Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 2/19/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 2/19/15


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Marlena: Paul, you said you don't know what your mother's feeling.

Paul: I don't.

Marlena: But you're upset because of what you assume she's feeling. What about your father? What was his reaction?

Paul: I never knew my father. He died before I was born... before my mother could even tell him I existed.

Marlena: I'm so sorry. Have you thought about calling your mother again?

Paul: After the way she acted? Shouldn't she be the one to call me?

Marlena: Yes, in a perfect world, she should, but... somebody has to make the first move. Have you thought that maybe she's feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe she's upset, because by the time you told her, you'd already decided to come out to the whole world?

Paul: So now it's my fault.

Marlena: No, I'm just saying that you can't know how your mother feels until you talk to her. And assumptions just lead to hurt feelings.

Paul: When I made the call, my mom said, "do you have to come out now? You're going to kill your grandfather." He was the one that I was afraid to tell.

Marlena: And?

Paul: He really surprised me. He said he was proud of me.

Marlena: That must have been a tremendous relief.

Paul: It was. But, you know, I just-- I just thought it would-- it would be my mom. You know, I thought she was going to be in my corner. I mean, she was always there when it came to the contracts and the money. But now that I'm not a baseball player anymore, now that I'm not going to give her any grandchildren... I'm just a big disappointment to her.

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