Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/18


Written By Joseph

Nicole insists that Eric has to leave because Xander is coming back sooner or later. Eric refuses to leave her. Nicole says it's just one more night and then Eric can follow Xander tomorrow. Eric assures that he will and Xander will have nothing to hold over her anymore. Nicole prays that he finds the recording but he can't stay here because if Xander catches them, he won't be able to follow him tomorrow as he could expose her or hurt him. Eric worries that Xander will try to sleep with her if he leaves. Nicole argues that Xander only wants her because he knows he can't have her and that her heart belongs to Eric as they kiss.

Bonnie goes to Doug's Place and asks Lucas about the baby. Lucas says she was perfect. Bonnie asks where she is. Lucas responds that she's out. Bonnie thought they agreed to meet here so she could pick her up. Lucas informs her that he changed his mind. Bonnie argues that she's the mother so she has rights. Lucas says not for long which Bonnie questions. Lucas reveals he is suing her for full custody.

Chloe sits outside the town square with "Baby Bonnie" and sings to her. Mimi then appears and tells Chloe that she is not the baby's mom. Mimi tells Chloe to give her the baby. Chloe says her father asked her to watch her and questions what Mimi is doing back here anyways. Mimi responds that she came to be here for her mother when she got arrested and found out she has a little sister. Chloe mocks them being a close family. Mimi tells her that Bonnie is taking the baby and leaving town but Chloe informs her that Lucas is suing for full custody. Mimi tells Chloe that she and Lucas are not going to play house with the little girl.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor complains about Susan Banks being a house guest and says he doesn't know how much more of this he can take. Eve walks in so Victor says he's about to find out.

Eric tells Nicole that he's going to leave but he won't be far so he can come back if she needs him. Nicole knows she said he has to leave but now she's having second thoughts. Eric promises this really is the beginning of their new life together. Eric gives Nicole a necklace for protection until he can protect her himself. Nicole tells him that she loves him so much and kisses him until there's a knock at the door. Eric points out that Xander wouldn't knock. Nicole suggests it could be a delivery but decides Eric should hide just in case so he does. Nicole answers the door to being sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray by Sami, who was anticipating Kristen instead. Eric rushes back to check on Nicole and questions what the hell Sami is doing.

Kristen goes to look where Brady was hiding but finds no one there now.

Brady wanders through the halls of the warehouse then hides when he sees Xander coming out of the room marked "E.D." When Xander passes, Brady rushes into the room.

Kristen tells Xander that she heard something but when she went to check, no one was there and she doesn't like it.

Brady sneaks into the room and asks if it's EJ inside.

Eric asks if Sami has lost her mind. Sami calls it an accident but Eric doesn't believe her. Sami explains that she thought it was going to be Kristen.

Xander informs Kristen that she wasn't hearing things as someone broke in, revealing the crowbar that was left behind. Kristen declares they have company.

Brady approaches the patient with his back turned in the wheelchair. Brady reaches towards him when Xander appears behind him and knocks Brady out with the crowbar.

Eric asks how Sami got here while Nicole asks when she's leaving. Sami explains that Stefan gave her the address so she wasted millions of dollars on this wild goose chase. Sami then questions what Nicole is doing here. Eric informs her that Nicole lives here. Sami starts to questions Nicole being in on it with Stefan and Kristen, believing they must be working together.

Victor tells Eve that this is the first moment of peace he's had since Susan moved in. Eve tells him not to start and asks if Brady is here. Victor says no and tells her to go away. Eve asks if he's seen Brady so Victor questions what's going on. Eve explains that Brady missed a very important meeting this morning and he's not answering his phone, his messages, or calling so she thought maybe he was here. Victor thought Brady was living with her. Eve informs him that Brady moved out because he found out that she's the reason Theresa got full custody of Tate.

Bonnie mocks Lucas wanting full custody and says she would never consider it. Lucas says the judge will make the decision. Bonnie tells him to slow down as they don't need to see any judges and can be reasonable. Lucas says they wouldn't be in this situation if she was reasonable. Bonnie brings up their night together which Lucas doesn't want to talk about. Lucas tells her that she will be hearing from his lawyer. Bonnie pleads with him to work this out. Lucas repeats that he is suing her for full custody because she's unreliable and untrustworthy so he's not letting near the baby until the court date since she could run off. Bonnie thinks back to talking to Mimi about getting the baby back. Bonnie decides she'll see him court then. Bonnie asks where "Baby Bonnie" is because it's time for her nap. Lucas refuses to leave her alone with the baby.

