Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/18/19

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/18/19


Written By Joseph

Rex checks on Kate in her hospital room while she insists she's fine and tells him to go home so Sarah doesn't blame her for ruining their night. Rex informs her that he already called Sarah and she's cool with it. Kate asks about the special meal he was making for her. Rex says he told her to have it without him and to share it with Eric. Kate calls him clueless for telling her to spend Valentine's Day with his brother.

Sarah informs Eric that someone tried to kill Kate. Sarah says Rex has to stay there while they run more tests. Eric is sure Rex wants her there too. Sarah says she offered but Rex doesn't want the dinner to go to waste so he suggested she share it with Eric.

Abigail and Chad talk about how bad things have been between them. Abigail admits Chad has been her rock in spite of that and she wouldn't have gotten through it without him. Chad encourages that she's tough and he will always do anything he can for their family no matter what happens. Abigail acknowledges that he put her daughter back in her arms exactly like he said he would. Chad calls taking Charlotte from her the biggest mistake of his life. Abigail says this whole experience gave her perspective. Abigail admits that this whole traumatic experience made her miss how things were when they were together. They agree they made quite a team. Abigail knows what she put Chad through and blames herself. Abigail says they have spent so much time angry and apart. Abigail cries that all the anger went away when he put Charlotte in her arms so she wants them to be together again as a family. Chad admits he was starting to feel like they would never find their way back. Abigail states that she was angry but she never stopped loving him for a second. Chad responds that he loves her as they kiss until Jennifer walks in. Abigail excitedly shows her that Charlotte is back thanks to Chad. Jennifer is relieved and happily picks up Charlotte.

Hope pulls away from Ted's kiss and tells him to never do that again as Rafe then approaches. Hope hugs him and kisses him as they say they missed one another. Rafe asks if she's alright as she looked upset and asks if it's Ciara.

Ben kisses Ciara in her hospital room until Jordan appears and knocks Ben out, hitting him in the back of the head with a hospital tray. Ciara questions what Jordan has done. Jordan responds that she tried to warn her that he was dangerous and she was here to save him. Ciara argues that she didn't need saving but Jordan claims that Ben was attacking her. Jordan tells her to stop protecting him and declares that it's time she take care of her brother once and for all as she pulls out her syringe.

Hope tells Rafe that Jordan kidnapped Ciara, took her to the cabin and set it on fire but she will be okay. Hope asks why Rafe doesn't seem shocked. Rafe reveals that Eli already filled him in on everything. Hope asks what took him so long to get here then.

Jennifer says how good it is to see Charlotte and thanks Chad for bringing her back to them. Chad says she belongs with her family. Jennifer asks where Jordan is and hopes she was arrested. Chad says he doesn't know but they better find her soon because she's lost her mind and already tried to kill Ciara.

Ciara asks Jordan not to hurt Ben. Jordan claims she has no choice and has to make sure he can't hurt anyone else. Jordan says she's the only one who sees him clearly. Ciara thought she didn't want to kill him and just wanted him locked up for his own good. Jordan says she now sees that he'll just escape again. Jordan admits she was devastated when Chad claimed he killed Ben but she was also a little relieved because he's beyond help. Jordan repeats that she has to make sure Ben won't hurt anyone else ever again. Jordan adds that Ciara will thank her for this one day as she prepares to stab Ben with the syringe.

Rex assures Kate that Sarah and Eric are friends and will have a nice evening together then he will make it right when he gets back. Kate asks if this means Sarah has forgiven Rex. Rex responds that she's working on it. Kate asks if there are no more secrets then. Rex swears he hasn't cheated any other time. Kate is glad but still thinks he should be having dinner with Sarah now. Rex remarks that it'll be fine as Eric is kind of boring anyways and he's just happy that Sarah isn't alone on Valentine's Day so she will make the best of it.

Eric suggests packing up the food so Sarah and Rex can share it together when he gets home. Sarah agrees but Eric notes that he doesn't have any containers or bags. Sarah points out that they don't know when Rex will be home and she's hungry so she decides they should just eat. Eric admits it looks good and they joke together. Eric pours her a glass of champagne, saying he wants her to have a good Valentine's Day which she says she already is having.

Jennifer is glad everyone is safe. Abigail won't feel completely safe until they find Jordan. Chad goes to call Eli to see if there is any news. Jennifer comments that Chad brought Charlotte back and they seem closer than ever so she's wondering what this all means.

