Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/30/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/30/15


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JJ: Okay, so what problem do you know how to get rid of? Is it the fact that we slept together twice? Are you just gonna undo that?

Eve: Would you just shut up and listen for a minute? Of course we can't undo that, JJ. Lord knows, if we could, we would. What we need to do is find a way to stop Paige from trying to find out who you cheated on her with.

JJ: She'll stop eventually. I'll just keep stonewalling. You make sure she doesn't end up with that loser Cole.

Eve: Stonewalling is not gonna work, JJ. Paige is like a ferret. She's smart. She's gonna keep digging until she gets it.

JJ: Okay, fine. What's your brilliant plan?

Eve: Well, it's pretty simple, actually. You are leaving town. Paige will stop trying to figure out who you slept with if you're not in town. There'll be no classes together, no run-intos, nada. Problem solved.

JJ: So I'm just supposed to pick up and leave?

Eve: No, I've just got it all figured out. You tell your mom that you want to go study abroad. Maybe England again. Or, I don't know, New York. Right? That'd be great. You know, actually, I have a list of five school right there. If you apply today, you can start classes next week. Here, take it.

JJ: Are you nuts? My mom's not gonna want me to go leave to go to school.

Eve: Oh, well then drop out for a semester, damn it, I don't care. Just get a job somewhere. Anywhere but here in Salem.

JJ: Are you even listening to me? This is my home, and I just got back with my family, and I am not walking away.

Eve: Oh, really? So you want to continue to run into Paige, right? Keeping her digging. Hurting her. Hurting yourself--

JJ: Hey, eve, get the hell out of my house.

Eve: No, you leave town, JJ. For your own sake, for Paige's sake, and for--

JJ: For your sake?

Eve: Yeah.

JJ: Why? Now what do you think will happen if I stay?

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