Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/14/19

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/14/19


Written By Joseph

Eric goes home, finishing a phone call with Sami. Nicole comes out from the back. Eric greets her and asks where Holly is. Nicole tells him that she brought her over to Maggie and then picked up a birthday surprise for Eric. Nicole removes her robe, revealing a new dress as they kiss.

Anna and Tony have champagne together in their room at the Salem Inn. Anna says she can finally believe he's come back to her and it's time for them to start rejoining the land of the living. Anna surprises Tony with the engagement ring she had bought to pretend to be engaged to Roman but she was hoping this time Tony would pop the question. Tony responds that he's sorry but he can't do that.

Roman brings flowers and a balloon to Kate in the hospital. Kate points out the flowers that Dr. Rolf brought her and says she doesn't know why he brought them, hoping that he doesn't expect anything in return.

Dr. Rolf returns to the living room where Xander tells him that he needs him to deliver the pregnancy test results to Eric. Xander explains that Sarah went to quit her job, determined to leave town before Eric finds out. Dr. Rolf says Xander realized Eric is the only one who can stop her, thanks to him. Rolf asks why he's running the errand. Xander says he'll never win Sarah over if she finds out he's the reason that Eric knows about the baby. Dr. Rolf questions telling Eric that his ex-lover is carrying his child to help Xander win Sarah's heart. He asks if he's not afraid this will blow up in his face. Xander is sure that nothing could make Eric leave Nicole.

Eric and Nicole kiss onto the couch until there's a knock at the door. They try to ignore it but it's Marlena.

Roman throws away the flowers from Dr. Rolf and asks Kate if he had something to do with her miraculous recovery. They talk about Dr. Rolf doing it before for Roman and Will but also Vivian. Roman jokes about Dr. Rolf not making flowers last forever.

Hope sits at the hospital with Julie's rosary. She flashes back to a foggy memory of being in the chapel when Dr. Rolf walked in.

Anna questions Tony not wanting to marry her. Tony explains that Anna bought the ring to make him jealous and he's not going to propose to her with a used ring. Anna asks what he suggests. Tony suggests a little patience. Anna agrees and they kiss onto the bed.

Marlena uses the spare key to get in to Eric's apartment where he sees him with Nicole and wishes him a happy birthday.

Roman tells Kate that Kayla told him that Gabi finally agreed to donate Stefan's heart to Julie. Kate knows it had to be a terrible decision and now Gabi is a widow. Kate brings up Gabi marrying Stefan to get control of his business but says she fell in love afterwards even though she despised him for years. Roman wonders how Julie will feel when she wakes up and discovers that psychopath's heart is beating inside her. Kate jokes about if affecting her sparkling personality.

Hope starts to have another flashback but John approaches her. Hope drops the rosary as John states that he heard about Julie and Kate.

Roman tells Kate that he thinks Julie would still be Julie with anyone's heart. Kate complains about being in the hospital. Roman guesses she's afraid of getting replaced at DiMera Enterprises. Kate asks if he wants Kristen to be CEO. Roman suggests she not worry about Kristen because she has her sights set on Brady. Kate is shocked and wonders if Victor will fire Brady, joking that she might end up running both companies. Kate tells Roman that he made her day.

Anna tells Tony that she is heading to the town square to return a few items. Tony tells her not to worry about money because he will get a job. Anna assures that she has more than enough to take care of both of them but Tony can't accept that. Anna says she loves him and they kiss as Anna then exits the room. Tony then gets a phone call.

Hope tells John that she's just exhausted and not getting much sleep these days but there is hope for Julie now and they should be taking her to the operating room soon so all they can do is pray it goes well. John picks up the rosary. Hope doesn't know what's wrong with her as she keeps dropping it. John blames the circumstances but Hope recalls thinking she heard a voice when she was in the chapel praying but no one was there. Hope wonders if she's hearing voices in her head. John suggests it could've been God's voice as Hope hugs him.

Dr. Rolf remarks that Xander is losing his edge, pining away after Sarah Horton. Dr. Rolf asks what it's worth to him for him to deliver the test results because his services don't come cheap. Xander imagines Sarah telling him that she decided not to leave Salem because Eric found out she's pregnant and her deciding to be with Xander. Xander tells Dr. Rolf to name his price.

