Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/14/19

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/14/19


Written By Joseph

John joins Marlena outside the Pub and hugs her. She asks how it went from Diana and if he learned anything about Leo. John responds that it's complicated. Marlena says either she told him something or he didn't so that's not really complicated.

Will joins Sonny outside of the Kiriakis Mansion and can't believe they really get to spend Valentine's Day together. Will asks if Sonny tied Leo up or something. Sonny explains that Gabi found out about their situation and offered to help. Will jokes that Leo might have finally met his match then. Sonny doesn't want to talk about Leo anymore and spend every moment with Will as they kiss and then walk off together.

Rafe finds Kate unconscious on the floor of her hotel room and tries to wake her up. Rafe calls in for a rescue unit to Kate's room at the Salem Inn as she has a weak pulse and no respiration. Rafe tries to revive Kate as a bottle of pills lies nearby with the lamp knocked over.

Jordan pours gasoline around the cabin as Ciara begs her not to do this. Jordan says she has no choice because Ben is a threat to everyone in Salem. Ciara cries that no one will even believe he set the fire since he's in prison. Ciara tells Jordan it's not too late for her to walk away and save herself. Jordan argues that Ciara would just call the police on her. Ciara cries that she won't and she'll just bring Charlotte back to Abigail.

Ben pulls a gun on Hope at the police station. Hope tells him he's making a mistake. Ben says she is and that he needs to find Ciara. Hope responds that he has Ciara which he denies. Ben adds that Ciara is in danger and needs him. Hope's phone rings but Ben orders her to leave it. Ben holds Hope at gunpoint and escorts her out of the station.

At the Horton House, Chad wonders where Hope is. Abigail guesses she's at the police station interrogating Ben about Ciara and Charlotte. Chad feels if he got a minute alone with Ben, he'd get some answers. Chad decides he's tired of waiting so he's going to the police station. Abigail wants to go with him but Chad says she needs to stay and watch the news or answer the phone if anyone calls with a tip. Abigail argues that she can't just sit here. Chad promises her by the end of the night, Charlotte will be back in her arms as he then exits.

Rafe successfully revives Kate and encourages her to keep breathing. Rafe picks up the bottle of pills and question Kate taking all of them, asking if she was trying to kill herself.

Ted goes into the interrogation room looking for Hope but finds Eli on the ground. Ted checks on him and Eli reveals that Ben attacked him and took his gun. Eli mentions that Hope was right outside. Ted sits Eli down and says he will go after her as he rushes out.

Ben walks Hope outside of the town square. Hope doesn't care what he does to her as long as he doesn't hurt Ciara. Ben repeats that he didn't take Ciara or Charlotte. Hope questions why he had Ciara's phone and Charlotte's blanket. Ben informs Hope that he was framed by his sister and that Jordan has Ciara.

Jordan wishes there was a way that Ciara didn't have to die but there's not if she wants to keep Ben behind bars. Jordan says the cabin is the perfect place to make the police think it was Ben and it will be completely burned down by the time they get there. Ciara tries to argue but Jordan says all that matters is that Ben stays behind bars and no one gets hurt. Ciara cries that she has to know this is wrong. Jordan prepares to light the match. Ciara says she knows how bad Clyde hurt her and Ben since she was traumatized by being raped but this is not the answer. Jordan declares it's all she has left. Ciara tries to tell her that Marlena can help but Jordan says Marlena declared Ben sane so she refuses. Jordan then lights the match and sets the cabin on fire. Ciara screams that she can't do this as Jordan walks out of the burning cabin.

John and Marlena head into the Pub where John brings up his history with Diana. Marlena says that's why she appreciates him helping Will but she just wishes Sonny could be rid of Leo. John tries to continue but Marlena gets a call and has to step away to answer. Roman comes over and brings a bottle of champagne. Roman asks John if something is wrong and if he talked to Diana. John reveals to Roman that Diana confirmed Leo is his son. Roman questions if he believes her. John says she didn't want to admit it and he had to pull it out of her but she actually wants him to keep quiet about it. Roman asks if he told Marlena. John says he was about to but she had to call a patient. Roman questions breaking the news tonight. John jokes about having to do that on Valentine's Day.

Sonny and Will go to a room at the Salem Inn and they kiss until Will stops.

Paramedics load Kate on a stretcher and tell Rafe it's good that he found her when he did as they need to get her to the hospital right away so Rafe exits with them.

Ciara screams for Jordan from inside the burning cabin.

Hope questions Ben about Jordan framing him. Ben insists that she has Ciara and Charlotte. Hope says that doesn't make sense and calls it crazy. Ben tells her that it's true and that Jordan came to visit him so she could easily have planted the phone and blanket in his room. Hope asks why she would frame him. Ben responds that Jordan is trouble and he thinks in her mind she believes she's doing something good. Hope asks him again about Ciara's phone as Ted appears behind Ben and tackles him, leading to a struggle over the gun.

