Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/16/17

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/16/17


Written By Joseph

Eric calls Nicole so Brady tells her to answer the phone or he will tell the police commissioner that she murdered Deimos.

Rafe joins Hope in her office. Hope talks about having so many cases and being understaffed. Hope informs Rafe that she reinstated JJ which Rafe questions why she would do that.

Gabi sits with Eli at the club and tells him that Arianna had a dream about Will so she woke up with all kinds of questions. Gabi doesn't want Arianna thinking her father could still be alive so they have to accept that Will is dead

Paul says he's sorry to Will and hopes he knows that if there was any other way. John and Paul raise their shovels when Sami suddenly appears and grabs John's shovel, warning them to not even think about it. Sami says she was the last one to know about all of this so she had to scratch and claw her way on to a flight. Sami tells John to tell her what he and Paul are doing to her son's grave.

Nicole answers Eric's call. She tells him she's fine but got held up with a little complication. Nicole promises she'll be back soon and says she loves him as she hangs up. Brady comments on what a great actor she is. Nicole says telling Eric that she loves him is not an act. Brady talks about how Nicole said the same things in the same tone to him. Nicole says she did love him. Brady doesn't know why he thought it would be different for him when he's watched her lie to every man she's ever been with. Nicole argues that what they had was real. Brady says what's real is the choice she has to make now and he demands she tell her what it's going to be. Nicole responds that she's not going to tell Eric something like this on the phone so she's going to talk to him in person. Brady agrees that she should break his heart in person. Brady jokes that he won't be there to see Eric's heart explode. Nicole argues that this isn't him but Brady says this is the new him that she created. Brady encourages Nicole to go out and tell one more big lie like she does so well. Brady tells Nicole to go to Eric and end it or else he swears to make sure she goes to prison and never sees Holly again.

John tells Sami that they heard some things about Will. Sami questions believing Ben and Clyde. John informs Sami that they also heard that Dr. Wilhelm Rolf could be behind this. Sami says that's three psychos still and questions digging up Will's grave. Paul admits it was his idea. Sami accuses Paul of breaking up Will's marriage. Paul argues that they need answers. Sami brings up Paul sleeping with Will and says they have a hell a lot of nerve. Sami argues that she was in the morgue with Will's dead body and saw him lowered in to the ground so it's not possible. Paul says he thinks so too but others don't. John brings up Dr. Rolf's history of bringing people back from death. Paul insists that not knowing is ripping people apart so everyone who loved Will deserves to have all doubt put to rest.

Gabi asks Eli what if Arianna overhears someone talking about Will possibly being alive and gets her hopes up. Gabi worries about Arianna losing Will again. Eli encourages that she has Sonny, grandparents, aunts and uncles in addition to her. Eli calls Gabi the most amazing mom. Chloe comes over and thanks them for coming to the club's opening. Gabi comments on keeping it old school with Doug's Place instead of Club Chloe. Chloe says it was Julie's idea. Eli jokes that Julie can be persuasive and hopes she can convince Hope to give him a job. Chloe thanks them for coming and walks away. Gabi asks Eli about not hearing anything about the position yet.

Rafe worries to Hope that everything they do is under suspect so giving JJ a slap on the wrist could be looked at. Hope complains that they are understaffed so she didn't have a choice and JJ is a damn good cop. Rafe points out that JJ is also Hope's cousin. Hope asks if Rafe really thinks she handed JJ his badge and gun because he's her cousin. Rafe argues that he would've been much tougher on JJ to show him the consequences and to show the rest of the department that there are rules that they must follow. Rafe then states that Hope is the commissioner and he respects her decision as well as being proud of her.

Nicole knows Brady hates her and wants to hurt her. Brady adds that he wants to hurt Eric too. Nicole cries that he's acting out of rage and she knows part of him knows this is wrong. Nicole asks about Holly. Brady wants Holly to be happy but he wants Nicole and Eric to be miserable. Nicole asks if he would really do this. Brady responds that he's doing it. Brady declares that he has nothing left but the ability to destroy her life and he's going to do it because she destroyed his. Brady swears to go to the police to tell them that she murdered Deimos if she doesn't end things with Eric.

