Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/15/18

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/15/18


Written By Joseph

Eric takes Sarah to the Brady Pub. She thanks him for getting her out of the house and says she needs a drink after making sure that will be okay with him since he doesn't drink. Sarah sits at a table while Eric steps away. Sarah says to herself that Rex ruined everything.

Rex sits alone in the town square looking at Sarah's engagement ring. Lucas approaches and greets him. Rex asks how he's holding up after finding out the baby was Rex's and not his.

Chloe finds Brady sitting at the bar at Doug's Place and worries that he doesn't look good. Brady doesn't think he did the right thing as he played God in Paul's life like he did in Eric's and realized he should stop doing that which may have been a big mistake.

Sonny sits at home at the Kiriakis Mansion and looks at a photo of he, Will, and Arianna. Sonny tells himself he has to stop thinking about Will but he can't.

Paul tells Will that he's moving out. Will questions him. Paul says he can't stay here as it doesn't feel right because he's in love with him while Will is in love with someone else. Will says he has no idea what he's talking about. Paul tells him not to deny that he's in love with Sonny. Will questions where this is coming from and what happened.

Brady tells Chloe that Will and Sonny are in love again and Paul was ripped up inside. Chloe knows it was hard but feels the truth would've come out eventually. Brady wishes he told Eric the truth about Nicole but he didn't because he was selfish and a coward so now Nicole isn't here anymore. Brady says he took Nicole away from Eric, Holly, her family and friends so everyone will hate him. Brady brings up that Chloe was Nicole's best friend so he wouldn't blame her if she hated him.

Eric brings Sarah a bottle of whiskey. Sarah calls Rex a no good lying son of a bitch. Roman comes out from the back and asks what that makes him.

Adrienne brings Sonny food in the living room. Sonny notes that she's in a good mood which she confirms is because Bonnie Lockhart is back in prison. Adrienne just wishes Bonnie didn't hurt so many people along the way.

Rex tells Lucas that he was as surprised as he was but he felt an instant connection to the baby. Rex apologizes. Lucas asks about the ring and if he patched things up with Sarah. Rex is pretty sure that she doesn't want to see him ever again but he's not giving up. Lucas wishes him luck and asks him to tell baby Emily that uncle Lucas says hi. Lucas then walks on.

Sarah apologizes to Roman. Roman understands his son hurt her so she has every right to be upset. Sarah responds that Rex not only slept with Mimi and got her pregnant but he cheated on her with another woman. Roman admits he did not know that.

Brady tells Chloe to let him have it but she says she doesn't hate him. Chloe says she loved Nicole like a sister and can't believe she's gone but they have to focus on Holly. Brady says he loves Holly but doesn't think he can be around her because Eric made it clear that he does not want his help.

Sarah takes two shots of whiskey for each time Rex cheated on her and asks if Roman has any advice for her. Roman decides he will stay out of this and he'll be in the back office if they need him. Eric apologizes to Sarah. Sarah says that what Rex did was unforgivable. Rex suggests she slow down the drinking but she says she's just getting started.

Rex goes to Kate's hotel room and apologizes for just dropping by. Kate says she's here for him and is so sorry about what happened with Sarah. Rex informs her that Sarah slapped him and called off the engagement. Rex adds that he begged her to take him back but she refused. Rex doesn't know what else to do to change her mind. Kate tells him to let her handle Sarah.

Adrienne talks to Sonny about Bonnie tricking Lucas into believing he had a baby. Sonny tells her it's over now as she's behind bars. Adrienne agrees not to talk about her anymore and asks about Sonny and Will. Sonny tells her that Will is with Paul and they are not going to tell Paul that they are in love. Sonny states that they aren't going to do anything because they aren't together and are never going to be which Adrienne calls the most asinine thing she's ever heard.

