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The Days of Our Lives Q&A Pages

Interviews with DOOL Stars!

Ryan Scott – ‘Harold Wentworth’

By Justin

First, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I’m sure you are very busy, and agreeing to this arrangement shows your loyalty to your fans! I just would like to say that you are a great actor and hopefully Days gives you a new storyline soon because you are a great asset to the show!

1)What were you doing before you landed a reoccurring role on Days? Is this your first time on daytime?

Prior to my audition for Days of Our Lives, I was in the middle of pre-production on a short film that I co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred in with my roommate (at the time) entitled "Ben & Matt". It is a farce on the making of Good Will Hunting, and a humorous look at the relationship between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. This 8-minute short film can be viewed online at  (type in “ben & matt” in the search engine on that homepage). As far as my day to day goes, there are a hundred different things I was doing to make the rent…all legal of course :)

2) How does it make you feel to be working with one of Salem’s supercouples, Jack and Jen?  Harold got thrown into the mix with Jack, Jen, and Greta, so it must have been awesome to be part of that storyline!

The thrill was lived out more by my mother, initially, when I first booked the part. I wasn’t up to date with the show (I watched it for about a year when Austin, Carrie, and Mike were on the scene). My mom was excited that I was going to be working with J & J. She was, none-the-less, despondent about which J. I was going to be romantically involved with :) The early days of working with Julianne Morris were great, and every day of work with Matt and Melissa have been a blessing. Both are tremendously talented and exceedingly generous as human beings, as well as actors.

3) Now, dressing up like a Vegas showgirl was so much fun to watch. How did you handle not cracking up with Matt running around like that?  You all were very entertaining in those scenes!

Believe me, we shared quite a few laughs between takes! That is often the case with Matt, regardless of what he’s wearing. Of course, Matt in a fire red wig and showgirl make-up was especially humorous. One thing I learned, after wearing heals for the majority of that week, is that women deserve some serious respect (not to mention foot massages)! How women do it I will never understand.

4) You yourself are straight;  was it hard for you to play a gay character at first, and what did you do to prepare to play Harold?

Playing gay was exciting. All characters outside of my everyday life are. But really, finding Harold did present a challenge. My initial portrayal of Harold was more a caricature than an actual character. That was due in part to the flamboyant way he interacted with everyone (how he was written) and his attitude (or my interpretation of it). In preparation I went to gay bars in West Hollywood, I rented the British series Queer As Folk on DVD, and I spent time with a close friend of mine who is gay. It really gave me an appreciation for the opportunity I had in Harold. It is easy to lose the humanity in the stereotypes of a gay character. Shows like Will & Grace succeed magnificently at molding the two into pure comedy. It all comes down to the writing and living from the heart. Harold is all heart, and that was incredibly fun to discover as we (Harold and I) pursued Jack.

5) You have stated in an article not too long ago, I believe in “Out” magazine, that you are very open to having a love interest on the show. Is there any word that Harold will have a love interest coming up? Or at least will we be seeing more of you on the show?

There has been no word about a love interest, but you never know. As for seeing more of Harold, I just found out yesterday that I will be going back for at least one more episode (airing 3/3), so Salem isn’t rid of Harold just yet…

6) Ryan, so far you have mainly been working with Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves. Is there anyone on the cast that you would just like to have scenes with?  I’m sure you would love to work with them all, but does one actor/actress stand out?

That is a difficult question, because there are several. Part of me would like to continue to work with some of the veterans of the show, like Jim Reynolds and Renee Jones, or John Black and Deidre Hall, the list could really go on as I continue to think about it. There are just a lot of really amazing people to consider. I think Harold and Sami could cause quite a stir, and Allison Sweeney would be a blast to work with. Kyle Lowder and Nadia Bjorlin would be very cool, as well as Bryan Dattilo. I could go on and on…

7) What are your goals as an actor; do you want to get into movies, or do a sitcom? I think everyone who watches the show notices that you have great comic timing, what other types of shows would you be interested in doing?

All of the above. Comedy is so much fun to live, and doing a sit-com would be an exciting and wonderful challenge. Currently I have a screenplay that I completed a few months ago that has gotten some very good response early on, and that would take my film/producing career in the direction I want it to go. Of course I wrote a part for myself. I have two other screenplays that are on the dramatic side that I am also very interested in playing. Much in the path of Edward Burns I aspire to create my own projects and enjoy opportunities like Days or any other show without depending on them. I also write a column for Medium magazine entitled “L.A. Proper” that has really opened my eyes even further to my love of writing.

8) Are you an Internet surfer? Besides our site, which other Internet sites do you check out (non-soap related)?

My time online is limited, but I usually find myself at entertainment related sites like (internet movie data base) or Lately I have been catching up with emails when I have the rare chance to go on line, so I am kind of out of the loop when it comes to the art of surfing the web. When in doubt I depend heavily on

9) And finally, (You're almost at the end, I bet you're relieved) do you have any advice for anyone out there that would like to be in the acting business?

You have to need this more than anything else in the world. When I first moved out here someone told me that this has to be it for you. If you feel there is anything else in the world that will make you happy, then you should do that instead and quit pursuing acting immediately. At first that sounded a bit harsh, it’s acting. It’s fun, right? Yes, when you’re working. When you’re not (which is the majority of the time for the majority of professional actors) you have to find the joy in the pursuit. You have to love getting knocked down and getting back up again. You have to love failing, over and over again. There is almost a masochistic way of living as an actor. To face scrutiny and rejection on a daily basis, voluntarily! We truly live into the saying “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” To be happy, as well as successful, as an actor it has to be in your heart.

10) Is there anything at time you would like to add or say about yourself personally or professionally?

The love and devotion Days fans have for this show are like nothing I have ever experienced (with the exception of Nebraskan’s love of the Cornhuskers!). I receive emails and fan mail from human beings throughout the U.S. and Canada that continue to inspire me and help me to appreciate the opportunity I have to share something with each of you in this lifetime. I am truly grateful and humbled that you took the time out of your day to read this Q&A. I’m sure I speak for all the members of the cast when I say “Thank you” for your continued support of the best show on Daytime.


Ryan Scott – ‘Harold Wentworth’

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. I look forward to watching you on Days of our Lives, or wherever you may end up. Be sure to visit us on the web and drop us a line some time. We would love to hear from you. Be sure to tell other cast members this isn’t a painful process. I would love to interview them as well. Take care and thanks again.


Page updated 5/11/12

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