John explains to Sami that Sonny couldn't authorize exhuming Will's body because they were separated. Paul adds that Lucas said no. Sami questions them going behind Lucas and Sonny's backs. Paul argues that he loves Sonny and wants to spend his life with him but he also knows how much Will loved Sonny and that he would hate to see him suffering. John tells Sami that all she has to do is call Justin to give her approval then they can know the truth. John asks if Sami will do that.

Hope appreciates Rafe's input on JJ but feels she has no other choice due to being short handed. Rafe says he understands. Hope always wants to hear what he thinks and they kiss. Hope jokes about giving him preferred treatment once in awhile. Hope stops him to talk to him about his new partner. Rafe suggests he fly solo until they find the right fit and no one could ever replace her. Hope tells Rafe that she knows Eli is not his favorite person. Rafe refuses to have Eli as his partner and says there's no chance in hell.

Eli tells Gabi that Rafe probably has other ideas about his job. Gabi argues that Rafe is being stupid but Eli understands he's being protective. Gabi decides she will go talk to Rafe but Eli tells her not to. Eli gets a call from Valerie and tells Gabi not to move as he steps away to answer the call.

Nicole can't believe after everything Holly has been through that Brady is willing to take her away from her mother like Deimos did. Brady blames Nicole for bringing the monster out of people. Nicole argues that Deimos was evil while Brady was loving and kind. Brady says part of him would want her to go be with Eric because he knows he will bore her and destroy any dreams they had together. Nicole asks if there's anything she can say to convince him to leave her in peace and let her live her life with Eric. Brady says no and asks Nicole if she's choosing her daughter or prison. Nicole calls him a son of a bitch and tells him that he wins. Nicole agrees to break Eric's heart and her own then take Holly and leave Salem. Brady agrees that's what she should do and orders her to go. Nicole declares that her biggest lie is telling herself that Brady was a man of honor and compassion. Nicole shouts that Brady hates Eric because he's a better man than he'll ever be. Brady brings up Eric being an alcoholic ex-priest who drove drunk and killed someone then slept with his brother's girlfriend. Nicole calls Brady more of a monster than any man she's ever known. Nicole exits crying. Brady picks up a framed photo of he and Nicole then smashes it.

Sami tells John that he's convinced her to do what needs to be done for Will and makes a call.

Hope tells Rafe that Eli has Abe's endorsement. Rafe brings up Abe dating Eli's mom. Hope argues that Abe would never give a recommendation without merit but Rafe refuses. Hope brings up Eli being FBI trained like Rafe but Rafe insists that he takes too many risks. Rafe then gets a phone call from Sami, who says she is calling to report a grave robbery, leaving John and Paul shocked.

Eli returns to his table where Chloe informs him that Gabi paid for the meal and left.

Gabi goes to the police station and greets Hope. Gabi asks if Rafe is around. Hope tells her that he just went out on a call and asks if there's anything she can help with. Gabi responds that actually there is.

Rafe joins Sami at the cemetary and comments on John and Paul looking busy. Sami wants them arrested. Rafe advises her not to press charges as everyone wants answers about Will. John and Paul give their word they won't do anything like this again. Sami argues that it's only because they got caught. John apologizes as he and Paul exit. Rafe tells Sami that it's good to see she hasn't changed and hugs her.

Brady thinks back to Nicole telling him they would be so happy together. Brady then goes to the liquor table and takes a drink. Lucas walks in and asks if he can have one too.

Hope agrees with Gabi that Eli would be a perfect partner for Rafe. Gabi knows Rafe refuses but points out that Hope is the commissioner so it's her call. Eli shows up and tells Hope to ignore whatever Gabi just said.

