Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/10/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/10/18


Written By Joseph

Rafe arrives at the motel and knocks on the door, calling for Hope. She answers the door and questions how he knew she was there. Rafe walks in and Ted comes out from the shower in a towel to question what was going on. Rafe says that's a good question and asks what the hell is going on.

Ben informs Stefan that Ted is working with Hope Brady as they set up a trap at the motel, trying to get him to confess to setting the fire that almost killed Ciara because Hope has been trying to pin it on him since day one. Stefan questions if he can trust Ben or if he's been lying about the fire.

Ciara is in her room thinking about kissing Ben on their date when Julie walks in and questions why on earth she's dating a serial killer.

Chad questions Jennifer being sure that she saw Abigail as "Gabby" which she confirms. Jennifer tells him that she and Stefan were at the hospital taking Charlotte home. Chad is worried that "Gabby" is a danger to anyone who comes in to contact with her.

Abigail pretending to be "Gabby" walks in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Gabi is. Gabi thought she was in Bayview but Abigail says "surprise, bitch."

Chad was hoping Abigail wasn't sick again and that they were all wrong. Jennifer points out the evidence. Chad wanted to believe Abigail's explanation but "Gabby" was orchestrating the whole thing.

Gabi asks if it's "Gabby" and when this happened. She says it was right after Gabi admitted to framing her. Gabi claims she didn't confess to anything. Abigail says it doesn't matter because she's just happy to be out of the padded room. She explains that Stefan got her out because she's "Gabby" now and she just wants to thank Gabi.

Julie complains to Ciara about Ben asking for a table for their date as if she would let him take her on a date. Julie talks about Ben trying to tell her about how much he cares about Ciara. Julie asks what kind of man shows he has the hots for you by literally trying to set you on fire.

Ben assures Stefan that he didn't torch the cabin as he would never hurt Ciara. Stefan points out that he doesn't deny hurting people in the past. Ben doesn't expect anyone to ever forget that but he hopes the town will see him as something other than the necktie killer and give him a second chance like Stefan did. Stefan says he gave him a chance because he related to his predicament but if he gave him one reason to doubt him, it would be over. Ben argues that he's trying to prove he's changed and no matter how many times Hope tries to jam him up, he won't wreck this opportunity because it means too much to him. Stefan remarks that at least the police didn't strong arm him into a confession. Stefan asks Ben what else he told them in the motel. Ben says he didn't tell them a damn thing. Stefan asks if he's sure he didn't throw him under the bus for kidnapping Ted.

Hope tries to tell Rafe that she can explain but Ted says that Rafe can't possibly be surprised since Hope could get any man she wants and he cheated on her so now she's cheating on him. Rafe then punches Ted down. Rafe tells Ted to get up so he can knock him out again. Hope tries to stop him and say it's not what it looks like but Rafe can't believe she did this and questions her sleeping with Ted of all people. Hope tells Rafe that this is all about Ciara.

Ciara appreciates Julie's concern but she's already heard all of this from Hope. Julie argues that Hope has every right to be upset considering that Ben killed three people and tried to incinerate many more. Ciara argues that's not the whole story because his father traumatized him and he had a terrible childhood. Julie says strangling people isn't revenge for that. Ciara insists that Ben was sick and got help so he's not the same person he was before. Julie feels people rarely change that much, especially not a sociopath like Ben. Ciara assures that Ben is a nice guy and she would really appreciate if she considered giving him another chance. Julie brings up Ciara just coming off a break up and she's vulnerable. Ciara says she isn't that naive but Julie says Ben is not the average predator, he's lethal. Julie warns Ciara to set her feelings aside and run.

