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The Days of Our Lives Predictions & Rumors Pages

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What Might Happen on DOOL!

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By Michelle & Cheryl 12/28/02

  • Victor and Kate will get a call saying that Philip is missing.
  • Chloe will blame herself for why Philip is missing.
  • Victor and/or Kate will blame Chloe.
  • Caprice will continue to drop hints about knowing Celeste.
  • Chloe will tell Belle about being with Brady.
  • Marlena will have more visions of her past.
  • Cassie will find another way to break up Shawn and Belle.
  • Rex and Mimi will get closer.

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/21/02

  • Colin will die and Nicole will be blamed for it.
  • Caprice will finally reveal why she is mad at Celeste.
  • Abe will find out that Lexie is carrying Brandon's baby.
  • Cassie will try and sneak into Shawn's bed.
  • Kate will find out about Colin's tape and blackmail Nicole.

By Justin 12/20/02

Murder At Midnight Predictions:

  • Colin is murdered!
  • Belle discovers Colin's body and screams!
  • Colin blackmails Sami into luring Jack onto the pier on New Years Eve, where he plans to kill him.
  • Rex tells his sister to get a life!
  • Bo finds Hope.......with blood on her hands!
  • Jen makes love to Colin and confesses to Bo and Jack, who both want to kill Colin!
  • A murder suspect list is formed and half of Salem is on it (Looks like the deceased is a hated person)!
  • A murder is committed at Nicole and Victor's wedding!

Other predictions:

  • Tony and John brawl over Marlena--Tony lets it slip that John has his father's temper!
  • Jack goes to the end of the earth to protect Jen--But will he succeed?
  • Larry decides to off Colin and shoots him!
  • Many new characters arrive--And they are connected with Colin.
  • Elizabeth Cox returns to Salem and goes to Colin's funeral.......She becomes infatuated with Tony!

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/14/02

  • Cassie will walk in on Shawn and Belle attempting to make love.
  • Nicole will be pregnant, possibly by Colin.
  • Chloe will continue to push Brady away.
  • Cynthia and Cassie will plot to break up Shawn and Belle.
  • It will be revealed that Larry is working for the DiMeras.
  • Billie will take the job offer to Rome.
  • Nicole will find out that Sami switched the DNA results for Lexie's baby and she will blackmail her.
  • Brandon will find out that Lexie's baby is his.

By Justin 12/7/02

  • Sami learns that Brandon is the father of Lexie's child, so she switches the paternity results to say that Abe is the father. Lexie catches her and they decide to keep it a secret, so Sami can have Brandon and Lexie can have Abe.
  • The DiMera secret that Kate has is that she had an affair with Stefano, which resulted in Rex and Cassie.
  • Kate may get pregnant with Roman's child.
  • Tony and John battle head to head for Marlena.
  • Colin's assignment to kill Bo turns deadly when an unwanted accomplice turns on him.
  • Stefano is Raymond Grant in disguise (He had plastic surgery).
  • Someone dies in the February sweeps.
  • Philip catches Chloe and Brady making love in her room.
  • Philip leaves for Columbia after Christmas.
  • Belle finds Cassie drugging Shawn to sleep with her.
  • Shelle make love on Christmas Eve.
  • Alice may be in danger.
  • Rolf is Stefano's brother.
  • Could John be connected to the DiMera's and the Alamain's?
  • Bo comes face to face with Larry on Smith Island.
  • An unexpected death brings Jen and Jack closer together.
  • Nicole gets pregnant, but is unsure whether or not the baby is Victor's (remember Nicole slept with Colin before she got shot).
  • Sami is forced to pull a gun on someone at Nicole's wedding.......
  • Shane may return with Kim. They have news.....they're back together!
  • Stefano appears in flash backs- in January.
  • Lawrence Alamain may return to get tested for John.
  • Leopold & Philemena Alamain are Tony's parents, but Stefano DiMera & Daphne DiMera are John's parents; they were switched at birth (where have we heard that before?)!
  • The Reiber's return with J.T. and their son. They have come back for revenge against Lexie.
  • Stefano returns from the dead for a final showdown with Forest "John" Black Alamain DiMera. They face off to the death.
  • Jack impregnants Jen with another child.
  • Abby angers Will, so he does the unthinkable-shoots Abby!
  • Lucas and Sami could become closer.
  • Billie gets a job in Europe, so she leaves Salem in January.
  • Vern discovers Lawrence Alamain raping Jo, so he kills him.
  • In 2003, Jack's rare disease, Hodkins resurfaces and he falls to near-death. Now lying in the hospital, Jack hears the words he has waited to hear since his divorce to Jen, "I love you, Jack." Jen confesses her true feelings.
  • Peter Blake will return and kidnap Jen (like Larry did to Hope) and Jack races against the clock to find her.
  • Finally, Colin will get shot in the head, bringing a closure to his relationship with the DiMera's/Brady's/Larry Welch.
  • Austin may return some time in the near future with Carrie or Greta.
  • Another homosexual story will be focused on, which deals with Harold/Lucas/Jack triangle.
  • All characters may be wiped from the cast of Days, except for the Horton's and the Brady's (no truth to this, just speculation).

