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The Days of Our Lives Nitpicks and Flubs Pages

2017 DOOL Nitpicks and Flubs

by Michele & Cheryl

Week of 2/5/18


Multiple people touched the letter Hattie wrote so it didnít do any good to use it as evidence. Hattieís prints should have been covered up.

Hope was wearing her glasses one minute, but they were gone the next.


Andreís plaque said he died on Jan. 19th, but he died at the end of the month.

Eli and Rafe were able to recognize Gabi on the footage. She had her back to the camera and was wearing a wig, but they knew she was the one going in Andreís office.

Andreís plaque had an epitaph, but the other ones just had their names on them.


It was weird that Hope sent Ciara a formal invitation to the wedding. Weíre not sure if thatís normal or not. It just seemed weird to us.

Lani cried without any tears.

Eli mentioned that it was cold, but Eve and Brady were eating outside without their jackets.


Marlena saw Paul and Will watching them, but John didnít see them.

Why would John meet the guy who gave him the drugs in the park? They should have met somewhere more private.


When did Thomas get so close to Andre? Andre has never made reference to being close to Thomas before, but now they are suddenly close.

Will could be heard talking to John while Paul was shown.

Page updated 2/13/18

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