Will guesses that Paul read his journal. Paul says he didn't though he was tempted to but he didn't want to be the insecure guy who invades his partner's privacy. Will asks why Paul would think that. Paul tells him he doesn't think, he knows and deep down he's always known but he didn't want it to be real. Paul says it's so clear now that Will wants to be with Sonny. Will tells Paul that he's not leaving him. Paul says maybe not now but eventually he would. Paul argues that Sonny is Will's soulmate and he's madly in love with him. Paul adds that the only reason Will is still with him is because he's in a wheelchair. Will tells Paul that he's so sorry.

Rex asks what Kate will do to help him out with Sarah. Kate responds that she will tell Sarah that Rex was drunk and Mimi took advantage of him. Rex says that isn't what happened at all. Kate argues that Mimi is a con artist like her mother. Rex admits he and Sarah were having problems when he and Mimi hooked up. Kate decides she will tell Sarah that Rex had a one time indiscretion that he's deeply sorry for and he deserves another chance. Rex then reveals to Kate that it wasn't just once as he cheated on Sarah twice with someone other than Mimi which shocks Kate.

Sarah tells Eric to let her know if her drinking is bothering him but Eric says it's fine. Eric decides to go get her a glass of water. Sarah then sees a man propose to his girlfriend at a table nearby and thinks back to Rex trying to get her back and then slapping him. Sarah takes another shot of whiskey and approaches the newly engaged couple. They talk about how happy they are. Sarah tells the woman that he will cheat on her. Eric comes over to pull Sarah away. The man tells Eric to get his girlfriend out of here. Eric clarifies that she's not his girlfriend. He remarks that he's lucky then because she's obnoxious. Sarah then throws the rest of her drink in the man's face.

Adrienne urges Sonny to think long and hard about this opportunity to be with Will. Sonny tells her that it's done and they will get through it because it's what is best for everybody. Sonny declares that he and Will are the past while Will and Paul are the future. Adrienne asks about Sonny's future but he doesn't have an answer, insisting that he and Will are over so she should accept it. Adrienne decides they will find him someone new then.

Will tells Paul that he needs to explain because he never meant for any of this to happen. Will tells Paul that he was in love with him and wanted a future with him but then his memories came back. Will says he tried to fight it at first but it was like his past and present were colliding. Paul asks if he had to choose. Will insists he tried so hard to fight the feelings and keep them in the past but they wouldn't. Will assures that his love for Paul was real but Paul responds that it just didn't compare to his love for Sonny.

Chloe asks if Brady has heard from Eve but he hasn't and thinks that ship has sailed. Chloe says she was really rooting for them. Brady says it would be really nice to have a relationship that doesn't implode. Chloe points out that they are still friends and hugs him. Lucas walks in and jokes about not wanting to interrupt. Brady thanks Chloe for listening and exits. Chloe assures Lucas that was just a friendly hug. Lucas remarks that it looks like he's not the only one who could use one so Chloe hugs him too. Chloe states that Brady is hurting too but maybe it will all change with the holidays coming up so maybe that will bring joy to the world.

Kate tells Rex that she is disappointed in him as it's one thing to reconnect with his first love but to sleep with a stranger while with another woman. Rex admits he feels terrible about the whole thing and he's not asking Sarah to forgive him but for another chance. Kate doesn't think she will give him one and suggests Rex refocus his efforts elsewhere and go after Mimi. Rex laughs at that since Kate has only badmouthed Mimi. Kate clarifies that she means not that way since Mimi is trash but Rex is the father of her daughter so he needs to be active in her life so she doesn't end up just like her mother. Rex argues that Mimi is a good person and a great mother. Kate suggests Rex keep a watch on it. Rex has every intention of being part of his daughter's life but he really wants Sarah to be part of it too.

Eric apologizes to the man as he drags Sarah away. The woman questions what that was all about while Eric sits Sarah back down and questions her about it. Sarah then feels sick and runs to the restroom.

Adrienne tells Sonny that they are finding him a new man and suggests he get back on the dating app. Sonny says he deleted that after Leo. Adrienne encourages that it doesn't mean they are all rotten. Sonny gives in and downloads the app again.

