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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Mimi Lockhart
Played by Farah Fath
Written by

Being friends with one of the most popular girls in school did not help Mimi feel less of an outcast, especially when new girl Chloe Lane came to town, and Belle showed a lot of interest in her. Mimi started to pull back, because she felt betrayed by Belle for choosing to be friends with Chloe.

When Mimi’s parents lost everything, and they had to live in a cardboard box, Mimi was ashamed and pulled back even more from her friends; the thought of them finding out would kill her. In the time that their new house was built, Mimi and her family had to stay with the Wesleys and that meant with Chloe as well.

Mimi had a crush on Shawn, and she felt happy when Shawn kissed her in France. Believing that a boy might be interested in her gave her self-esteem a little boost, especially since Shawn had shown interest in her and not Belle. I think this made her feel superior to Belle.

Since Mimi felt betrayed by her best friend, she became “friends” with Jan. Mimi and Jan had one thing in common: to destroy Chloe. I guess this gave Mimi a feeling of belonging. However, Jan was just using Mimi to do all the dirty work. Mimi knew that what she and Jan were doing to Chloe (taking the nude photos from the locker and posting them on the internet) was wrong, but Mimi is weak and will give into almost anything. Jan knew that.

Finally, when they got caught, we saw that Mimi felt sorry for what she had done. We also saw her trying to persuade Jan to stop but it did not work. It was clear that Mimi was a pushover when Jan made her put the slides of a naked Chloe into the projector.

On the school trip to Puerto Rico, Mimi and Belle became friends again and that did make Mimi feel that she belonged. I think she also felt worthy again because they included her in the search for the missing ruby. However, Mimi was still lacking something: although she had friends, she needed someone to need her, as well. Things started heating up when Mimi and Kevin kissed. 

Mimi fell in love with Rex and it made her feel good that somebody could love her back. I think that she had never known that love could be like this. All the guys that she’d previously had a crush on did not matter because this was the real deal. 

We also know that Mimi and her mother do not have the typical mother and daughter relationship, but there is a kind of understanding between them. Mimi feels that her mom is always messing up and that she has to clean up after her.

Mimi rose from a high school girl who always hid in the shadows of others into a woman who moved out of those shadows, realizing that you are the only one who can make your life a happy one and that you have to stand up for what you believe in.

Mimi has mostly been happy with her boyfriend Rex; they have a very healthy sex life.  Sometimes his strange ways confuse her, and his secrecy has sometimes caused them to have problems with their relationship. 

Proofread by Laura on 4/5/11

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