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The Days of Our Lives Fan Fiction Pages

Stories about your favorite Days characters

The Romantic Evening, Part 1
By Tonya

(Sorry, she never finished this)

As Jennifer turned off the ignition she thought of the wonderful day she had just spent with Gran. Quality time with Gran was exactly what she had needed. Of course, the great day she'd had yesterday had a lot to do with why today had been so enjoyable. Her spirits were enormously high as she was walking toward the house where her ex-husband and beautiful daughter were. She looked up at the sky at the thousands of twinkling stars that lit her way to the doorway of her new house. The bright stars reflected her mood as she opened the door wondering if Jack would be waiting up for her.

She had to admit the thought of Jack possibly waiting for her return warmed her heart. However, he was most likely in bed reading The Spectator or The Wall Street Journal before nodding off for the night. That was his usual routine. But, she couldn't help but hope he was still awake and waiting to greet her.

What was happening to her? Was she falling in love with Jack all over again? She had seen a side of him in the last few days that she had never seen before and it was a side that touched the core of her heart. He had been so strong for her. First, he saved her life and then he had been there to help her deal with the heartache and guilt she had experienced after J.T. couldn't be found. She didn't know how she could have made it through these painful days without him to lean on and comfort her.

Had she ever really fallen out of love with Jack, though? She knew she loved him and always would. But, she had told herself many times that the reason she could never seem to put him out of her heart was because of the bond they share being Abby's parents. They also shared a past full of memories that she would hold in her heart forever. He was, after all, her first true love. Was she fooling herself to ever think she could put Jack out of her life?

She had to admit she was glad she let Jack talk her into moving in together. Abigail was ecstatic living with both her parents and even more elated that her parents were living under the same roof together. Jennifer had hated coming home all these months and having no adult company waiting for her. The loneliness had been overwhelming for her. The brief time they stayed with Gran had helped ease some of the bitter loneliness she felt, but no one seemed to be able to make her feel as whole as Jack Devaraux could.

There was one thing Jennifer was sure of. Jack Devereaux had managed to get her attention and to become an important part in her life, again. Another thing she was sure of was that she needed a man in her life now more than she ever had. She also knew exactly who that man was: Jack Devaraux. As much as she had fought it since his return to Salem, she could no longer deny that she wanted and needed Jack back in her life for good.

Jennifer started up the stairs of the house that she already felt comfortable in to check on her slumbering daughter. However, she noticed light on in the family room. Was Jack waiting up for her? She hoped it hadn't been a struggle getting Abby to sleep. For his sake, their daughter better be in bed. Jennifer had a strict bedtime routine for their daughter and Jack was well aware of that. As she darted toward the family room, she could feel her temper flaring.

When she reached the doorway to the family room her mood was changed abruptly. She couldn't believe her eyes! There were candles flickering all over the room. A crackling fire was blazing in the fireplace. Soft music was humming on the stereo. Jennifer couldn't help but say out loud, "Jack Devereaux, you really have changed."

Tears started to flow uncontrollably down her flushed cheeks. The last few days had been an emotional roller coaster for her. Jack had surprised her with the comfort, strength and caring he had shown her. But, the setting she was seeing now totally amazed her. Jack had never romanced Jennifer. She realized as she felt her heart melting and her emotions soaring how much she had wanted and needed this from Jack.

As she imagined what this night had in store for her and Jack, the doorbell rang. She wondered who would be coming over this late at night. When she reached the door she was surprised to see Greta standing there. Why would Greta be at her house this late?

"Hello, Greta."

"Hello, Jennifer."

"I don't mean to sound rude. But, why are you out so late? I hope nothing is wrong."

"Yes, it is late. I was quite surprised myself when Jack called and asked me to come over."

"Jack called and asked you to come over?"

"Yeah. He was acting sort of mysterious."

"Hmm. What did he say?"

"He was vague, actually. He just said he had a very special evening planned and asked me to come over right away."