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/4/02

  • Chloe will get pregnant..
  • Chloe will die during childbirth as a way for Nadia to leave the show.
  • One of Craig's relatives will be a match for Chloe.
  • Cassie will try to kiss Shawn and he'll push her away.
  • Kate's past with Stephano will keep her and Roman apart.
  • Sami will catch Kate and Roman together.
  • Brandon and Lexie will sleep together again.

By Michelle & Cheryl 11/25/02

  • Craig's secret will be that he is working for the DiMeras.
  • It will come out that Stefano used John as a pawn because he wanted to get back at John's father for being with Tony's mother.
  • Belle will catch Shawn and Cassie in a compromising position.
  • Despite being told that she can't have kids, Nicole will be pregnant.
  • Sami will tell Abe that Lexie and Brandon slept together.

By Justin 11/24/02

  • Larry swims to an island where he awaits his loyal partner, Colin Murphy.
  • Bo & Hope see Colin and Larry meeting, so Bo shoots them both.
  • Colin was hired to kill his cousin Bo.
  • Don Craig returns and breaks up John and Marlena with the help of Tony.
  • Shawn, Sr. dies of a heart attack when he learns of Colin working for Larry& the DiMera's.

By Justin 11/10/02

  • Billie's death is faked by the ISA and the Salem PD.
  • Lexie's death is faked to catch Larry Welch. 
  • The new island that Larry moves Hope to is the DiMera Compound where Marlena and John are.
  • Jack, Roman, Bo, or the twins save Hope next week.
  • The threatening secret that Colin reveals is that he is working for the DiMera's. Therefore, he is kicked out of the Brady family and leaves Salem.
  • When Bo finds Larry, he shoots him in the head. 
  • Philip witnesses Chloe and Brady in bed.
  • Sami dumps Brandon when he tells her about him and Lexie.
  • Austin returns and falls for a new girl in town.
  • Before Shane leaves, he reveals some more shocking news.
  • Belle is hit by a car before she leaves to tape Zenon.
  • Wayne Heffley has taped for a day in December. Looks like we will be seeing more of Vern.
  • Fay sleeps with Abe.
  • When the truth about Brandon being Abe's son is revealed, Brandon kills his father.

By Kathy 11/18/02

  • Here's how I see it. Lexie has been feeling a little bit under the weather and it is my guess that she is pregnant. Abe will grieve Lexie, but she is a DiMera. She is as dead as Tony. When Abe finds out that Lexie is not dead, he will be upset but he will be happy she is alive and will take her back. They will be happy for about a day. Lexie will tell Abe she is pregnant with his baby, but in her heart she won't be sure who the father is. It could be Abe's or Brandon's baby. Brandon will question the paternity and this will spell trouble for Brandon/Sami. Lexie will turn on Brandon and Tony will help with the DNA swap, keeping Abe in the dark.   To make matters worse, there have been been rumors that Abe is Brandon's father, so this will make the reunion of Lexie/Abe short lived. That's how I see it.

By Michele and Cheryl 11/17/02

  • Belle will make love to Shawn to help him forget his mother.
  • Bo will turn against his family because of what happened to Hope.
  • Lexie won't really be dead. It's a plot for her to escape.
  • Larry will have someone declare that Lexie is dead.
  • John will go after Tony when he finds out they are related.
  • Craig will demand to know who Chloe's father is. This will probably lead to him and Nancy separating.
  • Philip will turn to Belle to help him get over Chloe.
  • Chloe will get jealous that Philip is spending time with Belle.
  • Carrie and Austin will return to Salem sometime next year.