Mimi tells Chloe that Lucas can forget getting custody of the baby. Chloe asks how she's going to stop it because it won't be hard to make a case against Bonnie. Mimi calls her even more of a bitch than high school. Mimi adds that there is no way Lucas is getting custody when he's not even.. Chloe questions what she was going to say.

Bonnie pleads with Lucas not to take the baby away from her, crying that she is her daughter. Lucas mocks her performance and brings up what she did to Adrienne, creating this whole mess. Lucas argues that she only cares about herself.

Chloe questions what Mimi was going to say about Lucas before she stopped. Mimi claims it was just that Lucas isn't even one year sober. Chloe mocks the idea of Bonnie being more stable. Chloe says Lucas is doing what he needs to do to protect his own daughter. Mimi knows they didn't get along but thought they got past that. Mimi talks about Chloe being a mother and knowing what it's like to have a baby. Mimi calls a new baby a second chance to do things right and questions them coming between a baby and her mother. Mimi asks Chloe to talk to Lucas and change his mind about this. Chloe agrees that she would die if someone tried to take Parker from her but she can't change Lucas's mind. Chloe tells Mimi that she knows more than anybody what kind of mother Bonnie is. Mimi responds that Chloe is no position to judge since Belle told her she tried to steal Nicole's baby. Chloe sees they haven't got past hating each other and she's not going to let Mimi bully her out of doing the right thing. Chloe argues that Mimi isn't a mother so she doesn't understand and she's going to take the baby back to Lucas where she belongs and there is nothing Mimi can do about it. Chloe then walks away with the baby. Mimi remarks that Chloe is wrong about that as she is taking her kid.

Eve tells Victor that Brady knows now exactly what they did and even though she was trying to help, all Brady sees is that she made him lose Tate. Victor asks why she told him anything at all. Eve blames Jennifer. Victor mentions hearing that Jennifer told Eric what Brady did to Nicole. Eve says that Jennifer opened her mouth so now a whole bunch of lives are starting to unravel.

Nicole has no clue what Sami is talking about as she hates Kristen for what she did to Eric and would never team up with her. Sami questions why Stefan gave her this address then. Eric assures her that Nicole is not leaving here with Kristen but with Xander Cook.

Xander drags Brady out of the room as Kristen rushes over and questions what Xander did to Brady. Xander tells her that he did what had to be done as he told her not to trust Brady but he was in there with their patient. Kristen asks if he saw. Xander says he was about to so he put his lights out. Xander declares the question is what to do with him now.

Bonnie informs Lucas that Mimi is in town to see the baby, claiming she is meeting her baby sister for the first time so they promised a family day together. Bonnie tells him to do the right thing and give her baby back to her. Lucas refuses to tell her. Bonnie threatens to play rough too. Lucas knows she'll lie and cheat to get what she wants so he's not telling her. Bonnie declares that she will find the baby herself and when she does, he will pay for this. Chloe then returns with the baby.

Sami questions Nicole ending up with Xander and says she really deserves the bottom of the barrel. Nicole is not surprised Sami has no idea what she's talking about. Holly wakes up crying so Nicole hopes Sami is gone when she gets back so Holly doesn't hear her insulting her. Nicole goes to check on Holly while Eric tells Sami that she has no idea what's going on. Sami argues that anything involving Nicole is creepy and dangerous as she's a ticking time bomb who is going to explode and she doesn't want anyone she cares about to end up as collateral damage.

Eve tells Victor that Brady has dumped her so there is no way she can fix things between he and Brady. Eve tells him to go ahead and gloat but Victor tells her that he's actually sorry. Victor admits he's not Eve's biggest fan but Brady seems to love her and he's been done in by enough women too many times so he hoped this time would be different. Victor knows Eve was just trying to protect him. Eve states that she did what she did because she loves Brady. Victor relates because he's never done anything for someone he loves that doesn't come back to bite him so he knows why she did it and he's sorry. Eve asks if he's saying he understands and forgives her which Victor confirms. Eve jokes that it must be an alternate universe. Victor repeats that he's sorry for what happened and offers her a drink which Eve accepts so Victor tells her to go ahead. Eve takes a drink and then informs Victor that Eric also knows there is a recording of Nicole's confession so she guesses he'll be by to look for it. Victor responds that he's out of luck as Brady has it. Eve then informs Victor that Brady swears that Victor has it and that he lied about not knowing where he is. Victor realizes that someone else was in his safe then and he knows exactly who that someone was.

