Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/18


Written By Joseph

Stefan warns that if Abigail sends him to prison, Chad's coming with him after assaulting him. Stefan brings up Rafe and Hope being witnesses and that the DA would love the case. Stefan declares nothing would make him happier than sending his little brother to prison.

Lucas meets with Paul at Doug's Place and asks if he found anything. Paul informs Lucas that Miguel has a prior conviction as he's the bag man to a big time drug lord in Mexico named El Fideo. Lucas guesses El Fideo is a huge opera fan.

Chloe enters her room in Mexico where she finds Theresa's note saying she's sorry. Chloe wonders what she's sorry for.

Brady returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion and is shocked to find Theresa waiting in the living room. Theresa greets him and says that she's home.

Eve questions what Xander is doing back in Salem when he's supposed to be in prison. Eve warns him to back off or she will scream. Eve brings up that he tried to kill her sister. Xander argues that she started it. Eve calls him evil. Xander states that he and Theresa had their issues but Theresa owes him which Eve questions.

Brady thinks he's hallucinating but Theresa assures him that it's really her and she's come home to he and Tate. Brady reminds her that she walked out on them. Theresa says she can explain but Brady doesn't want to hear it. Brady says she made her choice. Theresa tells him there was a reason. Brady calls her a liar then tells her to get out and not come back.

Eve asks Xander what Theresa owes him for and when he saw her. Xander calls it crazy how you run into people when you least expect it. Eve doesn't want to hear it since Theresa broke Brady and Tate's hearts so she doesn't care what happens to Theresa. Xander offers to fill her in over a couple of drinks. Eve yells at him to back off. Eric and Jennifer approach so Eric rushes up and pulls Xander off of her while Jennifer asks Eve if she's okay and if Xander hurt her.

Chad calls Stefan a coward. Stefan disagrees with them calling it rape. Abigail tells him that "Gabby" is gone forever while Stefan argues that she loved him as much as he loved her. Stefan says they can do all they want but "Gabby" will always exist and no one can take away what they had.

Lucas asks Paul what El Fideo is going to do. Paul thinks his promise to create an opera around Chloe was a ploy. Lucas realizes Miguel took Chloe against her will.

Mateo enters Chloe's room and invites her to join him for dinner. Chloe questions him about Theresa's letter and where she is. Mateo guesses she is sorry she wasn't able to say goodbye because she is gone.

Theresa knows Brady is angry because what she did was so cruel. Brady doesn't remember her feeling any pain. Theresa cries that she didn't want to leave him. Brady argues that she chose drugs and partying over her son. Theresa says she made the choice she had to make. Brady questions if she just got bored and wanted to come back to their life. Brady says she has to be high to think they would just take her back. Theresa knows it's a lot to take in but there is so much he doesn't know. Brady tells her that for months, Tate has been crying himself to sleep and wakes up asking when mommy is coming home. Brady asks how to tell their son that mommy didn't love them anymore. Theresa screams that she didn't just walk out on him as it was a lie. Theresa informs him that it was the only way she could protect he and Tate from a psychopath.

Eric brings Xander to the town square and says he's taking him back to the police department so they can send him back to his cell. Xander responds that he's free. Eric calls that impossible after he kidnapped Nicole. Xander informs him that his uncle Victor is a very powerful man who owed him a favor and now he's back in Salem because he owes him another one. Eric doesn't understand why Victor would do him any favors after he shot Brady. Xander says maybe he redeemed himself and he's a new man but maybe not, either way he's free. Eric thinks he's only here to cause problems and tells him to get out of town. Xander says he's worked very hard to be returned to his family so he's staying in Salem.

Chad tells Stefan that he would love to expose him on the stand to the rest of the world but he won't expose Abigail to that kind of trial. Chad says if not for Stefan's obsession with Abigail, there's a chance Vivian wouldn't be dead. Abigail gets in between them and declares this ends today.

Eve tells Jennifer that she's fine but a little shocked to see Xander. Jennifer argues that he doesn't deserve to step foot in this town after everything he's done. Eve says that's the last thing Brady needs. Jennifer asks how Brady is doing. Eve says he's great. Jennifer comments that she seems to be too and asks if they are back together. Eve shows Jennifer her ring.

Eric doesn't know what Xander has on Victor but says nobody wants him here after he terrorized this town. Xander comments that everyone deserves a second chance even Eric. Xander talks about Eric holding hands with Jennifer like old times. Xander brings up Eric being with Nicole. Eric shoves him and yells at him to shut up about Nicole.

Chloe asks Mateo what he means by Theresa's gone and if she escaped. Mateo responds that escape is impossible since no one enters or leaves his property without his permission. Chloe asks where she is then. Mateo states that Theresa is almost as beautiful as Chloe but he gave her everything and it wasn't enough. Chloe suggests she just wanted to be free and asks if she's alright. Mateo informs her that an associate found her in his private office which is always locked which means she stole the key from Miguel. Chloe asks where she is. Mateo calls Theresa a whore and says he knew the truth that she wanted to find evidence against him since the day she got here so Shane could bring him down. Chloe asks if Theresa is okay. Mateo responds that Theresa betrayed him so he had no choice but to kill her.

