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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Paul Mendez
Played by Eddie Velez
Written by

Eddie Velez joined the cast as Paul Mendez on June 17, 2001. He is Nicole and Brandon Walker's father.

Paul Mendez used to beat his wife and kids. One day, Fay Walker called Commander Abe Carver and he arrested Paul.

Many years later, Paul got out of jail on probation and entered the Hudson Street Diner where Fay worked. He began stalking his wife and he followed her home. There, they made love. After making love to Paul, Fay felt very guilty.

Paul started following Shawn D. Brady and his friends around after he overheard them talking about a ruby. He even followed them to Puerto Rico to try and obtain the ruby but he got a little sidetracked. He met Jan Spears. He lied to Jan and told her that he could make her a model. Paul even started making out with Jan, which made her very uncomfortable. One time, Paul got Jan alone and raped her. Shawn D. witnessed this and beat the hell out of Paul. Paul got away without punishment...yet. Nicole Walker arrived on the island and met up with her dad.

Nicole and Paul got into a heated argument, when she pulled a gun on him and fired bullets into his gut. A little girl witnessed this and got Nicole arrested.

Paul found the teens with the ruby and knocked them into a hole. Brady Black and Chloe Lane arrived and helped Belle Black, Shawn D. Brady, and Philip Kiriakis out of the hole. Paul and Brady fought but, once again, Paul got away.

By now, Paul was suffering from gangrene. He went to see a doctor and got it fixed up. John Black arrived on the island and confronted Paul. Paul, John, and Brady got into a fight. Jan picked up Paul's gun and fired it into his gut three times. Paul was rushed to the clinic and Jan was arrested. Nicole visited her dad and encouraged him to die. He got so angry that he got out of bed, half dead, and started choking her. There, Paul Mendez died from four gunshot wounds.

Months later, Jan Spears found out that she was pregnant with Paul's baby. Jan lost the baby from a tumble down the stairs.

Proofread by Laura on 5/31/11

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