By Michele and Cheryl

  • Nancy will lose the baby and Sykes will be able to be a donor.
  • Shane will have a secret of his own before he leaves.
  • While Belle is away, Cassie will try to steal Shawn.
  • A female character will come between Brady and Chloe - Nicole maybe, somebody new.
  • Brady and Chloe will make love during their trip.
  • Lexie will be redeemed when the truth comes out that she didn't kidnap Hope and Zack.

By Rebecca 11/10/02

  • When Bo finds Lexie with Hope (as Lexie could be the one to find her) he does the unthinkable and shoots her!

By Justin 11/10/02

  • A fight ensues between Bo and Larry, leading to death.
  • Billie is shot after trying to be the "hero."
  • Tony breaks Lexie out of jail and they plan to kidnap Zack.
  • Lexie is arrested again.
  • The Horton's and the Brady's mourn a "dead" Hope.
  • Shane reveals something to Marlena while John is gone.
  • Nancy has a girl!
  • Belle's ending storyline of when she leaves to tape for Zenon 3 is Belle getting in a fight with Cynthia and she ends up in the hospital.
  • Early next year, Jan returns and is Belle's roommate.
  • Jan and Cynthia plot to get revenge on Belle and Shawn.
  • Philip ruins Broe's trip to Hollywood.
  • Colin, Billie, and Philip exit the cast in December. Billie and Philip may leave together. 
  • Brady and Chloe make love.
  • Belle and Philip make love before he leaves.
  • Cassie manipulates Shawn and makes love to him.
  • Mimi and Rex make love.
  • Caprice runs into Celeste again and has a flashback.
  • Celeste and Caprice are sisters.
  • Cameron Reese and Abe's past relationship may not be over. 
  • Shane reveals that John is working for him and that Basic Black is his cover. Shane and John partner up to search for Hope.
  • On the Thanksgiving episode, the Horton's and the Brady's have dinner at Tuscany. Each is asked to be thankful for something. Caroline (family), Shane (the Brady's keep their door open to him), Grandpa Shawn (Caroline), Mickey (Alice and Maggie), Julie (elastic), Doug (second chances), Roman (the future), John (the past and the future), Marlena (family), Sami (Will), Will (TV), Jennifer (?), Abigail (?), Alice (love). Lucas, Billie, Victor, Kate, Shawn, Belle, Nancy, Craig, Brady, Philip, Chloe, Lexie, Rolf, Tony, Celeste, Hope, Larry, Bo, Zack and Caprice are also included in this episode. Absent are Nicole, Jack, Brandon, Mimi, and Cynthia. 
  • Colin and Billie exit together.
  • Philip leaves Salem in December after witnessing a kiss from Brady and Chloe.
  • Dr. Sikes is shot on the run from many people wanting to help Chloe. He dies, so they never learn if he is a match or not. 
  • Victor dumps Nicole after seeing Toby kiss her. 

By Michelle and Cheryl 11/3/02

  • Larry will try to kill Victor.
  • Colin will finally stop working with the DiMeras and he will leave town.
  • Before Colin leaves, he will confess to Jennifer what he has done.
  • Jennifer will probably start chasing after Jack.
  • Billie will probably be killed.
  • Nancy's and Craig's secrets will break them up.
  • Philip will see Brady and Chloe kissing.
  • Philip will give up on Chloe and leave Salem. He'll probably go to Columbia.

By Michelle and Cheryl 10/23/02

  • Billie will tell how Larry kidnapped Hope.
  • Tony will use his disease to turn Marlena against John.
  • Philip will try to go after Belle to make Chloe jealous.
  • Cassie will try to steal Shawn from Belle.
  • Belle will get jealous over Cassie's attachment to Shawn.
  • Brady and John will save Hope and Zack.
  • If Billie saves Hope and Zack, she'll do it in order to get on Bo's good side.
  • Passions Prediction by Michelle and Cheryl (both today's date)
  • Simone will make a deal with Kay in order to get back at Whitney.
  • Theresa will fall for someone new (possibly Fox Crane) and Ethan will be jealous.
  • Liz will turn out to be Chad's mother.
  • Liz will try to take TC from Eve.
  • Liz will tell TC about Eve/Julian's past.
  • Ethan will turn out to be little Ethan's father. 
  • Sheridan will find out about Beth's plan.

