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The Days of Our Lives Predictions & Rumors Pages

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What Might Happen on DOOL!

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By Nikky 12/5/03

  • Jan is the Salem Stalker.

By Justin 11/27/03

  • Belle rushes home and tells everyone that she was being stalked by Peter Blake while in Milan and Peter is put to the top of the suspect list.
  • After Cassie is killed, Rex's name is cleared and he vows revenge against the killer.
  • Cassie's ghost appears to Rex and tells him the identity of the killer.
  • Rex's real father (Roman) and his 'step father' (Tony) both get murdered by the serial killer, making him even more angry.
  • Jan continues to stalk Shawn through the months until they finally have a shocking run in.
  • Rumors say Roman will die by falling out of a building on New Years Eve.
  • An engagement and a murder take place at the end of December.
  • Chloe may have had a big secret when she left.
  • Lexie, Jen, Mickey, Shawn Sr., Rex, and Kate vow revenge against the serial killer after their loved ones die (Abe, Jack, Maggie, Caroline, Cassie, and Roman).
  • At the end of December 2004, someone saves all of Salem and puts an end to the serial killer.

By Justin 10/9/03

  • Maggie dies from a slashed throat (Rumor).
  • Many actors and actresses from the past may return during this storyline.
  • There have been speculations that Bonnie or Hattie (posing as Marlena) is the killer.

By Justin 9/26/03

  • When Abe dies, Lexie breaks down and blames everyone for the death of her husband.
  • After Jack dies, his ghost visits Jen and he gives her a clue as to who killed him and Abe.
  • Jen will become pregnant!
  • Stefano returns to Salem and everyone blames him for Abe's death.

By Michele and Cheryl 9/16/03

  • Bonnie will meet Tony and try to go out with him.
  • Sami and Lucas will fantasize about each other again.
  • Sami will sabotage a deal for Basic Black.
  • Someone from Jennifer's past (maybe Frankie), will help her get over the loss of Jack.
  • Lexie will have another baby.
  • Will will plot to get his parents together.
  • Mimi will be pregnant and Bonnie will suggest that Mimi use the baby to get the DiMera fortune.
  • Lexie will be convinced by Tony to turn against her friends when Abe dies.

By Justin 8/26/03

  • Peter Blake may return and turn out to be the killer.
  • Maya may be related to the DiMera's or Celeste.
  • Brandon might return for Abe's funeral.
  • Bonnie Lockhart flirts with Tony to get her hands on the DiMera fortune.
  • Bonnie has Mimi steal from Rex (rumor from Dustin's days page).
  • The news of Jack's death hits Abby hard and she begins taking drugs.

By Justin 8/7/03

  • Philip, Shawn, and Belle begin investigating Rex after Bo and Hope are attacked.
  • Everyone suspects Rex or Tony in Bo and Hope's attack.
  • Hope flatlines after being attack!

By Justin 7/21/03

  • A killing spree will begin in Salem, when James E. Reilly begins writing.
  • Abe is the killer's first victim.
  • Rex's major headaches cause him to start killing people.
  • Rumors have it that 6 major cast members will be killed off.
  • Someone may return from Jen's past, watching her show, and carrying a picture of her around.
  • Rumors have it that the mysterious goop is guarded by a Cree native and it is from the fountain of youth.

By Kat 7/15/03

  • Jack & Jen's relationship is put to a test with the new guest on their show, who is an expert with sex and relationships. Jack thinks they don't need help but Jen does. He doesn't want to listen to the guest's advice.
  • Larry & Nicole find Victor is invincible (he can't be killed). She doesn't give up!
  • Rex's headaches 'causes mood swings, which puts Mimi's life in a turmoil. She wants to help but doesn't know how.
  • Maya tries to seduce Philip.
  • All is well with Belle & Shawn after she explains his relationship with Maya.
  • Sami & Lucas get closer together. He tries to protect her since they share a son and doesn't like Tony's involvement with her.
  • Marlena tries to keep peace between Tony & John.

By Justin 6/13/03

  • Maya falls for Shawn!
  • After Larry gets out of prison, he seeks revenge on Hope again!
  • Tony, Larry and Nicole team up to destroy Victor!
  • Belle gets into some trouble with Philip and Tek again!