Marlena apologizes for interrupting and says next time she'll call first. Marlena decides to leave but Nicole asks her to stay and have birthday cake with them. Nicole goes to the back to change clothes. Marlena knows Eric has read about Stefan being declared brain dead then informs him that Julie is getting the transplant today. Eric calls it great news. Marlena mentions that Kayla and Sarah will be scrubbing in with the transplant team. Eric says she'll be in good hands then. Marlena asks if he's talked to Sarah lately. Eric says no since things have been awkward but he hopes they will be friends again soon. Eric asks how she is. Marlena doesn't know if Sarah has managed to switch off her feelings for him. Marlena knows he and Nicole have loved each other for a long time and she sees how happy they are. Nicole listens in from around the corner as Marlena brings up Eric being unsure if he could get over his feelings for Sarah so she wonders if he's been able to do that.

John and Hope talk about Julie's rosary. Hope repeats that she doesn't know why she keeps dropping it and mentions Dr. Rolf finding it. John questions what Rolf would be doing in a hospital chapel. Hope doesn't know but says he's been hanging around the hospital a lot ever since Jennifer convinced Kayla to get him a lab to help Jack but now Kayla wants him gone. John points out that Dr. Rolf is still hanging around and wonders what he's up to.

Dr. Rolf wants to know what this project entails. Xander tells him to just drive across town and give the envelope to Eric. Rolf asks how he explains getting Sarah's personal information. Xander suggests he just say he was visiting Kristen and happened to see the envelope at the Kiriakis Mansion. Dr. Rolf feels Xander could've hired any messenger. Xander says a messenger could be tracked back to him. Xander offers him $20,000 but Dr. Rolf says he doesn't want his money as he has other priorities but there is something else that could convince him to run the errand.

Eric admits he does think about Sarah especially since getting the mistaken idea that she was pregnant but says it was a misunderstanding that's all been cleared up now. Nicole comes back out and asks about Eric making a birthday wish. Eric responds that all his wishes have come true. Marlena decides she will leave them to celebrate while she goes to meet John for dinner. Eric thanks her for coming. Marlena tells Nicole it was good to see her and she exits. Eric then asks Nicole if something's wrong. Nicole confesses that she heard him talking to Marlena so it seems they have some things to get out in the open.

Anna meets with Roman in the town square and says she has something very important to say to him. Anna gives him the engagement ring that she bought for him to give to her, joking that she's taking back her proposal and asking him not to marry her.

Tony goes to the hospital to visit Kate. Tony says he just learned that his brother was taken off life support and he arrived too late to say goodbye. Tony wishes he got to know Stefan better since their only interaction was when he and Kristen were fighting over the CEO position. Kate goes over Kristen having to marry him to qualify. Tony reveals he was surprised that Mr. Shin called him today and asked him to take over for Kate as CEO. Kate says over her dead body.

Anna tells Roman that he's off the hook now that she and Tony are back together. Roman questions giving him the ring when she paid for it. Anna says she doesn't have any use for it so she figured he could sell it, joking that it can be payment for his services. Roman is just glad she and Tony worked things out. Anna says when he first came back, he was acting like a DiMera and she won't have that so thank goodness he wants nothing to do with his family or their dirty business..

Kate argues that Mr. Shin must know she's out of the woods and questions him making a ridiculous offer to Tony behind her back when she has a contract. Tony points out that she's far from recovered. Kate talks about crawling out of the grave to get to the hospital, not to have the company taken out of her hands. Tony says he's just the messenger and he has no interest in running DiMera. Kate tells him to call Mr. Shin and tell him that then.

Dr. Rolf tells Xander that he's been working at a lab in the hospital but his access has been revoked. Xander questions why he needs a lab. Rolf says it's none of his business. Xander presumes he wants him to find him a new lab. Xander worries that he could end up behind bars again if Dr. Rolf returns to his usual mischief. Dr. Rolf says all he can tell him is that he's working on a top secret project that is very important to him personally, so if that's a dealbreaker so be it.

John wonders why Dr. Rolf is still hanging around if Kristen doesn't have any use for him anymore. John says he doesn't like it. Hope admits that Dr. Rolf has been doing a lot more good than harm lately. John questions her defending him, arguing that Dr. Rolf downloaded his memory onto a CD and brings up what he did to Hope. Marlena comes over and asks if it's a bad time. John tells her it's a great time because they were just having a very bad trip down memory lane.