Rafe assures Hope that he wanted to come find her the second he got home but it turned out that Ciara is not the only person that Jordan tried to kill. Rafe reveals that Kate found out what Jordan was up to so Jordan injected Kate with a drug to make it look like a suicide but he found her just in time and it looks like she will be okay. Hope is glad to hear that. Rafe questions Hope not getting his message. Ted interrupts, pointing out that Hope has been a little busy trying to save her daughter's life. Rafe asks how he would know that. Ted then remarks that he spent the whole time with her.

Ciara gets out of her hospital bed and struggles with Jordan over the syringe. Ciara says she won't let her hurt Ben while Jordan argues that everyone is blinded by him but her.

Sarah and Eric have dinner together. Sarah talks about how she used to not like Valentine's Day until she met Rex. Eric asks if they had any traditional celebration. Sarah points out that they didn't spend last Valentine's Day together either, recalling that they were in Chicago with bad weather and Rex was leaving work when one of the nurses had car trouble so he gave her a ride home. Sarah remembers that Rex never came home that night and said he spent the night at a motel but she mentions that the nurse, Marci, was pretty and his type so she wonders if Rex really spent the night with her and was cheating on her again.

Kate explains to Rex that Chad convinced Jordan to give Charlotte back to them by convincing her that Ben was dead. Rex realizes now that he ran in to Jordan outside the Pub and she's the one who tried to kill her. Kate declares they need to call the police right away.

Rafe questions why Hope would need Ted helping her. Ted remarks that her husband abandoned her and left the country. Rafe thinks he tried to take advantage of her being vulnerable and insert himself into her life. Ted says he's wrong but Rafe sees how he operates while Hope questions what is going on. Rafe advises Ted to stay away from his wife. Ted brings up that Rafe went running off to Europe to be with his ex.

Abigail and Jennifer talk about their worries over not getting Charlotte back. Abigail wasn't sure she'd ever get over what happened with Chad but he promised to put Charlotte back in her arms which he did. Abigail calls it the happiest moment of her life. Chad comes back and informs them that Jordan is still on the run.

Jordan knocks Ciara down and says if she's not going to give up, she will have to finish what she started on the cabin. Jordan goes to stab Ciara but Ben regains consciousness and pulls Jordan away, asking why she is doing this. Jordan says she has to end this as she fights with Ben over the syringe. Ben questions her taking Charlotte and Ciara. Jordan argues that she can't let him hurt anyone else. Ben responds that the only person he's going to hurt is her. Ciara cries out to Ben while watching from the floor.

Rafe tells Ted that what he had to do in Europe is none of his business. Ted responds that all he knows is that his wife needed him and he was not here. Rafe says that Hope understands why he had to go which Ted questions. Hope stops them and points out they are in a hospital. Rafe agrees that they should be focusing on Ciara so he wants to go see her. Hope tells him to go ahead. Rafe questions her not coming. Hope says she'll be there in just a second. Rafe kisses Hope and heads for Ciara's hospital room. Hope questions Ted. Ted hates that Rafe takes her for granted and says he doesn't appreciate her. Hope tells him not to say that but agrees with Rafe that Ted tried to take advantage of the situation by kissing her so she's thankful Rafe didn't see that. Ted admits he wishes Rafe had seen.

Eric encourages Sarah not to go there but Sarah points out that Rex had done it before twice. Sarah can't believe she didn't think of this until now. Eric thinks she should give Rex the benefit of the doubt. Eric doesn't think anyone would cheat on her on Valentine's Day but Sarah feels that's when no one would expect it. Sarah pulls out her phone and decides she's going to get to the bottom of this.

Jennifer asks if Chad is afraid that Jordan will come here. Abigail points out that the police have a car out front just in case. Chad asks if he can sleep on the couch. Abigail tells him he doesn't have to but Chad wants to make sure she and the kids are safe which makes Jennifer happy. Jennifer decides to take Charlotte to bed and check on Thomas so she heads upstairs. Chad says he'll get a blanket from the closet but Abigail doesn't want him sleeping on the couch. Chad asks if she wants him to leave. Abigail wants him to come upstairs with her so they head upstairs. Chad brings up how upset she was that he handed Charlotte to Stefan so he knows it wasn't easy to let him back in. Chad understands if she needs more time. Abigail calls the whole thing complicated and she knows he was trying to get her help. Chad wants her safe and healthy and admits he should've trusted her. Abigail asks if he trusts her now. Chad responds that he will never doubt her again as all he wants is to make her happy. Abigail tells him that she's been happier than ever since he put Charlotte back in her arms. Abigail repeats that she loves him, never stopped, and never will as they kiss.

