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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Philip Robert Kiriakis
by Justin

Played By:  Jonathan & Thomas Selstad (1995 - 1998)
                  Brandon Tyler (1999)
                  Jay Kenneth Johnson (1999 - 2002)
                  Kyle Brandt (2003 - 2006)
                  Jay Kenneth Johnson (2007 - Present)

Nothing much happened in Philip’s life until he became a teenager and fell in love with Belle Black. Philip attended Salem High where he became friends with Shawn Brady, Belle, and Mimi Lockhart. He began making bets with kids at school, figuring he could pay out since his father was Victor Kiriakis. However, when he once lost a bet and didn't have the money to pay, he was beaten up in an alley and ended up in the hospital.

Everything changed for Philip when he met Chloe Lockhart, who everyone else at school called "Ghoul Girl" because she was different. Shawn Brady made a bet with Philip while they were playing video games and the loser had to take "Ghoul Girl" to the dance. Unfortunately, Philip lost and took her to the dance, where he began to get feelings for her. Jason and Jan, Philip's friends, had a prank set up: a bucket of chicken blood above the Prom Queen's (Chloe’s) head. Shawn noticed it and pushed Chloe out of the way, and the blood fell on Philip, who was angry with Jan and Jason, as was Chloe's mom, Nancy. Things got even worse when Jan told Chloe about the bet. Chloe went on a rampage and ran away from home. She then met Brady Black. Meanwhile, Nancy heard some girls from the high school talking about the bet and lashed out at them. When Philip, Shawn, and Belle learned that Chloe was missing, they went to the Wesley's where Nancy lashed out at them. Shortly after, Chloe returned home safely.

In early October 2000, Philip serenaded Chloe at her window. When Philip saw Brady and Chloe meet again, he got so jealous that he and Brady got into a fight. Also in fall 2000, Jan and Mimi put a rat in Chloe's locker and she later got back at them by putting glue in Mimi's shampoo.

Throughout the beginning of 2001, Jan and Mimi put together a plan to get back at Chloe: while Chloe was showering at school one day, Jan and Mimi took nude pictures of her. In May 2001, Philip and Jason got in a fight over Chloe, landing them in jail. Fortunate to have Victor as his dad, Philip was bailed out.

At the Last Blast Dance 2001, Chloe's nude pictures showed up on the slideshow and an embarrassed Philip rushed out. Chloe followed him and tried to explain but he thought that she was responsible for the pictures being there. Jan and Mimi were sentenced to community service for the next year.

A year earlier, Chloe and the teens had found a can, and they opened it in 2001. Inside they found a key that opened a locker containing pictures of stolen jewelry.

Philip decided to go on the environmental trip with Belle, Shawn, and the rest of the senior class. There, Philip, Belle, and Shawn met up with Paul Mendez, Nicole Walker's evil father, who was seeking the stolen jewels. Throughout the trip, Shawn and Philip tried to find Alice's ruby. Soon they realized what Paul was after, and he then trapped them in a pit somewhere on the island during a hurricane. Brady Black and Chloe Lane arrived and found everyone except Philip, who was unconscious underwater in the pit. When Brady finally rescued him, Philip was put in a coma. John Black arrived on the island and tried to stop Paul. In the end, Paul was killed by Jan, who he had raped.

Philip awakened from his coma due to Chloe professing her love for him. He met a girl named Cynthia and began "dating" her to make Chloe jealous. Cynthia tried to get Philip drunk so that she could sleep with him but he refused, so she taped him to make it seem like they'd had sex.

Over the following months, Philip began to get jealous of all the time Brady and Chloe were spending together. After Chloe got accepted to Julliard, Philip arranged it so that he could attend a college near her. A few months after Cynthia made the video, Belle got hold of it and watched it. Chloe came over and watched it too and she slapped Philip.

During the Last Blast 2002 dance, Shawn attended the dance with Chloe and Belle with Philip as part of their plan to get them back together. Philip and Chloe ended up dancing together, but it ended tragic when Chloe passed out and later discovered she had leukemia.

Brady and Philip both tried to comfort Chloe, but Philip kept getting jealous, making Chloe upset. In July 2003, Billie Reed (Philip's sister) returned to Salem when her car got hit by a meteor. Philip helped Billie escape the hospital and brought her to Kate. On that same day, a couple of teenage "aliens" landed in Salem in a "spaceship." Belle and Shawn discovered them and later showed them to Philip, Brady, Mimi, and Chloe. Since they did not have names, Shawn and Belle decided to name them Rex and Cassie.

After Chloe got out of the hospital, Brady took her on a trip to North Dakota, where Philip followed them. He arranged to have Brady thrown in jail. After Chloe learned of his deception, she got Brady out of jail and they left. Philip was upset that he lost Chloe again.

Cynthia once again tried getting him drunk and this time she succeeded. A drunken Philip crashed Chloe's birthday party. That really ticked Chloe off.

Brady and Chloe took another trip and this time, they made love. In December 2002, Philip found out they made love and decided to leave Salem. He signed up for the Marine Corps and left on December 25, 2002.

In Spring 2003, a show called Love Is Blind went on the air with Cassie, Belle, and Mimi in it. A blindfolded guy went on the show and had to choose between the three girls and each show, one got kicked off. Belle ended up winning and had to have a dinner with the "hunk." Belle's boyfriend, Shawn didn't like it as he attacked the guy and his blindfold fell off. It was a new and improved Philip. Everyone watching the show was shocked to see Philip. And Cassie started making passes at him.

After the dinner, Philip snuck into Chloe's room and visited her while she was asleep. The next morning, he visited his mom and her boyfriend, Roman Brady. Then, Philip visited Chloe and Brady.

Brady and Chloe said their final good-byes to each other, when she was offered a chance to go to Europe. Her last day in Salem was June 13, 2003.

It was revealed that Philip was working for the ISA and he was John's partner. Philip screwed up many times (a case with Maya Leano, jeopardizing civilians, etc.), so finally the ISA fired Philip and he had to return to the base to put in time (he was still on the show though). Cassie learned that Philip was her brother, although she still made passes at him. She even asked him to team up with her so they could break up Belle and Shawn.

Philip hasn't been on that much in the beginning of this murder mystery storyline, but he should be returning.

Proofread by Laura on 3/21/11

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