Jennifer couldn't believe what she was hearing! The romantic setting in their family room was for Greta! She knew Jack had been spending time with Greta, lately. She had never imagined they had any kind of romantic relationship, though. Her pulse started to race as she thought of how excited she had been only moments earlier thinking Jack had planned this evening for her. Before she had time to ponder the situation any further, Jack entered the foyer.

"Good evening, ladies."

"Good evening, Jack. I came over as soon as I possibly could."

Jennifer was speechless. But she managed to utter the words through the tears that had started falling as soon as she laid her eyes on Jack, "I'm going to go check on Abby and then I'm going to turn in for the night. Have a good night you two." She raced up the stairs as quickly as her legs would carry her. But, before she could open Abby's door she felt Jack's arms wrap around her waist and turn her around to face him.

She couldn't look at him. Jack saw the tears streaming down Jennifer's hot cheeks. Instinctively, he started wiping her tears with his his firm but gentle hands. He then put one hand in her hair and started caressing it ever so lightly as one would a baby's hair. Jennifer pushed him away and gave him a look that made him feel as if a dagger had pierced his heart.

"Don't touch me, Jack. Thanks for saving my life. But, I can take care of myself, now. As you are well aware of, I have been doing it for months, now."

"What's wrong, Jennifer? Why are you acting this way?"

"Don't worry about it, Jack."

"But, I do worry about you, Jen. I have been very worried about you since the accident. I thought now that J.T. is home and safe you would be okay, now."

"I'm fine, Jack. Now, let me check on my daughter and go to bed."

Jennifer quietly entered their daughter's bedroom and saw her sleeping peacefully with her arms wrapped snugly around her covers. "The Velveteen Rabbit" was on her night stand opened about half-way through. Jack had obviously been reading her favorite story to her and she had fallen asleep before he finished it. She kissed her daughter ever so gently on the forehead and placed the storybook in her bookcase.

Jack watched her from the doorway. He was very confused at Jennifer's mood. He thought spending the day with Alice would be terrific for her. Evidently, something had gone wrong. But, what?

When she re-entered the hallway, she stomped right past Jack without saying a single word. She went straight to her bedroom. Jack followed, but Jennifer slammed the door in his face. He tried to open the door, but Jennifer quickly locked it.

"Jennifer, please, let me in. I want to talk to you."

"Go away, Jack."

"Jennifer, please, at least tell me what is wrong. I'm worried about you."

"I said Go away, Jack, and that is final. Leave me alone."

Jack continued to beg Jennifer to let him in or at to at least explain her actions to him. But, Jennifer didn't reply. She sat on the side of her bed sobbing as quietly as she possibly could. He finally gave up and decided maybe she needed some time alone and that he would talk to her first thing in the morning about what was bothering her. Besides, Greta was downstairs waiting on him.

Several minutes later, Jennifer was still sitting on the side of her bed sobbing when she heard the front door close. Had Jack decided to go to Greta's? Or, had Greta seen the turmoil on Jennifer's face and graciously bowed out of their romantic evening together? Just as Jennifer decided to stop crying and feeling sorry for herself, the telephone rang.

She didn't feel like speaking to anyone. She hoped Jack hadn't left with Greta and that he would answer the telephone. Second ring. No answer. Third ring. Still no answer. She decided he must have left with Greta and she'd better answer before it woke Abby up.


"Hello, darling." It was the warm voice of Gran.

"Are you still up, Gran?"

"Yes, dear. Did Jack ever get hold of Greta?"

"I suppose. They left just before you called."

"Left? Where did they go?"

"I don't know. How did you know Greta was coming over, Gran?"

"Well, Jack called me earlier this evening and asked me if I could babysit Abigail."

"You have got to be kidding!"

"No, I would have said yes, but"...

"There is no need to explain, Gran. Jack had no right to ask you to babysit Abby this late. This is vintage Jack! He is going to hear it from me the moment he walks in the door! I will be waiting on him!"

"Calm down, Jennifer. He only asked me to babysit Abby if he couldn't get Greta to. He wanted to surprise you with a nice, romantic evening for the two of you. Oh no! I hope I didn't ruin his surprise for you."

"Oh, Gran. You didn't ruin the surprise. I did. I am so glad you called."

Page updated 5/9/12

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