Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/15/19

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/15/19


Written By Joseph

Gabi walks into the Kiriakis Mansion to confront Brady.

At the police station, Eli listens to his voicemail where Julie tried to call him about Gabi and Stefan before Gabi interrupted. Eli says it's always something as Abe then arrives, saying he got Eli's message wanting to talk to him. Eli tells Abe that he loves his daughter very much and they recently realized they were meant for each other so he'd like to ask for Abe's blessing to propose. Lani appears and listens in as Abe calls it great news and gives his blessing. Eli responds that it's a relief since he already proposed. Eli explains that it was very spur of the moment on the 4th of July. Abe assures that he understands and congratulates him. Abe hugs him, saying he's so happy for both of them. Lani enters and says she's glad to hear that. Abe hugs her and says it's just wonderful.

In Kristen's hotel room, Xander questions Kristen sparing Ted and Kate's lives after repeatedly demanding that he murdered them. Kristen responds that she's an expert at thinking on her feet and explains that she took his screw up and turn it to her advantage. Kristen adds that Stefano taught her to plan two steps ahead while Xander is always three behind. Xander asks to be caught up. Kristen tells him this is about her taking her rightful place atop the family because she is a true DiMera while Stefan is just a pretender. Kristen declares that with the help of Ted and Kate, Stefan is going down.

Ted claims to Hope that the person who did this to them was Stefan DiMera. Stefan then walks into the living room, confused by seeing Hope, Ted, and Kate. Stefan says his home is a private residence and asks what the hell they are all doing here. Hope reveals that she just rescued Kate and Ted from his underground tunnels where they were being held hostage. Stefan questions by whom. Hope responds that according to them, it was him.

Eli hugs Lani. She asks when they will tell everyone else now that they have Abe's blessing. Eli kisses her and says right after he gives her the ring which he then puts on her finger. She calls it perfect as Eli says he loves her and they kiss until Rex arrives, apologizing for interrupting but he needs to report a missing person. Rex explains that Kate has been missing for a few days now while Xander claimed to have sent her on a business trip to Asia but he's not buying that since he doesn't trust him. Eli informs Rex about the 911 call they received from a woman about overhearing Xander saying he killed Ted Laurent. Eli adds that Hope was certain the woman was Kate. Rex questions Kate going missing after reporting Xander killed somebody. Rex asks what if he killed her too. Lani advises him not to jump to conclusions. Rex wants them to get Xander arrested and questioned to find out what happened. Eli informs Rex that they questioned Xander but they couldn't hold him because he has some sort of in with Eve, who let him go.

Xander asks Kristen about her plan to take down her brother. Kristen explains that Ted and Kate were begging her to spare their lives when this brilliant idea popped into her mind. Kristen flashes back to Ted and Kate pleading with her and agreeing to say whatever she wanted them to so she instructed them to tell the police that it was Stefan who kept them hostage. Kate realized it was because he's the one who stood between Kristen and DiMera Enterprises. Kristen adds that most people loathe Stefan so no one will be surprised. Kristen ordered them to make the police believe it or else she'd send someone to kill them both as she warned them not to double cross her. Kristen then tells Xander that Ted and Kate saw the wisdom of her plan.

Stefan calls it absurd that he held them captive. Kate tells him to let it go because Hope found them so it's over. Stefan says he has no idea what she is talking about. Ted accuses him of throwing them in the hole and leaving them to die. Stefan questions them trying to frame him. Kate questions them trying to starve themselves to death. Stefan shouts that Hope is not a cop anymore so he doesn't give a damn what she says and they are all trespassing so he screams at them to get out. Hope agrees and says they both need medical attention so she will call the police on the way to the hospital. Kate adds that Stefan won't get away with this while he says the same to her as they exit.