Sarah calls Rex. Eric reminds her that Rex is at the hospital with his mother who was drugged so he questions accusing him of cheating on her a year ago. Sarah admits it does seem pointless because he would just lie so she calls Marci instead. Eric doesn't think that's a good idea. Sarah tells Marci that she was just thinking of her since she spent Valentine's Day last year with her boyfriend Rex. Sarah questions her if it was all a lie and accuses her of sleeping with her boyfriend. Marci reveals that she is married to a woman so Sarah apologizes and wishes her and her a wife a happy Valentine's Day as she hangs up. Sarah admits to Eric that she was wrong.

Ted tries to explain to Hope but she cuts him off. Hope tells him that she's grateful for his support while Ciara was missing but Rafe is her husband. Ted argues that Rafe didn't even show up as soon as he got back home. Ted insists there is something between them. Rex comes out from Kate's room and interrupts to tell Hope that he ran into Jordan earlier. Hope asks him to tell her everything he knows.

Jordan and Ben continue to fight over the syringe. Jordan insists that she's going to finish this but Ben says he will finish it right now. Ciara calls for Ben to stop as he's not a killer anymore. Ben tells her to let him do this. Jordan argues that this is who Ben is. Ben shouts that Jordan almost killed the one thing that matters to him in this world. Rafe bursts in and pulls Ben off of Jordan and holds him back as Ben has the syringe in his hand. Jordan tells Rafe that Ben was trying to kill her while Ciara calls for help.

Rex returns to Kate's room and tells her that he just spoke with Hope about Jordan and they are going to put a guard outside her room to be safe. Kate asks if they think she might be in the hospital. Rex points out that Ciara is here so he's glad they are taking precautions. Kate tells Rex that he's done more than enough so he needs to go now. Kate says she's trying to help salvage his Valentine's Day as Sarah needs him more than she does. Rex tells her he loves her and he's grateful she's okay. Kate says she loves him too and she's sorry to Sarah for making Rex late. Rex decides he'll pick up dessert on the way home but Kate jokes that he can be dessert. Rex then exits.

Sarah puts her phone away and asks if she's just a paranoid crazy person. Eric jokes that she sometimes doesn't stop once her brain gets going. Sarah can't believe she called Marci on Valentine's Day. Eric calls it an interesting choice and they joke about Marci being a lesbian and if she could've been in to Sarah instead of Rex. Eric comments that would mean she has good taste then apologizes, saying he didn't mean that how it sounded. Sarah asks how he did mean it.

Chad and Abigail kiss and undress as they move to the bed and have sex.

Eric knows Sarah feels silly about jumping to conclusions about Rex but that's what makes her who she is. Eric calls her someone who leads with her heart, she's real and honest which is what's special about her and why someone could be so attracted to her. Sarah thought she started to trust Rex again but apparently she has a long way to go. Eric assures that Rex loves her and tells her to just let it happen because she deserves to be loved all the way. Rex then comes home with dessert. Sarah hugs him and asks about Kate. Rex says she's okay and insisted he get back as soon as possible. Eric points out they ate all the food. Rex is glad they enjoyed it and thanks Eric for covering for him. Rex says he brought coconut creme pie from the Brady Pub but it turns out to be donuts. Rex guesses Roman mixed up the boxes and apologizes. Sarah says she's full anyways and points out that Eric loves donuts so they are all his. Rex apologizes to Sarah for not being there. Sarah says it's okay as he's here now. Rex thanks Eric again for helping out and then he and Sarah head to the bedroom.

Hope is on the phone with Eli, wanting all footage from around the Pub so they can pick up Jordan. Hope tells him to keep her posted and hangs up. Ted stops her. Hope says they need to find Jordan. Ted says they haven't finished their conversation but Hope tells him that they have as she walks away.

Rafe takes the syringe from Ben and puts it away. Rafe tells Jordan that she's coming with him somewhere safe and that Ben is coming too. Jordan argues to keep Ben away from her as he tried to kill her. Ben points out that Jordan tried to kill Ciara. Jordan argues that Ben tried to attack her with the syringe and insists he's a monster. Ciara tells Rafe that Jordan brought the syringe. Jordan claims she's scared. Ciara suggests Ben stay here but Rafe doesn't think that's a good idea. Ciara insists that she's safe with Ben so Rafe agrees to come back for Ben after he's done with Jordan. Jordan insists that Ben needs to be locked up as Rafe escorts her out of the room. Ben tells Ciara that he almost killed his sister and he wanted to. Ciara hugs him.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed together. Chad mentions he forgot to get her a gift for Valentine's Day. Abigail says she doesn't need one as he got her daughter back and that's the best gift ever as they kiss.

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