Ben tells Stefan that he would never rat him out to the cops. Stefan says it's obvious that he wants Hope off his back so perhaps he found a way to make that happen by giving him up but Ben says never because he's a loyal employee. Stefan asks him what exactly went down in the motel room then. Ben explains that Ted was trying to get him on the idea that they could sue the police department for false arrest but Ted wanted him to confess so he said he didn't need the pay day because he's working for Stefan. Ben adds that Hope suddenly came out of the bathroom with a gun pointed to his head and then Ted started making wild accusations that Stefan hired Ben to kill him and he said he had no idea what he was talking about. Stefan supposes if Ted had any proof that he would be arrested already. Ben assures that they have nothing on him. Stefan admits he's a little disappointed because this was Ben's first assignment and he failed. Ben promises he will get this done. Stefan tells him to relax as he's not going to fire him because he's going to give him a second chance. Ben thanks him and asks what their next move is.

Chad wants to go talk to Stefan but Jennifer stops him and worries that he will only make things worse since he's upset. Chad argues that he and Stefan made a deal to have Abigail committed while now he's taking advantage of her being sick again. Jennifer says he has to calm down so he can't go there now but Chad declares he has to deal with that son of a bitch and storms out.

Abigail pretending to be "Gabby" tells Gabi that she's so grateful for her allowing Abigail to crack and set her free so she and Stefan can live happily ever after. Gabi suggests Abigail could be putting on a big act to convince Stefan to get her out and bring her home. Abigail says she just told her how much she appreciated her. Gabi says she's doing a pretty good job of keeping up with her and asks what's next. Abigail guesses she'll live her amazing life. Gabi points out that Chad is gone, her entire family bailed on her, and she's been gone so long that Thomas probably doesn't even know who she is. Gabi adds that now that she's playing crazy, she'll lose her baby too. Abigail says like hell she will.

Hope explains to Rafe that she and Ted made a deal that she would protect him from Stefan and he would get her a confession from Ben. Hope says that's all that was going on. Rafe argues that he went to the cabin and saw the wine glasses and Ted's boxers on the floor. Hope argues that he had him stashed there, she was stressed and he's a slob. Hope insists that all she wanted from Ted was to keep Ciara safe. Rafe questions why she lied to him and why she was sneaking around behind his back, pointing out that Ted just said they were having an affair. Ted informs him that he was covering for Hope because she wanted to tell him the truth but he didn't think he could handle it. Ted says that Rafe would've insisted on playing by the book which would have left him vulnerable to Stefan. Hope agrees that Rafe never would've agreed to this which Rafe admits. Hope now asks Rafe if he will help her.

Ciara goes to work at the Brady Pub where Ben enters and says he got her call so he asks what's up. Ciara says she doesn't have much time as her shift is starting and she has to set up for a birthday party for an old family friend. Ben asks if something is bothering her. Ciara informs him that Julie just gave her hell for getting involved with him, thinking it's the biggest mistake she's ever made and practically ordered her to stay away from him. Ben asks if that means she's dumping him.

Gabi tells Abigail they are done playing games, she's Abigail and they hate each other so she can take off the wig. Abigail continues insisting that she's "Gabby". Gabi says she might be fooling Stefan but not her. Gabi says Abigail might think she's going to get pay back for what she did to her but she's screwed. Abigail responds that she's exactly where she wants to be. Gabi guesses her plan is to divorce Stefan and then run out with her kid. Abigail claims she would never leave Stefan. Gabi reminds her that her entire family thinks she's insane so they will do whatever it takes to lock her back up for a very long time. Gabi says JJ, Jennifer, and Chad have dismissed her crazy paranoid story so no one will believe her or help her and she's completely alone. Abigail acknowledges that everyone thinks she's crazy and dangerous. Abigail adds that she won't be held responsible for her actions since Gabi convinced everyone that she is "Gabby." Abigail remarks that she got away with murder once so instead of slapping the smug look off her face, she could just kill her instead.

Ciara jokes that she can't dump someone after one date but assures that Julie didn't change her mind about Ben. Ben points out that her entire family is against them. Ciara says she was surprised that Ben tried to take her to Doug's Place for their date and questions what he was thinking.

Julie goes to Jennifer's and tells her that she was just talking to Ciara, who has made the unfortunate choice of dating Ben Weston which shocks Jennifer. Jennifer asks if Hope knows. Julie says Hope read her the riot act like she did but Ciara isn't hearing it and thinks Ben is a changed man. Jennifer is shocked because Ciara knows what Ben did to Abigail. Julie asks how Abigail is doing. Jennifer responds that she's not good.