By Justin 6/4/03

  • Nicole visits Larry in prison and they conspire against Victor.
  • A new teen arrives in Salem and she is working for Tony.
  • Roman and Kate are Rex's parents!
  • Sami's vocal cords get damaged, which means no more arguments or quarrels from her for a long time.

By Justin 5/2/03

  • The hunk unmasks himself on his date with Belle and he is Philip!
  • A major fight ensues between Philip and Shawn!
  • Brandon proposes to Sami, but breaks off the engagement, when he learns that she switched the paternity test results!

By Michelle & Cheryl 4/19/03

  • Lexie will come close to losing her baby during the earthquake.
  • Brady and Nicole will grow closer.
  • Brandon will propose to Sami.
  • Tony will offer Lucas a job at Echelon.
  • Sami will find out about Lucas working for Tony.
  • Lucas will get Tony's help to get revenge on Sami.

By Justin 4/18/03

  • An old face returns for Jack and Jen's wedding.
  • When Laura returns, she may have terrible premonition about someone from Jen's past coming back to haunt her.
  • Jack and Jen get married, but a new, but old face in town doesn't like that very much.
  • Peter Blake watches Jack and Jen's show on TV and decides to show up at their house, on their wedding day.

By Justin 4/11/03

  • Philip turns out to be the mystery date on Love Is Blind!

By Justin 4/2/03

  • Bill may be returning to Salem sometime soon.
  • Stefano may return from the dead.
  • Victor will decide to turn Nicole over to the cops after an intense argument between them.
  • Belle's jealousy turns into hate, when she sees Shawn kissing another woman.
  • Mimi will discover Rex's secret experiment and he will lock her up to keep her from revealing the secret.
  • Roman may be hurt in line of duty, just before he gets the chance to tell Kate his true feelings.

By Justin 3/24/03

  • Mr. Big turns out to be a woman!
  • Carson is sleeping with "the boss."
  • Victor and Tony form an alliance.
  • Bo loses his badge, due to his temper and anger towards Carson.
  • Philip returns and blames Brady for Chloe's death.
  • Isabella watches over Brady after Chloe dies.

By Justin 3/15/03

  • Carson Palmer is involved with the drug and gang activity in Salem.
  • Jen is caught in the crossfire of an argument between Jack and Carson and she is seriously injured.
  • Just after receiving her bone marrow transplant, Chloe dies.
  • Brady and Nicole may hook up in the future.
  • A love triangle is formed between Kate/Roman/Tony!
  • The truth about the DiMera/Brady feud is revealed!
  • After all the threats, Nicole gets fed up and murders Victor!
  • Philip may be returning in the future!

By Justin 3/8/03

  • Bill Horton's son may surface in Salem and cause problems for Jack and Jen.
  • Bill sends Jen some gifts from Africa, until the final gift arrives, her step brother!
  • Jack and Carson face off.
  • Brandon will learn the truth about Sami and dump her!
  • Fay gets a backbone and lectures Brandon about getting involved with Samantha Brady!
  • Colin's ghost appears to Nicole, leading her to take a dive off of her balcony, committing suicide.
  • Bo and Roman chase down gang members with the help of Victor!

By Michelle & Cheryl 3/1/03

  • Lucas will talk Will into breaking up Brandon and Sami.
  • Nicole will become an alcoholic.
  • Bo will continue to give Roman the cold shoulder.
  • Nicole will try to get someone to kill Victor.
  • Eugenia will blackmail Sami.
  • Lucas will find out that Sami fixed the paternity test.

By Michelle & Cheryl 2/17/03

  • Larry will try to rape Hope.
  • Lexie will have a suspicion that Brandon is her baby's father.
  • Lexie will be jealous about Brandon proposing to Sami.
  • Brady will find a way to get Chloe to sing on stage.
  • Craig will find out that Nancy is scheming to find out what happened to Chloe.

By Rebecca 2/13/03

  • The truth about Lexie's baby will come out at Brandon and Sami's wedding.
  • Marlena was the surrogate mother for Kate and Tony's children, or is it the other way around? Or could Stefano be the father?

By Justin 2/3/03

  • Craig is offered a job in another state, so he and Nancy move. Unfortunately, Chloe says her final good-byes to Brady and leaves with them.
  • Kate may be the twins' mother with Stefano.