Xander puts Brady in a chair and ties him up. Kristen orders him to leave her alone with Brady. Xander asks if she's sure that's a good idea. Kristen tells him to get out now. Xander leaves the gun with her in case she comes to her senses to put Brady out of his misery. Xander then exits. Kristen throws water in Brady's face to wake him up. Kristen questions him following her and this all being a ploy. Brady says he could have just asked where she was going but she tends to lie. Kristen questions them making love not meaning anything to him and that he was just trying to find out what she was up to. Kristen tells him not to bother lying as he did all of this to find out the truth about EJ. Brady says that's the million dollar question and asks if the guy in the wheelchair is EJ.

Bonnie demands her baby back but Chloe refuses. Lucas informs Chloe that he just told Bonnie that he is suing for full custody so she's not too happy about that. Mimi enters and says she's not the only one.

Eric tells Sami that she doesn't know the whole truth about why Nicole left but she's still ready to judge her. Sami complains about Nicole and wants to go but Eric refuses. Nicole comes back in and informs Sami that Xander blackmailed her into marrying him. Sami admits that sucks but argues that she had to know Xander was working with Kristen. Nicole says she tries to stay away from Xander. Eric argues that they don't know Xander and Kristen are working together. Sami brings up them both showing up at Marlena's wedding with guns. Eric informs her that Xander wasn't after Marlena but after him. Sami questions it just being a coincidence like Kristen having this address.

Kristen asks Brady if all he really cares about is helping Sami and questions what she's ever done for anyone else. Kristen knows that Brady knew she was listening when he was on the phone with John and he lied to her with all the promises of happiness and together. Brady admits he played her but it's just a page out of her own book. Kristen says he betrayed her and any sort of happiness they could've had. Brady says he's sorry but it had to be done. Kristen picks up the gun and says so is she.

Mimi states that she and Chloe talked so she knows what Lucas is trying to do. Mimi says he's not doing anything today because she and Bonnie are leaving with the baby. Lucas stops them and says he can't let them do that.

Sami declares she didn't come all the way to Nashville to leave without answers so she's staying until Xander shows up. Nicole tells her no. Sami pulls out her phone to call Rafe to arrest Xander. Eric warns that calling Rafe won't just hurt Nicole. Eric tells Sami that they want to be together as he loves Nicole and Holly. Nicole tells Sami that turning Xander over to the cops will blow any chance of finding out what he's doing with Kristen. Eric asks Sami to give him a day so he can follow Xander tomorrow and if he can get what he has on Nicole then he might be able to find out if Kristen is calling the shots.

Victor tells Eve that Sonny had told him he saw Xander taking cash out of the safe so it's a pretty sure bet that he also has Nicole's confession. Eve asks what he thinks Xander is up to. Victor reveals to her that John told him that Xander is the one who shot Marlena, not Sami. Eve realizes Xander and Kristen were both at the wedding so she wonders if he was her plus one. Victor hopes they are both long gone and far enough away that they can't do any more damage.

Kristen hoped she and Brady could've been happy together. Kristen says she knows he still loves her and she would've done anything for him including getting Tate back so they could have started a family but now he's never going to see his son again. Kristen raises the gun on Brady. Brady knows a big part of her still loves him and that's why she's not going to kill him because she can't do it. Kristen admits maybe he's right. She hits him with the gun to knock him out again and says she can still pay him back. Xander returns and says it looks like he missed all the fun, asking if Brady is dead. Kristen says he's just unconscious. Xander offers to finish what she started and raises the gun to Brady's head.

Mimi tells Lucas that he has a problem since he's not legally established as the baby's father so she threatens to call the cops. Lucas tells her to go ahead. Eli then walks in and asks if there is a problem here. Bonnie tells him to tell Lucas and Chloe that she and her daughter are leaving with her baby. Eli tells Bonnie that he's sorry but she's not going anywhere.

Eve tells Victor that she better get going and questions where the hell Brady is but Victor has no clue. Eve brings up Stefan thinking Brady left town with Kristen. Victor says Brady knows Kristen is too dangerous so he'd never do that. Eve prays that is true. Eve worries that Brady might not be thinking straight after being so hurt. Victor agrees to tell Brady that she's looking for him if he hears from him. Eve states that they have unfinished business whether Brady likes it or not as she walks out.

Kristen tells Xander to leave Brady alone for now as they have more pressing matters to attend to. Xander asks like what. Kristen points out that they don't know if anyone followed Brady so this place could be compromised which means all this work will have to come to an end before anyone else finds out..

Eric asks Sami to let him handle this. Sami puts her phone back but decides she's going with Eric tomorrow because she thinks Xander will lead her to the facility that Kristen told Stefan about. Sami thinks if they find Xander and Kristen then she will find EJ because she knows he's still alive.

The patient remains in the room he was left and is able to say "Samantha"

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