Chad arrives at the DiMera Mansion and finds Gabi in the living room with Abigail as "Gabby" and questions what's going on. Gabi explains that she was dropping papers off for Stefan when she ran in to her. Gabi claims she just wants her best friend to be well. Abigail says they can forget about seeing Abigail anytime soon. She suggests Gabi give her the papers for Stefan and get out. Gabi decides she doesn't want to worry her with her business with Stefan. Gabi tells Chad to call if he needs her and rushes out. Abigail tells Chad to leave because they have nothing to talk about. Chad responds that he's not here for her, he's here for Stefan and asks where the hell he is.

Rafe tells Hope that they need to discuss this in private. Hope says it's not safe to leave Ted alone. Rafe asks if she at least got a confession but Hope admits they didn't. Rafe declares the deal is off then. Rafe says he's doing his best to understand why she did this but this is a big mistake. Hope asks him to understand that Ciara won't be safe until Ben is behind bars. Rafe says he does understand that but they are going to do this on the up and up. Hope argues there is no time. Rafe points out that she is compromising her job as commissioner and jeopardizing everything in her life. Rafe apologizes for accusing her of sleeping with Ted but says that she is in bed with him figuratively. Rafe promises it won't end well so she needs to walk away now. Ted says that Rafe can hate him for everything he's done but if they stop protecting him, Stefan will find him and kill him. Ted then gets a call from Stefan, who calls him the one that got away. Ted puts the phone on speaker and says he's glad Stefan called as it will give them both a chance to get on the record. Ted asks what Stefan wants from him. Stefan says he's heard Ted has been making some pretty wild allegations against one of his employees, his new head of security. Ted responds that everything he said about Ben is pure fact. Ted states that Stefan kidnapped him, dragged him to some island, and when he got away, he sent Ben to get him. Stefan wishes him luck building a case against him with no proof. Ted says they both know what he did. Stefan feels Ted is making unsubstantiated claims that could tarnish he and his company which needs to stop. Stefan warns that his people know where to find him if the need may arise. Stefan then hangs up. Ted tells Hope and Rafe that now two psychopaths want him dead so he demands they continue to protect him. Rafe reluctantly agrees and sends Ted to get his stuff. Hope thanks Rafe and knows Ted might not deserve it but she couldn't in good conscience throw him to the wolves. Hope declares that Stefan already sent Ben after him once so without their help, he would never survive round two.

Ben laughs at the idea that he thought he could win Julie over which he knew was a huge mistake. Ciara guesses Julie threatened to kill him if he laid a hand on her and jokes that no one can hold a grudge like Julie.

Julie can't believe that Abigail is married to Stefan while Ciara is dating Ben. Jennifer doesn't know what they can do. Julie says she can't just sit here when two people she loves are in such jeopardy. Julie adds that she tried to warn Ciara and she threatened that Ben would be a dead man if he laid a hand on Ciara so now she's decided to go tell Stefan what will happen if he even thinks of hurting Abigail.

Abigail tells Chad that Stefan's not here. Chad says he'll wait so Abigail threatens to call security. Chad argues that Stefan broke a promise so he has to answer for it. Abigail asks if Chad doesn't have anything better to do. Chad says he's protecting the people he loves. Chad talks about giving Stefan his daughter for getting Abigail in to treatment. Abigail asks if Chad wants Stefan to give him the baby back which he rejected because it wasn't his. Chad doesn't want to discuss this with her. Abigail reminds him that "Gabby" is part of her so she saw everything and knows that his hate for his brother is stronger than his love for his ex-wife which Chad says is not true. She comments that Chad couldn't even look at Abigail when she was pregnant and he could barely touch her. She sits on Chad and says his disgust for her was so strong he had to move out when all she wanted was acceptance and he couldn't give that to her. Chad admits that finding out the child wasn't his ripped his heart out and he distanced himself because he was hurt and confused but he never stopped loving Abigail. Chad adds that she will get better again. She stands up and asks if he has any idea why "Gabby" is back, asking whose fault it is that she relapsed. Chad blames her sickness but Abigail says that Chad abandoned her and turned his back which is not what someone who loves someone does so she came back and reached out to Stefan. Abigail blames Chad being cruel for making Abigail split again. Chad says she will get better and he will be there to watch it happen which she laughs at. She tells Chad that he isn't her savior anymore because he stabbed her in the back so now he is her enemy. Chad states that she sounds crazy. She says he can think what he wants but she's in charge of Abigail now and he will never hurt her again. Chad then walks out of the mansion.

