Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/19/19

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/19/19


Written By Joseph

Ted finds Hope at Doug's Place. Hope is glad to see he's out of the hospital and asks how he's feeling. Ted says he's much better now looking at her beautiful face as they then kiss until Ciara walks in and greets Hope, interrupting them.

Rafe goes through the mail at home and opens up his finalized divorce papers. Ben shows up at his door and says he's been waiting to hear from him for a few weeks on if he talked to Jordan about letting him see David. Rafe confirms that he did but she was still adamant about David's safety and not wanting Ben near him.

Gabi grabs Xander's briefcase and says there is obviously something in there that he doesn't want her to see. Xander tries to take it back but Gabi keeps away from him. Xander argues that he just needs his papers because his entire life is in that briefcase. Gabi asks if there is proof that he and Nicole are trying to frame Stefan inside. Xander thinks back to putting Kristen's Nicole mask in the briefcase and demands it back. Gabi responds that she's not afraid of him. Xander grabs her and warns that she should be.

Will and Sonny find the gun in "Susan's" purse and questions what the hell she is doing with a gun.

"Susan" sneaks into a room that she thinks is Xander's and begins to search for where he put the mask but Brady comes out of the shower in a towel and catches her. She asks what the hell he's doing in here. Brady responds that this is his room and questions what she is doing in his room.

Sonny says Susan Banks with a gun is frightening and brings up that she was in a mental institution so it would be illegal for her to have one. Will points out that it might not be hers since Roger had an extensive collection. Sonny remembers Roger pulling a gun on him when he went looking for Will in Memphis. Will confirms that Susan definitely borrowed them from time to time. Sonny checks that it is loaded and definitely real so he wonders what she is doing with a gun in Salem. Will decides there's only one way to find out so they take the purse and exit the room.

"Susan" claims she was looking for the restroom and got all turned around. Brady directs her to the restroom down the hall while he gets dressed. "Susan" then grabs Brady and kisses him.

Ciara apologizes for interrupting. Hope shows her that she's officially divorced from Rafe. Ciara says it's okay as she doesn't owe her any explanation. Ciara tells Ted that Hope wouldn't be with him if she didn't truly believe that he changed. Ciara mentions that it's hard to get past that he blackmailed Will but she believes in love turning one's life aroud so she hopes things work out for them. Hope thanks her. Ciara tells her that she will support and love her no matter what.

Rafe tells Ben that he's sorry as he tried to get Jordan to understand that Ben is probably not a danger to anyone but she wasn't having it at all and he wasn't going to push since Jordan is still fragile. Rafe thinks Jordan has given up all hope on ever being released or being able to care for her son. Ben asks what happens now. Rafe informs him that Jordan wants him to raise her son so he has begun the process of petitioning for legal guardianship. Ben asks if that means that Rafe will be raising David permanently. Rafe says he will if the application is approved at least until Jordan is capable of looking after him. Rafe notes that everything is still up in the air so he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that guardianship like going against Jordan's wishes and letting him see David. Rafe tells Ben that they can revisit this if he gets the guardianship and they can talk about Ben potentially spending time with his nephew. Ben thanks Rafe and asks how David is doing. Rafe says he's great and tells him about taking him to the park yesterday. David then wakes up crying. Ben asks if he can peek in on him for a second without anybody knowing. Rafe feels it's not a good idea but he'll be in touch. Ben thanks him and exits.

Gabi struggles with Xander then knees him in the groin and takes off with his briefcase.

Brady questions what "Susan" is doing and reminds her that has a boyfriend named Roger. "Susan" claims they have an open relationship which Brady questions. She points out that Brady is not in a relationship so this is perfect but Brady doesn't think they are a match. She tells him not to be so sure. Brady stops her and says he's flattered but she's not his type. She pins him against the wall and tries to kiss him again. Sonny and Will then walk in as Brady accidentally drops his towel.

Ciara decides she will leave Hope and Ted to each other as she just came to drop off some of Claire's belongings to Julie. Hope says Julie isn't here but she'll make sure she gets it. Ciara asks if Claire is allowed visitors yet. Hope says not yet but she'll let her know when she is. Ciara thanks her and says she loves her as they hug. Ciara then exits. Ted tells Hope that she has a lovely daughter. Hope goes to take the bag to Julie's office but Ted stops her to continue kissing until Xander walks in, interrupting them.

Gabi goes home and declares she is going to see what Xander is hiding as she tries to break open his briefcase.

