about responsibility instead of love, assuming that he does still love Anna which he confirms. Marlena tells Tony that if love conquers all, he must do everything he can to be with Anna.

"Nicole" tells Anna that her marriage to Tony ended when they declared him dead and now he's alive, happily married to her. Anna argues that he's miserable. "Nicole" asks why she needs Tony anyways, suggesting Anna hold onto the urn she carries around then when she's done, maybe Anna can have him back. Anna declares that she's done with him now because she's going to kill her, making Tony a widower. Anna goes after her but Roman comes out from the Pub to break it up.

Tony tells Marlena that he's sorry but there's nothing he can do as he has to stay with "Nicole" for now. Tony asks her to tell Anna that he loves her very much but this is not the time for them to be together yet. Marlena doesn't understand as there's obviously something keeping him from being able to be with Anna. Marlena offers to do anything she can to help and agrees to give Anna his message as she walks away.

Anna tells Roman that she needs to kill "Nicole". Roman orders "Nicole" to walk away as they continue to argue. "Nicole" then gets a call and says the party is over for now. Roman takes Anna back in to the Pub. "Nicole" answers her call from Kate, asking what she wants. Kate is in "Nicole's" room and tells her that she shouldn't leave her jewelry hanging around as someone could pick it up. She questions if Kate is in her room. Kate says the door was open so she let herself in. "Nicole" orders her to get out but Kate refuses to leave until they talk face to face. "Nicole" agrees to be on her way and hangs up. She texts Mr. Shin that something has come up but she will be there as soon as she can.

Kate waits in "Nicole's" room while Ben and Ciara are hiding under the bed.

Brady tells Chloe that it's not odd to think about past relationships when starting a new one. Brady says he's been thinking a lot about his past and mistakes with women including Kristen and Chloe as he doesn't want to make them anymore. Chloe guesses they all just want their happily ever after. Brady sees John's guest list for the anniversary party and says he told John that he'd help in any way he could. Chloe informs Brady that there's a little bit of a complication in the surprise department.

Xander calls this a setup since John and Hope don't have any authority. Hope warns that they are giving him an opportunity to get out in front of this before the police arrest him for murder. John says he can either kick them out or tell them what he knows. Xander says he has to make a call about important Titan business in private. John decides they will wait as Xander heads into the living room.

Chloe explains to Brady that Marlena wants to surprise John and John wants to surprise Marlena. Brady calls it kind of cute but Chloe says it's a nightmare for logistics with both of their guest lists, all the arrangements, and keeping the guests from spilling the beans. Brady tells her to leave it to him as he's got this.

Marlena returns to the Pub and tells Anna that she talked to Tony and he wanted her to tell Anna that as much as he loves her, he feels he has to see this through. Anna worries that "Nicole" has gotten into his head and that it's payback for her helping EJ steal Sydney so now she's going to steal Tony. Marlena assures that Tony loves her and wants to be with her so she must not give up hope. Anna calls Nicole Walker a vindictive bitch and says there's no way she will let Tony go.

Tony remains in the town square, thinking back to Marlena encouraging him to do everything he can to be with Anna. Tony then gets up and walks away.

John tells Hope that he thinks their bluff is working as Xander is rattled. Hope calls Xander a coward so she hopes he flips.

Xander listens to his voicemail from "Nicole". Xander declares there's no way Kristen is throwing him under the bus. Xander then opens the door and invites Hope and John into the living room. John asks if he's made his decision. Xander tells them that they will make a deal.

"Nicole" goes to her room and tells Kate that she has a lot of nerve. Kate insists she didn't break in. "Nicole" points out that she's done it before then questions what's going on as the room is a mess. Kate says she didn't touch a thing, while Ciara and Ben remain hidden under the bed.

Chloe shows Brady both guests lists. Brady notes they are almost identical. Chloe points out that Brady is listed with a plus one while Tony and Nicole are listed together. Brady assures that he can handle it and any other complication.

Anna asks Roman if it's too early for a martini. He goes to get her some chowder while Tony enters the Pub and tells Anna that there is something he has to say to her. Anna responds that if he's here to beg her to take him back, he's too late. Anna then announces she is marrying Roman, shocking both Roman and Tony.

Kate asks "Nicole" what she's so afraid that someone might find. She claims she's not hiding anything as it doesn't seem anything was stolen so Tony must have moved things around. She asks Kate what she wants. Kate wants to start the fact that it wasn't Stefan who arranged the kidnapping. Ciara and Ben remain listening while hiding under the bed.

John tells Xander that cooperating is a smart move. Xander agrees to tell everything he knows, including who put him up to all of this.

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