Roman asks John if Leo knows he is his son. John says no and Diana wants to keep it that way as she doesn't want anyone to know but he can't keep that from Marlena. Roman argues that doesn't mean he has to tell her on Valentine's Day. Roman suggests he let her enjoy the evening and saving the news until tomorrow. John doesn't know how he's kept it from her this long. Marlena comes back and asks what he kept from her.

Will tells Sonny they were moving so fast and it just hit him how long it's been since they've been together like this. They recall the last time was before Sonny left for Paris and after Will cheated on him. They agree it feels like a million years ago as Will calls it the biggest mistake of his life. Sonny says they are past that now. Will regrets taking him for granted. Sonny blames Ben for the time they lost. Sonny states that Ben is locked up now so he can't hurt them or anyone ever again.

Hope checks on Ted as Ben ran away. Hope tells Ted that what he did was incredibly stupid but she thanks him. Hope asks how he knew how to find her. Ted explains that he came from the interrogation room and was worried about her. Ted tells her that Eli is fine after Ben hit him. Ted mentions hearing Ben talking about Jordan and asks if she really thinks she has Ciara and Charlotte. Hope admits at first she thought he was just telling another lie but then he could've taken off as soon as he got out of the station. Ted suggests maybe Ben wanted her help to track Jordan down. Hope decides they need to find him now.

Ciara begins to pass out in the burning cabin.

Ben walks through the town square where he runs into Chad, who questions how he got out of jail. Ben tells him to listen and says Jordan has Ciara and Charlotte. Chad questions that and asks again how he got out. Ben insists he's not trying to hurt anybody but he's afraid of what Jordan might do to Ciara. Chad asks why Jordan would hurt her or take Charlotte. Ben is not sure but tells Chad that Jordan put Charlotte's blanket in his room to frame him. Ben tells Chad that he needs to help him in order to get his daughter back. Chad questions why he should believe him. Ben pulls out the gun and hands it to Chad, calling it an even playing field. Chad asks where Jordan is but Ben doesn't know. Chad says he knows where he would go if he was trying to frame Ben so they walk off together.

Jordan sneaks into the Horton house to return Charlotte but Abigail catches her and asks if she has Charlotte.

Sonny tells Will that he's sorry if he moved too fast but Will doesn't blame him. Sonny doesn't want to waste another second since believing Will was dead nearly killed him and he can't explain what it was like to find him again. Will recalls not remembering him and rejecting him at first. Sonny doesn't care about that since he now sees the real Will, the love of his life who has come back to his life.

John starts to tell Marlena but Roman stops him and claims that John wanted to surprise Marlena by shutting down the Pub for a private Valentine's Day celebration. Marlena questions that being the big secret. Roman decides to leave them to it and tells them to lock up when they leave as he exits. John says he lives to make her happy. Marlena says if he wants to make her happy, he needs to find a way to get rid of Leo so that Will and Sonny can be together. Marlena then asks what Diana told him about Leo. John claims that she told him nothing that will help Will and Sonny right now. Marlena is sorry to hear that. John says they will try to find a way to help but there's nothing they can do right now so he suggests they just live in the moment. Marlena agrees as he pours their champagne. John says nothing in the world is simple but none of that matters right now because here it's just them as they toast to Valentine's Day.

Kate is brought to the hospital where Kayla orders her to a room to get the drugs out of her system before it's too late. Kayla asks Rafe what happened. Rafe informs her that Gabi told him that she saw Jordan Ridgeway leading Kate to her room after saying Kate was drunk but Gabi got a strange vibe. Rafe says he went to Kate's room and found a bottle of sedatives next to her. Kayla asks if Rafe thinks Kate was trying to kill herself. Rafe says he doesn't know as Kayla goes to check on Kate.

Chad and Ben burst into the cabin. Ben rushes to check on Ciara while Chad searches and finds that Charlotte is not there. Ben assures Ciara that they are going to get her out. Chad starts to try to put out the flames while asking where Charlotte is. Ciara informs him that Jordan took her to see Abigail. Ben begins to untie Ciara and tells Chad to go as he's got this so Chad rushes out of the cabin.

Jordan claims to Abigail that she found where Ben was keeping Charlotte and she's safe now. Abigail reaches to take Charlotte but Jordan sees the news come across the TV that Ben has escaped police custody. Jordan can't believe it and says this wasn't supposed to happen. Jordan starts to leave as Abigail asks for her baby back but Jordan says she can't do that. Abigail questions why. Jordan tells her that she doesn't understand that Ben is after Charlotte so she has to protect her. Abigail argues that she is her mother so she can protect her. Jordan responds that she's not safe with her. Abigail questions what she's doing and demands she give her daughter to her.

Marlena tells John that he thought of everything but John realizes the Pub probably isn't the most romantic restaurant in town. Marlena responds that the Pub feels like home to her. John says she is home to him as he could never trust anyone more than her. Marlena feels the same about him. Marlena brings up that they've had their problems this past year but she got through because of his love and strength which reminds her that nothing and no one will ever come between them again. John says he couldn't have said it better as they kiss.