Paul tells Will that all he wanted for him was happiness and if that meant stepping aside so he could be with Sonny, he would've done that and wished them the best. Paul brings up that Will promised him repeatedly that those were just memories and he loved him. Will says he meant it and at that time those memories were just bits and pieces. Paul points out that he specifically asked him if his memories coming back would affect them and he said no. Will admits he didn't want them to. Paul asks how they couldn't when Will and Sonny love each other. Will assures they were going to tell him but then Paul sacrificed his own life to save his mom and was in a hospital unable to feel his legs. Will questions how he could just break his heart and walk away, arguing that there is no way he was going to do that to him. Paul doesn't want Will to stay with him out of pity. Will says it's not pity as he loved Paul. Will talks about coming back to Salem feeling lost except for with Paul, who he fell in love with. Will tells Paul that he owes him so much. Paul tells him not to stay if he feels obligated as he belongs with Sonny, who is the man he is in love with.

Adrienne looks through the dating app for Sonny then apologizes for being insensitive. She worries that she just upset him more by trying to cheer him up and she's sorry. Sonny understands she meant well. Adrienne knows the only man for him right now is Will. Sonny responds that he just can't have him as they hug.

Paul tells Will that he will make some calls to see how soon he can get out of here. Will says he will be the one to go since the apartment was set up for him. Paul wants Will to stay but he refuses. Will tells him that he will have his stuff picked up as soon as possible. Paul guesses this is it. Will wishes things had been different. Paul says he meant what he said that he wants Will to be happy. Will swears he never meant to hurt him as he then takes one of his boxes and exits the apartment while Paul cries.

Lucas can't believe it's the holidays already. Chloe asks if he has plans. Lucas thought about going to Europe to spend time with his daughter Allie. Lucas invites Chloe and Parker to come too. Chloe says she would love to but they promised her parents that they would spend time with them. Chloe tells Lucas that she will miss being with him but they always said they have to put their kids first. Lucas thanks her for standing by him through the whole baby thing as he couldn't have gotten through it without her. Chloe assures that she's with him all the way. Lucas tells her that he loves her. Chloe says she loves him too.

Roman gives the engaged couple everything on the house and apologizes. Rex then enters the Pub and greets Roman. Roman tells him that he might not want to be here right now. Rex says he needs to talk to him. Roman suggests they take it outside. Rex informs Roman that he's leaving town as he's going to Pennsylvania to be with his daughter. Roman hoped he would stick around in Salem. Roman admits being there for his daughter is the right thing to do but he will miss him as it's been nice having him around. They hug as Rex tells him he will come home as soon as he can. Sarah then comes back out from the restroom and sees him. Sarah tells Rex not to plead his case. Rex says he just came to say goodbye because he's going to Pennsylvania to be with his daughter. Eric comes over and asks if everything is okay. Rex asks to talk to Sarah alone for a minute so she tells him to make it quick and Eric walks away. Rex knows Sarah hates him and he doesn't blame her at all but he loves her and only her. Rex adds that whether she believes it or not, it will never change. Rex then walks away and back to Roman and Eric. Eric asks him about leaving town which he confirms. Rex states that Eric is family so if he ever needs anything, he's here. They shake hands as Rex then exits. Rex stops outside and looks at the ring as he looks back in through the window and then walks away.

Kate sits in her room looking at a photo of her sons Lucas and Rex on her phone.

Chloe and Lucas hug at Doug's Place.

Eric sits in the Pub clutching the necklace he had given Nicole when Sarah joins him at the counter.

Brady walks through the town square then stops and pulls out his phone. He looks at Eve's number but puts it back and walks away.

Paul looks at the note on Brady's housewarming gift and cries.

Will goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and knocks on the door. Adrienne answers and tells him that Arianna is asleep. Will informs her that he came to see Sonny. Adrienne then reveals that Will just missed him as Sonny has left Salem.

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