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The Days of Our Lives Predictions & Rumors Pages

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What Might Happen on DOOL!

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Rumors by Kiara  12/22/07

  • Anna and Tony return to Salem in January.
  • A new hospital chief of staff.
  • A search is on for a new Abby.
  • Drake Hogestyn is officially back as John.
  • Renee Jones (Lexie) has also returned.

Predictions by Kiara  12/22/07

  • John will be seen in 2008, he's also Stefano's patient.
  • Brady was killed by Chloe.
  • We will soon see Colleen and Santo alive.
  • Shawn and Belle will divorce in 2008.
  • Shawn and Chloe will hook up, leaving Phillip and Belle together.
  • Ford Decker is really alive. (WELL, maybe! We have not seen the body)
  • Chelsea will become pregnant by Nick.
  • Abby will be searched for and found.
  • Stephanie will come clean with her rape.
  • One of the sorority sisters will tell the police about Ford.

Rumors by Kiara  12/10/07

  • 1) Frances Reed (Alice Horton), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams), and Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) who will be singing, are all returning for the Christmas episode.
  • 2) Matthew Florida's (Ford) last day was December 5th. Good luck on your future, Matthew.
  • 3) We have a new Jeremy Horton coming soon. Rumor has it Dax Griffin was approached. But then the rumors say they were thinking of the idea of bringing Jeremy back. So, this could go 50/50.
  • 4) On the December 11th episode, a high school reunion is held. Look for Penny (Alison McMillan), Susan (Jennifer Gee), Kevin (Robert Benvenisti, Cynthia (Veronica Lauren), and Jason (Aaron Van Wagner) to all return for the high school reunion in Salem.
  • 5) Rumor has it that Renee Jones (Lexie) hasn't left the show yet!

Predictions by Kiara  12/10/07

  • 1) The sorority sisters will have to go to trial.
  • 2) Stephanie will announce her rape.
  • 3) Shawn will find out soon that Belle cheated on him.
  • 4) Belle will continue to cheat on Shawn.
  • 5) Sooner or later Belle will become pregnant, I believe we are headed to a "Who's the Dad" storyline.
  • 6) Steve and Kayla will have a baby boy!

Rumors by Kiara  12/1/07

  • Drake Hogestyn is returning as John Black.
  • Lucas will be a DiMera - sooner or later.
  • Stephanie will have a sibling she never knew about, who comes to town with an interesting international past.

Predictions by Kiara  12/1/07

  • Chloe will try to get romantic with Phillip.
  • Shawn sooner or later will catch Phillip and Belle together romantically.
  • I think John is ALIVE.
  • Marlena will go to jail for attempted murder.
  • Belle will continue to ruin Shawn's chances of being a cop.
  • I believe Kate will go to jail also, but not before she leaks that Marlena is also being questioned.
  • Lucas and Will will be defined as one of the shooters.
  • EJ will ultimately walk again.
  • Sami and EJ will have sex.

Predictions by Kiara  11/24/07

  • Belle will continue to cheat on Shawn.

  • Shawn will find Belle and Phillip together.

  • EJ will be out of the hospital soon.

  • Belle is head over heels in love with Phillip.

  • Billie will find a new love.

  • Stephanie was raped by Ford and will soon come clean.

  • Kayla and Steve will have a new baby!

  • Someone else will die in Salem.

Predictions by Kiara  11/10/07

  • The three who shot EJ are Lucas, Kate, and Roman.
  • Shawn and Belle will not get married.
  • Phillip or Belle will be the one who stops the wedding.
  • Belle will become pregnant: Phillip will be the daddy, but she will be pass the baby as Shawn's.
  • Colleen is alive and is the woman who was shown in church wearing all black.
  • Is Andre alive in disguise? That's what I believe.
  • Stephanie was raped by Ford one night, and now she hides the truth.
  • Ford will not go to jail for his crimes.

Rumors by Kiara  11/10/07

  • Rumor has it Drake Hogestyn will be returning in January, but not as John. I hear there're many Drake campaigns.
  • Rumor has it Days of our Lives will be removing all the Carvers. I believe Abe will be staying, though.