Will gives Sonny his Valentine's Day card. Sonny reads the card where Will wrote it as if it's next year, saying it's the best year of his life now that they were together. Will thinks they've waited long enough as they kiss onto the bed.

Hope and Ted return to the interrogation room to check on Eli, who insists that he's fine and that he's already put out an APB on Ben. Eli apologizes to Hope for letting Ben get the jump on him and not being ready. Hope says it's not his fault. Eli asks if they have any idea where he's headed. Ted mentions that Ben insisted Jordan framed him and that she has Ciara and Charlotte. Eli admits he's starting to think Ben might be telling the truth. Hope declares either way they need to find her daughter now as she storms out.

Ben carries Ciara out of the cabin. She is thankful he found her as she thought she was going to die. Ben tells her that he's so sorry for what his sister did to her. Ciara tells him that Jordan lost it and said she had to do all of this to stop him from murdering people again. Ben realizes that's why she framed him. Ciara adds that she wanted people to think he started this fire too. Ben states that all that matters is that Ciara is safe now. Ben asks if Jordan hurt her. Ciara explains that Jordan said she had to kill her to convince people he was guilty and then she drugged her with something when she tried to escape. Ben tells her they will get her checked out and asks about Charlotte. Ciara is afraid Jordan won't bring her to Abigail.

Abigail wants her daughter but Jordan says that won't happen while Ben is out there. Abigail assures that she and Chad will protect her with their lives. Jordan argues that they are no match for Ben. Jordan insists that Ben is trying to get back at her by doing something terrible to her daughter. Jordan asks what if he tried to burn her alive like he did to Abigail. Abigail wants to hold her but Jordan tells her to stay back. Jordan pulls out the syringe and threatens to use it on Abigail if she takes another step forward. Chad arrives and comes in. Abigail tells him that Jordan has Charlotte and won't let her near her. Jordan explains that she cannot let Ben hurt this baby. Chad tells Jordan that Ben won't be able to hurt anyone ever again. Jordan says she just saw on the news that he escaped custody. Chad claims that he just ran into him and that Ben attacked him so he killed him. Chad says that Ben was a mess but he won't be able to hurt anyone anymore so he wants their daughter back. Jordan questions Chad murdering her brother.

Marlena gives John a present which is a photo book of their wedding. John gives her a present of a mug with their wedding photo on it to always remind her of that day. John plays music on his phone so he and Marlena get up to dance together.

Rafe calls Hope and leaves a message that he's not at the station because something came up and he's at the hospital. Rafe says to call when she can and hangs up. Rafe then enters Kate's hospital room to check on her. Kayla informs him that they pumped her stomach and should've got all drugs out of her system. Kayla says it doesn't add up so she ordered a blood screen and goes to check on it.

Hope rushes in to the interrogation room to tell Eli and Ted that reports just came in of a fire at the cabin. Hope says there are no details but it can't be a coincidence so she has to get there as fast as possible. Eil wants to go but Hope tells him to stay and get his head checked out so Ted goes with Hope.

Ben tells Ciara that he was so afraid of losing her. Ciara asks if he doesn't hate her because of how she treated him when she found out he kidnapped Gabi for Stefan and for the whole Claire thing. Ben assures that he could never hate her. Ciara says every time her phone rang, it gave her hope because she knew he was looking for her. Ben is glad he found her when he did as he doesn't even want to think about if he lost her. Ciara tells him that he doesn't have to because they are both safe now as they hug. Ciara just hopes Chad finds Charlotte.

Jordan says she wanted Ben to be locked up but she can't believe Chad killed him. Chad says he had no choice as Ben was a murderer. Abigail reminds Jordan that she took Charlotte to protect her from Ben. Jordan still can't believe Chad killed Ben and asks how he did it. Chad pulls out the gun and says Ben kept coming after him so he had to shoot him. Jordan cries that Ben is dead. Chad tells her that everyone is safer now thanks to her. Chad says he's sorry but asks for their daughter back. Jordan then gives Charlotte to Chad and exits the house in tears.

Will and Sonny lay in bed together, calling it the best Valentine's Day ever. They say they are going to have their life once Leo is gone. Will believes Leo won't be in their lives much longer because John won't stop until he gets Leo out of the picture for good. Sonny and Will then continue kissing.

Marlena tells John that she loves their life together and feels so lucky. John says he will make it his mission to make her always as happy as she is right now as they wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day and kiss.

Rafe remains at Kate's side and questions what she was thinking as she doesn't strike him as the type that would take her own life. Rafe says a lot of people care about her and count on her so she needs to hang in. Kate's monitors then flatline so Rafe goes to scream for help.

Ben tells Ciara that they need to get her checked out at the hospital. Ben asks if she wants him to call Hope to tell her she's alright. Ciara knows she must be worried. Ben helps Ciara up but Hope and Ted arrive. Hope pulls her gun and orders Ben to get away from Ciara and let her go.

Chad and Abigail check on Charlotte as Chad gives her to Abigail. Abigail thanks him. Chad reminds her that he promised to put Charlotte back in her arms.

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