Gabi calls Brady a rat for snitching on her to Chloe about her plan to take down Stefan. Gabi asks why he opened his big mouth. Brady explains that Chloe had a very hard time figuring out why Gabi would sleep with a guy who ruined her life. Gabi asks why he didn't just call it weird and move on. Brady says that Chloe wasn't going to let it go. Gabi asks what if she went straight to Stefan with the information. Brady tells her that she won't because she's not too fond of Stefan either. Brady asks Gabi if her plot is still in motion. Gabi responds that he can't get enough of her. Brady asks if she can get him to propose. Gabi knows she can and then she will have the keys to the DiMera kingdom. Brady advises her to be careful. Gabi assures that she knows what she's doing. Brady recalls when he tried to seduce Eve to regain control of Basic Black but he didn't plan on falling in love. Gabi claims that won't happen because she's in control and she still hates Stefan more than ever. Gabi adds that she's more solid at DiMera then ever, especially now that Stefan fired "Nicole" which Brady questions.

Eric leaves the Brady Pub and runs into Abe, who asks if he has a minute to talk about the way "Nicole" has been behaving. Abe explains that she missed her first day of work and when she did show up, she was unapologetic so Stefan fired her then she attacked him. Abe adds that Stefan threatened to press charges and to go public with allegations that she is unhinged. Eric says that would destroy her. Abe continues that he convinced Stefan to let him talk to her to try to get her to resign but when he went to her room, she wasn't there and the room was trashed. Eric says she hasn't been herself since Holly's death. Abe thought it was grief at first but he's starting to think Stefan's right that "Nicole" has suffered a mental breakdown.

Hope brings Ted and Kate to the hospital and goes to get someone to check them out. Kate tells Ted that Hope seems to believe that Stefan threw them in the room so they hope the police believe them too or Kristen will kill them and everyone they love. Ted asks about Kristen being insane. Kate states that they don't want her as their enemy. Ted points out that Stefan doesn't even know what's happening or who is behind it. Kate declares that the only positive is that Stefan will finally get what he deserves.

Stefan enters the room in the tunnels where Ted and Kate were held. He finds the broken bottle pieces and looks at one of the bottles of champagne.

Rex worries about his mom being harmed in any way. Eli gets a call from Hope, who informs him that she went to the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion where she found Ted and Kate locked up. Eli asks if they were alive as Rex asks if it's about Kate. Hope says that Kate is fine so Eli informs Rex that she is safe at the hospital. Rex thanks Eli and rushes out of the station. Eli asks if Hope found Xander there. Hope says no but he needs to be arrested and not just him.

Kristen informs Xander that Hope just rescued Kate and Ted so they don't even have to engineer their release themselves. Xander calls that clever to kill two birds with one stone. Kristen states that Stefan had the chance to be a real DiMera but he betrayed her and now will pay. Xander is just glad he's taking the fall so they are off the hook. Kristen clarifies that she didn't say they were both off the hook.

Rex visits Kate in the hospital, telling her he was so worried about her. Kate tells him that she's fine. Rex calls Xander a son of a bitch and assures that the police will arrest him very soon. Kate informs Rex that Xander didn't kidnap them on his own as he was taking orders from Stefan DiMera.

Stefan comes out from the tunnels and pours a drink.

Hope checks on Ted in the hospital. Ted thanks her for saving his life and says being here with her now makes it worth living.

Abe wishes he could help "Nicole" but he's at a loss. Eric says there is nothing he wouldn't do for her but she blames him for Holly's death. Abe asks if he could ask Marlena to reach out to her. Eric says it's worth a try and reminds Abe that she's still Nicole and just needs some help.

Gabi complains to Brady about "Nicole" being so difficult to work with, not showing up to work, and treating Stefan like he was working for her so he had no choice but to fire her. Brady asks how "Nicole" reacted. Gabi tells him that she completely lost it and physically attacked Stefan. Brady asks what Stefan is going to do now. Gabi says if it were up to him, she'd be locked up which is where Gabi thinks she belongs.

Xander warns Kristen about throwing him under the bus with Stefan and promises that if he goes down, she's going with him. Xander storms out as Kristen tries to stop him and yells that she has a plan but he's already gone. Kristen stops herself and says she can't go out looking like this. Kristen puts on her Nicole mask and complains that she never should've trusted Xander in the first place. Eric shows up at the door. She tells him to go away because she's busy but Eric says he needs to talk to her. Brady arrives outside and asks what Eric is doing there. Eric tells him that Abe told him about Stefan firing her. Brady says he heard too. Eric explains that he's trying to convince her but she won't listen to him. Brady then knocks on the door and says he needs to talk to her so she opens the door.