Predictions by Kiara  10/16/07

  1. We will have a custody battle between Steve & Kayla, and Phillip.
  2. Belle and Phillip will make love.
  3. Shawn will catch Belle and Phillip being intimate together.
  4. Will killed John in the "accident."
  5. Phillip will be the father of Tyler/Pocket, but my guess is that Belle will be the mother.

Rumors by Kiara  10/16/07

  1. Chloe will return to be involved with Phillip storyline.
  2. Stefano and Marlena will be involved after John's death.

Rumors by Kiara  10/8/07

  1. John's death will be faked.

  2. The content of the folio was switched before the Brady's found it.

Predictions by Kiara  10/08/07

1. EJ/Sami will marry.
2. Belle will cheat on Shawn.
3. Andre will die.
4. The vendetta won't end.
5. Colleen is alive.
6. Sami and EJ will kiss while married.
7. Phillip will find his son.
8. Belle will be the mother of Phillip's son.
9. John's death will be faked.
10. Lucas will kill John.

Predictions by Kiara  8/15/07

Sami and EJ will kiss!
Jeremy will be arrested!
Lucas will be hurt again!
Some Bradys will be hurt!
China Lee will win money from Nick!
Chelsea/Nick will reunite!
Hope/Bo will find the portfolio again!
Jett's identity will be revealed!

Predictions By Kiara  8/1/07

Nick and Chelsea will reunite!
EJ will fight to win Sami back!
Jeremy will harm Stephanie!
Andre will not be caught!
Andre will hurt many others!
The real Tony is working for Stefano!
I think the DNA test was a mistake!
Stefano is faking his illness!

Rumors By Kiara  8/1/07

Bart will be killed off.
Brady and Chloe will return in the fall.

Predictions By Kiara  7/25/07

Stefano will get his stem cells from Sami's babies. Lucas and EJ will find Sami before Roman and Bo. Max will find true love soon who could it be ? Stephanie will be hurt by Jeremy and Jett, Chelsea will have to save her ! The Phillip and Belle baby will bring them closer even after she marries Shawn. I also think Chelsea and Jett will end up kissing and doing more ! Say goodbye to Chelsea and Nick I think they are done as a couple for good now. Phillip will find out about Shawn/Mimi and will get revenge ! Roman will find a new woman since Tony and Anna have reunited. I also think Billie will track down Mimi and Shawn blame them for the Phillip and Belle baby being found. I think Sami still has feelings for EJ and those feelings will soon become a problem in her marriage ! I think the girl baby will be for Lucas, then the boy baby will be for EJ. I think Kayla will come up pregnant with twins for Steve!

Rumors By Kiara  7/25/07

1. Rumor has it Drake Hogestyn (John Black) may be leaving the show when his contract ends in about 6 months!
2. Bart will be killed off in August is confirmed by Soap Opera Weekly.

Predictions By Kiara  7/20/07

I think that the Mimi/Phillip baby will turn out to be a Phelle baby. I think one of the babies will be a Lucas/EJ baby. I predict that someone will die in Salem in a couple of months. I don't think the vendetta between the Bradys/DiMera's feud will ever end. I think Lucas will divorce Sami and she will be with EJ again. I also predict that Shawn and Belle will not have a happy marriage. I see a Phillip/Belle reunion
in the future. I predict that Jeremy is a rapist and Jett is an undercover cop.

Predictions By Suzanne 1/6/07

Mimi will be presumed dead. Bonnie will leave town with the cops chasing her.  Will gets a crush on Abby.  Steve has been brainwashed by Stefano to kill John and Bo and then commit suicide, but Kayla's love will stop him. Marlena's therapy will help Steve remember his missing past.  Hope and Bo will work with Marlena to save John.  Lexie will be kidnapped by Stefano, and Tek will make it his mission to find her. Abe will get new eyes and a new romance.  Sami will get pregnant and worry about whether E.J. is the father.  E.J. will come back to town and be cleared of the charges against him.  Sami will not be able to rat him out because she doesn't want Lucas to find out that they had sex.  Lucas and Sami will get married with no interruptions.  Belle and Shaun unite to keep Claire, but Victor and Philip will win custody at first. Roman will help them get Claire back by working on Kate.  Billie will find real love for once, but will she lose Chelsea?  Max hooks up with someone unexpected after he mourns Mimi.

Page updated 5/11/12

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