By Rebecca 10/23/02

  1. Lexie's pregnant by Brandon/Abe, but she loses the baby due to the stress of the kidnapping!
  2. Kate and Sami destroy Nicole, but afterwards, will they destroy each other?
  3. Bo and Abe find Zack in Lexie's arms, after she finds him. 
  4. Larry now has Hope, will he then come after Victor?
  5. It looks like good cop bad cop with Cassie and Rex, so could their parents be Marlena and Tony? (From seeing that Cassie acts more like Tony and Rex as Marlena)

By Justin 10/15/02


  • It has been confirmed.....the knuckle cracker and Hope's kidnapper is Larry Welch, the man who almost married Hope in 1984.
  • Shane returns to Days on November 8.
  • Lauren Koslow guest stars on two episodes of Bold and the Beautiful as Margo. Joseph Macolo returns to Days as Stefano Dimera, for a short period in the February Sweeps.

Predictions and rumors:

  • Nancy has a boy.
  • Chloe survives from her leukemia.
  • When Shane returns, a shocking secret will come out that he was the one working with Billie and Larry Welch.
  • Dr. Sikes new identity is Uhelf Rolf (Stefano's old henchman).
  • Philip ends up commiting suicide and the blame points to Brady. Brady ends up in jail while Chloe is pregnant with his child.

Some rumors from Dustin's Days page:

  • Eileen Davidson (Ex-Kristin) is rumored to be returning to days as her character is sick on Y&R.
  • While Marlena is doing therapy on the twin's, memories resurface in her instead.
  • Rolf returns and takes up a janitor job at Basic Black to keep an eye on John.
  • Victor and Roman square off over Kate (Lucas, Sami, Brandon, and Nicole are also involved).
  • Philip's feelings for Belle resurface and he teams up with Cynthia to break Shawn and Belle up.
  • Chloe falls in relapse as Brady races to find Frederick Sikes.
  • A new man surfaces in Salem and has a connection with the Horton's.
  • Colin is arrested.
  • Jack finds a connection between Peter Blake and Colin and warns Jen out of Salem.
  • When Rolf returns, he kidnaps Rex and Cassie.
  • Marlena slaps Sami after hearing her have a conversation with Tony DiMera.
  • Nicole loses Victor and Sami loses Brandon when they both are exposed as liars.

Also from Dustin's page, but I have heard it many times elsewhere: 

  • It is rumored that Rex and Cassie are Stefano and Marlena's kids from the past. Also it is rumored that Kate is Stefano's widow.

By Michelle & Cheryl 10/12/02

  • If Lexie gets pregnant, she will use the baby as a way to get Abe back.
  • Kate & Sami's plan will backfire.
  • Victor will find out about Nicole and Colin.
  • Sami will be pregnant and she will also use the baby to trap Brandon.
  • Philip will probably try to rape Chloe and Brady will come to the rescue.
  • Billie will use Hope's kidnapping as a way to get closer to Bo.

By Michelle & Cheryl 9/18/02

  • Bo and Billie will work together again.
  • Jennifer will argue with Billie again because of Jack.
  • A couple will break up before the year is over.
  • The person Billie talks to on the phone will be someone familiar to the cast.
  • Hope will probably become a cop again to keep Bo from getting closer to Billie.
  • Lexie will probably get Jack to write good stories about her in the Spectator so she can win Abe back.
  • Someone will manage to keep Jennifer from making love to Colin.

By Justin 9/10/02

  • Billie is calling up the mysterious man on her phone.
  • Fay and Abe sleep together.
  • Jack is a DiMera.
  • Rolf is Larry Welch's son.
  • 9/11 really happened on Days.
  • Jen and Colin sleep together and she gets pregnant, not knowing who the father is.

By Michelle & Cheryl 8/27/02

  • Billie and the person she talks to on the phone, are responsible for the assignment she has with Bo.
  • Brandon will tell Abe about sleeping with Lexie.
  • Hope will probably see Bo and Billie together on TV because of the hit that was out on Victor.
  • Nicole will blackmail Sami to keep her from Brandon.
  • Tony will feel a strange connection to Cassie and Rex.
  • Brady and Chloe will have a near kiss and be interrupted.
  • Brady and Chloe will find her father, but Philip will be the reason why they lose him.
  • Lexie will find out about Abe and Fay.
  • Abe and Fay's affair will be exposed at the divorce proceedings.

By Nick 8/24/02

  • Brandon will turn out to be Abe's son.
  • Lexie will be with Brandon till she and Abe reunite.
  • Abe will reunite with Fay.
  • The Twins will turn out to be Marlena's children by Roman.
  • Sami will get Brandon back.
  • Billie and Bo will almost reunite but Hope will return (just in time) and stop them from making love.
  • Cassie and Belle will be rivals and they'll fight over Shawn.
  • Roman and Kate will be a new Supercouple.
  • Stefano DiMera will be back from the dead.