Will and Sonny ask if they are interrupting something. "Susan" says yes but Brady says no. Will says they have something to talk to her about that can't wait. Will pulls the gun out of her purse and questions what she was planning on doing with it. "Susan" grabs the gun from him and asks what he thinks she was planning on doing with it. Brady questions what the hell she is doing.

Ben and Ciara go to the Brady Pub. Ben tells Ciara about Rafe planning to revisit the idea of letting him see David if he gets legal guardianship. Ben talks about thinking of the future and maybe someday having a family of his own. Roman comes over and asks if they need anything else. Ciara asks for the check but Roman says it's on the house. They say they can't let him do that while Ciara feels she's been a lousy employee lately and she's sorry about missing her shifts last week. Roman jokes that he could count the number of times that she showed up to work. Roman tells Ciara that he loves her but he's going to have to let her go.

Rafe comes out from the back and tells Gabi that he didn't hear her come in. Rafe asks what she is doing. Gabi claims she's trying to open her briefcase. Rafe questions her using a butter knife. Gabi says she forgot her combination and that it's new. Gabi asks Rafe about picking locks but he says no. Rafe asks who's briefcase it really is as he knows Gabi would never be caught with this so he wants to know who it really belongs to. Gabi then admits it's Xander's.

Xander tells Ted that it's good to see him out and about again. Ted wishes he could say the same. Xander argues that they were both victims in the whole kidnapping business but things are looking up as they are both free and he will testify against Stefan to make sure he never hurts anyone again. Hope says that's only because he was offered an immunity deal. Ted points out that he could've blamed Stefan earlier but he is thankful that Hope found them when she did. Hope feels the story doesn't add up so she tells Xander that he can drop the act.

"Susan" claims she's just exercising her second amendment right to defend herself. She questions what Will and Sonny are doing in her things. Will apologizes and knows they shouldn't have but they were worried since she was acting stranger than usual. Will asks if she knows how to use the gun. She assures that she does and brings up when Sami broke into her house. She waves the gun around then apologizes. She suggests they all invest in self protection since Marlena got shot at her own wedding by Xander. She points out that Xander is not all mean since he saved Will. Will asks if "Susan" is planning on using the gun on Xander. She laughs off the idea of her shooting someone and says if she wanted to, she would've earlier when she had the chance. Will asks for the gun but she says it is hers. Will and Sonny remind her that their daughter lives here so if she wants to keep it, they have to lock it up. She insists on having it. Will informs her that she would need a concealed carry permit which she claims to have so Sonny asks to see it.

Ciara questions Roman firing her which he confirms, saying he has a lot on his plate with closing down Caroline's estate in California so he needs someone he can count on. Ciara understands and jokes about dropping hot tea on a customer on her first day so waitressing isn't her thing. Ben says she has plenty more talents. Roman hopes to see a lot more of her now that she's no longer an employee.

Gabi explains to Rafe that she thinks Xander and Nicole are trying to frame Stefan for kidnapping Kate and Ted then she ran into Xander and he was acting so weird so it was clear there is something in the briefcase that he does not want her to see. Rafe questions her stealing it from him. Gabi says she just explained that something inside could help exonerate Stefan. Rafe feels that she doesn't need to be involved in this and warns her about how dangerous Xander is. Gabi asks if Xander has any idea how dangerous she is. Rafe feels it's stupid and reckless as he's worried about her. Gabi assures that she can take care of herself. Gabi knows Rafe is a cop and has to abide by the law but as soon as Eve became commissioner, the police department became a joke. Rafe still doesn't condone stealing evidence from criminals. Gabi asks what if there is evidence inside that could put a criminal back into prison. Gabi begs Rafe to help her but he refuses. Rafe adds that if she does find evidence in there, it's not admissable and they couldn't use it. Gabi declares that she will figure out a way to do it on her own. Rafe suggests she just give it back to Xander.

Xander asks Ted and Hope if they have seen Gabi but they haven't so he tells them to take care. Hope stops him and questions why he's looking for Gabi. Xander says he just knows she's suddenly very passionate about defending Stefan from his kidnapping charges so he's worried about her because she's in over her head. Hope questions him being concerned for Gabi when he barely knows her. Xander insists he's trying hard to be a better person and then exits. Hope questions what that was all about. Ted says he has no idea.

