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The Days of Our Lives Predictions & Rumors Pages

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What Might Happen on DOOL!

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by SwtLissa02 12/29/05

I think Lucas will team up with Sami to try to keep Austin and Carrie apart.

By Randee 11/2/05

From Soap Central!!

Chelsea and Abby's friendship is threatened because both are interested in Max Brady.

Frankie has never forgotten Jennifer, and plans to get her back in his life.

Austin realizes he has forgiven Sami after all, and decides to fight for her. Remember ... rumors are just that, and may or may not come true.

By Randee 10/13/05

This message was found on Soap News & Scoops Message Board so like it says, these are just Rumors!

Good day,

I am someone close to the soap opera Days of our Lives. Rather it is believed or not is entirely up to you. James E. Reilly recently presented his outline for the show for the year 2006 and I thought I would share a few things:

-Surprise! Jack isn't going to die, however, the damage of his plan to push Jennifer and Frankie back together is already done. While Jennifer is still in love with Jack, her feelings for Frankie are returning and at full force. In a "heat of the moment" scenario, Jen and Frankie will share a very passionate kiss while standing under the mistletoe during the Horton Christmas party this December. Thankfully it happens in private and the two agree to act like it never happened. But their feelings are undeniable and Jack eventually learns the truth. Jack makes a heartbreaking decision to split with Jennifer, but claims he is doing it for her, as he wants her to explore her feelings and be with the man she truly loves. While Jennifer doesn't want any part of a split and reminds Jack of his "sleeping with an imposter" that she forgave, he will claim that this is different, as he didn't keep his misfortune a secret like she and Frankie did. Going into 06 we will see both men fighting for the women they love. We will see some relived moments when both men try to duplicate special dates they had with Jen. Who will be the victor? Stay tuned.

-Thaao Penghlis will be returning to Salem in 06. However, will his character be the person who just left town for prison?

-And last that I will reveal, James E. Reilly has presented (as the internet people call them) TPTB an idea of doing a "copycat" Salem Stalker storyline. As in real life copycat killers, someone begins to copy the Salem Stalkers pattern of killing from two years earlier, only this time its going to be for real and somene IS going to die this time! The ratings peaked as high as 3.9 during the original Salem Stalker storyline, and TPTB feel a "copycat" storyline could hit a grand slam. Stay tuned!

By Randee 10/1/05

Sami pleads temporary insanity - and it works!!
Bo suggests that Chelsea move in with him and Hope!
Belle's baby needs a blood transfusion!
Victor offers Austin a lucrative position!
An old babyswitch?! Mimi is really Belle Black and the one we believe is Belle is really Mimi Lockhart?!! Wild!

By Randee 9/7/05

From The Days of Our Lives Cafe

When Jack discovers his supposed illness was a DiMera hoax, he vows revenge!
Patrick turns the tables on Frankie, by digging up one of his secrets!
Chelsea decides she likes grandma Kate - her power and money, that is!
Roman apologizes to Kate ...
Nutty Nicole sets out to crash Chloe's wedding!

By Randee 8/28/05

This is from The Days of Our Lives Cafe

Someone gets shot!
Much to Sami's dismay, Lucas goes to the media on his quest to find Stan!
Max is depressed when he learns he can never race again!
Phil and Belle move into the Kiriakis mansion!
Who is that mysterious man following Abby???!

By Randee 8/16/05

This is from The Days of Our Lives Cafe

Tony has a proposition for Kate!
Bart shows up at Sami's apartment, demanding she hide him!
Desperate to be rid of her newly found meddling parents, Chelsea sets her sights on marriage!
Shocker! Someone tries to kill Abe! (but he is thankfully ok!)
Bart and Bonnie will be an item. It appears they have a past together and may share a child. That child is said to be MiMi!

By Randee 8/12/05

So, Lumi and Broe are back together but for how long! Lumi is going to go down hill and fast, Sami should never have made those deals with the devil's themselves (Tony & Nicky)! Nicky in a drunken state is going to blab all to a very desperate Kate and of course she is going to go right to Roman and Lucas who are so not going to believe her. They are going to think she is making it up to get even with Sami, and Nicole is going to back Kate up. Philip is going to go in for a check up and find out he is sterile and always has been and is going to figure out that the baby Belle is carrying is really Shawn's and is going to keep it to himself just to keep Belle away from his nephew Shawn. On to Caroline and Victor, when they are FINALLY found they are going to divorce their respective partners, because they have fallen in love. Bo and Billie are going to FINALLY find Georgia and are going to be so mad that she has been under their noses this whole time and Billie has been raising her since her parent's died. Jack is actually going to die and Jenn is going to end up with Frankie but she will find out that he knew Jack was dying and kept it from her and she will want nothing to do with him ever again. Oh, yeah I forgot about Broe, well rumor has it that Kyle Lowder is leaving so they are going to ride off into the sunset together. Marlena is not really Marlena she is really Hattie and Marlena is still being held captive by none other then Andre DiMera! John will figure this out but not before Dr. North has her totally brainwashed!

By Randee 8/10/05

These rumors were found on Soap News &Scoops Boards:

DAYS: Lumi Wedding, Dr. North and Marlena & Phillip

1. Sami and Lucas will make it down the aisle, but will not say I do. Kate finds out Sami was Stan and announces it at their wedding.

2. Dr. North is really Roman brainwashed by Tony and has been held captive for al these years.

3. Marlena is not really Marlena, she is an impostor

4. After a check up, Phil finds out he cannot have kids so Belle's babe cannot be his but does he tell her? Stay tuned!

5. Patrick pays dearly for his past associations!

5. Abe regains his sight in time to see Lexie and Tek intertwined (oh oh!) but keeps his newly refound sight a secret!

By Emily 1/20/05

  • Belle will learn that she is pregnant. She'll believe it to be Philip's child, because she does not remember sleeping with Shawn. Philip will get injured in combat and come home. Belle will stay will Philip because of his injuries and the baby, but she won't be able to let go of her feelings for Shawn. Shawn will turn out to be the baby's father.
  • Sami thinks that having the dirt on everyone puts her in a position of power, but knowledge is dangerous, as she soon disappears, kidnapped by one of her enemies.
  • Bo and Billie's long-lost daughter has been under their noses the entire time, as Chelsea turns out to be Georgia. Billie and Georgia's relationship will be strained and will get even rockier when Billie starts to date the objection of Georgia's affection, Patrick.
  • Kate's manipulations will cost her everything, as she loses everyone she loves. When she hits rock bottom, only one person will reach out to her. Who will it be?

Page updated 5/11/12

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