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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Belle Black
Played by Kirsten Storms
Written by Justin

Born on October 21, 1993, Isabella "Belle" Black was delivered by John Black and Kristin Blake at the Horton Cabin. When born, Belle was believed to be Roman Brady and Marlena Evans Black's daughter, due to Sami Brady switching the paternity test. One time, Sami even tried to sell Belle on the black market. Eventually, everyone learned of Sami's wrongdoing and everything was straightened out. In 1998, Kristen poisoned some chocolate with penicillin meant for Marlena, who is allergic, but it was eaten by Belle, who is also allergic. Luckily, Roman Brady came to the rescue and saved her.

In 1999, when John and Marlena left for Hawaii, Belle stayed home. When they returned, a few days later, Belle was 15 years old. Belle graduated through high school and is now on her first year at Salem University. Just recently, Belle discovered that her family tree is bigger than she thought. She has two new siblings, Rex and Cassie. Cassie tried to steal her boyfriend Shawn, but Belle had already won his heart. Jan also has tried repeatedly to come between Belle and Shawn.

Belle is kindhearted and true blue. She has all the makings of a future heroine on the show. She is sweet and loyal. Even though she and Shawn are in love, they have yet to make love. Belle is currently dealing with her parents' marriage breaking up and her friends and relatives being targeted by the Salem Stalker (who is Belle's mother, but Belle doesn't know this yet). Belle's best friend is Mimi. 

Proofread by Laura on 4/19/11

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