Gabi remains at the Kiriakis Mansion and thinks back to Stefan telling her that he's developed feelings for her. Gabi tells herself that he's falling for her but she can't fall for him and she has to stick to the plan. Xander walks in and questions her talking to herself. Gabi asks what he wants and says it's nothing she can't handle. Xander says he has his own problems anyway but it's nothing he can't handle as he just needs to think. Gabi mocks him. Xander questions her thinking she's so special. Lani then arrives and informs Xander that he's under arrest.

Abe goes to the DiMera Mansion where Stefan asks if he has Nicole's resignation. Abe says not yet as he went by her room and she wasn't there. Stefan won't let her stall to save face as he wants her out of his company and his life. Stefan threatens to go public with what she did because she deserves to be locked up. Eli walks in and says speaking of locking people up, Stefan is under arrest which Abe questions. Eli informs him that Stefan kidnapped Kate and Ted and held them captive in the tunnels under the house. Stefan says it's not true and that they are lying. Eli says they will see about that but for now, he's taking him in. Eli handcuffs Stefan and reads him his rights. Stefan tells Abe to keep this quiet as Eli escorts Stefan out of the mansion.

"Nicole" tells Brady that it's so good to see him but she can't talk right now as she has somewhere to be. Brady asks if it can wait but she says it's a work situation and that Stefan is depending on her. Eric reveals that Abe told him that Stefan fired her. She guesses Abe couldn't wait to tell the world and asks if he's here to rub it in. Eric says she hasn't been acting like herself and he's worried about her. She asks how she is supposed to act when people are out to get her. Eric knows she still misses Holly. She thanks him for bringing that up especially since she lost her daughter because he ignored her dying wish. Brady stops her and says Eric thought he was doing the right thing. She tells Eric to leave her alone. Brady asks to talk to her for a few minutes. She agrees and lets Brady in then shuts the door on Eric.

Rex tells Kate that he feels terrible for not alerting the police as soon as he had a weird vibe. Kate says there is no way he could've known. Kate claims Stefan was behind all this and was waiting for the chance to avenge his mother since he always blamed her for Vivian's death. Rex questions keeping her captive and alive if he wanted revenge.

Hope talks to Ted about giving Xander the necklace, hoping she would figure out he was in trouble. Ted knew it was a long shot but he had to try something and knew how good of a detective she is. Hope admits she almost didn't come looking for him even after she suspected something was wrong. Hope wondered if maybe she was just seeing conspiracy theories because she couldn't accept that he had given up on her. Ted asks what she is talking about.

Gabi asks what Xander is being charged with. Lani states that it is for aiding the kidnappings of Kate and Ted. Gabi knows he wanted Kate's job but questions her problem with Ted. Xander responds that he did not kidnap them. Gabi knows he didn't do it alone since he's not smart enough to do that. Lani reveals he had a partner in crime or a boss in Stefan DiMera which shocks Gabi. Lani adds that Eli is bringing Stefan in now so Gabi decides she has to go and rushes out. Xander notes that she didn't seem as concerned about his arrest. Lani then handcuffs Xander. Xander jokes that they could have some fun with it. Lani says she already is and escorts him out.

Hope shows Ted the text she got from his phone, saying things would never work out between them. Ted says he would never send her that which Hope says she knows now, guessing Xander or Stefan took his phone in hopes that she would stop looking for him. Ted calls Hope a powerful, unique light in this world while he's just trying to be better. Ted adds that he would never give up on her and he thought of her the entire time. Ted tells Hope that she kept him going.

Kate asks Rex how long she has to stay in the hospital, insisting she's fine and just wants to go home. Rex argues that she's safer here since she's going to testify against Stefan so he doesn't want him coming after her again.