"Susan" digs through her purse but can't find her license to carry. Sonny questions her actually being given one with her history. She asks if he's calling her a liar. Will claims they all believe her but if she can't find the license, she's going to have to give them the gun. Will warns her that if she gets caught in Salem without a permit, she could go to jail. "Susan" complains that they are treating her like a criminal. Will says they will give her the gun back as soon as she finds her permit. She then hands the gun over to Will and tells him to take care of it. Will decides they can all go put it in the safe together. "Susan" tells them to go lock it up themselves since she wants to have a few more words with Brady. Will and Sonny then exit the room. "Susan" turns back to Brady and asks where they were before being interrupted. Brady reminds her that she was going to the bathroom while he was going to get dressed. Brady repeats that nothing romantic is going to happen between them at all. Brady claims he's swearing off women and taking a break right now which she laughs at. Brady calls it a personal choice and says he will see her around while he is going to get dressed. "Susan" then exits the room as Kristen swears to herself that one day soon Brady will be hers.

Will and Sonny return to the living room and lock up the gun in the safe. They talk about wondering if "Susan" really has a permit. Will is starting to think she might not be as harmless as she seems. Kristen as "Susan" goes downstairs, complaining about Xander stealing her mask. Will and Sonny come out from the living room and question her saying something about Xander and her mask. She claims he doesn't deserve such a nice gift after everything Will went through because of him. Will asks if she's sure she wants that ugly wrestling mask back. She responds that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and exits the mansion. Sonny and Will conclude that it's lucky for everyone that she does not have that gun. Outside the mansion, Kristen calls Xander and leaves a message asking where he is and if he forgot who works for who. She orders him to meet her at the park outside the town square with her mask or he will incur the full wrath of Kristen DiMera. Brady comes downstairs. Sonny jokes with him about Susan. Brady thanks him for trying to rescue him. Will can't believe "Susan" came onto him like that since he thought she was crazy in love with Roger. Brady informs him that she claimed they have an open relationship which Will says is news to him. Will adds that this seems weird even for Susan but every time she comes to town, chaos seems to follow.

Gabi questions Rafe wanting her to give Xander his briefcase back and says it's not that simple. Rafe feels her keeping it will only make things worse. Gabi complains about having to deal with Xander when he's dangerous. Rafe suggests she just give it back to him. Rafe talks about Gabi's ability to get herself out of sticky situations. Rafe asks why she's even putting herself in harm's way to exonerate Stefan when she hates him. Gabi calls it strictly business. Rafe points out that he knows her very well. Gabi states that her and Stefan's lives are going to be intertwined in business because if his company goes down, she doesn't know what happens to hers. Rafe questions if she's not getting cozy with Stefan. Gabi reminds him that she hates Stefan and says that she has pride so she never want him to ask her that again. Gabi decides she will give Xander his briefcase back. Rafe then decides that he will give it back to Xander since he's dangerous. Gabi insists on dealing with it herself so she takes the briefcase and exits.

Hope asks Ted if he thinks Xander really held he and Kate in the tunnel against his will. Ted points out that Xander did his best to make sure they were fed and kept alive so he's inclined to believe him. Hope asks if there's anything else he can think of that he hasn't told the police but Ted says there's not. Hope doesn't mean to keep going on about the case but she feels awful this happened to him. Hope tells him she's glad he's okay. Ted brings up that Ciara thought they were on a date so he asks if she would like to be. Hope says yes.

Ben and Ciara go home to the gatehouse. Ben tells her that he's sorry about her job. Ciara thanks him but thinks Roman did her a favor since after the last couple weeks, she could use some time to figure out what to do next. Ben says that makes two of them since Stefan is facing kidnapping charges so he doesn't know where his job stands. Ciara points out that they now have more time to spend with each other which is the best gift she could ask for. Ben feels exactly the same way.

Roman puts up a Help Wanted sign at the Brady Pub.

Gabi walks through the town square with Xander's briefcase. Brady appears and startles her, asking if she's looking for someone. Gabi informs him that she is looking for his cousin Xander. Brady mentions that he was at home earlier but he hasn't seen him since. Gabi tells Brady to give Xander his briefcase when he sees him to save her a trip. Gabi tells him not to ask.

Kristen as "Susan" waits in the park outside in the town square. Xander appears so she demands her mask back now.

Will and Sonny kiss at home and joke about how they keep getting interrupted. The doorbell then rings and they open the door, confused to see the real Susan Banks at the door.

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