Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/11/17

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/11/17


Written By Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, Andre talks to Kate about Theo tracking the hackers to that office building. Andre suggests returning to the scene of the crime. Kate says she has so much on her mind. Andre asks if she's afraid he's going to slip her secret to Chad. Kate says she's not worried about him but Tripp.

At the Brady Pub, Steve informs Kayla that Kate hired Theo and put him in harm's way. Steve explains that Tripp forced Kate to come clean but he didn't go to the police because he was trying to protect Kayla.

Hope is in the town square on the phone with Rafe, who is in his office as commissioner. Hope mentions finishing her Christmas shopping. Hope adds that she's more in love with him than ever so she's glad they worked things out. Rafe suggests dinner at Doug's Place. There's a knock at the door so Rafe hangs up before Hope can say she loves him. Hope then gets a call from JJ, asking if she can stop by his place.

Eric walks through the town square on the phone and bumps in to Jennifer. Jennifer tells him she heard the great news about Will. Eric says things are bit rough with him being unable to remember his past. Jennifer asks how Sami is doing with all that. Eric says things are hard between them but he hopes things are about to change.

Sami sits in her hotel room looking at photos of Will on her phone. Will then shows up at her door and asks to come in. Sami says he's the last person she expected to see. Will explains that he ran in to Eric, who told him he should try to understand her before he cuts her out of his life. Sami insists she didn't put him up to that. Will comments that Eric seems like a very honest person and that he seems to know Sami better than anyone. Will tells her that he heard some stories about the lengths she went to in order to protect him as a child. Will is not totally convinced that she's not a crazy control freak but he's willing to hear her out. Sami says he has no idea how happy she is to hear him say that but then informs Will that she is leaving.

Eric and Jennifer sit together in the town square. Jennifer can't believe Sami broke Ben out or that she would want Will to relive that. Eric explains that Sami wanted to trigger Will's memory. Jennifer worries that Ben could've escaped and gone after Abigail again. Eric says Sami was desperate but realizes her mistake now. Jennifer gets trying to help your child and wishes she could help JJ as she is so worried about him.

Hope goes to see JJ and asks if he's okay, commenting that he looks tired. JJ says it's hard to sleep. Hope suggests talking to a therapist or counselor. JJ says he asked her over to talk about her losing her job because of him. Hope says it's not his fault but JJ blames himself. JJ hands her an envelope, hoping it will make things right.

Will guesses Sami is leaving to be with her other kids. Sami admits it's been hard on them since she's been away for awhile and wants to get back to them before the holidays. Will says he can understand that. Sami wishes she could bring them back here to help Will remember. Will knows that would be unfair to them. Sami talks about dragging them from city to city in search of EJ but they just think it's an adventure. Will figures they have been through enough. Sami adds that she also thinks her leaving is best for Will as she sees now that she is making things worse for him which she doesn't want. Sami cries that she wants him to have the space that he needs.

Hope reads JJ's letter and tells him he's not resigning from the force. Hope argues that it won't make a difference as she won't be reinstated until the investigation is resolved. JJ tells her he's so sorry. Hope tells him it's okay but JJ shouts that he ruined Theo's life and is ruining hers.

Eli joins Rafe in his office and says they finally were able to search Theo's laptop. Eli says Theo was investigating a hack of DiMera Enterprises which led to that warehouse. Rafe guesses Theo was breaking in to catch them. Rafe notes that Theo isn't the type to break the law so he wonders if someone put him up to it.

Andre questions Kate blackmailing Tripp and what she could be holding over his head. Kate tells him about warning him about Kayla losing her medical license. Kate worries that if Tripp tells Steve and Kayla then it will get back to Chad. Kate regrets involving Theo. Andre encourages her to focus on moving forward and saving herself.

Kayla asks Steve why Tripp would need to protect her with Kate. Steve explains that Kate overheard them talking about Tripp framing her so Kate threatened to expose him. Steve tells her that Tripp really cares about her. Kayla appreciates it but cannot let this continue. Kayla declares she's going to confront Kate. Kayla exits the Pub and Steve follows after her.