Brady tells Theresa that the only psychopath she protected them from by leaving was herself. Theresa tells him that it's Mateo who goes by El Fideo and he wanted her back after being together years ago. Theresa states that he's a ruthless drug lord so she had no choice. Brady suggests just saying no. Theresa cries that she has seen him kill men so she wasn't going to put Brady and Tate in his path. Brady questions why she didn't come to him if this is true. Theresa cries that she wanted to but she couldn't if she wanted to keep them safe so she lied and pushed him away but she never went back to drugs or slept with another man. Theresa says she had to make him think the worst of her so he would never come after her. Brady tells her that worked. Theresa insists that it's the truth. Brady questions El Fideo holding her against her will this whole time. Theresa cries that she did everything he asked as she had no choice but the only thing that kept her alive was the hope of this day coming home to he and Tate. Brady asks if he just let her go. Theresa explains her plan was to get enough information to get to Shane and the ISA to bring him down. Brady asks if that's what happened. Theresa admits it wasn't. Brady asks what happened then and what's going on. Theresa calls it complicated as she thinks back to leaving with Xander. Brady tells her that he has all night for her complicated story and then he'll let her know if he believes her. Brady questions how she even got here. Theresa reveals it was Xander which Brady can't believe. Theresa explains that Xander caught her trying to get information and he could've left her to be killed but he didn't. Brady says Xander doesn't do anything out of the goodness of his heart. Theresa reveals that she promised he would be welcomed into the family if he helped her. Brady calls that a hell of a promise from someone who doesn't give a damn about their family. Theresa knows it's hard to understand and harder to forgive but she loves him and never stopped. Brady argues that she shouldn't have seen Tate yet because of how confused he must be now. Theresa cries that he remembered her and she just wants Brady to be happy to see her. Theresa swears that everything she told him is the truth. Brady continues to question why she didn't come to him. Theresa shouts that nobody could have protected her, not Shane, the ISA, or even Victor. Brady is shocked to learn that Victor knew.

Jennifer congratulates Eve on her engagement. Eve notes that she and Eric seem happy. Jennifer says they really are. Eve talks about Nicole shredding Eric and Brady's hearts not that long ago but now they are crazy in love. Jennifer states that Brady deserves to be happy after what Nicole and Theresa did to him. Eve feels guilty about falling for somebody her sister loved. Jennifer tells her not to because Theresa walked out on Brady and her child. Eve doesn't understand how you could walk out on someone who loves you so much. Jennifer responds that sometimes there are no explanations for choices people make. Eve brings up how Chloe seemed in love with Lucas and then she took off. Jennifer says Lucas is really struggling after Adrienne left him and now Chloe.

Lucas tells Paul that he knew Chloe wouldn't leave him so this means El Fideo kidnapped her and they have to go get her. Paul warns that drug lords kill whoever get in their way. Lucas doesn't give a damn and asks where he lives. Paul tells him it's a fortress with a lot of enemies and a lot of protection. Lucas demands the address and says if Chloe's in danger, he's there.

Chloe questions Mateo telling her that Theresa is dead. Mateo mentions that Miguel told her they weren't friends. Chloe says she's just stunned because she thought Mateo loved her so why would he kill her. Mateo responds that he did love her but now he has Chloe. Chloe questions if that's how he treats his lovers. Mateo says only the ones who betray him while Chloe is much smarter than Theresa and she understands now that people who screw with him die so she won't make the same mistake. Mateo tells Chloe that he wants her love and he just wants to make her happy. Chloe repeats that she just wants to go home to her son. Mateo says she might be surprised how happy they could be together. Mateo knows she is scared and doubtful but says she'll have nothing to fear if she gives herself to him.

Xander asks Eric if the wounds are still fresh as Nicole has been up to her old tricks. Eric argues that he doesn't know about it. Xander calls Nicole a user. Eric tells him that Nicole is gone and not coming back. Xander states that he still owes her for what she did to him. Eric tells him to leave her alone. Xander says he'll be busy settling in but they could still bump into each other. Xander asks if he should send Eric's love if he runs into Nicole.

Abigail tells Stefan that there will be no charges filed and no trial. She thinks he's a monster and she doesn't forgive him but they need to put their lives back together so they are done. Stefan responds that he really did love that part of her and "Gabby" loved him. Stefan then walks out of the room. Abigail then questions Chad knowing she slept with Stefan and saying nothing. Chad says he wanted to protect her. Abigail would've rather heard it from him. Chad apologizes and says he was waiting for the right time. Abigail questions when the right time would be to tell someone they violated their wedding laws. Chad argues that it wasn't her. Abigail calls it disgusting that she slept with his brother since it was her body and she does remember it. Abigail doesn't know how Chad could ever touch her again.