Sami tells Rafe that she is here as long as she needs to be to protect Will. Rafe tells her he's there if she needs a shoulder. Sami says she's fine but jokes that she may take him up on that. Rafe offers her a ride. Sami notes not going to Marlena's as she doesn't want to see John again. Sami thanks Rafe for the offer but wants to sit here and talk with Will so Rafe exits.

Lucas tells Brady he came to see Sonny but Brady says he's not there. Lucas pours a drink and talks about planning to talk to Sonny about the rumors of Will. Lucas asks Brady if he's drinking because of Nicole again. Brady responds that he was right about her. Lucas toasts to being right even when it sucks. Brady adds that he blew their happily ever after straight to hell.

Nicole goes to Chloe's hotel room. Chloe asks what happened and if she talked to Eric or what she told Brady. Nicole says she has somewhere to be and hates to ask her again to watch Holly. Chloe agrees to but notes Nicole is clearly not okay so she asks what happened. Nicole insists she's fine but has a lot on her mind. Chloe disagrees and guesses she wasn't with Brandon last night so she asks again what happened. Nicole admits that she had to talk to Eric after Chloe told her he had feelings for her. Nicole talks about Eric telling her he loved her and seeing it in his eyes then realizing she loved him too. Chloe guesses she went home and told Brady. Nicole tells her that Brady was so angry. Chloe is sure he's devastated but insists that Nicole did the right thing. Chloe says Brady may be hurting now but one day he will understand that she respected him enough to be honest. Chloe asks Nicole what she's going to do. Nicole tells her to just watch Holly. Chloe wonders if she shouldn't have told Nicole how Eric felt. Nicole is glad she did because it changed everything. Chloe is glad then if it means she can have her happiness and they can be together. Nicole hugs her and thanks her for being her friend and telling her the truth. Nicole is so glad they are close again. Chloe jokes that she's stuck with her and she loves her as Nicole exits.

Lucas thinks he can help Brady at Titan while Sonny is out chasing ghosts. Lucas brings up having inside trade information on Countess Wilhelmina to stick it to Kate. Brady tells him that no major decisions can be made until Victor officially hires a CEO. Lucas jokes that he's enjoying his vacation too much anyways as he continues drinking. Brady agrees to tell Sonny that he stopped by. Lucas tells Brady they should go out and drink together sometime. Lucas takes a bottle and exits the mansion.

Eli tells Hope that he wants the same consideration as any other candidate with no special treatment. Hope appreciates his integrity. Eli apologizes for the interruption. Rafe returns to the station and questions Hope hiring Eli even after their discussion. Hope responds that nobody's been hired. Eli says they were just leaving but Gabi says not yet. Gabi takes Rafe in to the interrogation room to talk. Rafe asks what's going on. Gabi tells him that Eli is the perfect man for the job as they are so alike. Rafe thinks she's just freaked out about the Will rumors. Rafe adds that Sami even came back to town. Rafe tells Gabi that this is not her fight.

Sami sits and cries at Will's grave. Sami talks about almost losing her mind when she lost him and how much she misses him. Sami knows she said Will being alive is not possible but she wishes more than anything that it was true as she would give her life to see Will's smile one more time.

Gabi goes to leave the station with Eli but Rafe stops them and says to give him a second. Rafe tells Eli that people he loves and trusts say he's the right person for the job so he's willing to give him a shot. Hope then officially offers Eli the position as Rafe's partner which he accepts. Eli and Rafe shake hands. Rafe warns Eli that if he ever pulls a stunt like he did with Gabi and Raines then he's out.

Brady finishes a drink while standing over the broken picture frame and says Nicole better be breaking Eric's heart or else he swears to bring her down.

Nicole goes to Eric's cabin where she stops outside. She starts to walk away but turns around to knock on the door.

Sami promises Will that she will find some answers so everyone will leave him alone to rest in peace. Lucas staggers up with his bottle in hand and remarks that first Will appears to give him grief and now Sami's here to give everybody hell, leaving Sami shocked to see Lucas drinking.

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