Eli brings Stefan into the interrogation room. Stefan insists that he's innocent and didn't kidnap Kate and Ted. Eli says they think differently. Stefan argues that it's a scheme for revenge and calls them liars. Eli adds that they don't think he acted alone and there may be more witnesses. Eli brings up Xander. Stefan says he's never even met him. Gabi walks in. Eli tells her that she shouldn't be here. Gabi says she came as soon as she heard. Stefan tells her that whatever she heard isn't true. Gabi questions what's going on. Stefan explains that he's being set up as they found Kate and Ted in the tunnels where Xander must have stashed them. Eli adds that they say Xander and Stefan stashed them there. Stefan shouts that he will prove they are lying. Eli decides he will wait to see what Xander says in his interrogation speech. Gabi asks for a few minutes alone with Stefan so Eli says he'll be back soon and exits. Stefan asks if Gabi believes him. Gabi promises she does and that she stands by him. Stefan insists he's being framed.

Brady questions "Nicole" as to what happened in her room. She explains that she got angry when Stefan fired her and she's not proud of it. Brady mentions Gabi telling him that she was having a rough time at DiMera. "Nicole" argues that he has no idea how badly they treated her after everything she had been through. Brady is sorry and knows it hasn't been easy. "Nicole" argues that they didn't respect her business plan and it's obvious that Gabi is sleeping with Stefan to get to the top while he's too stupid to see it. Brady asks if she attacked Stefan. She insists that he deserved it. Brady asks what she was thinking and why she would do that. She asks if he thinks she was out of line to go after him. Brady admits he's worried about her and he thinks she went to work a little too early. Brady adds that Eric said Stefan is willing to accept her letter of resignation. She argues that she belongs there and questions why she should resign. Brady warns that Stefan could go public and paint her as unstable which would affect her ability to get a job in the future. She refuses to let Stefan lock her up because she's not crazy. Brady assures that Stefan won't let this go. "Nicole" claims she's not the problem and Stefan is. Brady tells her this has a very easy solution. She questions just giving up and walking away. Brady suggests she forget about DiMera and come to work for him again.

Abe finishes a call outside, making sure no one is talking about the arrest. Eric returns to him and tells him that "Nicole" didn't want to talk to him. Abe thanks him for trying. Eric adds that Brady showed up so they just have to hope that he can get through to her. Eric says it's killing him to see her life go off the rails like it has, feeling there has to be something he could do to help her out of this.

"Nicole" calls Brady the sweetest man and she would love to come work for him again but being with him every day knowing he doesn't want her would be too painful. Brady tells her that he will always care about her but they can't be together again after everything that's happened. "Nicole" says sneaking around with Eric behind his back was the biggest mistake of her life. Brady refuses to do to him what he did to her. She argues that it's different because they aren't together. Brady doesn't see any reason they can't work together if they keep it professional. "Nicole" responds that she can't promise him that and kisses him.

Lani brings Xander into the police station. Xander wants to talk to Eve but Lani says she won't be helping him out of this. Eli tells Xander that Stefan is in the interrogation room but he wants to talk to him first. Xander refuses to say another word without an immunity deal. Eli questions why they would give him immunity when they have him dead tor rights. Xander explains that he's just a pawn in this scheme and asks if he wants the brains behind the operation because as soon as he gets his immunity, he will sing like a canary.

Kate tells Rex that she won't be intimidated by Stefan or anyone else and she will make sure he goes to jail for a long time. Rex asks if she's sure she can go through with this. Kate calls it the only way to protect their family.

Ted tells Hope that he wants them to be together and he hopes she wants that too. Hope is really glad he is okay. Ted says that doesn't answer anything. Hope assures there will be plenty of time for them to figure out what they want. Hope adds they need to make sure that Xander and Stefan pay for what they've done and are held accountable.

Gabi questions Stefan thinking someone put Kate and Ted up to this. Stefan knows they hate him but he also knows that when Hope found them, they were both dehydrated and borderline starving. Stefan explains that he checked the room himself and found bottles of champagne. Gabi recalls "Nicole" going down to get champagne but coming back empty handed. Stefan remembers her saying that she couldn't find them while Gabi points out that when she tried to go downstairs, she stopped her. Stefan asks if she thinks "Nicole" is actually behind all of this.

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