Paul knows Lucas wants Chloe safe but warns that they could both end up dead. Paul adds that even the ISA would have difficulty. Lucas complains that he needs help. Paul says he will help but they need to do this right. Paul says he will call John for some options. Lucas likes getting John involved and tells him to let him know by today because they have to move fast and get Chloe away from Mateo.

Chloe tells Mateo that she's not really hungry. Mateo invites her on a walk in the garden so she agrees to whatever he wants. Mateo says he's not happy that she says yes but her eyes say no. Chloe says she doesn't feel like taking a stroll after he just told her he killed his former lover. Mateo says that Theresa made a mistake that Chloe is too smart to make so she has nothing to fear. Mateo claims they have a connection that she will eventually see. Mateo asks that she doesn't take too long to realize the true love they could have. Mateo then exits. Chloe cries about Theresa.

Eric tells Xander to leave town. Xander tells him that Victor is invested in him sticking around. Eric tells him not to count on it because Brady will convince Victor to run his ass out of town. Xander tells him that he's the least of Brady's problems right now.

Theresa tells Brady that she told Victor everything about Mateo and he was there for her from the beginning. Brady points out that Victor was not a fan of her. Theresa guesses when he realized she was giving up her life to protect Brady, he decided she wasn't so bad. Brady can't believe Victor knew and never said a word. Theresa asks him not to be angry with Victor since she begged him to stay quiet. Theresa asks if Brady believes her. Brady asks if El Fideo is going to come after her. Theresa tells him it's over and she's free so she just wants them to be a family again. Brady questions her wanting it just like that. Theresa asks if they can be a family again and if he still loves her. Brady tells her that a lot has happened since she's been gone. Theresa responds that she knows all about he and Eve but they aren't together anymore. Brady questions who told her that. Theresa thinks back to talking to Chloe as Brady repeats the question.

Chad tells Abigail that she can't blame herself. Abigail flashes back to the night Chad found her in bed with Stefan. Abigail asks how he can ever forgive her. Chad responds that he loves her, he knows she loves him, and that Stefan was taking advantage of her. Chad declares that is when he beat the hell out of him. Abigail remembers she then went off on him and apologizes. Chad tells her it's okay. Abigail asks how can it be and how he can't see that every time he looks at her or touches her. Chad assures they will find their way back like they always have. Chad tells her he loves her and kisses her.

Eric returns to Jennifer and asks how Eve is. Jennifer says she was grateful he showed up when he did. Jennifer asks if he took Xander to the police and what he's even doing out of prison. Eric informs her that Victor apparently sprung him. Jennifer argues that he must have no conscience. Jennifer asks if Eric is okay as she knows it can't be easy to see him after everything he did to he and Nicole. Eric responds that all that matters is that Xander and Deimos didn't win in the end as Nicole and Holly made it home safe. Jennifer guesses it still hurts the way Nicole left. Eric calls it a blessing since he found Jennifer as the love of his life and they kiss. Jennifer informs Eric that Brady just asked Eve to marry him.

Theresa tells Brady that it doesn't matter how she found out about he and Eve. Brady guesses Victor told her. Brady tells her there is more to the story as Eve has become important to him and she doesn't understand. Theresa gets that he doesn't want to hurt her but if it's over between them and Eve will be thrilled for them after she hears what she's been through. Brady says there is something she needs to know. Theresa tells Brady that she knows all she needs to and she loves him now more than ever. Theresa then kisses Brady.

Abigail knows Chad will miss his family home. Chad responds that home is where the heart is and she is his heart. Stefan returns and thought they couldn't wait to get out. Abigail responds that she hoped he would burn in hell but silence, alone, and unloved is exactly what he deserves. Abigail and Chad then exit.

Lucas goes over Chloe's goodbye letter and says he knew she couldn't leave him. Lucas declares he will never give up on her and if she can just hang on, help is on the way.

Chloe sits down and begins writing a letter to Lucas, saying she doesn't know why she is bothering to write since she'll never be able to send it but she feels his love and knows he will never give up on them so she prays that he will find her and rescue her from this hell.

Paul walks through the town square and stops when he sees Xander. Paul questions what the hell he is doing here. Xander responds that he is a free man courtesy of his loving uncle Victor. Paul tells him no one wants him here. Xander is tired of people saying that. Paul advises him to leave town. Xander says he won't miss all the fun of watching everyone in this town freak out and wonder what he's going to do next. Paul calls him a son of a bitch as Xander walks away.

Eric tells Jennifer that he and Brady have had their troubles but he's still his brother so he just wants him to be happy. Jennifer believes Brady and Eve are headed for wedded bliss.

Eve walks into the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady and Theresa kissing in the living room.

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