By Justin 8/22/02

  • Fay is married to Abe (They were secretly married while Paul was locked up).
  • Paul isn't dead.
  • Lexie becomes pregnant, but doesn't know whether Abe or Brandon is the father.
  • Chloe and Brady are married.
  • Philip commits suicide.
  • Belle is Roman and Marlena's child.

By Michelle and Cheryl 8/13/02

  • Billie is talking to Larry on the phone.
  • Tony will follow in his father's footsteps and fall for Marlena.
  • Lexie will go after Brandon to keep Sami from getting him.
  • Colin probably knows about Jack and Jennifer's plan.
  • Colin probably sent Billie to Salem to keep Bo from digging into his past.
  • Brady and Chloe will be together.
  • Lexie will get pregnant and not know who the father is.

By Justin 8/13/02

  • Caprice and Celeste are related.
  • Celeste might be Caprice's sister.
  • Lexie and Brandon make love on August 19.
  • Roman could be Dr. Sikes, but it's not likely.
  • Abe divorces Lexie.
  • A death occurs when Fay reveals the truth about Brandon's paternity.
  • Brandon is Abe's son. Belle and Shawn make love in October. Brady and
  • Chloe become a couple. Philip and Cassie become a couple. Cynthia and
  • Rex become a couple. The twins are DiMera's (Hopefully not)

By Justin 8/3/02

  • Stefano DiMera return back from the dead.
  • Glen and Barb return (True; In August).
  • Larry Welch kills Bo.
  • Billie seduces Jack.
  • Billie becomes pregnant with Jack's child and lies about it, being Bo's, to break up the super couple.
  • Hope kills Billie after learning she lied and made her divorce Bo.
  • Colin rapes Jen and when Jack finds out, he commits murder.
  • When Jack is taken to prison, he finds Peter Blake in the cell next to his.
  • Brady is the leukemia match for Chloe.
  • Brady and Philip brawl
  • Chloe chooses Brady (I hope).
  • Alice and Nancy have an argument about Craig and Mike, which leads Alice to have a stroke (Put this, because I think it could happen, since they hate each other). Mike and Carrie return when Alice is in the hospital (Hey it could happen).
  • Sami and Kate kill each other.
  • Patrick Muldoon returns as Austin this fall.
  • Victor and Nicole marry.
  • Roman and Stefano face off.
  • Tony vs. John standoff.
  • John and Bo go to Paris and discover Rachel Blake alive.
  • Rachel Blake returns.

By Justin

  • Abe asks for a divorce.
  • Lexie and Brandon make love.
  • Larry Welch kidnaps Shawn D.&Zack to get Hope.
  • This is a prediction that I wish will happen. Brady and Philip face off on the rooftop of Titan. Brady doesn't want to hurt Philip, but Phil tackles Brady off the roof and they both get amnesia, not remembering who Chloe is. Amnesiac Brady sleeps with Chloe at the hospital and Philip grows jealous. A jealous Philip stabs Brady. In turn, Brady strangles Philip (I know, it's gruesome, but it sounds cool).
  • Hattie returns and falls for Roman. Only, Billie has gotten to him first. Billie uses him to get to Hope which gives Hattie time to make her move.

By Michelle and Cheryl July 18th

  • Billie will try to seduce Bo. She'll get hurt on duty trying to save Bo and use the injury to get with Bo.
  • Lexie and Brandon will have an affair.
  • Sami will fall for Tony sometime during their plan.
  • John and Marlena will break up because of his obsessions with the DiMeras.
  • The twins will come between Shawn and Belle.
  • Brady and Chloe will get together when she is better.
  • Jack and Jennifer will get back together.
  • Someone from Bo and Hope's past (besides Billie) will drive a wedge between them.
  • Roman will have an affair with Kate.

by Justin July 16th

  • The mysterious man turns out to be Larry Welch, from Hope's past and he has come back to destroy Hope's happy life. I believe this because I read somewhere that a secret will be revealed in August and it could have something to do with Larry Welch (In case you don't know who he is, he is a man who Bo rescued Hope from marrying in 1984).
  • Chloe will get better with the help of all her supporters, but when she does, it could cause a feud between Brady and Philip again.
  • Belle is torn between Rex and Shawn and Cassie falls madly in love with Shawn.
  • When Stefano's will is read, Kate turns out to be his widow and is granted the mansion (I heard it from a rumor).

Page updated 5/11/12

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