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The Days of Our Lives Best Lines Page

"Days of Our Lives" Best Lines

by Michele & Cheryl

Week of 11/19/18

Abigail: You know I'm gonna go tell everybody that you confessed.
Gabi: Oh, like you told everybody about my last so-called confession at--at the courts? No one is gonna believe anything that you say because what you said came out of a crazy person's mouth.


Lani: What? Was Sheila parked in your spot again?
Abe: [Laughs] No, Sheila was not parked in my spot again. She wasn't in anybody's spot. Today's her first day of work and she's nowhere to be found. So if you happen to see her, tell her she's fired.


Sheila: Oof. Word to the wise, do not partake in those oysters at Doug's place. [Sighs] Them slimy little things had me up all night. But thanks to Eli, I'm feeling slightly human again. And Eli, seriously, thank you for taking such good care of me. I need to go ahead and get to work.
Lani: Don't bother. You're fired.

Abe: Look, I am sorry that I doubted you. But in the future... if you get sick, call me and give me a heads up.
Sheila: Well, I kept calling the office--nobody was answering the phone.
Abe: Because that's your job.


Abe: I'm the selfish one? Val's asking me to give up my life here.
Sheila: But you're asking her to give up her life in D.C. Okay, look, your girl gets her dream job, and you expect her to turn it down so she can keep your sorry ass warm at night? And you ain't even put a ring on it? Child, please. Sounds selfish to me. Not to mention sexist.

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