Eric is sorry about what Nicole may have heard but Marlena has been a cheerleader for Sarah. Eric assures that Marlena knows Nicole is the love of his life. Nicole talks about Eric being ready to make a life with Sarah and those feelings don't just go away because she came back. Eric insists he's where he wants to be. Nicole says when she thought Sarah was pregnant, it hit her that she could give Eric a child while she can't. Eric responds that Holly may not be his biological child but he couldn't love her any more. Nicole says Eric always wanted a bunch of kids. Eric says he made peace with not having children when he became a priest. Nicole still can't help but wonder if Eric would've left her to go back to Sarah if she were pregnant.

Roman suggests Anna keep the ring and let Tony put it on her finger. Anna informs him that she already tried but he turned her down because he wants to buy his own ring. Roman asks when the wedding is. Anna is not sure but mentions they are thinking about doing it in France or Italy so Carrie and Noah can be there. Roman questions not confirming their plans. Anna jokes they've been too taken with the honeymoon for wedding plans. Anna declares that all that matters is that Tony is back, he's hers, and they both want the same things for their future together.

Tony knows he said he had no interest in running the company but jokes that Anna has expensive test so a job would be helpful. Kate points out that Anna is independently wealthy. Tony doesn't want to live off her fortune and thinks Kate would say anything to keep him from taking her job. Kate argues that he's not qualified. Tony asks if she's saying he needs to prove himself. Kate suggests the executive training program. Tony says he'll take that under advisement and exits the room.

Marlena comments on Hope looking pale and asks if she's alright. Hope says she's just exhausted. John asks when she last ate. Hope says she had something last night. Marlena invites Hope to join them for dinner in the town square. Hope doesn't want to leave until she knows something about Julie. Marlena says they are all concerned but she hasn't even gone in to surgery yet which will take hours. Marlena adds that they will keep her posted. John adds that she won't take no for an answer so Hope agrees to join them. John and Marlena then exit the hospital and Hope follows.

Xander questions what Dr. Rolf is going to do. Rolf says he only wants the betterment of society. Rolf asks if Xander wants him to do this or not. Xander agrees to get him a lab at Titan. Rolf says he will get him a list of all the equipment he requires. Xander agrees to get whatever he needs and they shake hands on the deal.

Eric tells Nicole that Sarah isn't pregnant. Nicole wants him to answer her question because she knows he would never walk away from his own child. Eric says that's true but he wouldn't walk away from the woman he loves either. Nicole points out that he walked away from Sarah when he loved her and questions what's stopping him from doing the same to her. Eric points out that he and Sarah weren't together very long. Nicole notes that he still loved her. Eric says not as deeply as he loves her. Eric wishes he didn't hurt Sarah like he did as he cares for her and wants her to be happy but he does not regret for a second being with Nicole and nothing will ever change that as they kiss.

Xander thinks back to Dr. Rolf asking if this could blow up in his face and Xander insisting nothing could make Eric leave Nicole. Xander then imagines Sarah telling him that she's decided to stay in Salem but that Eric left Nicole so they can be together.

John, Marlena, and Hope walk through the town square. Hope spots Dr. Rolf walking through. Rolf tries to walk away but Hope stops him and says that Kayla told her he found Julie's rosary so she wanted to thank him. Dr. Rolf says she's welcome and asks if that's all she wanted to say. Hope asks what else she would have to say. Rolf says nothing at all and walks away. Hope tells John and Marlena that she knows she should eat but she doesn't really have an appetite. Marlena asks her to still join them but Hope feels she would be terrible company so she just wants to go home and lay down. John offers to drive her home but Hope says it's okay and she'll be fine as she's just tired. Hope then walks away.

Kate calls Mr. Shin, insisting that she's fine and about to be released. Kate is sure she doesn't need more rest so there is absolutely no need for Tony but she's not happy with his response.

Tony returns to Anna in their room and asks what she's doing. Anna reveals that she just booked two tickets to Paris for their wedding, honeymoon, and their happily ever after. Anna calls Paris just the beginning. Tony tells her he's sorry but he can't relocate to Paris because he just got a job in Salem and he can afford to buy her the ring. Anna questions what he's going to be doing. Tony reveals that he accepted an offer from Mr. Shin to take over as CEO of DiMera Enterprises which shocks Anna.

Xander tells himself that Eric would never leave Nicole for any reason. He then imagines Sarah coming home crying that she found out Xander told Eric that she's pregnant, telling him that he ruined everything for her and that she hates him. Xander worries that he screwed up and he needs to call Dr. Rolf to stop him.

Dr. Rolf shows up at Eric's apartment where Nicole answers the door.

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