Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/23/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/23/15


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Eve: Don't. Don't touch me. And don't you "shrink" me either. Now, if you want to play miss know it all, bitch, well, you can play it with somebody else, all right? Because I want you to know that I dealt with my past a long, long, long time ago, so for you to stand there and throw that in my face.

Jennifer: That's not what I was trying to do, Eve. Yes, you were. No. You're so wrong about me. It's pathetic. Especially when it comes to JJ because I have no feelings for your son. None whatsoever. So are we clear about that?

Jennifer: Then why did you keep the coat?

Eve: Because I felt bad about what I did! I hated it, not to mention what your son did. We both betrayed Paige, okay? So I kept the coat to remind myself of how awful we had both been. But now that you're being such a nosy bitch, I'll have you know that I threw the damn coat away, okay? So you can stop harping on it.

Jennifer: We used to be friends, remember? And I was honestly trying to help you, Eve, because I think that there are just deep...

Eve: Don't you ever... take this little walk down memory lane again, Jennifer. Don't you ever bring it up. Okay? And if you know what's good for you, you'll never mention a word of this to my daughter.

Jennifer: I never will. I will never say a word. I hate you.

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