Eli tells Rafe that Theo used a DiMera corporate card to buy the hacking device he had on him. Rafe asks what they know about the building. Eli says the owner rented the space to a company named CFR Partners. Eli decides he's going to see if the DiMeras have anything to add. Rafe tells Eli nice work. Eli thanks him and exits.

Hope tells JJ that her life is far from ruined. JJ says it doesn't change Theo's. Hope argues that JJ is a damn good cop and did the best he could under the circumstances. JJ doesn't want to talk about it and is sorry he couldn't help. JJ says she can go if he can't help. Hope is in no rush and offers to get him something to eat. JJ would be rather be alone. Hope offers to call Jennifer or Lani. JJ shouts that he's fine and reveals he and Lani are over. JJ says Lani needs to focus on her family and doesn't need to justify to her father why she was with the guy who shot her brother. JJ doesn't want to hurt her anymore. Hope asks him not to do this but JJ asks her to just go.

Will can tell this is hard for Sami. Sami admits she is selfish and can be controlling but she loves her kids with her whole heart so there's nothing she wouldn't do for them. Will notes that Eric said that. Will admits she keeps things interesting. Will mentions seeing photos of his wedding and how Sami was thrown when he first came out but ended up being his biggest champion. Sami tells him she's always been so proud of him. Will adds that Eric told him keeping her kids safe and happy was the most important thing to her. Sami admits having Ben strangle him was not her finest hour. Will then reveals it started to work because he started to remember something but not very much. Will tells her it helped him understand that what she did was out of love. Will realized he hadn't been fair to her as he spent the last two years thinking he was EJ with Susan so he got angry and confused which he took out on her. Sami understands he couldn't help it. Sami knows she didn't help the situation any since she was acting crazy. Sami is sorry for not handling the situation better. Will feels he could have handled it better too so he's sorry for hurting her. Sami is sorry for sending a serial killer after him. Will accepts her apology. Sami asks where they go from here. Will is still trying to figure that out but hopes they can work on their relationship slowly. Sami says he can reach out anytime and jokes that he could come with her if he wants. Will knows she wants to give him space. Will feels his best chance to remember is staying in Salem. Sami tells him that he is welcome to visit Sydney, Johnny, and Allie anytime. Will agrees to think about it. Sami asks if they are good. Will feels like they are on the way to good which Sami accepts. Will admits this fighting and forgiving thing feels familiar to him.

Eric helps Jennifer stamp Christmas cards. Hope interrupts and says she just came from seeing JJ and he's in pretty tough shape.

JJ throws his letter of resignation on the floor and puts his headphones in. JJ then thinks back to shooting Theo as he tries to calm down. He covers his ears but continues thinking about shooting Theo. JJ removes his headphones and throws his phone across the room.

Kate comments that Andre is being supportive for someone who took most of the heat for what she did. Andre says he hasn't forgiven her completely for being silent while he was accused but he thinks they should work together to find out who is hacking them. Kayla storms in with Steve. Andre questions how they got in. Kayla confronts Kate and tells her she knew she was guilty of something when she walked in on her begging Theo for forgiveness but she didn't think she was blackmailing Tripp. Kate claims not to know what she's talking about. Steve informs Kate that Tripp told them everything. Kate tells Andre that she told him. Kayla questions what is wrong with Kate to drag two innocent men in to this. Kate argues that Tripp is not exactly innocent when his actions could have gotten someone killed. Kayla responds that her actions still might since Theo may never wake up because of her. Andre argues that it's not like Kate intentionally set out to hurt anyone. Steve argues that she did set out to hurt Tripp. Kate remarks that Tripp was trying tor ruin her life while Kayla says he was trying to get the truth. Eli walks in and asks if it's a bad time. Kate says Steve and Kayla were just leaving. Kayla asks about the investigation on Theo's shooting. Eli says they had a small break but still don't have answers. Eli hoped Kate and Andre could answer some questions. Kate calls it private so Steve decides they will finish this conversation later. Kayla stops to tell Eli there is something he needs to know.

Jennifer knows JJ feels so guilty about Theo but didn't know it would get so much harder and he refuses help like he wants to punish himself. Hope informs Jennifer that JJ broke up with Lani which shocks her since he won't even answer her calls. Hope explains that JJ thought it would be better for Lani. Jennifer argues that Lani had been there for him and understood everything. Jennifer wants to go see him but Eric decides he will go have a talk with JJ like he promised her. Eric then walks away. Jennifer cries to Hope that JJ has such a good heart. Hope encourages that Eric will help him. Jennifer prays that he can.

