Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/9/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/9/15


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Hope: You didn't have to say anything. I know you came here to get the house ready to close, and-- well, I'm sure to get some closure of your own. And I wasn't supposed to intrude on that, and I'm so sorry. And I'm sorry that I lost my passport, and I'm sorry I got stuck on this island because of the bridge closure.

Aiden: Okay, look, don't you dare apologize. You know that this house holds a lot of memories. I mean, for chase, this is the last place we were a happy family. I mean, he doesn't know that we never really were. And for me, this is the place where my wife died in front of me.

Hope: I know. I know.

Aiden: It's hard being here alone. But being with you, that makes it better. Okay, assuming you don't want cold salmon pizza for breakfast, there is a little general store on the other side of the island. I'm gonna pick up a few groceries so I can get you a decent meal before you go.

Hope: You don't have to do that.

Aiden: Ah, no, no, no, no. I am not sending you off to Tahiti on a stale slice of toast. Unless you're planning to feast on airline food. Okay, I insist.

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