Rafe is opposed to this whole plan but Hope is leaving him no choice. Hope thanks him and feels awful for keeping all of this from him so she's sorry. Rafe says no more secrets or lies because they are a team. Hope agrees as they hug. Rafe asks what the plan is. Hope says they are bringing Ted back to the cabin together where he will be safe from Stefan and Ben.

Gabi is on the phone with Kate in the town square, saying the mission is not accomplished because she was trying to get in to the safe but Abigail showed up pretending to be "Gabby" to convince Stefan to let her out. Gabi tells Kate that she's not going back there as she no longer sees a point in giving the test results papers to Stefan. Gabi then turns around as Stefan approaches.

Chad returns to Jennifer and tells her that Stefan wasn't there but Abigail was as "Gabby". Jennifer asks how it went. Chad admits it didn't go well as she blamed him for Abigail's relapse and says he's the reason she took over. Jennifer calls that unfair but Chad agrees that if he would've stood by Abigail like he promised, she wouldn't be going through this but he failed her.

Julie goes to the DiMera Mansion and is shocked to see Abigail as "Gabby" answer the door. She questions what Stefan has done to her and begins screaming for Stefan to come out. Julie tells her that the town already has one trouble making Gabi and doesn't need another one. Abigail then admits to Julie that she's not "Gabby" and cries that she is really Abigail.

Ben tells Ciara that he would love to win over her family but the only opinion that really matters to him is hers. Ciara tells him that it won't always be this way but Ben doesn't expect to change anyone's mind. Ciara feels that if she can see what a good person he's become, she's sure they can convince everyone else but they will need some time. Ciara tells Ben to get out of here because the place is about to be filled with people who would completely freak out if they found out they were together. Ben stops to ask her out on a second date which she says she would love. Ben then exits the Pub.

Hope tells Rafe that she's going to look outside to make sure the coast is clear before they move Ted. Hope says she loves him and exits. Ted comes out of the bathroom and guesses Hope convinced Rafe to get behind the cause. Rafe clarifies that he's behind Hope, not him. Rafe warns Ted that if anything happens to Hope under this arrangement, Stefan isn't the one he will have to worry about.

Stefan tells Gabi that he overheard her talking about documents she had for him. Gabi decides she's not ready to present this particular report yet. Stefan says whenever then. Gabi notes him being in a good mood. Stefan responds that things are finally going his way. Gabi tells him she will get the report to him very soon as he walks away.

Chad tells Jennifer that if the child was his, everything would be different. Jennifer argues that the child exists because Stefan preyed a mentally ill woman and he's still doing it. Chad feels Abigail only turned to Stefan because he abandoned her. Jennifer tells him not to let "Gabby" fool him when the woman he loves is in trouble. Chad thought she wanted him to stay out of it. Jennifer wanted him to stay away from the mansion because he was so upset but Abigail needs him so he can't give up on her. Chad declares that he wasn't there for her before when he should've been so he will be now. Chad promises to fight for the mother of his child.

Abigail tells Julie that she had no choice but to pretend to be "Gabby" and to love Stefan in order to get back to her daughter. She adds that she will have to keep pretending for awhile. Abigail talks about her whole family giving up on her and no one believing that Gabi was setting her up so now she has to find a way to prove it. Julie questions why she is telling her this. Abigail knows that Julie hates Gabi so she's hoping that confiding in her isn't the wrong thing. Julie responds that she believes her as she knows what Gabi is capable of. Julie declares that together, they are going to find a way to make Gabi pay, as she and Abigail hug.

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