Rafe calls to make dinner reservations for he and Hope at Doug's Place. Rafe says he and Hope had a bump in the road but assures he will be back in the family soon as soon as he puts the ring back on Hope's finger. Rafe reaches in to his jacket but realizes he has lost the ring.

Will finds Rafe's ring for Hope on the floor at Sami's. Sami claims it was hers from EJ. Will decides to get going and asks if he will see her before she leaves. Sami says definitely and they shake hands on it.

Eli asks if Kayla has information on the case. Kayla tells Eli that what he needs to know is that Theo's condition hasn't changed and that this is extremely hard on Abe. Kayla asks him to do whatever he needs to do quickly. Eli responds that they are working as fast they can. Kayla thanks him then exits with Steve. Kayla questions why Steve wouldn't let her tell him about Kate. Steve argues that she still holds too much power over her and Tripp. Kayla is glad to face the consequences but Steve doesn't want that for them. Steve assures her that they won't let Kate get away with what she did as they exit the mansion. Back in the living room, Eli tells them about Theo tracing the hack to the warehouse and trying to break in. Kate and Andre claim not to be aware. Eli finds it hard to believe that Theo would do this own and points out that he used the corporate card to buy the device. Kate says Theo had access but she didn't monitor his every move. Eli informs Andre that they know from his voicemails that he had requested Theo's help. Andre points out that Theo never got back to him. Kate insists that if either of them knew Theo was involved in dangerous activity, they would have stopped him immediately.

Jennifer thanks Hope for always being there for her and the kids. Hope tells her she loves her. Jennifer tells her she's grateful and loves her. Jennifer asks about Hope and Rafe. Hope informs him that they had a very long talk and they are back together which excites Jennifer. Hope thanks her for encouraging her to work things out. Hope declares now everything is out in the open and there are no more secrets so she's just going to be honest about everything from now on.

Rafe searches through his pockets for Hope's ring until Sami arrives to inform him that he left it in her room last night. Rafe questions why she's wearing it. Sami explains that Will found it so she had to pretend it was hers. Rafe is surprised she saw Will and asks how it went. Sami says they had a breakthrough thanks to Eric convincing him that she's not a monster. Rafe reveals he and Hope had a breakthrough as well which is why he needs the ring. Sami then can't get the ring off, revealing it's stuck on her finger.

Andre tells Eli they will call if they think of anything else to help in the investigation. Eli feels he will have more questions for them soon. Eli wishes them a happy holidays and exits the mansion. Kate pulls out her phone and calls Kayla, who asks what she wants. Kate warns her that saying nothing was smart and if she knows what's good for her, she'll keep her mouth shut. Kayla asks if that's a threat. Kate calls it a reminder that she would have to tell the police that Tripp put other people's lives in danger and she covered it up. Kayla suggests Kate come clean on her own. Kate asks why she didn't. Kayla doesn't think the police have a clear picture of what happened the night Theo was shot. Kate notes that she was not there. Kayla thinks her testimony could really affect JJ's case and she thinks Abe deserves to know that she had a part in Theo being shot. Kate argues that she didn't have a part and no one else needs to know anything. Kate tells her to hope it stays that way as she hangs up. Steve tells Kayla that Kate will get hers when the truth comes out.

JJ reads an article about the candlelight vigil for Theo. There's a knock at the door but JJ says to go away. JJ then answers the door to see Eric. JJ asks what he's doing here. Eric thought they could talk. JJ doesn't feel like talking. Eric suggests listening then as no one in this town gets what he's going through more than he does.

Will looks at a photo of he and Sami and declares maybe she's not so bad after all.

Rafe can't believe Sami has the ring stuck. Rafe suggests using soap but they don't have any. Rafe tells Sami to pull harder which she's trying to do. Rafe asks what he's supposed to do since he can't tell Hope why she's wearing her ring. Rafe asks why she didn't just put it in her pocket. Sami argues that she's trying until Hope walks in and asks what's going on.

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