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The Days of Our Lives Nitpicks and Flubs Pages

2009 DOOL Nitpicks and Flubs

by Michele & Cheryl

Week of July 20, 2009


Nicole gave Sydney a Cheerio.  The problem with that is Nicole didn't have anything in her hands when she gave it to her.

Why did Nicole let Sydney put her locket in her mouth?  Sydney could have choked on it.

Why did Rafe have to take off his shirt to fix an air conditioner.

Why would Arianna kiss Brady while she was on the job?  She was the perfect person to manage the pub.

When Rafe fell off the ladder (he was fixing the air conditioner) he was wearing a shirt.  He specifically took his shirt off to fix the air conditioner so when did he decide to wear a shirt?


Meredith (Emily's sister) was crying, but her tears were gone by her next scene.

At the start of the episode, Melanie was wearing a lot of lipstick.  By the half hours mark, her lipstick was gone.


It was daytime in Monday's episode, but it was nighttime in this episode.

Since no one walked into Maggie's house when Chris went back in there, why didn't the crew see Chloe and Daniel kissing?  They were shown in the room right after Chris went back inside, but they didn't walk in the room.

Daniel was wearing his clothes at the hospital while he was with Chloe, but he was wearing hospital scrubs the next time he was shown.

At the beginning of the episode, Kate's lipstick was bright.  By the end of the episode, it was gone.


The people at the hospital took the time to take off some of Chloe's makeup, but they left her nail polish on her nails.  There was obviously a reason why they took some of Chloe's makeup off so why would they leave her nail polish on?

When are the people at the hospital going to call Chloe's family?  Lexie didn't think that Chloe would make it so wouldn't it make sense that she call Chloe's family to tell them what happened?


It looked like it was really dark in this episode, but it wasn't that dark in Thursday's episode.

Melanie clearly didn't slap Stephanie when she hit her.

Why did Kate call Philip when Chloe almost died and not Lucas?  Lucas is Chloe's husband so she should have called him.

Melanie took her phone away from her ear when she said "goodbye".

Page updated 2/23/14

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