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The Days of Our Lives Trivia Quizzes Pages

DOOL Trivia - Test your knowledge!

Quiz #2 by Angie 6/03

1. Who is Nicole's husband?

A. Lucas

B. Victor

C. Philip

D. Shawn D.


2. Who are Chloe's parents?

A. Nancy and Craig

B. Marlena and Roman

C. Marlena and John

D. Tony and Marlena


3. How many kids does Marlena have?

A. 2

B. 1

C. 0

D. 5


4. What is Bo Brady's wife's name?

A. Marlena

B. Sami

C. Hope

D. Jennifer


5. Who is Chloe's boyfriend?

A. Shawn

B. Lucas

C. Philip

D. Brady


6. Who is Belle's mom?

A. Kate

B. Marlena

C. Faye

D. Jennifer


7. What is the name of Victor's daughter in real life?

A. Nicole

B. Jennifer

C. Sami

D. Lisa


8. Who is married to Bo?

A. Hope

B. Marlena

C. Kate

D. Nicole


9.  Who are Rex's parents?

A.  Bo and Hope

B.  Roman and Marlena

C.  Tony and Marlena

D.  Kate and Roman


10.  What new occupation did Bo and Hope undertake?

A.  private detectives

B.  restaurant owners

C.  cops

D.  bounty hunters


Page updated 5/15/12

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