By Michelle & Cheryl 2/1/03

  • Nicole will have feelings for Bo.
  • Victor will help cover up Hope's involvement in Colin's murder.
  • Shawn will get jealous of the time Rex and Belle are spending together.
  • When Lexie finds out that Brandon is her baby's father, she will keep it from Abe.
  • Brandon says he'll always be connected to Lexie's baby because he knows he's Abe's son.
  • Tony's paralysis will draw Marlena closer to him.

By Justin 1/30/03

  • Cassie confesses to protect Shawn!
  • Brandon confesses to protect Nicole!
  • Hope confesses because she thinks she murdered Colin!
  • Sami confesses to protect Brandon!
  • Brandon and Sami breakup after he chooses his sister, Nicole over her.
  • Look for a wedding by the end of the year!
  • Stefano's flashbacks may have been pushed for the end of February/March.
  • Colin begins haunting Shawn D.!
  • Jack and Jen bond in the coming weeks.
  • Chloe and Brady make love before she gets her transplant!
  • Shawn and Belle kiss before she leaves for Paris!

By Justin 1/24/03

  • Tony fakes his paralysis and when, Marlena is the most vulnerable, he seduces her.
  • Shawn thought he killed Colin, but someone else may have shot him after Cassie and Shawn left the scene.
  • Nicole and Victor have a major fight, which sends Nicole straight into the arms of-- Eric!
  • Hopefully, Eric returns to town so we can see some more action between Nicole/Roman/Eric/Victor.
  • Belle and Shawn split and go their separate ways.
  • After getting her bone marrow transplant, Chloe is forced to rush right of the ER and into Nancy's hospital room, where she has the baby.
  • Chloe may die!

By Michelle & Cheryl 1/22/03

  • Cassie will blackmail Shawn for killing Colin.
  • Bo will find evidence that will make him think that Shawn killed Colin.
  • Belle and Cassie will fight over Shawn.
  • Belle will grow closer to Tony.
  • Tony will use Belle to get back at John.
  • While John is trying to find out who his father is, he will discover that Grandpa Shawn slept with Daphne.
  • Victor will continue to blackmail Nicole.
  • Bo will cover up evidence that makes Hope look guilty of Colin's murder.
  • Tony and Kate will grow closer making Roman more determined to bring Tony down.

By Justin 1/18/03

  • Cassie freaks Shawn out when she reveals that she knows who killed Colin. Could she have saw him murder Colin? Or Hope murder Colin? Wait and find out.....
  • Larry furthers his plan to destroy the Brady's, starting with.......Victor!
  • Bo catches Larry outside of the Brady house.
  • After a serious car accident, Tony loses the ability to have children.
  • Brady plans murder!
  • Colin's ghost haunts a frightened Shawn, who apologizes to "him" for murder!
  • Larry's last airdate is in February when Bo and Hope succeed in destroying him.
  • Sami declines Brandon's Valentine's Day proposal. When she is questioned, she admits it: "You are the father of Lexie's baby! I switched the results......" Never know, could happen.
  • Shawn Sr. finds out that one of his closest relatives murdered his beloved nephew and this time the heart attack kills him!

By Justin 1/13/03

  • Shawn Sr. dies after telling the Brady's and the Black's that he is John's father.
  • Colin's murderer is revealed to us only on January 24, 2003.
  • Shawn D. murdered Colin.
  • After experiencing coldness in his relationship with Sami, Brandon turns to a different face in town.
  • Brady witnesses a kiss between Tony and Sami. He then tells John, who in turn kills Tony.
  • The police investigation leads down to a final suspect - this April the murderer is revealed to all of Salem.
  • A very climatic event leads down to a final showdown between Bo, Hope, and Larry this February. Will Larry ever die?
  • Will may pull a gun on Abby and accidentally shoot her. He is sent to juvenile which causes a feud between Lucas and Jen.

By Michelle & Cheryl 1/9/03

  • The bullet in Colin will be the one with Bo's name on it.
  • Rex will stalk Belle.
  • Rex will help Cassie break up Shawn and Belle.
  • Brandon and Lexie will sleep together again.
  • Abe will become jealous of the time Brandon spends with Lexie.
  • Abe will suspect that he's not the father of Lexie's baby.
  • Jennifer will wind up pregnant and not know who the father is.

By Justin 1/6/03

  • Elizabeth secretly shot Colin!
  • A woman from Brady's college years may return and put a damper on his relationship with Chloe.
  • Belle finds out that Cassie witnessed Shawn murdering Colin.

Page updated 5/11/12

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